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Informatica Cloud- iics training in hyderabad (new batch details)

Trainer Name Mr. Venkat Raj
Trainer Experience 11+ Years
Course Duration 75 Hours Intensive Training
Next Batch Date 02-02-2023
Training Modes Online Training
Call Us at +91 81868 44555
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Informatica Cloud iics Training Curriculum

  • Overview – Navigating through the Interface
  • Administration
  • Runtime Environments and Connections
  • Cloud Mapping Designer – Basic Transformations
  • Advanced Transformations and Mapping Tasks
  • Mapping Parameters
  • Advanced Options
  • Exception Handing
  • Performance Tuning
  • Automating and Monitoring Tasks
  • Synchronization Task
  • Replication Task
  • Hierarchical Parser

Informatica Cloud Application Integration (CAI)

  • Designer
  • Process  Server
  • Application Integration Console
  • Cloud Server
  • Process Developer
  • Assets
  • Message Exchange Patterns
  • Versioning
  • Fault Handling
  • Monitoring
  • Service Connectors
  • Connectors
  • Messaging
  • System  Services
  • OData  Provider

Cloud Data Quality (CDQ)

  • Informatica Cloud Overview
  • Cloud Data Quality Overview
  • Cloud Mapping Designer
  • Cloud Data Profiling
  • Dictionaries
  • Rule Specifications
  • The Labeler Asset
  • The Cleanse Asset
  • The Parse Asset
  • The Deduplicate Asset
  • The Verify Asset

Key Points of Informatica Cloud
iics training in hyderabad

What is Informatica Cloud ?

About Informatica Cloud - iics training in Hyderabad

A complete platform for cloud integration & data management is offered by the on-demand subscription service Informatica Cloud.

The Best Informatica Cloud Course in Hyderabad is offered by Brolly Academy. 

When you sign up for Informatica Cloud, you connect to it through a web browser. You can set up connections, add users, and create, execute, plan, and keep track of tasks.

The cloud-based Power Center, Informatica Cloud Data Integration, provides reliable, secure, and easily available data to support more insightful business choices. 

The companies can utilize Informatica Cloud Data Integration to assist with worldwide, distributed data warehouse and analytics initiatives.

This is a set of tools that Informatica gives us in terms of both hardware and software. We may make use of the cloud’s resources and execute programs there.

For managing applications, creating jobs, and monitoring, the IICS offers a variety of apps or services that consumers can use.

In comparison to the PowerCenter, no client software needs to be installed on your computer in order to use the applications; they can all be accessed through a web browser.

Our Best Informatica Cloud training program includes 100% placement support, including both classroom and online Informatica Cloud training.

Modes of Training - IICS

  • IICS training online

    Students who enroll in Brolly Academy's Informatica cloud training in Hyderabad have access to our e-learning platforms and can complete their courses online at their own convenience. Students can complete the Informatica cloud training at their own pace with our online course, which offers in-depth instruction in all the fundamental ideas as well as more advanced skills.

  • IICS classroom training

    Ameerpet and KPHB are the locations where we offer Informatica cloud classroom training in Hyderabad. Real-world scenarios, practical instruction, and individualized coaching are all included in this instructor-led training course. We use real-world applications in our Informatica cloud Classroom training to provide students with hands-on experience.

  • IICS self-paced video course

    Our Informatica Cloud video learning courses are interesting and informative, and they include videos that let you learn at your own pace from knowledgeable instructors who are experts in their industry. Our trainers provide instructional training with real-world examples of the Informatica Cloud ideas in these instructional videos, which are tailored classroom recordings that will be made available to our students. This encourages an easy learning environment.

Why choose us for iics training in Hyderabad

  • Professional trainers

    The most recent version of the tool can be taught to you by our professional Informatica Cloud trainers. You can learn how to use Informatica Cloud in practical situations by taking our Informatica Cloud training courses. You will be assisted in getting started with Informatica Cloud by our knowledgeable trainers.

  • Informatica Cloud certification

    After the students have completed the sessions theoretically and practically, we offer them the course completion certificate. It boosts the worth of your CV, and you can gain top employment in top organizations with the help of this certification. The certification won’t be given until after you’ve completed our training and practice-based assignments successfully.

  • Affordable Fees

    If you’re seeking cost-effective, fast, and excellent training to understand Informatica Cloud, then look no further. For both beginning and experienced users, our Informatica Cloud course fees are reasonable including a placement assistance program. Our purpose is to educate learners with a thorough knowledge of Informatica Cloud ideas and how to apply them to real-world applications.

  • Advanced curriculum

    We also offer a selected and updated Informatica Cloud curriculum that will help you to master Informatica Cloud. You will learn everything there is to know about Informatica Cloud in our advanced Informatica Cloud course. We have a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the theories and concepts with technical help from professionals.

  • Placement assistance

    Brolly Academy’s Informatica Cloud training in Hyderabad placement assistance team will guide all our trainees to find a job in the Informatica Cloud industry that’s right for their talents. They will also advise you on how to negotiate salary and advantages with companies on their behalf.

