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NetApp Storage Training in Hyderabad

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Mr. Kowshik (Certified Trainer)

Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date18-03-2024 (8:00 PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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NetApp Storage Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • Key features and functions
  • Advantages
  • Distinguish between NAS and SAN topologies
  • Describe NetApp Unified Storage Architecture
  • WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout) file system
  • WAFL file system concepts
  • including consistency points (CPs)
  • RAID management, and storage levels
  • RAID is used to protect disk data
  • WAFL file system processes write and read requests
  • Connect remotely to a FAS system
  • Using the console and a remote host
  • Access NetApp System Manager
  • Execute commands
  • Use commands to analyze a FAS system
  • Configure and manage the NetApp AutoSupport tool
  • Data ONTAP RAID technology
  • Identify a disk in a disk shelf based on its ID
  • Execute commands to determine a disk ID
  • Identify a hot-spark disk in a FAS system
  • Describe the effects of using multiple disk types
  • Create a 32-bit aggregate and a 64-bit aggregate
  • Execute aggregate commands
  • Calculate usable disk space
  • Volumes in the Data ONTAP operating system
  • Define and create a flexible volume
  • Execute vol commands
  • Define and create qtrees
  • Restrict administrative access
  • Restrict console and NSM access
  • Configure a client machine
  • Identify the configuration of network settings
  • Components in the Data ONTAP operating system
  • Explain and configure name resolution services
  • Configure routing tables in the Data ONTAP OS
  • Define and create interface groups
  • Discuss the operation of virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • NFS implementation in the Data ONTAP O/S
  • License NFS on a storage system
  • Explain the purpose and format of /etc/ exports
  • List and define the export specification options
  • Describe the use of the exportfs command
  • Mount an export on a UNIX host
  • Describe the CIFS environment
  • Configure the storage system
  • Share a resource on the storage system
  • Map a drive from a client
  • Security methods for protecting data
  • Security style setting for a volume and a qtree
  • Tracking and restricting storage usage
  • Explain, create, and manage quotas
  • Data ONTAP FPolicy file-screening policy
  • Explain the purpose of a SAN
  • Identify supported SAN configurations
  • Distinguish between Fibre Channel (FC)
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and
  • iSCSI protocols
  • Define a LUN and explain LUN attributes
  • Use the LUN setup command
  • Describe the function of Snapshot copies
  • Explain the benefits of Snapshot copies
  • Identify and execute Snapshot commands
  • Create and delete Snapshot copies
  • Configure and modify Snapshot options
  • Explain the importance of the .snapshot directory
  • Schedule Snapshot copies
  • Configure and manage the Snapshot copy reserve
  • Storage efficiency techniques
  • Factors that impact space consumption
  • Explain how to guarantee writes for a file
  • Deduplication and compression techniques
  • Describe high-availability (HA) solutions
  • How HA increases the reliability of storage
  • Define HA controller configuration
  • Describe the three modes of HA operation
  • Virtualize a storage controller
  • Configure MultiStore software
  • Assign client protocols on MultiStore software
  • Methods available to back up and recover data
  • Use ndmpcopy to process full and incremental data transfers
  • Discuss dump and restore
  • Describe, enable, and configure NDMP on a storage system
  • Use the sysstat, stats, and statit commands
  • Factors that affect RAID performance
  • Commands to collect data about write and read throughputs
  • Verify the operation of hardware, and network components
  • Commands that are used to obtain configuration and status
  • Access the NetApp Support site for the following documents
  • Data ONTAP Upgrade Guide
  • Data ONTAP Release Notes
  • Use a configuration worksheet to collect data for installation
  • How to perform Data ONTAP software upgrades and reboots
  • Use the setup command to configure a storage system

NetApp Storage Training In Hyderabad

Key Points


NetApp Storage Training in Hyderabad

NetApp storage can be called both NAS and SAN. It provides complete solutions for enterprise customers from midrange to high end with hardware boxes containing the software needed for data infrastructure management. SAN Storage plays a key role in IT Infrastructure, cloud computing and the data center. We have Different Retailers like EMC, HP Hitachi IBM Storage NetApp.

