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WordPress Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Vijay Kumar (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date19-05-2023 (8:00 PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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WordPress Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • Package Download
  • Installation
  • Creating Database
  • A brief history
  • More about WordPress
  • WordPress Blogs vs. Websites
  • A brief introduction to WordPress themes
  • Getting started with WordPress
  • Finding a domain
  • Registering a domain
  • Choosing a web hosting package
  • WordPress feature through your host
  • How to install WordPress
  • The MySQL database
  • Uploading your files

Widgets, Right Side Bar, Header, Foot, Middle of Content, Theme Widgets, Meta, Contact Page Sidebar, Error 404 Page Sidebar, HTML, Categories Widgets

  • Archiving content
  • The purpose of categories
  • Naming a category
  • Creating a new category
  • About static page parents and children
  • Permalinks

Menus, Dropdown Menus, Categories, Custom Link, Post Type Menus

  • Picking a text editor
  • Picking a web browser
  • About cross-browser compatibility
  • An introduction to FTP
  • Setting up for FTP
  • Using an FTP client
  • Transferring files
  • Editing files (FTP)
  • TFile Permissions

Yoast Seo, Robots.txt, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics

Additional CSS Code Customization

Key Points of WordPress training in Hyderabad

Key Points


Get WordPress training from our instructors with 10+ years of industry experience


Over the course of the last six months, Brolly Academy trained 600+ students and placed 250+ of them.


Learn how to install WordPress plugins and themes, as well as the best practices for creating and maintaining a WordPress website. You can also learn about the backend and front end of a WordPress website.


Receive weekly case studies and tasks related to the course for practical work experience.


Become familiar with WordPress security, then set up a strategy to protect the website from hackers.


Learn how to use templates and template sections to develop a custom website design


Get the knowledge of how to use images to make your site easier to find, list, and use for search engines and users of all abilities


Attend our engaging online WordPress classes at your convenience.


Understand the differences between the site editor and the template editor.


Use our free 3-day WordPress demo sessions before joining the course.

What is WordPress?


WordPress was originally developed by Matt Mullenweg as a blogging platform and powers more than 26% of the Internet.


It is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available today.

devops training

WordPress is a free and open source publishing software platform used to create and manage websites.

devops training

It is written in hypertext preprocessor language and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database with supported HTTPS.

What is it used for?

Who should learn this?


WordPress Training in Hyderabad

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) worldwide with more than 43% of all websites using WordPress.

WordPress is used by a wide range of organizations, including Sony Music, Microsoft Blog, Facebook Newsroom,  Mozilla, Tech Crunch, New York Times, Spotify, Disney, cPanel,  Toyota, and many more.

WordPress developers with the ability to create eye-catching websites and blogs are in high demand. You can also become a highly-paid professional by learning WP development online with the advanced WordPress course from Brolly Academy.

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As a freelance WordPress developer, you can build websites for your clients as well as work for businesses full-time, launch your own web development business, and secure your future.

You receive live instruction from instructors in this online WordPress certification course who have handled hundreds of WP sites and blogs. 

Everything you learn is explained from scratch, including how to select a domain name and web hosting, install WordPress using cPanel, select the appropriate themes and plugins, and maintain the security of the website.

With the assistance of our trainer, you will also work on a brand-new website that you will design from the beginning on your own. The online WordPress training course will use both Elementor and Elementor Pro.

You can use one of the most popular website construction tools on the market today with the assistance of this WordPress training course. Additionally, managing and using WordPress Plugins are covered in this course along with content creation.


WordPress Training in Hyderabad

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Why choose

Why choose us for WordPress training?

Experienced Trainers

Our staff of skilled WordPress instructors is knowledgeable about the subject and has a lot of practical experience with it. They will walk you through both fundamental and complex concepts.

Hands-on Experience

You may now purchase premium access to our WordPress course, which was developed in collaboration with some of the field's leading authorities and include our tailored WordPress content, a specially selected LMS, and a 3-day DevOps free demo class.

Comprehensive Curriculum

To ensure that all of our students have an equal opportunity to learn, we encourage them to take part in WordPress group discussions. In these conversations, students can share their knowledge and debate concepts to develop a common understanding.

Practical Assignments

We're here to help you obtain the technical information and practical skills you need to become a master in your profession. Under the guidance of our knowledgeable trainers, we provide live WordPress practicals and assignments to students.

Job Placement Assistance

For those wishing to pursue a career in WordPress, we provide support with job placement. In the field of WordPress, our team of experts is committed to assisting you in finding the ideal position.


Students Receive Certification Upon Completion of the program. You’ll receive a certification that can be used to apply for jobs, get promotions in your current job, or move up the ladder.


Testimonials for WordPress training


Brolly Academy in Hyderabad is an excellent place to learn the WordPress course. They helped me to gain real knowledge about WordPress. I was impressed by the instructor's ability to convey information, explain the process, and demonstrate the case studies and live projects. It's a good place for beginners who are interested in learning the WordPress course by the best trainers in Hyderabad.


