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Oracle Admin Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Srinivas Chinta
Trainer Experience7+ Years
Next Batch Date19-03-2024
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Oracle Admin Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • Types of Databases.
  • Duties of a DBA, 
  • Oracle Versioning and versions history.
  • Grid ? 
  • What is Instance? 
  • What is Database? 
  • What is Database Server?
  • Introduction to Linux OS.
  • Linux File Layout structure.
  • OS Users.
  • Installation process.
  • Swap Area.
  • Creation of User groups.
  • Oracle needed file layout.
  • prerequisites for installation.
  • Setting up 
  • Post Installation scripts.
  • Database files introduction.
  • Tablespaces and Schemas.
  • Control files introduction.
  • PFile Introduction,
  • Instance Start, Mount and Open states.
  • Dynamic views related to database.
  • Oracle memory layout.
  • Background processes.
  • Introducing putty and VNC server(How it works in realtime environment).
  • Sys owned objects.
  • Data Dictionary.
  • User Created objects.
  • Sys Tablespaces.Tablespaces.
  • Archive log, 
  • No Archive log.
  • Threads and Groups concepts.
  • Multiplexing Redo logs.
  • Log switching.
  • Different stages of Log files.
  • Dedicated Server and Shared Server.
  • SGA and PGA, Differences between them.
  • Different Stages of a query.
  • Different stages during an update statement.
  • Different types of Indexes.
  • B-Trees.
  • Index reorganization.
  • Statistics collection on indexes. 
  • Listener.ora file.
  • Tnsnames.ora file.
  • Types of views.
  • Database links.
  • Materialized views.
  • Security and Passwords(10g/11g).
  • User Creation.
  • Creating Roles.
  • Types of parameters(static and dynamic).
  • Managing spfile.
  • Creating pfile from spfile and vice versa.
  • Changing parameters dynamically.
  • Multiplexing.
  • Details stored in controlfiles.
  • Creating, Backing up and Recreating controlfiles.
  • Scenarios when a controlfile needs to be created.
  • Types of Failures.,backups.
  • Logical Backups using ImpDP, ExpDP(Data Pump).
  • Transportable tablespaces.
  • Physical backups.
  • Cold Backups and Hot Backups.
  • Complete recovery using cold backups.
  • Complete recovery using hot backups.
  • Partial recovery using cold backups.
  • Partial recovery using hot backups.

Oracle Admin Training in Hyderabad (Online Classes)

Key Points

Oracle Admin Training in Hyderabad


Oracle Admin is used to Create, enhance and maintain databases for an application platform. It handles database backups (and recoveries). Build new databases for customers; tune up existing customer data stores. Impartial Oracle administration training from Brolly Academy provides practical, customized, and authoritative instruction on all aspects of this crucial skill set.

Brolly Academy offers the best Oracle Admin training in Hyderabad with a detailed course program. The Oracle Admin training includes topics like Oracle Database Architecture, Database Environment, Oracle Instance, Network Environment, Database Storage Structures, User Security, Schema Objects, Data and Concurrency, Database Security, Backup and Recovery etc. When you complete the training modules, you will receive a Brolly Academy certificate of achievement for obtaining your Oracle Admin certification. This accomplishment lets employers know that they can rely on you to provide world-class finance processes.

By earning this certification, you can apply the knowledge it imparts to create more effective solutions for your customers and provide them with a greater understanding of business processes. The Oracle Admin training certificate includes details about the course itself you may choose to share this information on LinkedIn or other Job search platforms. Our instructors teach students the technical aspects and theoretical foundations of their craft so they can learn more easily. We offer a variety of training options including both Oracle Admin online and Oracle Admin in-person instruction, as well as Oracle Admin self-paced video courses so that people can find what works best for them. Our extensive Oracle Admin training programs and placement assistance schemes offer excellent employment opportunities to our candidates.

Brolly Academy is the premier provider of Oracle Admin Certification courses in Hyderabad. Enroll with us to get the best Oracle Admin Training in Hyderabad.

Oracle Admin Training In Hyderabad


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Why Choose

Our Brolly Academy Institute For Oracle Admin Training

Brolly Academy is the leading Software training institute in Hyderabad and has been recognized for its effective teaching methods. Our expert trainers have over 9 years’ experience in Oracle Admin and can prepare you to enter this exciting industry. Whether you’re a fresher looking for certification or an experienced professional with expertise. Our Oracle Admin Training course provides you with the skills and expertise you need to apply at companies that use this technology. Our Oracle Admin Course will help you get ready for your mock interviews, resume creation and question-and-answer sessions. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Oracle Admin Training course in Hyderabad:

Expert Oracle Admin Training Staff

Our Oracle Admin instructors possess a deep understanding of the latest concepts and skills in their field. They share this expertise with our students, who benefit from years of experience training both professionals and students alike

Virtual Learning

Our Oracle Admin virtual classes are engaging, informative, and convenient with videos from experienced instructors that let you learn whenever it’s most convenient for your schedule.

Brolly Support System

At our Brolly Academy we have 24*7 support system where our dedicated support team will help you with all your queries regarding the course and other technical queries.

Learn Anywhere Anytime

With our Brolly Academy, you can now learn Oracle Admin training anywhere in the world at your preferred time.

Placement Workshops

Our placement conduct team will help our students apply the skills they learn here to real-life situations. We guide our candidates through all phases of the job search, from creating a resume to practicing for interviews.

