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Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad.
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Trainer NameMr. Naveen Kilaru
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date26-09-2023
Training Modes:Online Live Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:120 Days (100+ Sessions)
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Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

  • History of SAS
  • SAS comes in ERP sector or not? Why?
  • What is Clinical Research Study?
  • What is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)?
  • What is DBMS?
  • What is SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan)?
  • Managing windows in SAS window environment
  • Why using the SAS in different sectors.
  • How to use the data step to read and manipulate complex forms of  data
  • Write Data and Proc steps.
  • Data step compile and execution
  • Read any type of external raw data into SAS
  • Reading raw data SAS environment into DATA SET using Input statement & advance INLIFE  statement options
  • Working with Data Storage in SAS libraries creation for user defined libraries and multi-engine architecture
  • Reading data from data set to another data set.
  • To manage the SAS window environment used with global options.
  • To manage existing data with controlling statements and expressions
  • Creating Summary Information, SAS Functions, Transforming Data
  • Changing variable types using the PUT and INPUT functions summarizing data files
  • To expert data from data sets to delimiter files using with data set block
  • Understand error messages in the SAS Log and debug your program
  • Using Do loops for repetitive calculations and processing
  • Using Arrays to process across an observations and processing
  • Using the update statement to update data in existing dataset.
  • Using the MODIFY statements to update and modify data in place
  • Merging concepts
  • Concatenation concept in merging
  • Interleaving concept and merging
  • Different kind of match merging using MERGE statement using the contribution (IN=) option in merge  concept
  • Using ODS concept to generate reports
  • Role of ODS concepts to reporting SAS output
  • To generate SAS output in different panels like RTF, HTML,PDF and XML Using ODS
























  • 1.MEANS PROCEDURE                 7.FREQ PROCEDURE
  • 4.CORR PROCEDURE                  10.ANOVA PROCEDURE
  • 5.FREQ PROCEDURE                  11.REG PROCEDURE
  • 6.ZTEST PROCEDURE                 12.GLM PROCEDURE
  • Introduction to SQL Concepts
  • Create new tables, indexes , views and reports
  • What are Cartesian Products , what is join
  • Inner , FULL,OUTER,LEFT and RIGHT Joins
  • Union join, Cross joins
  • Set Operator us such as union and intersection joining multiple tables
  • How to retrieve Raw data different from DATABASES to SAS environment using SQL Statements
  • To create table in different databases using SAS sql statement
  • To manage in different databases using SAS Sql Statements


  • Uses of pass through facility
  • How to communicate with other database like Access, Oracle, DB2
  • To control and manage other databases from the SAS.


  • Macro concepts & Advantages
  • SAS Macro Language
  • Macros And Macro Variables
  • Creating Macro Variables & Using Macro Variables
  • Creating Modular Code With Macros
  • Invoking A Macro
  • Adding Parameters to Macros
  • Writing Macros With Conditional Logic
  • Using Various Procedures in Macro Variables
  • Nesting of Macros
  • Multiple And Multi-Level Macros
  • Macro Functions

SAS Clinical Data Integration organizes, standardizes and manages clinical research data and metadata.  It provides the foundation you need to ensure standard, trusted clinical data to support strategic analyses, such as cross-study and advanced safety analysis. With SAS, you can gain both speed and efficiency by automating repeatable clinical data integration tasks.

  • Phase trails: preclinical1,2,3 and 4
  • CRF designing
  • Clinical data management process
  • CDISC introduction
  • General abbreviated terms
  • Introduction to clinical trails
  • Responsibilities of CRA
  • Activities of CRA in house
  • CRA monitoring
  • ICH history
  • GPC guidelines
  • FDA history
  • FDA guidelines
  • IND,NDA reviews
  • Clinical research study document

Key Points of Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad


Get 45+ hours of adaptive Clinical SAS learning sessions of Base SAS & Advanced SAS over a duration of 2 months.


A project on clinical domain explaining and demonstrating clinical sas real time project for 5 - 10 hours as a part of clinical sas training in hyderabad program


Learn from experts with 15+ years of industrial experience in clinical SAS research and training


Create statistical reports with Proc Report, Proc Tabulate and SAS Macro


Get hands-on expertise in accessing, managing and transforming clinical trials data


Create effective datasets and SAS libraries as a part of your live project


200+ students & corporates trained with 120+ successful placements by Brolly Academy in the past 4 months.


