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VMware Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee20,000 Rs
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date18-09-2023 AT 11:00AM
Training ModesClassroom [HYDERABAD] / Online

Key Points Of VMware Training in Hyderabad

VMware Course Curriculum

  • Introduction on VMware Vsphere
  • Features of VMware Vsphere
  • Comparsion between VMware Vsphere 5.1 and Vsphere 4.1
  • Install the vSphere Client
  • Task 1: Connect to an ESXi host with the vSphere Client
  • Task 2: View host hardware configuration
  • Task 3: Configure DNS and routing information for an ESXi host
  • Task 4: Configure an ESXi host as an NTP client
  • Task 5: Configure an ESXi host to use directory services
  • Task 1: Create a virtual machine
  • Task 2: Install a guest operating system in a virtual machine
  • Task 3: Identify a virtual machine’s disk format and usage statistics
  • Task 4: Install VMware Tools on a virtual machine installed with a Windows operating system
  • Task 5: Prepare your virtual machine for upcoming labs
  • Task 1: Configure the VCVA for first use
  • Task 2: Install vSphere license keys
  • Task 3: Create a vCenter Server inventory datacenter object
  • Task 4: Create vCenter Server inventory folder objects
  • Task 5: Add your ESXi host to the vCenter Server inventory
  • Task 6: Configure the vCenter server appliance to use directory services
  • Task 7: Use the vSphere Web Client to log in to the vCenter Server Appliance
  • Task 1: View the current standard virtual switch configuration
  • Task 2: Create a standard virtual switch with a virtual machine port group
  • Task 3: Attach your virtual machine to a virtual switch port group
  • Task 1: Add a VMkernel port group to a standard virtual switch
  • Task 2: Configure the iSCSI software adapter
  • Task 1: Configure access to NFS datastores
  • Task 2: View iSCSI and NFS storage information
  • Task 1: Review your shared storage configuration
  • Task 2: Change the name of a VMFS datastore
  • Task 3: Create a VMFS datastore
  • Task 4: Expand a VMFS datastore to consume unused space on a LUN
  • Task 5: Remove a VMFS datastore
  • Task 6: Extend a VMFS datastore
  • Task 1: Copy Sysprep files to the vCenter Server appliance
  • Task 2: Create a template
  • Task 3: Create customization specifications
  • Task 4: Deploy a virtual machine from a template
  • Task 5: Clone a virtual machine that is powered on
  • Task 1: Increase the size of a VMDK file
  • Task 2: Adjust memory allocation on a virtual machine
  • Task 3: Add a raw LUN to a virtual machine and verify that the guest operating system can see it
  • Task 4: Rename a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory
  • Task 5: Expand a thin-provisioned virtual disk
  • Task 1: Configure vCenter Server to manage multiple ESXi hosts
  • Task 2: Migrate virtual machine files with Storage vMotion
  • Task 3: Create a virtual switch and a VMkernel port group for vMotion migration
  • Task 4: Verify that your ESXi host meets vMotion requirements
  • Task 5: Verify that your virtual machines meet vMotion requirements
  • Task 6: Perform a vMotion migration of a virtual machine on a shared datastore
  • Task 7: Prepare for the next lab
  • Task 1: Unregister a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory
  • Task 2: Register a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory
  • Task 3: Unregister and delete virtual machines from disk
  • Task 4: Take snapshots of a virtual machine
  • Task 5: Revert to a snapshot
  • Task 1: Create a vApp
  • Task 2: Power on a vApp
  • Task 3: Remove a vApp
  • Task 1: Try to log in directly to the ESXi host
  • Task 2: Grant nonadministrator access to a user
  • Task 3: Explore the ESX Admins AD group
  • Task 1: Create a custom role in vCenter Server
  • Task 2: Assign permissions on vCenter Server inventory objects
  • Task 3: Verify permission usability
  • Task 1: Create CPU activity
  • Task 2: Use vCenter Server to monitor CPU utilization
  • Task 3: Undo changes made to your virtual machines
  • Task 1: Create CPU contention
  • Task 2: Create a resource pool named Fin-Test
  • Task 3: Create a Resource Pool named Fin-Prod
  • Task 4: Verify resource pool functionality
  • Task 1: Create a virtual machine alarm that monitors for a condition
  • Task 2: Create a Virtual Machine Alarm that monitors for an event
  • Task 3: Trigger virtual machine alarms and acknowledge them
  • Task 1: Create a cluster enabled for vSphere HA
  • Task 2: Add your ESXi host to a cluster
  • Task 3: Test vSphere HA functionality
  • Task 4: Determine vSphere HA cluster resource usage
  • Task 5: Manage vSphere HA slot size
  • Task 1: Prepare the virtual machine
  • Task 2: Enable Fault Tolerance logging
  • Task 3: Activate Fault Tolerance