Compact Oracle Admin Batches

We limit our class size with a maximum of 10 students in each batch to ensure that each of them gets the attention they need.

Oracle Admin Certification

Every student who participates in our Oracle Admin training program will receive Brolly Academy’s Oracle Admin course completion certification after completing the course. This certificate is recognized throughout the world, making it easier for you to find a great job in the Oracle Admin field.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

We arrange weekly sessions for students to meet with our trainers and get help addressing questions about the Oracle Admin course to clarify all their doubts regarding the course.

Oracle Admin Training in Hyderabad



I completed the Oracle Admin Training at Brolly Academy in Hyderabad. My trainer was able to explain each of the concepts very well, which helped me develop good hands-on knowledge during the training sessions. Post completion of Oracle Admin Course they provided placement assistance. Thank you so much.


I recently finished training at Brolly Academy on the Oracle Admin Course. The classes were well-designed and highly supportive; the trainers ensure that every student understands all the topic before moving on to new topics. Their approach makes learning more easy. They have excellent faculty, as well as good infrastructure.


Brolly Academy is one of the best places to learn the Oracle Admin Courses in Hyderabad. Its faculty members are very well organized and available at all times, so students can get answers to their queries. The staff members are highly qualified and very friendly towards students, they made me feel comfortable while training there. The training was very good, and the instructors were very helpful. They answered all my questions and helped me understand the concepts clearly.


Brolly Academy provides both the theoretical and practical aspects of training in their Oracle Admin Course. Brolly Academy's placement program is an excellent addition to their coursework. We can approach the trainer at any time even after having completed our courses; they are always ready to help us! I had a great experience at this institute. I would recommend it to the people who are keen on learning software courses in Hyderabad.


I was able to complete the Oracle Admin Training at Brolly Academy with ease, thanks in part to the simple methods that my trainers used when explaining things. My trainer helped me learn all the topics by building step-by-step exercises, which made learning easier for me. The training was very helpful, and I got a good understanding of the topics. I would like to thank my trainer for helping me in getting such an amazing training experience at Brolly Academy.


The Oracle Admin Training at Brolly Academy gave me the skills and confidence to understand projects. I earned my Oracle Admin Certification by taking the course. The concepts are taught in an easy-to-understand manner which really helped me. Brolly academy is the best institute in Hyderabad to learn Oracle Admin.

Oracle Admin Certification Training In Hyderabad


This Oracle Admin training course is designed for clearing Brolly Academy’s Oracle Admin Certification. The entire course content is in line with this certification and prepares you to tackle it easily, getting the best jobs at top MNCs. By enrolling in this Oracle Admin Training, you will receive access to real-world industry scenarios and projects that are directly tied to your success as an employee. At the end of this Oracle Admin Training program, there will be practical exercises that test your knowledge of core concepts on Oracle Admin. You can take these exams to prepare for your Oracle Admin Certification exams or just to check your understanding the choice is yours! Upon the successful completion of students’ project work, Brolly Academy will reward them with a Oracle Admin Course Completion Certificate which will add more value to your resume.

Oracle Admin Certification

Advantages of learning Oracle Admin Training Program

Employment possibilities in Oracle Admin -

Advantages of learning Oracle Admin Training Program

Prerequisites to Learn Oracle Admin


Frequently Asked Questions - Oracle Admin Training


What will be the batch size of the Oracle Admin class at Brolly Academy?

Brolly Academy's small class size with not more than 10 students gives students more opportunities to ask questions and get personalized attention from our expert instructors.

Will I get proper expert guidance on my Resume Preparation at Brolly Academy for job purposes?

Yes, our experts will help you to create your resume that matches your desired job roles.

Is Oracle Admin a good career choice in the Software field?

Yes, it is a good career option. A list of skills required to become database administrators is knowledge of database design; knowledge about the RDBMS itself.

What is the scope of oracle admin?

Design, enhance and document data models for an object-oriented application platform. Manage backup and recovery routines. Build new databases for customers; maintain existing databases of existing customers by tuning them up or adding functionality to run the business more effectively.

Will you provide Practical Training In Oracle Admin at Brolly Academy during the training period?

Our Oracle Admin training provides both theoretical and practical classes, allowing for a thorough introduction to the software. During sessions, students will learn about each module before being asked to apply that information as they face real-world challenges and we throw in some extra hands-on practice.

What is the use of Oracle Admin technology?

The responsibilities of a database administrator can include installing and upgrading Oracle server and application tools, allocating system storage, and planning future storage requirements for the database system

What is Oracle Admin module?

Reduce data management complexity. The DB Admin Module enables you to export data and metadata as flat files and includes Oracle Data Pump wizards, which make the transfer of large quantities of information fast and efficient.

What are the training modes offered by Brolly Academy for this Oracle Admin Course?

We offer Oracle Admin course in Classroom training, One to One Training, Self-paced video learning, Customized Training & Online Training mode at our Brolly Academy in a comprehensive training method.

Can I learn Oracle Admin without any programming experience?

Yes, you can learn SQL without any prior programming experience. It's procedural language and it looks pretty simple and welcoming to a newcomer.

Will I be provided with a free demo class before enrolling in Oracle Admin Training at Brolly Academy?

Brolly Academy offers a free demo class of Oracle Admin training to any student who is interested in enrolling in our training program.

What if I miss one or more classes in Oracle Admin?

We will reschedule the classes at your convenience within the specified course duration. And if you'd like to attend with any other batches, we can arrange that too.

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