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Trainer NameMr. Ravi Kiran (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date19-04-2024 (8:00 AM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Tableau Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • What is Data,Types of Data(Structured,Unstructured,Semi Structured)
  • Visualization Basics
  • Different Visualization tools
  • Popularity of the Tools
  • Licencing Cost
  • Different Products of Tableau
  • Installation (Student ID)
  • Connecting to Static Files
  • MySQL


  • Live Vs Extract
  • Data Source Window
  • Navigating to Work Sheet
  • Data Pane,Analytics Pane
  • Dimensions,Measures
  • Auto Generated Fields
  • Data Visualization Window Explanation
  • Data Source Window Operations
  • Hierarchy(In-Built Hierarchy,Manual)
  • Grouping ,Sets
  • Parameter With Filters and Parameter With Sets
  • Usage of Meausre Names and Measure Values
  • Dual Axis
  • Blended Axis
  • Dimension Filters
  • Measure Filters(Record Level Filters,Summary Level Filters)
  • Date Filters
  • Cascading Filters
  • Context filters
  • Data Source Filters,Extract Filters.
  • Quick Table Calculations
  • Introduction to Calculated Fields,String Calculated Fields,Number Calculated Fields
  • Date Calculated Fields
  • Logical Calculated Fields,ZN Function
  • Data Blending and Joins
  • Mixing Up of All Calculated Fields
  • Conditional Formatting in Tableau
  • Data Blending,Data Joins
  • Unions,Relationships
  • Basic Charts and Use Cases
  • Introduction to Show Me
  • Development of In-Built Charts
  • Customized Graphs(Donut, Waterfall,Bump,Barometer,Butterfly,Gauge meter,Basic Funnel, Advanced Funnel,Word Cloud,Gantt Bar)
  • Animated Chart
  • Reference Lines,Bands,Distributions
  • Explaination of Marks Card
  • Reference Lines
  • Reference Bands
  • Reference Distribution
  • Forecasting
  • Introduction to Dashboard
  • Story Board Interfaces
  • LOD’s(Fixed,Include,Exclude)
  • Creating of a Basic Dashboard With Both Tiled
  • Floating Layouts
  • Explaination of Objects in the Dashboard Interface
  • Action Filters on Dashboards


  • Advanced Level Dashboard(Drill Down Dashboards),Designing of Basic Story Board
  • Publishing Dashboards on Tableau Public Server
  • Exposure to the Websites Which Consists of Real-Time Data

Tableau training in Hyderabad

Key Points

What is Tableau?

What is it used for?

The following are some of Tableau’s primary uses and applications:

Who needs it?/who uses it:

Who should learn this?

Tableau training in Hyderabad


You can create interactive dashboards and develop your data visualization abilities with Brolly Academy Tableau training in Hyderabad.

The most common business intelligence data visualization tool is Tableau, now the most prioritized skill utilized by many MNCs and other reputed organizations. 

A job in Tableau can provide you with competitive compensation in both small and large businesses. Due to the increasing demand for the technology, competent tableau developers should expect to see an increase in salary in the near future. 

Fact tables, data marts, data modeling, tableau desktop, tableau online, tableau server, and tableau public are among the fundamental Tableau concepts covered in this course. 

We provide hands-on experience with connecting to the data, publishing to the tableau server, sorting, filters, building views, and filtering issues through our live projects and real-world scenarios. 

So, if you want to advance your skill set and launch your career as a Tableau developer, business analyst, or data analyst, or if you’re looking for employment, a Tableau training certificate could be extremely helpful.

Best practices for dashboard design, packaged workbooks, and the most recent Tableau features are all covered in this Tableau training in Hyderabad. To become a professional and certified Tableau Developer, enroll in our Tableau online course in Hyderabad.

Tableau Training In Hyderabad


Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why Choose

Brolly Academy For Tableau Training

  • Experienced certified instructors:

    With more than 10 years of experience in Tableau, our certified experienced trainers can help you to understand each and every concept in a detailed manner in a simple way. Both novices and seasoned professionals who wish to learn Microsoft Azure Data Engineer from the beginning can enroll in our training program.

  • Updated curriculum:

    We adhere to an updated curriculum for the Tableau course that has been selected by knowledgeable trainers and instructors. The curriculum has been created to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and is intended to give you the most recent, useful Tableau training. To help you track your progress and develop your skills, the curriculum is divided up into modules with homework assignments and tests.

  • Post-training assistance:

    We have a special training program that helps students with their post-Tableau training. In addition to assisting you with interviews and internships in Tableau, we also give you access to some of the most popular interview questions. To help the students to get jobs at big companies, we perform several mock interviews, resume writing, and interview coaching.

  • Real-world practical scenarios:

    We offer training for the Azure Data Engineer course that is primarily focused on technical topics. There are theoretical and practical elements to the training. A comprehensive distribution of practical labs is also included to help you practice and perfect the skills you learn.

  • Flexible class schedules:

    We offer flexible scheduling for our Tableau training to accommodate all types of learners, such as working people, corporations, and students. In addition to corporate training, we give a free sample class and self-paced, online, instructor-led sessions. The sessions for the classes might be in the morning or the evening, and they are held throughout the week.

  • unlimited access to the media:

    We provide course content, LMS access, video recordings for all of our learners, and a host of additional tools in order to provide you with the greatest training experience possible. You will have lifetime access to our media resources for Tableau if you are already enrolled in Brolly Academy. You will also be given a link to the course syllabus, which contains all of the information you need to know to become a Tableau expert.

