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Azure Data Engineer Training

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Trainer NameMr. Karthkeyan
Trainer Experience20+ Years
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22-05-2024 (07:00 PM IST)

Training Modes:Online
Course Duration:2 Months
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Azure Data Engineer Training Syllabus

Course Contents

  • Architecture
  • Resource Group
  • Azure Data lake
  • Account
  • Exploring Data
  • Lake
  • Diff between the
  • versions over
  • Gen2
  • Benefits of Azure
  • Data Lake
  • Practice Session
  • Architecture
  • Pipelines
  • Linked Service
  • Input Dataset
  • Output Dataset
  • Activities in the
  • Pipelines
  • Control Flow
  • Activities
  • Integrating Logic Apps with ADF Pipelines
  • Web API’S
  • Data Flows
  • Practice Session
  • Architecture
  • Integration with Spark
  • How to create Cluster in Cloud
  • Create & Execute Jobs, Commands
  • How to create Cluster, workspace & Notebooks
  • Integrate Data bricks with ADF Pipelines.
  • Delta Tables
  • Practice Session
  • OOPS
  • Object & Class
  • Case Class
  • Singleton & Companion Objects
  • Collections – List , Tuples , Set , Map
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Exception Handling
  • String Functions
  • Arrays
  • Practice Session
  • Architecture
  • Features
  • Spark Context & Spark Sessions
  • Spark Core
  • Spark SQL
  • Spark SQL Joins
  • RDD
  • Data Frames & Datasets
  • Transformations & Actions
  • Case When with Dataframes
  • Storage Layers
  • Accumulators
  • Pair Functions
  • Repartition & Coalesce
  • Shuffle Partitions
  • Pivots & Flatten
  • String Functions
  • Drop Rows with Null Values
  • Single to Multiple Columns
  • Array, Nested Array to Single Array.
  • Map & Sort Functions
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Window Functions
  • Practice Session- Hands On
  • Architecture
  • Basics of SQL
  • SQL Data Warehouse
  • Types of Indexes
  • Window Functions
  • Practice Session – Hands On

Azure Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad

Key Points


Enroll for live, interactive and practical demonstrative training sessions.


Advanced Azure Data Engineer Training designed for beginners and professionals.


45+ students trained with 20+ successful placements by Brolly Academy in the last 3 batches.


Get trained from a certified Azure Data Engineer Trainer with over 15+ years of experience.


Get first-hand experience in designing and implementing data storage solutions


To become an Azure Data Engineer at Brolly Academy, enroll in our Azure Data Engineering course to learn key skills in managing and processing data using Microsoft Azure tools and technologies. Gain hands-on experience to excel in designing and implementing data solutions on the Azure platform.


Execute your first real-time Azure Data Engineer project with expert guidance


Get a comprehensive Azure Data Engineer training online and offline with placement assistance from our team


Get trained on the best technologies like Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake and more.


Attend our Azure Data Engineer training online or offline conducted twice a day from Monday- Saturday


Get accessible course fee with a job-oriented course curriculum


Azure Data Engineering can be challenging initially, but with Brolly Academy's Certificate program, we break down the complexities, making it accessible and manageable for learners.

Azure Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad

What is Azure Data Engineer


Azure Data Engineers integrate, transform, and consolidate data from various structured and unstructured data systems into structures that are suitable for building analytics solutions


Data engineers are in charge of preparing the foundation that data scientists use for their work. Data engineers are responsible for the collecting, moving, storing, and preparing the data infrastructure.

devops training

The Azure Data Engineer will overlook the process of building, implementing and supporting BI solutions that align with the business requirements.

Where Azure Data Engineer used

  • With Azure Data Engineering, you can convert unstructured data into useful, structured data that data analysts and data scientists can use for further analysis. 
  • Data Engineers are responsible for making data services work together safely and smoothly with other data platform technologies or services like Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Search, etc.
  • You can also manage, monitor, and ensure data security and privacy to meet corporate needs.
  • It lets you combine one or more Azure Data and Azure Synapse Analytics services with data pipelines, data streams, and system integration to solve business problems.
  • It lets you analyze current company practices, processes, and procedures to develop new ways to use Microsoft Azure data and analytics PaaS services in the future.


About Azure Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad

Azure Data Engineering is one of the most in-demand skills in the market today. If you’re looking for a career path that will provide you with a lucrative income and a meaningful life, then data engineering might be the right choice for you. 

Azure Data Engineer is a cloud-based data engineering service that provides a comprehensive set of tools for Data Scientists and Data Engineers to perform a variety of data processing tasks such as data ingestion, transformation, and storage. 

