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French Language Course in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee20,000 Rs
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date18th Sep 2023 AT 11:00AM
Training ModesClassroom [HYDERABAD] / Online

Key Features Of French Language Course

French Language Course Curriculum

  • Topics & Vocabulary
  • Greetings in French Language
  • Time and Numbers
  • Everyday Objects
  • Basic French Language Grammar Rules
  • Present, Past, Future
  • Pronouns – Subject, Object, Possessive
  • Singular vs. Plural
  • Word Order – Sentence, Question, Negative
  • Question Formation

Modal Verbs

  • Writing in French Language
  • How to Greet in French Language
  • Asking About Services in Stores etc.
  • Group Discussion
  • Speaking-inc. situational Exercises & Interaction
  • Basic Pronunciation Rules
  • Listening Activities
  • Rules of Numbers and Counters

Writing practice

  • Asking About of Services in Stores
  • Culture
  • French Language Currency
  • Transportation

About French Language Course in Hyderabad

The French language is often portrayed as the most romantic, and we believe that this view holds water. It is a simple, flowing language that requires thoughtfulness from its speakers. As such it has been spoken in many countries across five continents for decades or centuries. French is a language that 125 million people around the world can speak and understand. It has had a great influence on many areas of life, including fashion, music, theatre, and cooking. 

The French language is used in international relations and the tourism industry, so those who are seeking bright careers outside of their native countries often have better opportunities to find work if they can speak French. French is the official language of many countries, including France. It is also used in surrounding areas such as Monaco, Luxembourg and parts of Belgium and Switzerland. 

In Canada, it’s widely spoken in Quebec; this French-speaking community extends into North America (the U.S.), Africa (Senegal), Madagascar and Asia.Our experts estimated that it will take you about six months to reach a level of proficiency called general professional proficiency, in which your reading and speaking skills are considered advanced.

Brolly Academy is dedicated to providing you with the best French Language Course in Hyderabad. We want to ensure that you have all the facilities needed for learning French, including Classroom Training, Online Training, Video tutorials, practice tests and much more. A comprehensive grammar guide that covers all aspects of the language. Videos with real native speakers who will teach you how to speak French naturally. 

Audio files for pronunciation practice, as well as flashcards for learning new vocabulary words. This Course starts with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of training to help you achieve your goals with ease. At the end of the French language training course you will be provided with the French language course completion certificate, and the certificate we offer has global value. 

During this Course period you will learn to read, write and speak French fluently. Our experts will teach you the advanced level of French grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary so that you can begin to speak like a native speaker.

Join our free demo class to learn more about the French Language and then enroll with Brolly Academy for the French Language Course in Hyderabad.

Modes of French Language Training in Hyderabad

French Language Classroom Training

Brolly Academy offers classroom training in the French language. This will allow you to attend our classes live at the facility there. Our expert teachers conduct these classes, and they teach students how to speak French fluently while improving their reading, listening, and writing skills in that language. Brolly Academy admits only 10 students per batch. This provides the necessary concentration, and each student gets an opportunity to interact with their teacher.

French Language Online Course

Our online language Course is led by qualified and experienced trainers. Due to time constraints or other reasons, many students prefer this form of coaching over classroom work.

French Language Video course

The French Language course is highly convenient and interesting to learn. You can take the course at our Brolly Academy, which will make your self-learning process much easier we provide all of the tools and resources necessary to become fluent in this language.

Why choose Brolly Academy for French Language Course in Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy’s French Language training program in Hyderabad is one of the best in the institute offering unique instruction and helping students develop careers that take advantage of their talents. Our expert trainers will guide you through the entire French Language training program and make you fluent in French. With our institute’s reputation for quality language courses, the certificate we offer has international value. 

Therefore, after completing a course here you will not hesitate to contact any multinational corporation or other organizations that are looking to hire people who are fluent in French. Our test preparation courses can help you pass any French-language exam. You can take our classes here in Hyderabad and learn other languages from around the world. Top reasons to consider Brolly Academy for French Language Training in Hyderabad.

French Certificate

The certificate we offer has international value that can be used to apply for jobs in French Language. The certificate provided by us will add more value to your resume and students will get certified after completion of each level. 

Learning from remote location

Brolly Academy’s online Course and recorded video Course facilities allow learners to attend all the sessions from anywhere at your own convenience. Upgrade your French language skills at Brolly Academy.

Group discussions

Brolly Academy conducts group discussions on each topic of the French Language course for better understanding and fluency. We are also equipped with native French-speaking tutors who provide one-on-one tutoring sessions. This Course is to help students develop proficiency in French language skills, including reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Professional Trainers

Brolly Academy’s trainers are professional experts and fluent in French language. They trained thousands of students and professionals to improve their communication skills in French. During Course, they will teach you and guide your decisions after the program is over.

