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AI Course in Hyderabad

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Python and IDEs – 
  • Python Basics –
  • Object Oriented Programming – 
  • Hands-on Sessions And Assignments for Practice – 
  • Linux
  • Introduction to Linux  – 
  • Linux Basics
  • Hands-on Sessions And Assignments for Practice – 
  • Reading the Data, Referencing in formulas , Name Range, Logical Functions, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Validation, Dynamic Tables in Excel, Sorting and Filtering 
  • Working with Charts in Excel, Pivot Table, Dashboards, Data And File Security 
  • VBA Macros, Ranges and Worksheet in VBA 
  • IF conditions, loops, Debugging, etc.
  • Fundamentals of Structured Query Language
  • SQL Tables, Joins, Variables 
  • Deep Dive into User Defined Functions
  • SQL Optimization and Performance
  • What is version control, types, SVN.
  • Git Lifecycle, Common Git commands, Working with branches in Git
  • Github collaboration (pull request), Github Authentication (ssh and Http)
  • Merging branches, Resolving merge conflicts, Git workflow
  • Measure of central tendency, measure of spread, five points summary, etc. 
  • Probability 
  • Inferential Statistics 
  • Artificial Intelligence Basics 
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning 
  • Text Mining, Cleaning, and Pre-processing
  • Text classification, NLTK, sentiment analysis, etc  
  • Sentence Structure, Sequence Tagging, Sequence Tasks, and Language Modeling
  • AI Chatbots and Recommendations Engine 
  • MLOps lifecycle
  • MLOps pipeline 
  • MLOps Components, Processes, etc
  • Introduction to PowerBI, Use cases and BI Tools , Data Warehousing, Power BI components, Power BI Desktop, workflows and reports , Data Extraction with Power BI. 
  • SaaS Connectors, Working with Azure SQL database, Python and R with Power BI
  • Power Query Editor, Advance Editor, Query Dependency Editor, Data Transformations, Shaping and Combining Data ,M Query and Hierarchies in Power BI.
  • Extracting, loading and transforming data into usable format to gather insights. 
  • Data manipulation and handling to pre-process the data.
  • Feature engineering and scaling the data for various problem statements. 
  • Model selection and model building on various classification, regression problems using supervised/unsupervised machine learning algorithms.
  • Assessment and monitoring of the model created using the machine learning models.
  • Apache spark framework, RDDs, Stopgaps in existing computing methodologies
  • RDDs 
  • Advanced Concepts & Spark-Hive

AI Course In Hyderabad

Key Points

What is AI?

What is it used for?


About AI Course In Hyderabad

One of computer science’s most fascinating and rapidly expanding fields of knowledge is artificial intelligence. 

The top artificial intelligence courses from Great Learning will equip you with the abilities and information needed to stay on top of this quickly evolving profession. 

You’ll gain practical experience with cutting-edge tools and techniques while learning about the most recent AI research, algorithms, and applications.

Brolly Academy is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in learning more about artificial intelligence or simply want to remain current on the newest advances.

The artificial intelligence course offered by Brolly Academy is a thorough, application-focused training course for establishing business models for artificial intelligence. 

You can learn various facets of AI through this artificial intelligence course, including data science,  python programming, deep learning, and python libraries for artificial intelligence, among others. 

Through practical projects, you will gain exposure to cutting-edge ideas like TensorFlow, SAS Advanced Analytics, Deep Neural Networks, R Programming, and AWS during this artificial intelligence program. 

You will learn all the programming abilities and concepts necessary to excel in this field and launch a career in artificial intelligence through this artificial intelligence online course training


Modes of Training - AI

One of the most popular courses given by Brolly Academy is AI Course In AI Course In Hyderabad We offer our instruction in three different modes.

Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why choose

AI Course In Hyderabad

  • Professional Instructors

    At Brolly Academy, you will learn from industry professionals who are passionate about transferring their knowledge to students. Get Direct Mentoring from the Experts. Our team has a reputation for providing high-caliber, cost-effective solutions.

  • Placement Assistance

    You will be given the best career chances in your desired profession with the help of our job assistance program. A thorough job search guide, a resume builder, a formal cover letter template, and a job interview guide are all included in the assistance program. We will assist you in developing strong self-confidence that will prepare you for employment.

  • Course Content

    This Artificial Intelligence course material was created by industry specialists to provide a deep understanding of all the fundamentals of AI. Our course material includes all cutting-edge artificial intelligence topics and keeps you informed of the most recent developments in the field.

  • Hands-on AI Projects

    Our artificial intelligence course intends to provide high-quality training that emphasizes a practical approach while covering excellent fundamental knowledge of core concepts. Students’ abilities will be enhanced and they will be able to complete real-world projects using the best practices due to exposure to use cases and scenarios from the present industry.

  • Interview guidance

    In order to help students succeed in interviews and get their desired jobs, we offer interview guidance to them. We give you advice on how to polish your interview presentation, communicate well during the interview, create a professional network, and prepare for interviews.

  • Certification prep

    We are committed to offering the best, most comprehensive, and current AI training and certification as a leading provider of Artificial intelligence training and certification support. By providing you with a step-by-step breakdown of the certification program, we help in your exam preparation. Additionally, Brolly Academy will issue you a certificate of course completion.


Artificial Intelligence Training


I enrolled in this program, which included several classes. Mostly, the instructors covered the subject and were knowledgeable about it. The projects that were connected to the industry were wonderful and helped us use what we had learned in class. I would advise anyone looking to enter the AI field to take these classes

Anwar Basha

Brolly Academy is a great learning environment and a wonderful experience. I've finished the AI training course. All of the courses have live classes, self-paced study, and assessments. The instructors are wonderful; they relate to the students and provide answers. Happy studying.


