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CorelDRAW Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee 20,000 Rs
Course Duration 2 Months
Timings Monday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date 7th Feb 2022 AT 11:00AM
Training Modes Classroom [HYDERABAD] / Online
Location Hyderabad

Key Points Of CorelDRAW Training in Hyderabad

CorelDRAW Course Curriculum

  • Overview of CorelDRAW
  • Color Theory in CorelDraw
  • Getting familiar with CorelDRAW Interface
  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Types of Graphic Design


  • Redraw & Sketch With Pentool
  • Colour Fill with Pentool
  • Transparency and Drop Shadow
  • Welcome to The Welcome Screen
  • Touring the User Interface
  • Creating Drawings
  • Saving your Masterpieces
  • Working with Multiple Pages
  • Customizing the Page Layout
  • Working with Guidelines and the Snap To Options
  • Drawing Shapes (Polygons, Stars, Graph Paper)
  • The Perfect Shapes Collection
  • Lines and Curves
  • Node Editing Using the Shape Tool
  • Selecting/Deleting Objects
  • Modifying Objects
  • Arranging Objects
  • Working with Multiple Objects
  • Converting Objects
  • Locking Objects
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Duplicating and Cloning Objects
  • Using the Step and Repeat Docker
  • Undo/Redo/Repeat
  • Working with Symbols
  • Working with the Text Tool to Create Artistic Text
  • Fitting Text to a Path
  • The Character Formatting Docker
  • Spelling and Quickcorrect
  • Working with the Text Tool to Create Paragraph Text
  • The Paragraph Formatting Docker
  • Linking Paragraph Text Frames
  • Working with Columns
  • Additional Paragraph Features
  • Introducing Color Palettes
  • Color Filling Options
  • Color Outline Objects
  • Using the Eyedropper and Paint Bucket Tools
  • Using the Smartfill Tools
  • Working with Layers
  • Layer Properties
  • Using the Master Layer
  • View Modes
  • Preview Modes
  • Using the View Manager
  • Using the Zoom Tool
  • Find and Replace Objects
  • Find and Replace Text
  • Applying Effects to a Bitmap
  • Using the Image Adjustment Lab
  • Cropping Bitmaps
  • Converting Vector Objects to Bitmaps
  • Shaping Objects
  • PowerClipping Objects
  • Adding Envelopes

Working the Corners

  • Interactive Blend Tool
  • Interactive Contour Tool
  • Interactive Distortion Tool
  • Interactive Drop Shadow Tool
  • Interactive Extrude Tool
  • Interactive Transparency Tool
  • Interactive Fill Tool
  • Bi Fold Brochure Design CorelDraw
  • Alignment & Distribution of Objects in CorelDRAW
  • Example of Alignment & Distribution of Objects in CorelDRAW
  • Basic shape Logo Design in CorelDRAW
  • Pathfinder & Power clip in CorelDRAW
  • Fonts Theory in CorelDraw
  • Selecting Fonts in CorelDRAW
  • Typography in CorelDRAW
  • Design Logo in CorelDRAW
  • Conceptual Logo Design in CorelDRAW
  • Conceptual Logo Design with Sketching
  • Coloring Logo in CorelDRAW


  • Festival Post Creation in CorelDRAW
  • Designing Promotional Post in CorelDRAW
  • 5 Boxes Facebook Promotional Post Design in Coreldraw
  • Object Creation
  • Exporting Bitmaps
  • Saving and Applying Web Presets
  • Exporting Objects with Transparent Colors and Backgrounds
  • Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Hotspots and Alternate Text
  • Exporting to HTML
  • File Formats
  • Importing & Exporting Files
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Supported File Formats
  • CorelDraw Customization

