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IBM AIX Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Venkatesh (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date18-03-2024 (8:00 PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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IBM AIX Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • File system of UNIX
  • Architecture of UNIX
  • Creating, removing, copying, moving files & directories
  • Using files and directories
  • Wildcard characters
  • Input/Output-Redirections
  • File/Directory permissions
  • Usage of filter commands
  • Introduction to AIX
  • Introduction P-Series P4, P5, P6 and P7 hardware features
  • AIX 6.1 vs AIX 5.3
  • Upgradation from version 5.3 to 6.1*
  • Evolution of AIX servers and AIX OS
  • Using SMIT, WSM, SYSTEM DIRECTORY (System Management Interface Tool)
  • AIX on blade servers
  • Using new and overwrite method
  • Preservation method
  • migration method
  • Object Data Manager(ODM)
  • Device Terminology
  • Device states
  • Configuring the devices
  • Self configuring devices
  • Solving Real time issues related to devices
  • Solving device related questionnaire
  • Change of media speed on Ethernet adapter
  • The boot process
  • Important LED codes
  • Boot phases
  • System initialization
  • Patching definitions
  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Software states
  • Life cycle of TL, downloading TL from fix central
  • User accounts
  • Groups
  • Security logs
  • Security files
  • Changing ownerships
  • Login sequence
  • Regaining root’s password
  • DAS ( Direct Attach Storage )
  • NAS ( Network Attach Storage )
  • SAN ( Storage Attach Storage )
  • Benefits of LVM
  • Logical Volume Manager Components
  • Physical storage
  • Logical storage
  • RAID levels
  • MWC (Active, Passive)
  • Read & Write policies
  • Volume groups
  • Uses of logical volumes
  • LVM questionnaire include real time issues related to LVM
  • Explanation of types of File systems in real time usage.
  • Creation of file system
  • Creation of RAW File system as per the Database/Application
  • Creation and enable of LARGE file system for Database
  • Mounting of File system on different directories
  • Troubleshooting of corrupted file system
  • What is paging space?
  • Using paging space
  • Changing paging space
  • Importance of paging space
  • Importance of LRUD process
  • Real time issues with paging space
  • Cron
  • At
  • batch
  • Real time discussions on jobs performed through cron& related issues
  • Mksysb backup-rootvg
  • Savevg backup for datavg
  • Performing mksysb like real time through NFS
  • Altvg backup and different methods for alt disk
  • Its usage in industry
  • Creating WPAR & using WPAR
  • How to create a file system in WPAR
  • Discussions on real time scenarios around 100 real time tickets.
  • Configuring ground works monitoring agent
  • Resume preparation for AIX
  • The errpt command
  • The system error log
  • Starting and stopping error log
  • Diagnostics, what is diag, what is diag cd & its usage in real time
  • What is TCP/IP
  • Configuring TCP/IP
  • DNS
  • Taking host information before reboot
  • What is DNS
  • Why DNS
  • Ether channel, configuring ether channel (NIB and link aggregation)
  • Real time networking issues with AIX
  • Configuring router between two networks
  • Issues with CPU
  • Issues with memory
  • Issues with I/O
  • Real time Perf issue discussion, running perfpmr.Sh on AIX

IBM AIX Training in Hyderabad

Key Points


IBM AIX Training in Hyderabad

AIX is a platform for open systems, which means that it supports different operating systems, and it offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can use AIX as a standalone system or as part of a cluster configuration. The AIX operating system is a UNIX-like platform which is used in many IBM systems. It provides many features that you would expect from any other UNIX system, including support for the C programming language, shell scripting and POSIX compliant applications. 

You can also use it to run applications written in Java or COBOL. IBM AIX is the latest operating system from IBM, and it’s one of the most secure and scalable operating systems available. It’s a UNIX-based system that you can use to run different applications, including those written in C or Java. You can also use it to set up a cluster configuration. Brolly Academy offers the best IBM AIX training in Hyderabad with a detailed course program. IBM AIX training course is designed to help you learn how to use the AIX operating system.

 You will be taught how to install, configure and administer IBM’s UNIX-like platform, as well as how it works with other software applications. The course also covers the basics of Linux administration because many people use AIX alongside this other operating system. The course allows you to gain an understanding of the key components of AIX, and how they work together. You will also learn about how to set up user accounts and manage files on an AIX system. 

Brolly academy offers a wide range of courses that include both IT and software training courses in Hyderabad with updated course curriculums and modules. After completing Brolly Academy’s training program, you will be awarded a customized certificate in IBM AIX. Upon completing all the training modules, you will receive an award certificate. This certificate includes your name and course details as well as a space to share on LinkedIn.

 We have the finest trainers, who give students a solid grounding in both theory and practice. We have designed our course in such a way that it is easy to understand, and students do not feel overwhelmed with too much information. Our aim is to make sure you are comfortable with the topics being taught so that you can apply this knowledge in your daily work environment. We offer both online and in-person training sessions as well as a placement program that includes intensive interview prep, and will help you get placed at some of the top companies in Hyderabad.

Enroll with us to get the most comprehensive IBM AIX training in Hyderabad.


IBM AIX Training in Hyderabad

Classroom Training

Online Training

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Why choose

Brolly Academy IBM AIX Training

International training

We have international students and trainees who enroll in our courses at Brolly Academy. We train overseas students with the knowledge, experience and skills they need to become professionally skilled and competent individuals. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of students, with a focus on delivering the best possible service. All courses are taught in English, and we have an excellent track record for providing quality training.

Flexible timings

Our classes are conducted at convenient timings , such as evenings and weekends. The classes are designed to be practical and hands-on offering flexibility to both students and working employees to attend and learn our IBM AIX course training in Hyderabad.