 This course covers all NetApp functions, from basic to advanced concepts. You will gain expertise in configuring and administering clustered Data ONTAP 9 by practicing with real-world cases. NetApp provides student training, extensive ONTAP 9 cluster management expertise, NetApp command control unit management and network file system expertise. They offer general internet file system support too along with SPSA and SAN management techniques. NetApp training in Hyderabad, You will also take part in two projects focused on the real-time industry.

The Brolly Academy offers NetApp storage training in Hyderabad that teaches our  students how to create, maintain and expand on existing NetApp storage solutions. Our Qualified tutors will help Learners understand every aspect of the NetApp Storage Program, from its fundamentals to advanced techniques.

Our experts will advise you on how to prepare for interviews, they will conduct mock interviews and develop the skills that employers look for in potential employees.

Brolly Academy’s NetApp Storage training Certification gives you in-depth knowledge of NetApp storage filers and backup, troubleshooting skills. You’ll work on real life projects throughout the course.

NetApp Storage Certification Program is designed to prepare professionals for a career in NetApp’s Data Storage Business Unit (DSBU). Brolly Academy’s NetApp Storage training course certificate is valued by employers worldwide and can be used to enhance your resume.

We at Brolly Academy offer NetApp Storage training in three different modes: live classroom sessions, online video courses and self-paced recorded lectures. Our expert trainers will teach you how to apply various applications and their implications, by training you in this NetApp Storage course.

In addition to providing a high-quality NetApp Storage training program, Brolly Academy also offers its trainees access to our free job placement assistance program.

Enroll in our NetApp Storage training course in Hyderabad at our Brolly Academy.


NetApp Storage Training In Hyderabad

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Why choose

Brolly Academy Institute In Hyderabad

We are the leading NetApp Storage Training Institute in Hyderabad, with our training method being highly regarded by many. Our expert trainers have over 10 years of experience in the NetApp Storage industry and can prepare you for your future career.

 Our training is designed for professionals who want to pursue a career in the IT industry. Our NetApp Storage Training course will help you gain in-depth knowledge of the subject, which will enable you to get jobs with companies that use NetApp Storage products. 

Our NetApp Storage course will help you get the best possible preparation for your mock interviews, resume creation and question-and-answer sessions. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our NetApp Storage training course in Hyderabad:

Extensive Curriculum

The NetApp Storage Course curriculum is designed by well-trained instructors, and its purpose is to make students “industry ready” and equip them with skills that will help them become compatible with the current scenario as well as land a good salary hike.

Mock Interviews

Brolly Academy’s mock interviews give you the chance to prepare, practice and experience a real-life job interview all in one place. Our mock interviews are conducted by industry experts with an average experience of 10+ years so you’ll have ample opportunity to improve your chances of getting hired!

Post Training Guidance

Regardless of the obstacles our students face, we at Brolly Academy provide a dedicated support team to help them overcome those hurdles. We help our students build confidence and self-esteem, so they can achieve their goals. Our team works hard to give every student the one-on-one attention they need to succeed. 

Inexpensive Course Fees

Brolly Academy does not charge its students any additional fees for the software training programs it offers in Hyderabad.

Get a Certificate

Upon completion of our NetApp Storage certification course in Hyderabad, students will receive a certificate from us that proves their proficiency with the software program.

LMS + Study Materials

We will provide you with access to our study guide, as well as a learning management system, for the duration of your studies also after that.

Placement Support

Our placement team will help you find the right job for your skills and experience, interview well, negotiate a salary commensurate with that of other candidates in similar positions and more.

Flexible Timings

We’ve designed our course schedule so that students can take classes at times convenient to them and access class materials online.


NetApp Storage Training in Hyderabad


The NetApp Storage training course from Brolly Academy was excellent. The content, delivery and support team were all first-rate. I’m looking forward to further courses in the future.


