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Windows Server Administration Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Pavan (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date14-03-2024 (8:00 PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Windows Server Administration Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • Introduction to various Windows operating systems
  • How to install various Windows operating systems
  • Post-installation configurations
  • Local User administration
  • Introduction to various server roles
  • Domain User administration
  • Assigning folder permissions
  • Introduction to Domain Trees and Forests
  • Various backup processes
  • FSMO roles and their uses
  • Optimization for peak performances
  • Advantages of Windows updates
  • What is an Operating system?
  • Who are the various OS vendors?
  • Difference between Client and Server OS?
  • Different types of editions
  • Prerequisites to install
  • Hardware requirements
  • What are the various pre-requirements for installing a Windows OS?
  • What is partitioning in an HDD?
  • File Systems and types of File systems
  • Various editions of Windows client and Server OS
  • Various Licensing types
  • Remote installation of Windows 7 OS
  • Windows Taskbar
  • Jump Lists
  • Pinning of applications and folders
  • Desktop Gadgets
  • Windows 7 Themes
  • Configuring VM for various volumes
  • Minimum VM sizes for various OS
  • Assigning paths for various applications
  • Assigning Hostnames for the machines
  • Assigning IP addresses
  • Types of Disk
  • Types of Partitions
  • Types of volumes
  • What is a License?
  • Types of License
  • How to Create Local Users
  • Creating Local Groups
  • Assigning permissions for Local Users and Groups
  • Types of Local User Profiles
  • Managing profiles
  • Setting quotas for users
  • Different Types of Policies
  • Implementing security Policy
  • Configuring Policy settings
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Learning to Add DHCP server role
  • Creating scopes and super scopes
  • Understanding DHCP options classes
  • Types of Lookup zones
  • Zone and Record creations
  • Testing Lookups
  • What is Domain?
  • Purpose of domain creation
  • Installing a Domain Controller with Windows server 2008
  • How to Install a new Windows server 2008 forest
  • Configuring Domain settings
  • How to Create and managing Domain Users
  • Creating and managing Domain groups
  • File system types
  • Setting ACL permissions
  • What is Drive mapping?
  • Configuring drives to get mapped for users
  • Adding IIS server role
  • Configuring and Managing Websites
  • Assigning Aliases names for sites
  • Real-Time network / Infrastructure
  • Creating / Setting Configuration by Scenarios

Windows Server Administration Training

Key Points


Windows Server Administration Training in Hyderabad

The Windows Server is a group of operating systems that supports enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications. Previous versions have focused on stability and security as well as improvements to the file system. Windows administrative tools provide advanced users and system administrators with the ability to monitor and configure individual devices as well as entire networks.

 Windows Server Administration certification is an advanced computer networking course that covers installation, configuration and troubleshooting, server roles, storage, Active Directory and Group Policy, file, print, and web services, remote access, virtualization, application servers, performance, and reliability.

Brolly Academy offers the best Windows Server Administration training in Hyderabad with a detailed course program. The training includes topics like the Windows server administration, Windows OS, Installation of Windows Operating System, Features of Windows 7 operating system, Post Installation Configurations, Disk Partitions, Licensing of Windows Server / Clients, Local User Administration, User Profiles and Quotas, Local Security Policy / Firewall Infrastructure, Creating DHCP Infrastructure etc…. 

Brolly academy offers a wide range of courses that include both IT and software training courses in Hyderabad with updated course curriculums and modules.You will receive a Windows Server Administration certification upon the completion of the training program that is approved and received by most of the companies. The Windows Server Administration certificate will promote dynamic and flexible job opportunities for candidates with the right skills when attached to your professional resume.

 The Windows Server Administration certificate offered by Brolly academy can greatly enlarge your potential employment opportunities by uplifting your career growth. This course is purposed for absolute beginners as well as Windows Server Administration professionals looking for a certified and advanced Windows Server Administration course to further refine your skills.

 We have trainers with a vast industrial exposure and proficiency with an impressive 11+ years of training and working as senior developers. Brolly academy offers three different modes of training that includes Windows Server Administration online training in Hyderabad, Windows Server Administration video course training in Hyderabad and Windows Server Administration classroom training in Hyderabad.

 At Brolly academy we also focus on training the students by making them job ready with our placement assistance programs. Interview questions, resume preparation, mock tests, mock interviews, referrals and much more can be accessed as a part of our Windows Server Administration Placement program. Enroll with us to get the best Windows Server Administration training in Hyderabad with Brolly Academy.


Modes of Windows Server Administration Training

Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why choose

Brolly Academy Institute In Hyderabad

Brolly Academy is a leading Software Training institute in Hyderabad, is known for its method of teaching. In Brolly Academy our Windows Server Administration expert trainers have over 11+ years of experience in the Windows Server Administration Industry and can prepare you to launch your career. Whether you’re a fresher looking for certification or an experienced professional with expertise.

 Our Windows Server Administration Training course provides you with the skills and expertise you need to apply at companies that use this technology. Our Windows Server Administration Course will help you get ready for your mock interviews, resume creation and question-and-answer sessions. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Windows Server Administration Training course in Hyderabad:

Time flexibility

We offer classes throughout the day to accommodate your schedule.

