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Trainer NameMr. Kumar Swamy (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date25-05-2023
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
Call us at:+91 81868 44555
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Looker Training in Hyderabad course curriculum

  • SQL Basics
  • Architecture
  • Hierarchy of LookML Objects
  • Connecting to Database
  • Create New Project
  • SQL Runner Basics
  • Development & Production mode
  • Git Repository
  • Version Control
  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions types
  • Dimension group
  • Measure Types
  • Filtered Measures
  • Referencing fields in other View files
  • Connection string
  • Use LookML to join several views together into one piece of analysis or explore
  • Exploring data in Looker
  • Joins multiple views for one explore
  • Join, Type, Relationship
  • Explore parameters
  • Filtering Explores (sql_always_where, sql_always_having, always _filters)
  • Retrieving data
  • Creating your own fields
  • Creating Charts
  • Filter, Table Calculation
  • Building SQL from Explores
  • Chart Formatting
  • What Is Caching
  • Model Level Caching
  • Explore Level Caching
  • Datagroups
  • Configuring Data Groups
  • Native Derived Table
  • SQL Based Derived Table
  • Persistent Derived Table
  • What is Liquid?
  • Using Liquid in Looker
  • Liquid Parameter – common use cases
  • Link Parameter
  • Linked buttons using HTML
  • Drill next level analysis
  • Extend the Views
  • Extend the explore
  • Create dashboard
  • Edit dashboard
  • Add Visualization, Text & Button
  • Add Filters, Alerts, Cross filters
  • Scheduling, Sending dashboard & Download
  • Row Level Security, Column Level Security
  • Managing Users & Groups
  • Adding New users
  • Role
  • Permission sets
  • Model sets
  • Access filters
  • Creating user attribute
  • Data Access
  • Content Access
  • Feature Access

Key Features Of Looker Training in Hyderabad

What is Looker Bi ??

What is Looker used for?

Who should learn this?

About Looker Online Training

Looker is a business intelligence (BI) platform that helps organizations analyze their data and make informed decisions by allowing its users to create interactive reports and dashboards, perform ad-hoc data exploration, and collaborate with others on data analysis.

Users can connect to a variety of data sources, including databases, data warehouses, and cloud services using Looker. 

It allows users to transform and model their data to create a single source of truth that can be easily accessed and shared across their organization.

Looker,s modeling layer allows users to define business logic and calculations in a centralized and reusable way which makes it easier for users to create consistent and accurate reports, regardless of the data source they are using.

It also provides a set of visualization and charting tools, which makes it easy to create compelling visualizations that help users understand and communicate their data insights. 

To provide data-driven insights within those workflows Looker can be integrated directly into other business applications with its embedded analytics capabilities, such as CRM or ERP systems.

Brolly Academy delivers the best industry-oriented Looker Bi training in Hyderabad and is known for its excellent approach to training students by providing a comprehensive training method. 

This training provided by us enables you to get knowledge of business intelligence and big data analytics. Our instructors are Looker Bi professionals who will share their experience in how to design interactive and dynamic dashboards, schedule and automate report distribution, define custom alert criteria, and employ integrated analytics etc. with step-by-step guidance.

Our Looker Bi course syllabus covers the topics as –

  • Introduction to Looker
  • Data Modeling in Looker
  • Introduction to LookML
  • Build Interactive and easy to understand visualizations and Reports
  • Advanced LookML topics etc.

We conduct the Looker Bi course for beginners as well as for advanced learners in both online and offline training mode including self-paced training options with flexible class timings.  

All our learners will be provided a placement assistance program with during and post training support guided by experts in the field of Looker Biing. 

By the end of the Looker Bi course students will gain skills in – 

  • Looker Crypto Currency
  • Bitcoin Bitcoin Mining
  • Ethereum Private Looker
  • Environment Hyperledger
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Looker with MultiChain ICO.

Looker Bi course completion certificate will be provided to all our learners after the successful completion of the course and this certificate has a lifetime validity. 

Wants to learn the Looker Bi from scratch and master the technology to become a professional in the Looker Bi field.  

Enroll with Brolly Academy Today for the Looker Bi course in Hyderabad with an affordable course fee and placement assistance. 

Modes of Looker Online Training

  • Looker Bi Courses Offline

    Our looker bi training will help you learn looker architecture, lookML, visualizations, about reports from real-time professionals. This training program is designed in a way that meets the needs of today's market needs, with real-world scenarios. Our offline training mode is very comprehensive, by providing in-depth coverage of the core concepts as well as advanced features of Looker Bi. We also provide a course guide and study material to all our learners as well as one-on-one doubt clearing classes for doubt clear and better understanding of the course.

  • Looker Bi Course Online

    Our online Looker Bi training course assists both beginners and professionals in becoming certified and understanding the fundamentals of Looker. This online programme is conducted via e-learning platforms and gives you an understanding of How looker works, its concepts etc. We use real-world projects and live scenarios of various Looker Bi knowledge such as - data analytics, workbook analytics, marketing and sales analytics, embedded analytics, etc.. A digital course completion certificate will be provided to all our trainees at the end of the training program.

  • Looker Bi Course Video

    Our Looker Bi self-paced video course is made up of video tutorials that provide detailed and step by step process of the Looker Bi course syllabus with a hands-on learning experience. Students will become proficient in Looker Bi with our self-learning video course by acquiring knowledge about Getting Started with Looker, LookML, how to build visualizations, learning advanced LookML concepts and many more.

Why Consider Us for a Looker Bi Course in Hyderabad?