  • Lifetime accessibility

    A comprehensive lifetime learning management system for Informatica is designed to help you learn about the latest Informatica concepts and stay current on industry developments and comes with lifetime access and availability.

Testimonials for iics training in Hyderabad


In Hyderabad Brolly Academy is one of the top Informatica Cloud training centers. They provide first-rate training sessions with reasonable Informatica Cloud course costs so that anyone can simply learn the technology. Trainers provide regular seminars and sessions to clear up any remaining questions regarding the subject. I would absolutely recommend the Informatica Cloud technology courses in Hyderabad to my friends.


A really good place to get a thorough understanding of a subject is Brolly Academy. My interviews went quite well thanks to their placement aid. I am extremely happy with the overall experience because I learned a lot in the Informatica Cloud course in Hyderabad, and the instructors are friendly and supportive.


One of the greatest Informatica Cloud online training courses is offered by Brolly Academy, and it is suitable even for beginners. My abilities were improved, and I learned a lot about Informatica Cloud. The instructors are wonderful support for the students and very pleasant.


I enrolled for the Brolly Academy's Informatica Cloud training in Hyderabad. I would highly suggest it to my friends because the instructors were really encouraging and gave clear, simple explanations of all the concepts. They even allowed us to assist on projects and that was my favorite part as I received first-hand working experience. I learned the course in great detail thanks to the Informatica Cloud training material.


I had a great time learning Informatica Cloud at Brolly Academy. My learning in the Informatica Cloud course was greatly aided by the excellent instruction and live project support. I want to express my gratitude to the trainer for his constant support and guidance.


I found the Informatica Cloud course to be quite helpful because I was already familiar with the fundamental ideas. Brolly Academy offers excellent online Informatica Cloud training in Hyderabad and is a terrific place to learn from knowledgeable instructors in a hands-on environment. The trainer took the time to answer all of my questions, which made my experience at the Brolly Academy excellent. I am extremely appreciative of the staff's wonderful assistance; Brolly is the top institute of Informatica Cloud training in Hyderabad.

Informatica Cloud iics certification

Brolly academy provides one of the best Informatica Cloud training and certification course with a very well-developed curriculum. Students who complete the course will have the knowledge and abilities needed to pass the Informatica Cloud certification exam.

You will be issued an Informatica Cloud course completion certification once after completing the course of the Informatica Cloud training successfully at Brolly Academy.

The certificate can be downloaded as a hard copy or you can also get a digital version based on your preference and requirement.

Certification Fee –

  • Each test is composed of four training units (at $85 per unit) with a total price of $340.
  • Test purchasers may retake the test an additional time for free.
  • No other discounts apply.

Certification Code – 

  • Cloud Data and Application Integration-R34 Professional Certification.


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            Benefits of iics & iics training in Hyderabad


            One of the best platforms for data integration is Informatica. Data Integration may be done for a large volume of data and from various sources in a shorter time than any other ETL software.

            Easy Maintenance

            Utilizing Informatica Workflow Monitor makes it very simple to keep an eye on the work process. Informatica Workflow Monitors simplify the process of discovering and recovering from failed or slower-performing tasks.

            High Performance

            Informatica uses one of the greatest technology to boost performance in terms of quality and speed. Additionally, it helps in cost optimization, which in turn assists the organization in automating, reusing, and debugging the Business.

            Error Handling

            Informatica features a centralized error logging system that records problems and rejects data into relational tables, assisting the technical team in fixing the errors.

            Skills developed after iics training in Hyderabad

            Prerequisites of iics training in Hyderabad

            Career opportunities in Informatica Cloud

            Various roles and designations can be found in IICS. The following are some of the most common ones: 

            Approximate Payscale

            Market Trend in Informatica Cloud


            Is coding knowledge required to enroll in this course?

            No coding knowledge is required to complete this course.

            Can I take a free demo course before enrolling in a full course?

            Yes, We provide free demo classes before starting the batch. Please do Register immediately for more information. our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

            What is the purpose of Informatica Cloud?

            The on-demand subscription service Informatica Cloud offers a full platform for cloud integration and data management. When you sign up for Informatica Cloud, you connect to it through a web browser. Connections may be set up, users can be made, and tasks can be made, scheduled, planned, and monitor tasks.

            What differentiates IICS from Informatica PowerCenter?

            The ICS offers hybrid solutions that enable the development of integrations between cloud and cloud, cloud and on-premise, and on-premise and on-premise. The PowerCenter tool, however, is restricted to the on-Premise data set. Installing client programs on the personal computer is not necessary for the ICS.

            Will I continue to receive technical support once I finish this course?

            You will have access to the technical team and can get in touch with your specific faculty members personally as well

            Will Brolly Academy give me a curriculum for Informatica Cloud?

            Yes, you will receive an Informatica Cloud syllabus from Brolly Academy, and you can also customize it to meet your needs.

            Will there be a free Demo of the Informatica Cloud training?

            Yes, Brolly Academy offers all students a free demo of its Informatica Cloud training.

            How long will it take for this Informatica Cloud certification course to be completed?

            Our 45-day Informatica Cloud course includes thorough instruction in Informatica Cloud fundamentals. It could take longer depending on how you learn the subject.

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