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PowerApps Training in Hyderabad, new batch Details

Trainer Name Mr. Dinesh Reddyvari (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience 15+ Years
Next Batch Date 05-01-2023
Training Modes: Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration: 30 Days
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PowerApps Course Curriculum

Key Points of Power Apps training in Hyderabad

What is PowerApps??

What is it used for?

Who should learn this?

About PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

Building apps with Microsoft Power App takes just hours as opposed to months. These apps have the ability to connect to data and build logic using expressions similar to those found in Excel. 

They are also compatible with the web, iOS, and Android platforms. According to Microsoft, Power Apps provide a variety of scenarios that can be utilized to digitally alter outdated and manual operations. 

Both canvas apps and model-driven applications can be used to create Power Apps. These apps can address particular business issues including field sales,  field sales enablement, the prospect to cash, and integrated marketing perspectives. 

You will learn how to use Power Apps through this Power Apps training. Power Apps is a hands-on course with several examples, mini-projects, and use cases. Each client’s needs are taken into consideration when creating Power Apps corporate training.

Live and self-paced intensive PowerApps training is offered by Brolly Academy in Hyderabad. You’ll explore all of the crucial PowerApps fundamentals needed for a strong foundation, which will help you get ready to take on challenging PowerApps problems. 

This course is made to offer a fun opportunity to discover fundamentals through hands-on activities, whether you’re new to PowerApps or want to brush up on your knowledge. 

You will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of PowerApps user interfaces and data connectivity, and then evaluate several ways to build PowerApps apps.

Modes of Training - Power Apps

  • Power Apps training online:

    The online Power Apps training course from Brolly Academy provides a unique learning experience that fits each student's individual schedule. Students will find this Power Apps course to be convenient and engaging because it will be provided through e-learning platforms and include live tutorials from our knowledgeable instructors in each subject area. The curriculum for our online Power Apps training course covers every skill that students need to be proficient in Power Apps.

  • Power Apps classroom training:

    The Power Apps course in Hyderabad from Brolly Academy is taught in person at our training center by certified professionals with significant experience in the field. We cover every aspect of the Power Apps in our classes. We give students a curriculum that provides them with the abilities they require to succeed in the Power Apps training course.

  • Power Apps self-paced video course:

    Our Power Apps course videos offer a curriculum of live instructional recordings enhanced by extra resources, so you can study while having a great time. Students can develop their fundamental Power Apps skills through a series of lessons in the training program.

Why choose us for Power Apps training?

  • Excellent Power Apps faculty:

    The Power Apps course instructors at Brolly Academy are specialists and certified Power Apps professionals. They share their knowledge with students, allowing them to understand the fundamental concepts of Power Apps training technology.

  • Learn real-time case studies:

    At Brolly Academy, instructors give students projects that let them put what they learn in a Power Apps certification practical training to use. These projects include real-world case studies. In order to make things easier for students to understand, instructors at Brolly Academy guide them through these scenarios.

  • Course Content

    The Power Apps course material at Brolly Academy is created to instruct both beginners and experienced professionals. It's perfect for both IT experts and those who are just seeking to understand more about these Power Apps.

  • Placement assistance:

    The placement support staff at Brolly Academy's Power Apps training in Hyderabad will assist all of our trainees in finding jobs in the Power Apps field that best suits their skills. Additionally, they will teach you how to speak up when it comes to negotiating salary and benefits with employers.

  • Adaptable Time Schedule:

    The Power Apps training online and classroom learning options offered by Brolly Academy, along with the flexible class scheduling options, enable our students to suit their education within their personal time schedules.

  • Brolly support system

    Students can contact our specialized support line with inquiries on registration fees and class schedules for the Power Apps certification. You can get in touch with them from anywhere in the world to learn more specifics about the course.

Testimonials for Power Apps training


Very knowledgeable trainer with Power Apps certification. The teachers delivered excellent theoretical and practical lessons. The Power Apps training's teaching method was very straightforward, which makes it easier to understand the program.


The Brolly Academy faculty is friendly and maintains a professional atmosphere. They are always there to answer any questions you may have. One of the greatest training facilities I've found for Power Apps training in Hyderabad is Brolly Academy. The syllabus for the Power Apps course and the Power Apps training videos are excellent resources that are also enjoyable because the instructor made sure we grasped every part of the course.