The NetApp Storage training course delivered by Brolly Academy was very helpful, and I learned a lot from the training material. The team support provided during my journey made it easier for me to understand this technology in depth. Thank you.


It was amazing experience that I learned about the NetApp Storage course from Brolly Academy. Brolly Academy is one of the best platform for learning purposes. The instructors are very well trained and experienced, and the best part is that they offer 24/7 support. Whether you have a question about your course during business hours or after normal working hours, their staff will answer it for you quickly.


The tutors at Brolly Academy have a lot of experience with the NetApp Storage Training Course. They explained the concepts in simple terms and recorded each class. If we miss one, we can review it later on our own time and clarify any questions during the next session. They also gave us real-time projects that helped us understand the concepts clearly. I got good assistance from my teammates on these projects. Thank you!


After requesting a demo for NetApp Storage Training, I liked the course and joined Brolly Academy in the weekend batch; The training was engaging and tutors made complex concepts clear and simple. They guided us by providing plenty of examples. It is one of the best places to learn NetApp Storage course in Hyderabad. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about NetApp Storage Training.


Brolly Academy provides you with all the knowledge necessary to become a NetApp Storage expert, regardless of your experience level. They offered us a real-time project after completion of the course. So I have gained practical experience on NetApp Storage, which is awesome! They also provided Job support and Mock interviews along with the course which has helped me a lot.

Certification in NetApp Storage Training


Brolly Academy’s NetApp Storage Certificate Training, developed by real-time expert tutors based on scenario-based concepts and real-world practices, is very effective. Our certification is recognized by companies around the world, and this qualification will greatly enhance the value of your resume. With our certificate in hand, you can apply for a leading job post and we guarantee that only those who have successfully completed our training program will receive one!

NetApp Storage Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of this NetApp Storage course

Job Roles in NetApp Storage

Objective of NetApp Storage course:


Prerequisites to Learn NetApp Storage

Frequently Asked Questions - NetApp Storage


What if I have more questions regarding NetApp Storage Training?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about NetApp Storage training.

How much will it cost me for the NetApp Storage Course?

For more information about NetApp Storage course fees, please visit our website or contact us at one of our offices.

Will I get a job assistance after the compilation of this NetApp Storage Training?

Yes, our Job Assistance team helps Brolly Academy students prepare for interviews and create resumes. This service is available to all graduates of our NetApp Storage Training certification program.

Who will be my trainer in the NetApp Storage course?

At Brolly Academy, we'll train you according to the standards set by our expert NetApp Storage trainers.

What if I miss any classes on the NetApp Storage Course?

We will reschedule the NetApp Storage classes to accommodate your schedule. Please let us know all possible options for new class dates and times.

What are the top skill will I gain during this training?

• SAN, NAS, DAS & CAS • Data Protection, VMware vSphere • Cluster Administration • NFS, SMB • SAN Implementation • Connectors, Snapshot • Brocade, Cisco Switches • Snapmirror, Snapvault

Who should take this NetApp Storage training course?

• Database Administrators • Software developers • IT professionals • Support engineer • Administrators • Professionals who want to enhance their skill-set in data storage and management systems

What are the types of NetApp Storage Application?

• MongoDB (over SAN) • Oracle (over NFS or SAN) • Oracle (Real Application Group over NFS or SAN) • Microsoft SQL Server (over SAN or SMB)

Can I get access to the course material online?

Once you enroll in our NetApp Storage training program, you will be able to access a lifetime of study materials and video tutorials on the subjects covered by the certification.

What are the Benefits of Netapp Storage Training in Hyderabad?

This Technology offers excellent career opportunities worldwide. Certification programs have made learning the language more accessible and attracted more students from different backgrounds, which has increased demand for certified teachers as well as offering many alternative jobs with a wide range of salary levels. The Netapp Training Certification Course will help you learn how to use the streamlined processes that have made NetApp's software so successful in today's marketplace.

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