Tableau Training In Hyderabad



I have enrolled in Brolly Academy’s online Tableau training course in Hyderabad. The training program core syllabus was a real-world practical syllabus. Training Instructors are knowledgeable and experts in the industry. After completing the course they guided me with their placement assistance program and mock interview preparations which helped me to get placed in an MNC. Thank you Brolly Academy.


I attended the online classes Tableau from Brolly Academy and I must say that it was my best decision. The experience was just mind-blowing. I loved the entire training process. I would highly recommend Brolly Academy’s Tableau training in Hyderabad to anybody interested in learning. Their teaching methods are interesting and highly beneficial to learners.


Taking the Tableau training at Brolly Academy allowed me to update my existing knowledge of Tableau. I learned master-level skills in this world-class training program by Brolly Academy. This is the best institute to learn Tableau training in Hyderabad. The course syllabus is up-to-date and their interactive sessions made it easy for me to clearly understand the program and also give in-depth knowledge about the course.


Enjoyed training sessions and project sessions at Brolly Academy’s Tableau course. They provided me with a query resolution within a day and certification support is excellent with Brolly Academy. Very good trainer with deep knowledge of the Tableau program at Brolly Academy. Good theoretical and practical classes conducted by the trainers. The best place to learn the Tableau courses is in Hyderabad.


The Brolly Academy faculty is welcoming and upholds a professional atmosphere. They are always there to answer any questions you may have. One of the top training facilities I've found in Hyderabad is Brolly Academy. The trainer made sure we understood every component of the Tableau training, thus the video courses are highly beneficial and interesting.


Brolly Academy is a great place for anyone who wants to learn about Tableau and get certified. My trainer makes sure that everyone understands the concepts before moving on to the next topic. After the end of the course, not only did I gain knowledge but also got placed in one of the top MNCs in Hyderabad. Thank you Brolly Academy.

Tableau certification


We offer Tableau certification training that is meant to assist you in getting ready for the Tableau certification test. This course covers the fundamental concepts, features, and abilities of Tableau in addition to giving a thorough understanding of the Tableau platform.

We also offer a Brolly Academy course completion certificate, which is recognized and accepted by the majority of organizations. Each participant will receive a certificate after the course completion, either in the form of a hard copy or a digital certificate, depending on your preferences.

Tableau has certifications based on 3 levels. They are Foundational level, Intermediate level, and Associate level.

What are they?

Foundational level:

  • Tableau Desktop Specialist certification

Intermediate level:

  • Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification

Associate level:

  • Tableau Server Certified Associate certification
  • Tableau Certified Associate Consultant certification (Partner Certifications)
  • Tableau Certified Associate Architect certification (Partner Certifications)

Certification fee

  • Tableau Desktop Specialist certification – $100
  • Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification – $250
  • Tableau Server Certified Associate certification – $250
  • Tableau Certified Associate Consultant certification (Partner Certifications)
  • Tableau Certified Associate Architect certification (Partner Certifications)
Tableau training in Hyderabad

Benefits of Tableau

Skills developed Post Tableau training in Hyderabad

Career opportunities in Tableau

Tableau is the engine that drives the automated world, thus career opportunities there are booming every day. Numerous data analyses are needed for automation, and Tableau provides the data for those analyses. Additionally, tableau is building out a niche for itself in the fields of data analytics and business intelligence.

Numerous businesses are switching to Tableau, which daily generates a large number of tableau job possibilities. There will be a huge need for data scientists and tableau specialists by the end of 2023. Therefore, if you are considering a career in tableau, you have come to the proper place. Enroll now to start your new career.

Some of the well-known job designations of the tableau are

Prerequisites of Tableau training


Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in Tableau

Frequently Asked Questions - Tableau Training


what is tableau course?

You can master Tableau Desktop, a platform for reporting, data visualization, and business intelligence, with the help of the Tableau course. With the help of our Tableau training, you may advance your analytics profession and acquire real-world experience.

is tableau easy to learn?

With enough time and practice, anyone can become proficient with Tableau, which is regarded as a reasonably simple-to-learn data analysis and visualization tool. Most users learn this program in between two to six months on average.

Is coding necessary for Tableau?

There is no doubt that Tableau software has the best data visualizations. Tableau's in-depth insights are yet another powerful advantage. Tableau is an intuitive tool that doesn't need any prior technical expertise or coding knowledge.

is tableau good for career?

Tableau careers are in high demand since the data visualization tool is becoming more and more popular in both large and small businesses. There seems to be no better time than "now" to become certified in Tableau and pursue a career in business intelligence & data analytics, according to google trends.

how long does it take to learn tableau?

Most users learn this program in between two to four months on average. This process can take considerably longer if you want to learn how to use all of Tableau's features.

is tableau difficult to learn?

Learning Tableau is not difficult. Tableau offers a gentle first learning curve and is simple for beginners to understand.

is tableau desktop free?

All full-time students have free access to Tableau Desktop. Learn how to start.

which tableau certification is best?

The Best Tableau Certifications Business Analyst Master’s Program Data Analyst Master’s Program Business Analytics Nanodegree Tableau Server Certified Associate Tableau Server Certified Professional

What distinguishes Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop?

For those who work with business intelligence and data warehousings, such as analysts and BI professionals, Tableau Desktop is designed. Anyone who is interested in learning about data and distributing their results as data visualizations should use Tableau Public. writers, bloggers, students, journalists, and more.

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