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Big data Analytics Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Giridhar (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date19-03-2024 (8:00 AM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
Call us at:+91 81868 44555
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Big data Analytics Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • What are Big data and its characteristics?
  • Why is Big Data on demand?
  • Career path of Big Data
  • How are Big Data and Data Science related?
  • Real-time Applications
  • Introduction to Big Data based Frameworks-HADOOP and Apache Spark
  • Hadoop Configuration and Installation
  • HDFS
  • Hadoop based Projects
  • Hadoop cluster Architecture
  • Hadoop cluster configuration
  • Hadoop cluster modes
  • Basics of Hadoop Eco-System
  • Single node and Multi-Node Cluster
  • Hadoop Shell Commands
  • Map Reduce Architecture
  • Necessity of MapReduce
  • Map Reduce Programs in Java
  • Input Splits
  • HDFS Blocks
  • Combiner and partitions
  • XML parsing
  • Traditional Way Vs MapReduce way
  • Counters
  • Joining Data Sets
  • Distributed Cache
  • Streaming
  • Distributed Joins
  • MR Unit
  • Real-Time Example
  • Introduction to Hive
  • HQL
  • Introduction to H-Base and No-SQL Data Base
  • H-Base Architecture
  • Comparison of SQL and HQL
  • Hive Datatypes
  • Hive Tables
  • Importing and Querying Data in Hive
  • Running Hive Scripts
  • HBase Vs Traditional Database
  • Partitions
  • Dynamic Partitioning
  • Run Modes and Configuration
  • Buckets
  • Introduction to Pig
  • Pig Architecture
  • Pig data types
  • Pig Vs MapReduce
  • Coupling Pig and MapReduce
  • Pig Latin
  • Pig Scripting
  • Pig UDF
  • Pig Streaming
  • Pig Script testing
  • Importing Pig Jars
  • Pros and Cons of Pig
  • Real-time Example
  • What is Spark
  • History
  • Why is it needed?
  • Demand Spark
  • Installation
  • Spark at eBay
  • Spark in Hadoop ecosystem
  • Spark Execution Architecture
  • Map Reduce limitations in Hadoop
  • Hadoop vs Spark
  • Features of Spark
  • Installation
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Classes & objects
  • Access modifiers
  • Operators
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Collections
  • Traits
  • Pattern Matching
  • Regular Expressions
  • Distributed Systems
  • Scalable Systems
  • RDD
  • Creating RDD’s
  • Shortcomings of Map Reduce and how does Spark overcome it
  • Parallelizing
  • Caching
  • Transformations
  • Actions
  • Clustering
  • Spark SQL with Json, Csv
  • Broadcast variables and accumulators
  • Microbatch
  • Spark GraphX Programming
  • Data frames on Spark
  • Introduction to MLib, SparkR, Pyspark
  • Clustering using Spark
  • Apache Kafka and Kafka Cluster
  • Applications of Kafka
  • Introduction to Apache Flume
  • Why is it required?
  • Flume Architecture
  • Flume Sources
  • Flume Sinks
  • Flume Channels
  • What is Spark Streaming?
  • Necessity of streaming
  • Features
  • Workflow
  • What are DStreams and their need
  • DStreams transformations
  • Word counting using Spark Streaming
  • Windowed operators
  • Stateful operators

Big data Analytics Training In Hyderabad

Key Points

Big data Analytics Training in Hyderabad


Big data analytics refers to the process of evaluating big data to find information such as current market trends, latest customer preferences, and hidden patterns which prove pivotal to companies and business giants making informed decisions. Today, an enormous amount of data is generated by companies, individuals, and equipment. In order to get insides from these resources we need to utilize big data analytics. Data generated from our social media use, sensors in machines, and applications linked to the cloud are a few examples.

At Brolly Academy, we guide our students with providing them with the best chance at getting a high-paying job. Our dedicated team will guide you throughout the programme by providing direction and helping you land in your dream position in Big data analytics worldwide.

We offer a number of services to help our students, such as resume writing assistance, job search advice, and mock interviews. Our ultimate goal is to help you secure a high-paying position in the industries that will make you more confident and satisfied. A course compilation certified certificate will be provided to you after successfully completing this Big data Analytics course, this will help you to increase the value of your resume.

We offer Big data Analytics training in 3 modes, including classroom and online classes, and self-paced video courses. Our expert instructors from Brolly Academy in Hyderabad take the time to impart training that is both clear and practical. They will train you in the implementation of Big data Analytics and other programming languages, as well as teach you how to apply the various applications of these tools. Our dedicated placement assistance team guides you through the placement process and they will help you by giving mock interviews, resume making etc. you can contact us even after the course is completed if you have any doubts regarding the course.

Learn about the most in-demand course and how to master them by taking our best Big data Analytics Training in Hyderabad from Brolly Academy. Join our free demo sessions today and get the best price Big Data Analytics course in the market.

Big data Analytics Training In Hyderabad


Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why choose

Brolly Academy for Big data Analytics Training in Hyderabad

We are known as the best Big Data Analytics Training Institute in Hyderabad for our exclusive training method. The training program is led by our expert trainers with more than 10 years of Big Data Analytics platform experience who will guide you through the training and help you become a seasoned professional in this Big Data Analytics training program that will make you a work-ready candidate. By enrolling in our Big Data Analytics course, you will get the best mentorship for mock interview preparation, resume creation and Q&A session for your interview purpose.

Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Big data Analytics course in Hyderabad.

Professional Big data Analytics Trainers

Brolly academy has the best trainers in Big data Analytics with 7+ experience in the field.They train students effectively and ensure the right guidance is given to them throughout the training program at our brolly academy.

Small batches on Big data Analytics

At brolly academy, we arrange small groups of batches only with 10 students in each  batch for the better understanding of the student and this helps our tutors to reachout each student to guide them and clear all their doubts individually

Career Guidance on Post Training

You will be provided support and proper guidance from our Brolly Academy for Big data Analytics Training even after the completion of the course. Our dedicated support team will guide you 24/7 whenever you need their guidance for any course or interview-related question.

Big data Analytics Certificate

A compulsory course completion certificate will be issued to all our students after they successfully complete the Big data Analytics training course at our brolly academy located in Hyderabad. Our certificate is 100% valid and can be used to apply for jobs in Big data Analytics. The certificate provided by us will add more value to your resume.

LMS + Big data Analytics materials

A free of cost Big data Analytics course guide along with LMS will be given to our students to make their learning process easy. You will get lifetime access to these course materials after enrolling in our program.

Big data Analytics Training in Hyderabad



As a beginner to Big data Analytics, I was a little confused on the subject at the beginning, with the help of my trainer I was able to learn a lot in very little time right from the basics to advanced level. The help of practical examples they provided during the course was very good. A big thanks to Big data Analytics training in Hyderabad by Brolly Academy.


Good classes with so much practical experience with good study materials. Thanks a lot, Big data Analytics training and the entire team of Brolly Academy.


I completely enjoyed the online class. They have a great support team for placement assistance. best institute to learn Big data Analytics training in Hyderabad.


I am 100% satisfied with the trainer and his training technique. Thank you Brolly academy for giving me this wonderful training experience. The trainer explained the topics in easy ways with good examples.


I like the training method because it is very understandable for any one who is completely new to this field. Overall good learning experience. They provide high-quality training to the students with placement assistance as well in Big data Analytics training in Hyderabad.


I think Brolly Academy has helped me out to gain the perfect amount of knowledge required to fulfill my job requirements in big data analytics. I will be continuing my training through this organization and also recommend it to my colleagues who want to pursue their career in this field.

Big data Analytics Training In Hyderabad


Big data Analytics Training Certificate Trained by our real-time expert tutors at Brolly Academy in Hyderabad is very effective. The entire course content is developed based on real scenario-based concepts. Our certification is recognized by the top companies across the world, and this certification will double the value of your resume. With the help of our certificate, you can apply for a leading job post. This certificate you will get only after successfully completing the training period.

Big data Analytics Training in Hyderabad

Learning advantages of this Big data Analytics

Job Roles in Big data Analytics

Learning Objective of Big data Analytics course:

Prerequisites to Learn Big Data Analytics


Anyone who wants to learn Big data analytics can enroll in this course, there are no such prerequisites to learn big data analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions - Big Data Analytics


What if I have more questions regarding Big data Analytics Training?

If you have more queries about Big data Analytics, you can get in touch with our experts during class hours or after the session is completed to clear all your doubts.

What are the prerequisites for attending Big data Analytics Online training?

Anyone who wants to learn Big data analytics can enroll in this course, there are no such prerequisites to learn big data analytics.

How much will it cost me for the Big data Analytics Course?

To know about the best big data analytics course fee structure, You can contact us on the contact details provided by us on our website to find out the course price.

Will you provide guidance after the compilation of this Big data Analytics course?

Yes, you will be provided proper guidance on Big data Analytics from our dedicated team even after the completion of the course for interview preparation, Resume making, etc. This facility is available for all our students who have successfully completed the Big data Analytics Training certification program.

Who can learn this Big data Analytics course?

Fresher’s Who wants to build their career in Big data Analytics, also professionals like ● Software Analytics Professionals ● Senior IT professionals ● Testing and Mainframe professionals ● Data Management Professionals ● Business Intelligence Professionals ● Project Managers ● Aspiring Data Scientists ● Developers and Architects can do this course.

Who will be my trainer in the Big data Analytics course?

At Brolly academy in Hyderabad, we have professional Big data Analytics expert trainers with industry experience who will guide you throughout the training period.

Do you provide training on the latest technology version of Big data Analytics?

Yes, we do. As the technology upgrades, we regularly update our course content and provide you with the latest version of training on Big data Analytics technology.

What are the skills will I learn in this Course?

In this Big data Analytics Course in Hyderabad, you will be learning Big data Analytics from basic to advanced level with components such as Programming languages, Machine learning, Data mining, Predictive analytics, Quantitative analysis, Data visualization etc…

Why should I enroll in this Big data Analytics Training in Brolly Academy Hyderabad?

We are known as the best Big data Analytics training institute in Hyderabad for our exclusive training method and dedication. The training program is conducted by our top-notch expert trainers with experience on Big data Analytics Platform, who will guide you to becoming a skilled professional in this Big data Analytics training Program and make you a job-ready candidate.

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