French Language Tests

At Brolly Academy, we designed the course so that our students could become masters of the French language by its end. We run tests to assess proficiency, and these play a major role in self-evaluation. We have a globally accepted certificate in clearing exams. Therefore, we ensure that our students have perfect mastery of the French language after completing our course even if they are not native speakers.

No Age Limit

This french learning course at Brolly Academy is designed for learners of any age group, starting from Kids, Teenager, Students, Working professionals, and whoever wants to learn french.

Course Material Access

You’ll have access to an E-book, LMS and other materials that include reading passages, grammar instruction and vocabulary lists for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced French at Brolly Academy for life-time

Testimonials of French language Course in Hyderabad


Brolly Academy’s French Language training in Hyderabad we had Presentations, Reading, Listening and clear cut knowledge about the tenses in our regular classes. These activities have helped me to improve my spoken French while training here. Excellent training provided by Brolly Academy Institute.


The trainer was very fluent in the French Language. It is an easy language to learn. For the certification exams you need to be more knowledgeable in the language, with the help of my trainer I successfully cleared the DELE exam. Looking forward to learn more from Brolly Academy’s French language training in Hyderabad.


I joined Brolly Academy’s French Language training in hyderabad basic level training and now I have joined the advanced level. It has been a fun and exciting journey all the way. My trainer was very knowledgeable in the French Language topic and I really liked the training he provided to us.


This French Language training provided by brolly academy in hyderabad will give you hands-on training sessions which helped me to understand its grammer thoroughly. Thanks to Brolly Academy. I really liked the way the trainer trained us with a very patience way.

Nirmal Mehra

I recommend Brolly Academy to anyone who's looking for a fun way to learn French. The teachers are fluent in the french language and they make the classes engaging while also being supportive of students' needs.


I loved learning French at the Brolly Academy. They helped me become fluent in a friendly way and gave me many tips for speaking French well. Thanks to Brolly Academy and team.

Certification in French Language Course

By Enrolling in our French Language Course in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy you can get the most effective Certification Course from our expert tutors in French Language. Upon completion of this course, you will receive the level of course completion certificate from us acknowledging your accomplishment in the French Language Training. This certification will provide you with the skills, knowledge and expertise to advance your French language career globally.

French Language Course in Hyderabad

Advantages of French Language Course Program

Employment Opportunities in French Language

Objectives of learning French Language

Prerequisites to Learn French Language


How many levels do you have in this French Language Training Course?

We offers 6 levels of French Language in this training course -
1. A1 Level (Beginner) Basic French Vocabulary, Greetings in French, and Basic Grammar (Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Plural, Adjectives, and more) are covered in this level.
2. A2 Level (Elementary) Grammar such as Future tenses, Relative pronouns, Comparative/Superlative Sentences, Adverbs, Demonstrative Pronouns, and more are covered in this level.
3. B1 Level (Intermediate) writing, reading, and listening skills. The candidates will learn how to structure sentences in the French language.
4. B2 Level (Upper Intermediate) write long speeches in French and how to communicate complicated ideas clearly and commercialize them in this level.
5. C1 Level (Proficiency) the candidate will be able to comprehend longer texts and their implicit meaning to express themselves fluently and spontaneously in this level.
6. C1 Level (Master) learners will be able to understand virtually any speech or writing presented in their second language. They can take ideas from a variety of sources and combine them into well-structured arguments based on logic at this level.

What are the best certification for French?

DELF and DALF are two of the most prestigious French proficiency tests for non-native speakers, awarded by the Ministry of Education in conjunction with CIEP.

Which is better DELF or DALF?

Though DELF and DALF can be taken at the same levels, they assess different skills: while one focuses on elementary or intermediate-level language abilities (A1- A2 or B1 -B2),DALF corresponds to advanced proficiency (C1 -C2).

What you learn in this French Language Training?

● Get a basic understanding of grammar practices as well as vocabulary.
● Grammar Methodically.
● Learn grammar concepts such as adjectives.
● Making sentences in French Language.
● Words and their Pronunciations.
● Practicing the Most Used Words and more on the list…

What skills do you requires for Learning French?

● Reading French
● Listening French
● Speaking French
● Writing French

Will you provide guidance after the compilation of this course?

Yes, our dedicated team will guide you even after the completion of the course they will help you to clear all your doubts in French Language.

Who can enroll in to this French Language course?

Any one interested to learn French Language can enroll for this course.

Does the French Language Online training come with a certificate?

Yes, upon successful completion of each level of the French Language training program at our Hyderabad academy, you will receive a course completion certificate.

Will you provide a free demo on French Language before enrolling in the subject at Brolly Academy?

Yes, we give a free demo session before the language training starts. This is an opportunity for all students who are interested in taking our French Language training to get a better understanding of what they will be learning during the real class sessions.

What are the training modes offered by Brolly Academy for this French Language training course?

At Brolly Academy, we offer French Language training in classroom instruction, one-on-one tutoring, self-paced video learning and online training.

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