Real-time scenario

All of our trainers have broad experience, which gives them a unique ability to explain current trends.

Comprehensive practical sessions

Students are given ample time to practice the skills they learn in each class. This helps them gain a deeper understanding of what they’re being taught as well as develop their own personal style.

Expert Faculty

Our faculty members come from various sectors of the industry, including middle-level managers and data scientists as well as experienced professors who have previously held positions at other prominent institutes.

Industry relevant curriculum

At Brolly Academy, we keep our curriculum updated so that you can stay on top of the latest developments in your field.

Remote Learning

Our Windows Server Administration training courses are available in two formats either as online self-study classes or through video instruction.

Interview Q&A Sessions

Brolly Academy provides expert training in interview preparation that prepares students for their dream careers. Our program includes mock interviews, Frequently Asked Questions, and other resources to help our students get jobs.

Windows Server Administration Certification

The program offers each student a certificate upon completion. This recognition is an excellent tool for job seekers because it indicates their qualification and expertise in the field.


Windows Server Administration Training in Hyderabad


At Brolly Academy Students are given ample time to practice the skills of Windows Server Administration they learn in each class. This helps them gain a deeper understanding of what they're being taught as well as develop their own personal style.


I would like to personally thank Brolly Academy for providing excellent training in Windows Server Administration, and I am very impressed with the expertise of our trainers. They were extremely patient, explained everything thoroughly and adjusted their teaching style according to our varying levels of understanding.


Brolly academy's Windows Server Administration online training is one of the best courses in Hyderabad. The classes are conducted very well, and the trainers have a thorough understanding of what they're teaching. They also offer doubt clarification sessions with their teachers. I'm glad I took part.


The Windows Server Administration placement assistance program at Brolly Academy in Hyderabad is very useful for students like me, because they train thoroughly in the subject so that you perform well in interviews.


I joined the Windows Server Administration training at Brolly academy in Hyderabad and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The staff is really good and the trainers are so experienced that they shared excellent insights with us.


The Windows Server Administration video course in Hyderabad is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn about the concepts of Windows Server Administration. The course has videos on all topics related to Windows Server Administration, which makes it easier for people to learn the concepts

Windows Server Administration Training


This Windows Server Administration training course is designed for clearing Brolly Academy’s Windows Server Administration certification. The entire course content is in line with this certification and prepares you to tackle it easily, getting the best jobs at top MNCs. By enrolling in this Windows Server Administration Training, you will receive access to real-world industry scenarios and projects that are directly tied to your success as an employee.

 At the end of this Windows Server Administration Training program, there will be quizzes that test your knowledge of core concepts on Windows Server Administration. You can take these quizzes to prepare for your Windows Server Administration certification exams or just to check your understanding the choice is yours! Upon the successful completion of students’ project work, Brolly Academy will award them with a Windows Server Administration course completion certificate.

Windows Server Administration Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of Learning Windows Server Administration course -

Employment possibilities in Windows Server Administration -

Completion of the Windows Server Administration course you will learn -


Prerequisites to Learn Windows Server Administration

Frequently Asked Questions - Windows Server Admin


Do I need to know programming as a window server Administrator?

A computer system administrator does not need to be a programmer; however, he or she must have a solid understanding of networking and operating systems. Although experience in programming may have primed you to identify solutions to the issue, it is not a requirement for your role.

Why should you learn Windows Server Administration course online?

Online learning will help you develop a deeper understanding of Salesforce and its cloud-based technologies.

Does Brolly Academy provides practical training sessions in Windows Server Administration training?

Yes, our Windows Server Administration training provides a solid foundation in the software, including both theoretical and practical lessons.

Will I be getting a free demo before enrolling in Windows Server Administration Training?

Brolly Academy offers free, hands-on classes on Windows Server Administration to help you decide if our training program is right for you.

Will I get placement assistance program in the Windows Server Administration Training Course at Brolly Academy?

Yes we do offer placement assistance to all our aspirants. We help you prepare for job interviews and create resumes that we send to employers on your behalf.

Why should I consider Brolly Academy is the best for learning Windows Server Administration Training in Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy offers the best Windows Server Administration training courses. We provide expert trainers who can help you become a skilled professional by learning all aspects of this language, including how to apply it to your job.

What are the skills you will learn during this Windows Server Administration training?

● Test management ● Product development lifecycle ● Live traceability ● Modern requirements management

Is Windows Server Administration a good career choice?

Yes, many people believe that Windows is easier to use and learn than Linux. And it's true: UNIX-based operating systems have a steep learning curve. However, once you've mastered using one of these OSes (and yes, they can be mastered), there are tremendous advantages in terms of flexibility and power over software written for commercial operating systems.

What is the scope of Windows Server Administration Developer?

Windows Server is mostly used by enterprises because of the GUI consoles it offers. There is still a debate on Linux adoption out in the market, but so if you learn Windows admin and assume you are Indian there's a lot of work out there waiting for you!

Who should learn Windows Server Administration training course?

The following job roles get benefit from learning this technology. ● Computer Support specialists ● Network Administrators ● System Administrators ● IT Managers

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