  • Interview Techniques

    By providing expert interview techniques that are required in the field of Looker Bi and preparing you for the interview under guidance of our experts who have been teaching students in Looker Bi for more then a decade. They will help you learn and master the advanced Looker Bi training concepts from scratch by giving mock interview, assignments, quizzes throughout this program.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our course curriculum covers each and every aspect of the Looker Bi with detailed explanations. We make sure to keep our course curriculum updated with the latest market strategy and terms. This curriculum designed by our professional expert will provide in-depth knowledge about the Looker Bi and make you stay updated always.

  • Weekly Assignments

    We assigned our students real-time projects by Industry experts that will help them to gain expertise in the Looker Bi technology and its concepts. These weekly assignments also help you to enhance your technical skills by completing them. You will work on various projects related to looker.

  • Self Learning Option

    With our Looker Bi self-paced video course students can learn independently at their flexible timing. Students will get a chance to master the technology from the comfort of their home. They will receive a Looker Bi course completion certificate in a digital format from Brolly Academy institute which can be downloaded as a softcopy or hardcopy.

  • Expert Educators

    At Brolly Academy our experts will help learners to master the skills they need to ace the Looker Bi certification exam and get certified on it. They will guide learners with the knowledge and skills required in Looker Bi technology from the beginning with multiple real-time example and this will make them become more proficient professionals in this field.

  • Affordable Course Fee

    Our course fee is very affordable, we make sure everyone get a chance to learn and grow with us, and master the concepts of looker bi without any difficulty.

Looker Online Training Review


I completed the Looker course from Brolly Academy and the course syllabus was designed by the professional with all the necessary topics that were required for job interviews. The course was more practical oriented which gave me practical experience in building simple visualizations. Assignments and doubts clarification sessions helped me to build my confidence.


I chose to enroll in Brolly’s Looker Bi online training program after attending their looker live demo. The trainer has got a very good grip in this domain and covered each and every concept of looker with a clear explanation. I really recommend this institute if anyone is looking for the best looker learning experience in Hyderabad.


I consulted Brolly Academy with my Looker training project assignment and they helped me fulfill it. My trainer was so helpful during the training program and conducted one-on-one doubt clearing sessions many times to clarify my doubts. I would like to thank my trainer and the entire staff for their support during the course.


Brolly Academy’s online looker training program was really awesome and trainers were so helpful. I learn how looker provides high quality chat and many things during this training. Best part is they even helped me a lot during my job hunting process. Thanks a lot to the placement assistant team.


Excellent trainers with supporting placement support staff. Every time my trainer makes me learn a lot about the looker bi course by providing real-time project work and now I have got many opportunities in different companies.


The course was more practical oriented. Assignments and doubts clarification sessions helped me to build my understanding of the concepts in a much easier way with confidence. They provide many options with an affordable course fee and placement assistance. This is the best institute to learn Looker Bi training in Hyderabad.

Looker Bi Certification Course

Brolly Academy provides a Looker Bi course completion certification course with theoretical and practical sessions to beginners as well as working professionals.

This Looker Bi course completion certificate will be provided after completion of the training sessions that is accredited by all major companies around the world. One can get this certificate in digital form or as a hard copy based on their requirements. 

Having a Looker certifications will help you to show your Looker skills and help you to extend your knowledge. 

Here are the Looker certifications available and one can take the certification exams in-class or at a testing center with an auditor through the computer camera for assuring the integrity of the exam. 

Exam Name – LookML Developer Certification Exam

Exam Details:

  • Cost – $250 per attempt.
  • Exam duration – 100 minutes. 
  • Exam Contains – 65 multiple-choice questions.
  • Passing score – 75%. 
  • Certificate Validity – 12 months.
  • Note – If the candidate doesn’t pass the exam in the 1st attempt, they can attempt it after 14 days. 

Exam Name – Looker Business Analyst Certification Exam

Exam Details:

  • Exam fee – $250 per attempt. 
  • Exam time – 100minutes. 
  • Exam contains – 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • Passing score – 75%. 
  • Certificate Validity – 12 months.

By obtaining these certifications, individuals can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise to enhance their skill set in the field of Looker Bi.

Looker training in Hyderabad

Objectives of Looker Online Training

Advantages of learning Looker Training

Job Possibilities in Looker

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in Looker Bi

Prerequisites to Learn Looker Bi Course

Who can learn Looker Bi Course?


Without having expert guidance from an experienced trainer it can be challenging to learn. In this looker bi training course, we will walk you through every step of using Looker and LookML in an easy to understand way and make you a job ready candidate.
The answer is yes. You can have all the potential to develop your own models using Lookml and then building your dashboards.
The career opportunities for Looker professionals are increasing day by day. Compared to other IT professionals, Looker professionals are earning high salaries. According to the report of Stack Overflow – It is one of the major programming languages in the IT industry. Many top companies have shifted towards Looker due to its advanced features and capabilities. This tool is used by many departments of an organization as a hub for business intelligence data.
To learn Looker Bi it takes around 4-6 weeks if you’re a quick learner. However the course duration and the learning process depends on the course curriculum and the learners learning pace.
Looker is a Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics Platform.
Looker generates SQL queries and submits them against a database connection. It formulates SQL queries based on a LookML project that describes the relationship between tables and columns in the database.
Brolly Academy offers affordable Looker Bi course fees in Hyderabad for all students. To know more about the cost contact us by the given contact details on our website.
Yes, we provide placement assistance programs to help our trainees get jobs after the completion of their Looker Bi training program.
The refund policy will be applicable only for those who attend not more than 2 demo classes of the Looker Bi training. Contact us to know more and detailed information about the refund policy.
We accept all types of payment options at our institute.
You need to send us an email provided on our website or contact us at our customer care number, or just enter your details in the pop-up and submit it. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible and give you the information regarding the training process. Other Related Courses Tableau Microsoft Power BI Microstrategy

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