Brolly Academy is an excellent institute for WordPress Course Training in Hyderabad. The instructor is excellent at sharing advice for using WordPress live sessions. I'm incredibly grateful for Brolly Academy's high-caliber instructors. Thank you for the excellent instruction we received!


This is the best WordPress institute in Hyderabad. This kind of institution is very useful for beginners. Thanks to the fantastic instruction I received on WordPress, we were able to learn from real-world case studies.


brolly academy is a very good training institute in Hyderabad. The WordPress training I received at my training facility met all of my expectations. My instructor is fantastic, and she uses live demonstrations and case studies to help us comprehend. They are a wonderful spot to begin your WordPress journey and are very nice to the students.


Best online course for WordPress for beginners and experienced professionals. The WordPress training I received at my training facility met all of my expectations. My instructor is fantastic, and she uses live demonstrations and case studies to help us comprehend. They are a wonderful spot to begin your WordPress journey and are very nice to the students.

WordPress Training In Hyderabad


Brolly Academy offers a WordPress course certificate after completing the course. Our WordPress training is a complete bundle and is ideal for people wishing to get a good job as well as freelancing work.

Our WordPress courses are made to show students how to master web design while using the most recent plugins, themes, and techniques.

After completing our WordPress training at Brolly Academy, students are awarded a WordPress course completion certificate and the skill required to start a career in web design.

Note : There is no official certification for WordPress

Benefits of WordPress

Skills developed Post WordPress training in Hyderabad


Anyone can learn how to use WordPress to create a useful, attractive, and responsive website by taking this course.

devops training

Understand WordPress's core features

devops training

Learn how to set up WordPress for the greatest outcomes.

devops training

Defend your WordPress website against spammers and hackers


Know where to search and how to install plugins and themes.


Make pages and posts, and most importantly, understand how they differ from one another.


Be able to go around the WordPress dashboard and understand how to use everything

devops training

Make a static home page that is suitable for most websites or a homepage that is similar to a blog and is suitable for bloggers.

devops training

Build responsive websites that look nice in all browsers.

devops training

Use post categories and tags appropriately, and be aware of how doing so can affect your search engine rankings.


What are the Prerequisites

As long as you are ready to put in a few hours per day for a week, learning WordPress is simple.

You would require the capacity to follow directions as well as some very fundamental search abilities, such as the capability to use search engines like Google. 

Yes, you can build a website without knowing HTML or any other programming languages.

The candidate must have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS

The candidate must have basic computer knowledge


Career Opportunities in WordPress

The career path of a WordPress developer has not been specifically observed. Understanding WordPress is used to enhance knowledge of other web development languages, such as HTML, MYSQL, AJAX, Windows, etc. 

WordPress skills are primarily utilized in freelancing & open-source projects. Organizations or groups of people hired a WordPress developer and provided instructions on how they wanted WordPress to be coded or styled. 

WordPress is simple to use and has been used as a front-end developer by several organizations. The front-end developer, mid-level web developer, or entry-level position can all benefit from WordPress skills.

Some of the well-known job positions that are available on freelance websites:

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in WordPress


A total of 65.2% of websites are built with WordPress alone.


30% of the world’s top 10 million websites are powered by WordPress.


WordPress holds a 38.03% market share among top 10 thousand sites and a 35.94% market share among top 100 thousand sites.


Around 1/3rd (33.72%) of the top 1 million sites in the world use WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions - WordPress


WordPress is a strong content management system that has many cutting-edge features. The courses that follow will provide you with an introduction to WordPress and teach you everything you need to know to start your website. We can help you set up a new site whether you’re a beginner or just want to know how.
You can use a variety of strong SEO plugins with WordPress, including Yoast SEO, The SEO Framework, All in One SEO Pack, and others. An SEO plugin is not required, but in our experience, they are quite helpful in ensuring that you are not missing anything.
No, there are no recognized WordPress certifications. That is to say, no certificates are directly offered by the WordPress Foundation, the actual nonprofit organization that created the WordPress platform.
This makes it a top source for developers. Nowadays, learning WordPress development and becoming an authority in the area is a great career choice. WordPress support and development is a lucrative and rewarding professional choice. Users with coding knowledge also have several alternatives.
A WordPress site may be free or may have additional costs (like WordPress themes and WordPress plugins). However, the WordPress software itself, often known as the WordPress core, is and always will be free.
HTML offers countless modification options for the greatest SEO results. WordPress is preferable for quick modification if you need a static website with SEO performance. The better option for SEO performance is coding.
Depending on where you’re coming from and what you’re going to develop, WordPress may or may not be difficult to use. WordPress can often feel a little overwhelming to beginners; this is a problem that affects everyone occasionally. But taking the time to overcome WordPress’ learning curve might be quite beneficial.
It takes 2 week or less to learn the basic things of WordPress. WordPress is incredibly user-friendly and accessible to just about everyone with basic computer knowledge. Learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS will take you no more than a week if you want to make specific, small changes to your website.

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