Anyone who wants to learn more about Power Apps courses and acquire a certification should look out for Brolly Academy. Here, I had the ability to alter the curriculum for the Power Apps course. Before going on to the next concept, my trainer makes sure that everyone is clear on the previous one. Before we leave the session, he also makes sure that all of our questions have been answered. After the course, I not only had more knowledge but had also been hired as an intern by one of Hyderabad's top MNCs


After completing the course, Brolly Academy's online Power Apps training in Hyderabad helped me get a job at an MNC by guiding me through their placement assistance program and mock interview preparations.

Arvind Bandhari

I took the Brolly Academy's online Power Apps course, and I must say that it didn't feel like an online course at all; rather, it felt like I was in a classroom. It was an absolutely mind-blowing experience. I cherished the complete procedure, and they gave outstanding Power Apps course information. To everyone interested in learning, I would heartily recommend the Power Apps course in Hyderabad offered by Brolly Academy. Their techniques of instruction are interesting and very effective.


I was able to upgrade my Power Apps course knowledge and finish a project with their help by enrolling in the online azure admin training at Brolly Academy. I received master-level training from Brolly Academy in this top-notch training program. This is the finest place to receive Power Apps training in Hyderabad. Because of the course's current syllabus and interactive sessions, it was simple for me to comprehend the program and gain an in-depth understanding of it.

Power Apps certification

The new Power Platform products are used to create solutions, automate tasks, analyze data, generate reports, and create bots. Microsoft Power Platform certifications are Microsoft’s official testaments to a candidate’s level of knowledge and proficiency in these areas.

What are they?

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamental Level Certifications

  • Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900)
  • Microsoft Power Platform Associate Level Certifications
  • Power Platform App Maker Associate (PL-100)
  • Power Platform Developer Associate (PL-400)
  • Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate (PL-200)
  • Data Analyst Associate (DA-100)
  • Microsoft Power Platform Expert Level Certifications
  • Power Platform Solution Architect Expert (PL-600)
  • Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect Expert (MB-600)

Exam Fee

  • Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900) – US$99
  • Power Platform App Maker Associate (PL-100) – US$165
  • Power Platform Developer Associate (PL-400) – US$165
  • Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate (PL-200) – US$165
  • Data Analyst Associate (DA-100) – US$165
  • Power Platform Solution Architect Expert (PL-600) – US$165
  • Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect Expert (MB-600) – US$165

Benefits of Power Apps

Skills developed Post Power Apps training in Hyderabad

Career opportunities in Power Apps

Software developers that expand upon and improve upon the Microsoft Power Platform are the target audience for the Microsoft Certified Power Platform Developer Associate certification. A Microsoft Certification also serves as proof to the world that you possess certain development skills and competencies.

The average salary for a power platform developer in the US is $105,000 per year or $53.85 per hour. The average annual salary for entry-level positions is $92,500, while the highest-paid professionals can earn up to $128,115.

Some of the well-known designations of Power Apps include

Market Trend in PowerApps

What are the Prerequisites?

Approximate Payscale


does powerapps require coding?

The development of apps does not require knowledge of programming. Without knowing any code, anyone can create an app. All you have to do is identify the best app builder to meet your requirements. Then all that's left to do is learn how to utilize that platform, add your features, and alter the app's appearance and feel to suit your brand.

how to learn power apps?

Learn power apps training in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy. You will learn about Power Apps and related concepts during the course while also having the opportunity to create your own app. It is a fantastic method to become familiar with the variety of Power Apps' features.

Is it simple to use Power Apps?

PowerApps is a low-code, drag-and-drop application development environment that makes it simple to create desktop and mobile applications that may be used to automate data collection procedures. Thanks in large part to the templates it offers to automate various business operations, it is simple to adopt and utilize.

how power apps work?

To convert your manual business processes into digital, automated ones, Power Apps-built apps offer powerful business logic and workflow features. Additionally, Power Apps-created apps have a responsive design and can function flawlessly on mobile devices and in browsers.

what is the use of power apps?

When you combine Power Apps with other Microsoft Power Platform products, you can quickly construct professional-grade apps, automate workflows, connect to various data sources, and incorporate dashboards into your applications.

Is Power Apps good for career?

Power Apps & Power Automate cloud flows are sufficient to get hired. I advise learning Power Apps, Canvas Apps, and Model-Driven Apps. Knowing the dataverse is also useful!

What kind of programming language are Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Fx is a low-code programming language built on formulas like those found in spreadsheets. With the help of declarative formulas that resemble spreadsheets, Power Fx binds objects.

is power apps any good?

It is one of the top builders of low-code applications in its field. PowerApps allows any developer to create high-quality apps that quickly address complicated issues. In its field, it is among the top low-code application builders.

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