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ETL Testing Course in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Venkataratnam
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date04-03-2024
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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ETL Testing Course in Hyderabad Curriculum

Course Contents

  • What is Data Warehouse?
  • Need of Data Warehouse
  • Introduction to OLTP, ETL and OLAP Systems
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Marts
  • ODS [Operational Data Store]
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • Difference between relation and dimensional modelling
  • Star Schema and Snowflake Schema
  • What is fact table
  • What is Dimension table
  • Normalization and De-Normalization
  • ETL architecture.
  • What is ETL and importance of ETL testing
  • How DWH ETL Testing is different from the Application Testing
  • SDLC/STLC in the ETL Projects (ex: V Model, Water fall model)
  • Incompatible and duplicate data
  • Loss of data during ETL process
  • Testers have no privileges to execute ETL jobs by their own
  • Volume and complexity of data is very huge
  • Fault in business process and procedures
  • Trouble acquiring and building test data
  • Analyze and interpret business requirements/ workflows to Create estimations
  • Approve requirements and prepare the Test plan for the system testing
  • Prepare the test cases with the help of design documents provided by the
  • developer team
  • Execute system testing and integration testing
  • Best practices to Create quality documentations (Test plans, Test Scripts and Test closure summaries)
  • How to detect the bugs in the ETL testing
  • How to report the bugs in the ETL testing
  • Data completeness
  • Data transformation
  • Data quality
  • Performance and scalability
  • Integration testing
  • User-acceptance testing
  • SQL Queries for ETL Testing
  • Incremental load testing
  • Initial Load / Full load testing
  • Informatica
  • Ab Initio
  • IBM Data stage
  • Designer
  • Repository Manager
  • Workflow Manager
  • Workflow Monitor
  • Power Center Admin Console
  • Working with relational Sources
  • Working with Flat Files
  • Working with Relational Targets
  • Working with Flat file Targets
  • Expression
  • Lookup –Different types of lookup Caches
  • Sequence Generator
  • Filter
  • Joiner
  • Sorter
  • Rank
  • Creating Reusable tasks
  • Workflows, Worklets & Sessions
  • Tasks
  • Indirect Loading
  • Constraint based load ordering
  • Target Load plan
  • Worklet ,Mapplet ,Resuable transformation
  • Migration ?ML migration and Folder Copy
  • Scheduling Workflow
  • Parameter and variables
  • XML Source, Target and Transformations
  • Pipeline Partition
  • Dynamic Partition
  • Pushdown optimization
  • Preparation of Test Cases
  • Executing Test case
  • Preparing Sample data
  • Data validation in Source and target
  • Load and performance testing
  • Unit testing Procedures
  • Error handling procedures

ETL Testing Course in Hyderabad

Key Points

What is ETL Testing?

What is ETL testing used for?


ETL Testing Course in Hyderabad

ETL testing is a great way to ensure that data is loaded correctly from source to destination. 

Data warehousing gathers data from various sources and converts it into more useful and insightful business data.

However, the information obtained for the new database can be incorrect or unnecessary, which could cause the organization serious issues. 

ETL testing enables them to make sure that the appropriate data are collected, evaluated, and produced in order to create the report.

More than 10,000 ETL testers are now in demand as a result of this transformation, and this trend will undoubtedly continue.

A skilled ETL tester with strong analytical skills, technical proficiency, and effective communication skills could quickly explore this booming industry. 

Join the ETL Testing Course in Brolly Academy today to get started on your journey to a bright future.

The main advantage of doing this ETL Testing Course is that there is a huge demand for ETL Testing Professionals in the IT business, and their average annual income is Rs. 9,500,000.

Students who are interested in learning this testing procedure should have a basic understanding of the following skills: Query Language, SQL, ETL Principles, and Data Warehouse Concepts.

Basics of Data Data Warehousing and Integration, Performance Tuning, ETL scenarios, Design Principles, Dimensional Modeling, ETL vs ELT, Deflection Management, and Database Testing are some of the course goals addressed in the ETL Certification Course.

The course will also teach students how to load dimension tables, and network errors and handle connection, workflow usage, and create recovery sessions.

Brolly Academy is the top educational institution in Hyderabad for taking the ETL Testing Course since we assist students in effectively achieving their career goals.


Modes of Training - ETL Testing

Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why choose

ETL Testing Training In Hyderabad

  • Professional trainers

    More than eight years of direct industry experience held by all of the instructors at the institute who work for the Brolly Academy. They all are proficient in ETL testing and they can give our learners the best technologies available.

  • Job Assistance

    To ensure that you have the requisite skills and interview abilities for ETL testing careers, our team of qualified career counselors will work with you. We help our students get jobs.

  • Real-time projects

    Working on projects based on the industry that contain important real-world use cases can validate your abilities and knowledge. As a result of completing our project work and examinations, you will get practical expertise in Top IT skills and be prepared for the work. Our projects are chosen based on the most recent industry standards and are precisely connected with the modules provided in the curriculum. Including some outstanding project work on your resume can help you stand out to top companies and start earning enormous compensation right immediately.

  • Mock Interviews

    Join the Mock Interviews initiative at Brolly Academy to practice for actual job interviews and gain the confidence you need to perform well. Not sure how interviews will be conducted? You won’t need to worry because our team will educate you about the situation and assist you in giving it your all despite extensive pressure. Our mock interviews are run by cutting-edge industry professionals with years of expertise, and they will undoubtedly help you increase your chances of being employed in the real world.