Expert trainers

Our IBM AIX instructors are among the most knowledgeable in their field, and you will benefit from this expertise. Our IBM AIX trainers share their expertise about key concepts in technology, and teach both current and emerging skills. They’ve spent years training professionals and students alike.

Virtual lessons

Our IBM AIX virtual classes are engaging and informative with videos that allow you to learn from experienced instructors who are experts in their field. We offer both Video course training as well as online training sessions.

Student diaries

We have trained 50+ trainees with 20+ successful placements in some of the top companies in Hyderabad with excellent packages.

Placement assistance

Our counselors help students learn job skills and gain professional polish. We assist them with everything from resume writing to interviewing techniques, and we match their skill sets with jobs that make the most sense for their career paths. In addition to resume and cover letter review, interview prep workshops are available for those seeking employment.

Lifetime access

A comprehensive lifetime learning management system for IBM AIX is designed to help you learn about the latest IBM AIX concepts and stay current on industry developments and comes with lifetime access and availability.

IBM AIX certification

After completing this curriculum, you will receive a IBM AIX certificate officially signed by Brolly Academy, which is widely accepted by companies and can greatly enhance your career prospects.

Limited batches

We take in only 10 students per batch and provide them with a highly personalized and rigorous training program. Our training batches are small and highly focused on providing top notch training facilities to the students.


IBM AIX Training in Hyderabad


The IBM AIX course offered by brolly academy is the best. The trainers are experienced and they provide the best training. The course is designed in a way that is easy to understand, and the trainer ensures that you learn all the concepts before proceeding. The course is very interactive and the trainer makes sure that all the concepts are understood.


I enrolled for the IBM AIX course training in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy. The training was very good and the trainer took care of every student. The course curriculum was designed as per the industry standards and it helped me in getting a job easily. The course also includes practical sessions where students get to practice their skills. Thank you!


The IBM AIX course was very helpful for me as it provided me with the skills needed for a job. The trainer ensured that I learned all the concepts and was patient when I made mistakes. The course curriculum was designed as per industry standards and it helped me in getting a job easily. The trainer also provided me with mock interviews where I got to practice my skills. Thank you to the entire team.


The IBM AIX video course offered by Brolly Academy is simply the best. The course had recordings of trainers who spoke in a very clear manner. I could clearly understand the concepts and get a good idea of what would be expected in an interview. The course also included practical sessions where I got to practice my skills with help from the trainer. Thank you.


The placement assistance offered by Brolly academy is so helpful. They give you suggestions and industry insights that can help you perform well during interviews. The mock interviews were so helpful. I really gotta practice my skills and make sure that I am ready for the interview. I managed to score a job in a good company, thanks to the entire team.


I joined the IBM AIX course in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy after a friend of mine recommended it to me. I had never taken a course before and was not sure what to expect. However, I found the course very interesting and informative. We were given practical sessions where we got to practice our skills with help from the trainer. I enjoyed learning about AIX as it is something that I have not come across before. Thank you!

IBM AIX Certification Training In Hyderabad


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be prepared to take both the IBM AIX certification exam and perform well on it. You will get comprehensive training at our institute along with a well recognized Brolly course completion certificate that will be accepted by companies all over the world including many of today’s top ones.

 This class is taught by an experienced instructor with a reputation for excellence. Brolly Academy offers a course completion certificate, which can be downloaded in both hard copy and digital format. This will prove useful to anyone who wants to begin their careers or gain further knowledge by learning the IBM AIX course. Certification is valid for a lifetime, and can be included on your resume.

There are three different levels of IBM AIX certifications –

  • Associate Level: This is the entry level. You can take the Associate Level exams once you have completed an IBM AIX Introduction course or equivalent knowledge.
  • Professional Level: This is the intermediate level. To take this exam, you need to have at least one year of experience in an AIX environment. You can take the Professional Level exams once you have completed an IBM AIX Administration course or equivalent knowledge.
  • Advanced Level: This is the advanced level. To take this exam, you need to have at least two years of experience in an AIX environment. You can take the Advanced Level exams once you have completed an IBM AIX System Programming course or equivalent knowledge.
IBM AIX Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of learning IBM AIX training in Hyderabad

Brolly Academy’s advanced training will give you the knowledge and skills needed to master IBM AIX. Our unique approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience enabled by our trainees applying what they’ve learned directly in real-time projects is unlike any other available today.

Skills developed after the IBM AIX course training –


IBM AIX training course in Hyderabad

To be eligible for IBM AIX training course in Hyderabad, you must have a good understanding of the following

Career Opportunities in IBM AIX

Frequently Asked Questions - IBM AIX


Which is the best IBM AIX training institute in Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy offers the best IBM AIX training in Hyderabad that provides excellent advanced training and coaching services.

What is the IBM AIX training fee in Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy offers the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality, making our institute a great place to get your IBM AIX training.

What is the average salary of an IBM AIX professional in Hyderabad?

The average salary of an IBM AIX professional in Hyderabad is INR 4,00,000 per year.

Where can I find IBM AIX training near me?

We offer IBM AIX training in Kphb and IBM AIX training in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

What if I miss a class?

Students can make up for missed sessions by attending our next live batch or we can also arrange backup classes for you.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes. To help our students land jobs after the completion of their training program, we assist them with mock interviews and resume preparation by providing personal guidance from industry experts as a part of our IBM AIX placement assistance.

Who are the trainers at IBM AIX training in Hyderabad?

The Brolly Academy's IBM AIX course is taught by trainers who specialize in the field and have ample working experience.

Who should take the IBM AIX course?

The IBM AIX course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to install, configure and manage an AIX system. This includes system administrators, IT managers, application developers and technical support engineers.

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