We at Brolly Academy offer the best Azure Data Engineer training and placement in Hyderabad. Our instructors are well-experienced professionals with a strong background in the field. They are well equipped to train you in the fundamentals of Azure Data Engineer.

Learning Azure is key for the future as it helps businesses store data, run applications, and grow online.

Getting certified in Azure Data Engineering at Brolly Academy is worthwhile as it boosts your skills for handling data in the cloud, making you more attractive to employers in the tech industry.

We are a team of professionals who believe in providing quality education to students. Our main focus is to provide students with the right knowledge to become successful professionals. 

Coding is essential for Azure Data Engineering at Brolly Academy. You’ll learn to use programming languages to manage and process data efficiently in the Azure environment.

Some of the topics covered as a part of our training include –

  • Fundamentals of Azure Data Engineer
  • Installation of SQL server 
  • Installation of Azure Data Studio 
  • Creating tables in the database 
  • Managing functions and variables in T-SQL and more.

We offer both online and offline training for students and professionals along with guaranteed course completion certification, with global accreditation.  You will also get certification exam prep support from our team. 

Enroll with Brolly Academy for Azure Data Engineer training and placement assistance in Hyderabad. 

Who uses Azure Data Engineer

  • Companies that are looking to monitor big data operations are always looking for Azure Data Engineers.  
  • Top Mnc’s and companies hire Azure Data Engineers 
Azure Data Engineer Using companies


Modes of Azure Data Engineer Training

Our Azure Data Engineer training course is designed for working professionals as well as students and is delivered in a variety of formats. It is a complete, step-by-step, training program and comes with the option of 2 different modes of training for you to choose from.

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Why choose

Why choose us for Azure Data Engineer ?

Experienced Trainers

We have certified experienced Azure Data Engineer trainers with more than 15 years of experience in Azure Data Engineering. The trainers will teach you the skills to build, manage and maintain the Azure Data Engineering environment. Our training program is designed for both freshers and experienced people who want to learn Microsoft Azure Data Engineer from scratch.

Practical lab sessions

We provide training that is focused on technical aspects of the Azure Data Engineer course. The training includes both theoretical and practical aspects. It offers a complete set of tools to help you design, build, run and manage scalable, cost-effective, high-performance data processing pipelines. It also includes a comprehensive set of hands-on labs to help you practice and master the skills you learn.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We follow an updated Azure Data Engineer course syllabus that is curated by expert trainers and instructors. The curriculum is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date, practical Data Engineering training and has been crafted to help you get the skills and knowledge. The curriculum is divided into modules with assignments and quizzes so you can check your progress and improve your skills.

Unlimited access to media

In order to give you the best possible training experience, we offer course content, video recordings, LMS access to all our trainees, and a host of other features. If you’re already enrolled in our program, then you’ll get lifetime access to our Azure Data Engineer media files. You will also receive a link to the course syllabus, which includes the entire course content to learn the skills needed to get a job as a data engineer.

Job Placement Assistance

We have a unique training program that provides post Azure Data Engineer training and placement assistance to the students. We give you access to some of the top interview questions and assist you with interviews and internships in Azure Data Engineering. We conduct multiple mock interviews, resume preparation, and interview coaching to help the students get selected in top companies.


Our training courses are designed to provide you with a solid foundation for your career as a Azure Data Engineer. Our courses are based on real-world experience and include hands-on labs and exercises. We help you master the skills you need to ace the Azure Data engineer certification exam and get certified.

Market Trend in Azure Data Engineer


Data engineering is one of the most in-demand professions in 2024 and in the coming years.


According to Microsoft, almost 365,000 businesses register for the Azure platform each year. This indicates that Microsoft Azure Data Engineers are in high demand.


AIMResearch estimates that the Data Engineering market will grow at a CAGR of 36.7% in the next five years, growing from USD 18.2 billion in 2022 to USD 86.9 billion in 2027.


Student Testimonials for Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad


I have enrolled for Brolly Academy’s online Azure Data Engineer training online and offline course in Hyderabad. The training program core syllabus was a real-world practical syllabus. Training Instructors are knowledgeable and experts in the industry. Azure data engineer course fees is also very affordable. After completing the course they guided me with their placement assistance program and mock interview preparations which helped me to get placed in an MNC. Thank you Brolly Academy.