About VMware Training in Hyderabad

VMware is a software company that specializes in virtualization. VMware’s products allow organizations to easily create and manage multiple, isolated operating environments on a single computer. These virtual machines allow businesses to run multiple applications without having to purchase additional hardware or software licenses. The company’s software allows companies to consolidate their servers, reduce energy costs and cut down on IT management costs.

 The technology also provides businesses with more flexibility in dealing with changing market conditions and the need for more agile computing infrastructure. Brolly Academy offers the best VMware training in Hyderabad with a detailed course program. 

The VMware course training includes topics like The VMware course training includes topics like Understanding VMware Components, Installation and Configuration of VMware, Planning, Designing, and Implementing a vSphere Environment , Configuring vCenter Server, Managing Virtual Machines and ESXi Hosts, Monitoring and Troubleshooting VMware Environments, Configuring Integrated Solutions, Configuring vSphere Networking, Configuring vSphere Storage, Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines, Configuring Auto Deploy, Configuring VMware Storage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), Configuring vCenter Site Recovery Manager and more.

 Brolly Academy offers a wide range of courses that include both IT and software training courses in Hyderabad with updated course curriculums and modules. Once you have completed Brolly Academy’s VMware training program, we will issue you a certificate that recognizes your expertise in the field. Once you complete the course, a certificate will be issued to recognize your achievement.

 The certificate will list your name and details of the course, which you can share on LinkedIn and mention on your professional resume. Our trainers give students a solid grounding in the technical aspects of their craft so that learning becomes easier. Our online and in-person training courses help you choose the one that is best for you, as well as a placement program with an intensive interview preparation workshop.

Enroll with us to get the most comprehensive VMware training in Hyderabad.

Modes of Training For VMware Training in Hyderabad

Online training

Complementing our VMware online training program, our VMware e-learning platform lets students learn at their own pace and from anywhere. Our online course is designed to provide a broad overview of key concepts as well as more advanced features, allowing students to attend training at their own pace. We illustrate the concepts with live expert guidance, real-world examples and exercises.

Classroom training

Our VMware classroom training at our Ameerpet and KPHB centers provides real-world scenarios that give students hands-on experience with personalized coaching from trained professionals. Brolly’s VMware Classroom course is an approachable way to learn how virtual machines work, as well as how they can be used in real-world applications with well equipped classrooms that have the latest technology to help students learn in a way that’s easy, intuitive, and engaging.

Video course

The VMware Video Course consists of video tutorials that teach real-world skills by walking you through the process step-by-step. The video course is self-paced, so you can move through the lessons at your own pace. The trainers offer clarification sessions to help students clarify any questions or concerns they have about the material. The training modules are recorded and can be downloaded by the students at their convenience so that they can listen to them whenever it is most convenient for them.

Why choose us for VMware Training?

Hands-on practical training

We give our students a chance to get hands-on VMware experience. This gives them a chance to work on projects that are interesting and challenging. The program will also give our students a chance to explore the world of cloud computing and learn all about the latest developments in this field, allowing them to make informed decisions about their future careers

Distance learning

Our VMware virtual classes are engaging and informative with videos that allow you to learn from experienced instructors who are experts in their field. We offer both Video course training as well as online training sessions that promote distance learning wherein our trainees can attend our learning program from any part of the world.

Beginner friendly course

Our VMware course is designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced users. We start with the basics and then move on to more advanced topics. The course is designed to help you achieve the skills and knowledge required to implement, configure, manage and troubleshoot VMware vSphere 6.

Expert VMware trainers

Our VMware instructors are among the most knowledgeable in their field, and you will benefit from this expertise. Our VMware trainers share their expertise about key concepts in technology, and teach both current and emerging skills. They’ve spent years training professionals and students alike.


After completing this curriculum, you will receive a VMware certificate officially signed by Brolly Academy, which is widely accepted by companies and can greatly enhance your career prospects.