I was very impressed with the customer-centricity of the Brolly Academy and how closely they worked with us as we developed the citizen data science program for the upskilling of our engineering department in AI and machine learning.


I had never taken any form of online coursework before. I've taken some online courses in the past, but nothing as comprehensive and customized as this. My teacher was excellent. The courses were simple to understand, and learning with locals was enjoyable. If you're searching for AI training with more one-on-one engagement, I believe Brolly Academy would be a great place to learn.

Artificial Intelligence Certification Training


We are committed to offering the best, most comprehensive, and current AI training and certification as a leading provider of Artificial intelligence training and certification support.

By providing you with a step-by-step breakdown of the certification program, we help in your exam preparation. Additionally, Brolly Academy will issue you a certificate of course completion.

AI Course In Hyderabad


Benefits of AI


One of the most frequently mentioned benefits of AI technology is automation, which has had a big impact on the communications, consumer goods, transportation,  and service sectors.

In many industries, automation not only boosts output and productivity but also provides for better utilization of raw materials, better product quality, shorter lead times, and greater safety. Additionally, automation can free up resources that can be put to better use.

Bright future career:

A profession in artificial intelligence offers you a sizable salary as well as a wide range of prospects. 

You could work as a machine learning engineer, hardware engineer, software engineer, research engineer, business intelligence developer, or data scientist if you learn artificial intelligence. 

AI is adaptable:

Artificial intelligence has everything it needs to stand out from the crowd, as cliché as that may seem. When we hear the term artificial intelligence, we immediately think of the computer or aeronautical sectors. 

However, AI also plays a significant role in numerous other sectors, including finance, healthcare, mobile, security, fraud detection, apparel, and many more. 

Research and Data Analysis:

Data analysis may be done much more quickly and effectively using AI and machine learning technology. To process data and comprehend the possible results of various trends and scenarios, predictive models and algorithms might be useful. 

Additionally, the fast processing and analysis for research and development that would have taken too long for humans to evaluate and comprehend can be accelerated by AI’s powerful computational capabilities.

Solving Difficult Problems:

AI technology has gone from simple Machine Learning to sophisticated Deep Learning models, which has enabled it to solve complicated problems. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is assisting organizations across industries to identify the correct solutions to meet their difficulties more quickly, from fraud detection and targeted consumer interactions to weather forecasting and medical diagnosis. Greater productivity and cost savings result from more effectively solving complex problems.

Skills developed Post AI Course In Hyderabad

This course’s main objective is to introduce you to every aspect of AI so you may begin working as an artificial intelligence engineer. In the curriculum, you will study a wide range of subjects and modules, including

Career opportunities in AI

The field of artificial intelligence are currently one of the most common professions available. 

According to the survey data provided by IDC, the worldwide value of AI in the corporate industry is expected to increase by 36.92% CAGR by 2025. which is 190 billion US dollars. 

By 2028, there will be a total increase of 21% for AI experts compared to other occupations in the market, according to reports provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The well-known companies which will hire artificial intelligence engineers are Intel, Amazon, Uber, Adobe, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Rakuten Marketing, Facebook, Lenovo, Samsung, Accenture,  and NVIDIA. 

Likewise, these organizations frequently offer the following job titles: Robotics Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer,  and Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

As a new Artificial Intelligence Engineer, you can expect to make an average pay of between Rs. 4,80,000 to Rs. 6,50,000 per year in India. The average compensation for an Artificial Intelligence Engineer worldwide is $111,120 per year.

Under the guidance of our knowledgeable real-time professional educators, the Artificial Intelligence Course at Brolly Academy provokes the essential industry-relevant abilities needed for a professional AI Engineer.


Prerequisites of AI Course

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in AI

Frequently Asked Questions - AI


What is artificial intelligence?

The study of computer systems and digital scripts that resemble the human brain and perform activities that often need self-learning and automation is known as artificial intelligence. It is a subfield of computer engineering. Computers may be taught to perform tasks by analyzing huge amounts of information and finding patterns therein using a variety of AI techniques.

Is learning ai difficult?

Although learning AI is difficult, especially if you're not a coder or programmer it's essential to learn at least some of it. Anyone can complete it. Basic comprehension of comprehensive master's degrees in it is covered in the courses. All accept that it cannot be avoided.

Is ai machine learning?

An application of AI is machine learning. It is the practice of assisting a computer in learning without direct instruction by applying mathematical models of data. As a result, a computer system can keep picking up new skills and getting better on its own.

Is ai worth learning?

According to LinkedIn, there are more than 48,000 AI-related positions available in the United States, compared to more than 11,000 in India. It is undoubtedly worthwhile to master artificial intelligence because, according to Glassdoor, AI workers make an average of US$124k per year.

Is AI useful in the future?

With the help of AI, it is now possible to computationally analyze massive data sets and identify complicated relationships and patterns. AI is expected to transform scientific research, and inauguration a new age of scientific discovery in the years to come by enhancing human intelligence

Is Python or AI better?

Python's simple-to-write code helps developers to concentrate on solving machine learning challenges rather than on the technical details of the language, whereas machine learning and artificial intelligence are dependent on sophisticated algorithms and workflows. Because of this, many programmers believe that Python is more user-friendly than other languages.

Which AI field is best?

Top 4 AI Jobs and Key Qualifications to Land One
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Research Scientist
Robotic Scientist

how does ai learning work:

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of machine learning trains computers to think like people do by learning from and improving upon prior experiences. It uses data exploration and pattern recognition to function and requires little human involvement.

What is machine learning?

Artificial intelligence, in general terms, is the ability of a machine to replicate intelligent human behavior. One subfield of artificial intelligence is machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are used to carry out complicated tasks in a manner close to how people solve issues.

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