Enjoyed training sessions and project sessions at Brolly Academy’s Azure Data Engineer course in Hyderabad. They provided me with a query resolution within a day and certification support is excellent with Brolly Academy. Very good trainer with deep knowledge on Azure Data Engineer program at Brolly Academy. Good theoretical and practical classes conducted by the trainers. Best place to learn Azure Data Engineer training in Hyderabad.


I attended the online classes of Azure Data Engineer institute in Hyderabad from Brolly Academy and I must say that it was my best decision. The experience was just mind blowing. Loved the entire training process. I would highly recommend Brolly Academy’s Azure Data Engineer training in Hyderabad to anybody interested in learning. Their teaching methods are interesting and highly beneficial to learners.


The faculty at Brolly Academy is friendly and maintains a professional environment. They are always available to clear your doubts and queries at any given time. Brolly Academy is one of the best azure data engineer institute in Hyderabad I have come across. The video courses are very helpful, and enjoyable as the trainer made sure we understood all aspects of the Azure Data Engineer training.


Taking the Azure Data Engineer training at Brolly Academy allowed me to update my existing knowledge of Azure Data Engineer. I learned master-level skills in this world-class training program by Brolly Academy. This is the best institute to learn Azure Data Engineer training in Hyderabad. The course syllabus is up-to-date and their interactive sessions made it easy for me to clearly understand the program and also give in-depth knowledge about the course.


Brolly Academy is a great place for anyone who wants to learn Azure Data Engineer course in Hyderabad and get certified. My trainer makes sure that everyone understands the concepts before moving onto the next topic. After the end of the course, not only did I gain knowledge but also got placed in one of the top MNCs in Hyderabad. Thank you Brolly Academy.

Who should learn Azure Data Engineer

Azure Data Engineer Training


Azure Data Engineer Training Certification
Azue Data Engineering Certification details

Benefits of Azure Data Engineer

Career opportunities in Azure Data Engineer

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly common for companies to rely on their data scientists and data engineers to analyze and manipulate massive amounts of data.

Azure Data Engineer is one of the hottest and most in-demand roles in the tech industry. 

The Azure platform offers many successful career prospects in Azure Data Engineering –

Skills developed Post Azure Data Engineer Training

You will get complete full-fledged Azure Data Engineer skills as a part of our training program.The course starts from the basics and then moves to more complex topics.

We make sure that each of the topics is covered in a way that you can understand and implement it easily. Some of the skills you will gain post training include – 


Deploying, scaling, and managing Azure resources.

devops training

Designing, building, and deploying big data pipelines.

devops training

Creating and managing data lake solutions.

devops training

Creating and managing data catalogs


Creating and managing Big Data clusters


Managing and querying data using SQL and Azure Data Lake Analytics


The ability to use serverless SQL pools to run interactive queries.

devops training

The ability to utilize Azure Databricks for data exploration and transformation.

devops training

Understand Data ingestion and know how to load into the Data Warehouse

devops training

The ability to use Azure Synapse Pipelines to transform data.


Prerequisites of Azure Data Engineer Training

The candidates must have prior programming knowledge with programming skills in Java, Python, Scala, SQL etc.

The candidate must have prior knowledge in relational and non-relational databases which would be an added advantage.

The candidates must have prior knowledge in ETL Concepts.

The candidates must have a complete understanding of Azure.

Frequently Asked Questions -Azure Data Engineer Training


Is Azure Data Engineering in demand?

As long as there is data that needs to be processed, Data Engineering is and will always be in-demand.

How to become Azure Data Engineer?

In order to become an Azure Data Engineer, you must have the qualified skills and certifications that prove your experience and expertise. Brolly Academy offers the best Azure Data Engineer course that will make you a competent individual.

What does Azure Data Engineer do?

The role of an Azure Data Engineer is to transform, integrate and synthesize data from multiple data systems into structures that can be used for business and analytical solutions.

Do you provide Azure certification for Data engineer?

We offer Azure certification training. You will also get a comprehensive Azure certification for Data Engineer training that will help you attend the certification exam and perform well in it.

What is the Azure Data Engineer certification cost?

The Azure Data Engineer certification cost in USD is $165 and ₹4800 INR.

What if I miss attending a class?

We can arrange backup classes for you or you also get to attend the next live batch.

Will I get a demo before enrollment?

Yes, of course. You can attend our free demo class before enrolling for our course training.

Will I get placement assistance?

At Brolly Academy, we provide placement assistance after your Azure Data Engineer course online and offline training but will not guarantee a job as it depends on your overall performance during the real-time interview.

What is the Azure Data Engineer course fees?

The Azure Data Engineer course fees at Brolly Academy is very affordable and can be paid in installments.

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