Placement workshops

Our counselors help students learn job skills and gain professional polish. We assist them with everything from resume writing to interviewing techniques, and we match their skill sets with jobs that make the most sense for their career paths. In addition to resume and cover letter review, interview prep workshops are available for those seeking employment.

Limited batches

We take in only 10 students per batch and provide them with a highly personalized and rigorous training program. Our training batches are small and highly focused on providing top notch training facilities to the students.

Testimonials of VMware Training in Hyderabad


VMware online course in hyderabad at Brolly Academy is really good. They have a great training staff who excel at what they do. The trainers also share valuable advice and knowledge, which is very helpful. They also have a good teaching method and they know how to explain things in an easy way so that their students can understand them easily.


I joined Brolly Academy to learn VMware course training , and I am really happy with their training. They have great teaching staff, who are very experienced in the field of IT. i’m glad that i joined brolly academy and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn VMware course training.


The VMware online training course in hyderabad is very good. The course instructors are experienced, and they know how to explain things in an easy way so that their students can understand them easily. I joined Brolly Academy for a VMware online training course, and I am really happy with their training.


The VMware placement assistance offered by Brolly Academy is the best. They conduct mock interviews and provide mock interview questions that can be asked in the actual interview. This helps students to prepare for interviews and ace them easily. I am very happy with the training I received from Brolly Academy. They are one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad


I really enjoyed learning the VMware course at brolly academy in Hyderabad. Their way of training is really different with more emphasis on practical knowledge. Their course was really helpful for me and it gave me a clear idea about VMware technologies. I really liked the way they teach. They are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend Brolly Academy to everyone who wants to learn VMware technologies.


Brolly Academy is the best institute in Hyderabad for learning VMware courses. I had a satisfactory learning experience .The faculties are very supportive and friendly. I really enjoyed my time at Brolly Academy. They provide all the facilities required for a student to learn effectively. Thank you

VMware Certification

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be prepared to take both the VMware certification exam and perform well on it. You will get comprehensive VMware certification training at our institute along with a well recognized Brolly course completion certificate that will be accepted by companies all over the world including many of today’s top ones. 

This class is taught by an experienced instructor with a reputation for excellence. Brolly Academy offers a course completion certificate, which can be downloaded in both hard copy and digital format. This will prove useful to anyone who wants to begin their careers or gain further knowledge by learning the VMware course. Certification is valid for a lifetime, and can be included on your resume.

Some of the most common VMware certifications include –

  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP) – This certification is for those who want to learn more about VMware technology and prepare for a career in IT operations.
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) – This certification is designed for IT professionals who are looking to improve their skills and advance their careers.
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Administration (VCAP-DCDA) is a technical certification that validates the skills and knowledge needed to administer a vSphere environment.
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Design (VCAP-D) is a technical certification that validates the design skills and knowledge needed to create complex VMware environments.
VMware Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of learning VMware training in Hyderabad

Brolly Academy’s advanced training will give you the knowledge and skills needed to master VMware. Our unique approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience enabled by our trainees applying what they’ve learned directly in real-time projects is unlike any other available today.

Skills developed after the VMware course training –

Prerequisites of VMware training course in Hyderabad

To be eligible for VMware training course in Hyderabad, you must have a good understanding of the following – 

Career Opportunities in VMware


Which is the best VMware training institute in Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy offers the best VMware training in Hyderabad that provides excellent advanced training and coaching services.

What is the VMware training fee in Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy offers the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality, making our institute a great place to get your VMware training.

What is the average salary of a VMware professional in Hyderabad?

VMware professionals working in Hyderabad can expect to earn a salary of Rs. 4,25,000 per year on average.

Where can I find VMware training near me?

We offer VMware training in Kphb and VMware training in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

What if I miss a class?

Students can make up for missed sessions by attending our next live batch or we can also arrange backup classes for you.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes. To help our students land jobs after the completion of their training program, we assist them with mock interviews and resume preparation by providing personal guidance from industry experts as a part of our VMware placement assistance.

Who are the trainers at VMware training in Hyderabad?

The Brolly Academy's VMware course is taught by trainers who specialize in the field and have ample working experience.

Who should take the VMware course?

The VMware course is designed for IT professionals who want to learn how to deploy and manage VMware vSphere. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to gain the skills they need to pass the VCP5-DCV certification exam.

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