About CorelDRAW Training in Hyderabad

CorelDRAW is an extremely popular graphics software program that has become an industry standard for creating professional quality documents and has become an essential tool for designers worldwide. it is a vector graphics software used by marketing professionals, designers, and educators worldwide. CorelDraw is a professional grade vector graphics software that can be used for any kind of design project. It has been designed to meet the needs of both beginners and experts in graphic design. It offers an easy to use interface with a large library of tools and features. CorelDraw is used for creating vector images, logos, and other graphics. Brolly academy is one of the best CorelDraw training institutes in Hyderabad and is known for providing quality training in CorelDraw. The CorelDraw course training includes topics like basics of CorelDraw, its use in designing graphics, its fundamentals, including how to create a drawing, how to edit existing drawings, how to create new layers, how to create a master page, and how to work with shapes, text, and images. Brolly academy offers a wide range of editing and graphic designing training courses in Hyderabad with updated course curriculums and modules. After completing Brolly Academy’s training program, you will receive a certificate certifying your expertise in CorelDRAW. The certificate will be given once you complete all the training modules and include your name, the course details and a brief description that can be shared on LinkedIn and working resume. Our trainers provide students with a technical and theoretical understanding of their craft so that learning becomes easier. We offer both online and in-person training courses, as well as a placement program that includes an intensive interview preparation workshop.

Enroll with us to get the most comprehensive CorelDRAW training in Hyderabad.

Modes of Training For CorelDRAW Training in Hyderabad

Online training

With the help of our CorelDRAW online training in Hyderabad, students can learn at their own pace with access to our e-learning platforms that are made available from any part of the world. Our online course provides both a broad overview of key concepts as well as more advanced features, allowing students to attend training at their own pace. We’ve included a number of practical examples, case studies, and exercises that will be demonstrated live by our trainers.

Classroom training

Our CorelDRAW classroom training in Hyderabad is accessible at our Ameerpet and KPHB centers. This is an instructor-led training program that provides real-world scenarios, hands-on experience, and personalized coaching from CorelDRAW Certified Trainers. Our CorelDRAW Classroom training draws on real-world applications to give students first hand exposure. The approach makes learning fun and engaging for beginners as well as advanced users in our well infrastructured classrooms.

Video course

The CorelDRAW’s Video Course is made up of video tutorials giving detailed and step by step proceedings of the course modules. The video course is self-paced, so you can learn at your own speed and convenience and comes with doubt clarification sessions to address questions and concerns. The modules are recorded and made available for viewing for students to rewind and revise at any given time. A digital certificate will be generated upon the successful completion of all the course modules.

Why choose us for CorelDRAW Training?

CorelDRAW Experts

– Our CorelDRAW instructors are among the most knowledgeable in their field and are known for their excellent training facilities. Our CorelDRAW trainers share their expertise about key concepts in technology, and teach both current and emerging skills and have spent years training professionals and students alike from all working backgrounds.

Get CorelDRAW certified

You will receive a CorelDRAW certificate stating your accomplishment and expertise in the concepts of CorelDRAW. The certificate will officially be signed by Brolly Academy and is widely accepted by companies and organizations. This certification can greatly impact your career prospects, further accelerating opportunities.

Virtual learning

Our CorelDRAW virtual classes are engaging and informative with videos that allow you to learn from experienced instructors who are experts in their field. We offer both Video course training as well as online training sessions.

Free Counseling

Our teachers tailor their instruction to each student, helping those who are struggling and encouraging others as they master new skills. We provide our students with the knowledge they need and help them develop skills that will prepare them for a career.

Small batches

We take in only 10 students per batch and provide them with a highly personalized and rigorous training program. Our training batches are small and highly focused on providing top notch training facilities to the students.

Reasonable fees

we charge affordable CorelDRAW course fees in Hyderabad at brolly academy to make it more accessible and easy for trainees and students to learn the course. 

Placement support

Our counselors help students learn job skills and gain professional polish. We assist them with everything from resume writing to interviewing techniques, and we match their skill sets with jobs that make the most sense for their career paths. In addition to resume and cover letter review, interview prep workshops are available for those seeking employment.

Lifetime accessibility

A comprehensive lifetime learning management system for CorelDRAW is designed to help you learn about the latest CorelDRAW concepts and stay current on industry developments and comes with lifetime access and availability.