  • Get Certified

    Certifications are essential for demonstrating your technical skills and advancing your career goals. It also demonstrates your ability to work on current projects. Numerous employers prefer certified applicants and offer competitive compensation packages. So join the Brolly Academy and get a course completion certificate.

  • Self-documentation and the Visual Flow:

    The main benefit of an ETL tool is that it shows the visual logic flow of the system. Each ETL tool distinguishes these processes, but even the least responsive user interfaces can be contrasted with custom systems made up of SQL and operating system scripts, stored procedures, and a few other technologies. Ironically, certain ETL solutions do not make printing out the visually beautiful self-documentation possible.


ETL Testing Training In Hyderabad


I completed the ETL lesson, which covers a variety of topics including SQL, Reporting, Informatica, and Data Warehousing concepts. It essentially contains all you need to know in order to fully understand the idea of ETL. The instructional videos produced by Brolly Academy were clear and highly beneficial.


I had new skills because I had taken ETL testing training from the top platform. I recently attended this training at Brolly Academy and have within through it without any problems. The Brolly Academy institute offered me very reasonable costs for my course and gave me complete support throughout. To every friend I know, I want to recommend this institute to learn ELT testing.


One of the greatest courses I've taken at Brolly Academy was this one. The teacher was very patient and did a great job of putting the students at ease. His explanations were clear, and the quizzes he offered us to check our comprehension of his ideas were enjoyable as well.


The expert at Brolly Academy's top ETL Testing course in Hyderabad gives you all the tools you need to succeed and shares his experiences, tips, and tricks with you. The information and educational experiences he shared with us were excellent.


The Brolly Academy has a fantastic training program and outstanding instructors, and I am a big fan of them. They did a great job preparing me for my upcoming role as a Senior Test Engineer. Although the course is not for everyone, I recommend it if you work in technology or are considering a change in career.

ETL Testing Certification Training


we at Brolly Academy assist candidates in getting certification through our industry-focused training. 

We provide the course completion certificate once you have completed all of the training and real-world projects.

It demonstrates that you are knowledgeable enough about technology to manage projects in real-time. 

All leading MNCs accept the Brolly Academy certificate, which helps in your quick employment.

This certificate may be provided to you in either a hard copy or a digital copy, depending on your preferences. 

By receiving your ETL testing certification from the Brolly Academy, you can have a successful professional start.

ETL Testing Course in Hyderabad

Benefits of ETL testing

Open source ETL testing:

ETL testing is a multi-level, data-focused approach. Millions of records from numerous source systems are accessed, extracted, transformed, and loaded into a destination data warehouse using sophisticated SQL queries.

DevOps can manage a large portion of this job with the help of ETL testing tools, which eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming custom tool development.

Data quality:

It is crucial for decision-making since it ensures that only reliable and accurate data is saved on production servers.

Bulk data transfer:

The ETL testing method guarantees that bulk data transfer occurs consistently and without data truncation or discrepancy.

prevents record duplication and data loss:

Another advantage of ETL testing is that it guarantees there will be no data loss or data truncation during data loading to the data warehouse owing to improper field lengths or other problems.

Career opportunities in ETL testing

Due to the high need in the IT sector for tools like SAS, Oracle Data Integrator, SQL Server Integrator, etc., ETL Testing Courses from the Top ETL Testing Training and Placement in Hyderabad like Brolly Academy has a bright future. Its scope will undoubtedly grow in the future as well.

Some of the ETL testing job positions are :

Skills developed after the completion of the ETL Testing course


Prerequisites of ETL testing training

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in ETL Testing

Frequently Asked Questions - ETL Testing


Does ETL testing require coding?

A no-code ETL platform only needs a small amount of coding. To construct a data map, tools offer user-friendly GUIs with a variety of features. The teams simply need to start the process once the data map is finished, and the server will take care of the rest. Clients can easily comprehend and maintain the process.

What is ETL testing for beginners?

Extract/Transform/Load, or ETL, is a process that gathers data from source systems, converts it into a standardized data type, and then loads the information into a single repository. The process of analyzing, verifying, and qualifying data while avoiding duplicate records and data loss is known as ETL testing.

How much does ETL certification cost?

The actual costs for various ETL Testing training and certification programs vary depending on a number of variables, including the course type, length, knowledge of the expert faculty, and reputation of the institution. Before choosing a certain institute, it is a good idea to check and compare the course fees charged by a few different ones. The ETL Testing certification typically starts at around Rs. 2,300 in price.

Is it simple to learn ETL testing?

ETL testing is challenging since traditional ETL methods are complicated and extremely sensitive to change.

What is the best language for ETL?

One of the most used coding languages for creating ETL pipelines is Python. Python frameworks can assist in the creation of more effective ETL processes. Top Python ETL frameworks include Mara, Bubbles, Bonobo, and pygrametl.

What are the skills required for ETL testing?

The following skills are needed for ETL testers
Knowing the principles of Data Warehouse, Data Migration, and ETL
Knowing how to develop test cases, prepare test data, execute tests, validate data, and record evidence.
knowledge of the quality assurance process
awareness of the ETL scheduling tool
knowledge of the entire project process.

Does ETL testing has scope?

ETL testing has a very bright future. Due to the high demand in the sector, ETL products like Informatica PowerCenter, Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Service, IBM Infosphere Information Server, Oracle Data Integrator, SAS, etc. are all in high demand. In the future, the range of ETL testing will expand.

Will I receive any help with job placement after the training is over?

Yes, we offer all of our student's placement assistance. To assist you in obtaining employment with prestigious MNC companies, we have a committed placement team.

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