Testimonials of CorelDRAW Training in Hyderabad


I joined the brolly academy for the CorelDRAW course and it was the best experience. I enjoyed the course very much and I learned a lot from it. The instructors were very knowledgeable and very experienced in the CorelDRAW field. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get started with CorelDRAW


The CorelDRAW course offered by Brolly academy is so good as they have a great training staff and the course is very well organized. The instructors are very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. They provide individual attention to each student and help them with their queries which is a great thing.


I enrolled for the CorelDRAW video course and found it so helpful and easy. The classroom recordings were so clear and the instructors were very well versed with the subject. They explained each and every concept so well that it was easy to understand even the toughest of topics. The course content is also very detailed and covers everything related to CorelDRAW.


CorelDRAW online course training in hyderabad by brolly academy is the best. The classes were taken regularly at easy timings and the instructors were really good and it was very easy for me to learn under their guidance and support. I would recommend brolly academy for anyone looking to take up CorelDRAW online course training in hyderabad.


Brolly Academy's CorelDRAW placement assistance in Hyderabad helped me alot. They conducted mock interviews and also helped with the interview process. They also gave me additional tips that helped me alot during my interviews. I would recommend Brolly Academy's CorelDRAW placement training to anyone who is looking for a career in the IT industry.


The CorelDRAW was so interesting to learn and all the core concepts and topics were taught very well. The instructors are kind, intelligent and patient who are always ready to clear the doubts. The batches are small so I got enough time to interact with the instructor and other students in the class.

CorelDRAW Certification

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be prepared to take both the CorelDRAW certification exam and perform well on it. You will get comprehensive CorelDRAW certification training at our institute along with a well recognized Brolly course completion certificate that will be accepted by companies. The training is conducted by an experienced team of trainers with a reputation for excellence. Brolly Academy offers a course completion certificate, which can be downloaded in the form of both hardcopy and in a digital format with a validity of a lifetime, and can be included on your resume.

Some of the most common CorelDRAW certifications include –

  • CorelDRAW X7 certification
  • CorelDRAW X3
  • CorelDRAW X5
CorelDRAW Certification


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            Advantages of learning CorelDRAW training in Hyderabad

            Brolly Academy’s advanced training will give you the knowledge and skills needed to master CorelDRAW. Our unique approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience enabled by our trainees applying what they’ve learned directly in real-time projects is unlike any other available today.

            Skills developed after the CorelDRAW course training

            Prerequisites of CorelDRAW training course in Hyderabad

            There are no given prerequisites to learn CorelDRAW training in Hyderabad, anybody with an interest can enroll for the course. 

            Career Opportunities in CorelDRAW


            Which is the best CorelDRAW training institute in Hyderabad?

            Brolly Academy offers the best CorelDRAW training in Hyderabad that provides excellent advanced training and coaching services.

            What is the CorelDRAW training fee in Hyderabad?

            Brolly Academy offers the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality, and we offer the best CorelDRAW training.

            What is the average salary of a CorelDRAW professional in Hyderabad?

            The average salary of a CorelDRAW professional in Hyderabad is Rs ₹3,02,000/- per annum. This salary may differ depending on the skills and experience of the candidate.

            Where can I find CorelDRAW training near me?

            We offer CorelDRAW training in Kphb and CorelDRAW training in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

            What if I miss a class?

            Students can make up for missed sessions by attending our next live batch or we can also arrange backup classes for you.

            Do you provide placement assistance?

            Yes. To help our students land jobs after the completion of their training program, we assist them with mock interviews and resume preparation by providing personal guidance from industry experts as a part of our CorelDRAW placement assistance.

            Who are the trainers at CorelDRAW training in Hyderabad?

            The Brolly Academy's CorelDRAW course is taught by trainers who specialize in the field and have ample working experience.

            Who should take the CorelDRAW course?

            Anybody who takes an interest in photo editing, designing art, logo editing,graphic designing etc can take up the CorelDRAW course.

            What is the duration of CorelDRAW course training in Hyderabad?

            The CorelDRAW course duration depends on the curriculum and modules. You can contact us for further details related to the course.

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