Learn how to analyze data while creating tables according to the Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)


Get Advanced Clinical SAS Training and Placement support from skilled professionals


Get an affordable Clinical SAS training fees with a well-structured course syllabus


Get daily class recordings sent directly to your inbox (online batches only)


Gain exclusive access to Frequently Asked Interview Questionnaire + curated Clinical SAS syllabus


Live one-on-one doubt clearing sessions with trainers along with certification assistance

What is Clinical SAS?


SAS refers to Statiscal Analysis System and can be known as a package of Software. It comprises many components, one of which is the Clinical SAS.


Drug development process includes clinical research that generates data which is stored in the form of Clinical Report Form (CRF) in the database.

Brolly academy

The human volunteers are monitored for every 30 mins for side effects or any kind of reactions and all this data of 1000’s of them are collected and stored in the database and this can be considered as the clinical research.

devops training

Clinical SAS is particularly used between the pre-clinical research and post-marketing surveillance phase.

Brolly academy

Clinical research is an integral part of the drug development process.

devops training

As a part of the drug testing process, the drugs are first tested on animals (first trial) and then tested on human volunteers as trials.


Data generated from clinical research is represented in graphical form in the form of graphs, data visualization, reports, listings, tables etc and this is done via Clinical SAS.

What is it used for?

About Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad

SAS is a powerful, proprietary statistical software package that allows users to create their statistical models. 

Clinical SAS provides a robust solution for clinical research teams to create a centralized repository of their data, analyze their data, and share the results with the appropriate parties. 

Clinical SAS enables experts and professionals to use their SAS programming and data analytics skills in the analysis of clinical research by providing several features that allow researchers to quickly and easily create and manage clinical studies.


Brolly Academy offers the best Clinical SAS training in Hyderabad that gives a unique, in-depth, hands-on, online program that helps you master SAS Clinical, the leading tool for clinical research data management.

We provide a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience that allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of the Clinical SAS statistical programming language.

We offer training in clinical SAS, clinical trial management, project management, and clinical research. 

The Brolly Academy platform offers a unique combination of both instructor-led and self-paced learning. 

We deliver SAS certification training through a combination of live interactive webinars, video tutorials, and quizzes.  

Enroll with us for quality Clinical SAS training and placement

Modes of Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad

Our Clinical SAS training course is designed to get you up to speed with SAS clinical data analysis quickly and efficiently. 

We provide Clinical SAS Training in three different formats-

Clinical SAS Online training

We conduct online training for Clinical SAS through e-learning platforms that have been designed for those who wish to gain a better understanding of how clinical data analysis works. Our Clinical SAS course online is a Training program that includes all the content from our classroom-based sessions, plus additional online modules.

Classroom Training

This is an instructor led training program that provides real-world scenarios, hands-on experience, and personalized coaching from Clinical SAS Certified Trainers. It draws on real-time applications to give students first hand exposure while making it engaging for beginners as well as advanced users

Pre Recorded Videos Course

We provide a flexible learning schedule that allows you to study at your own pace and at the time that is most convenient for you. You can log in to your account anytime, anywhere and complete your training. The video course is self-paced, so you can learn at your own speed and convenience along with a digital certification

Why choose us for Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad?

Experienced Trainers

We have the best Clinical SAS instructors who have worked in the field for over 10 years and are among the most knowledgeable in their field and are known for their excellent training facilities. Our Clinical SAS trainers share their expertise and teach both current and emerging skills in Clinical SAS.

Group Discussions

We conduct multiple group discussions to ensure that everyone is actively engaged and participating in the training program. It also allows us to answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as provide feedback on your individual progress.

Advanced Curriculum

We have developed a unique SAS training curriculum that is specially curated by our expert trainers who are fully aware of the latest updates and industry standards. Our SAS courses have been designed with the help of real world professionals and they are specifically tailored to make your learning experience as effective and productive as possible.

Practical Assignments

A comprehensive lifetime learning management system for Clinical SAS is designed to help you learn about the latest Clinical SAS concepts along with videos. The platform is designed to help users gain a better understanding of SAS and to teach them how to use it effectively.

Job Placement Assistance

Our counselors help students learn job skills and gain professional polish as they assist you with everything from resume building to interviewing techniques, and match your skill sets with jobs in the field. Our interviews prep workshop is a comprehensive training program that provides the tools, guidance, and support you need to prepare for your next interview.


Brolly Academy is a leading provider of SAS certification training. We provide clinical SAS certification guidance to students, practitioners, and trainers of the Clinical SAS Certification Program. We offer a comprehensive SAS training program that covers all the topics that are required for SAS certification.

Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad - Testimonials


I like that the course includes a variety of practice exercises in the form of quizzes and multiple choice questions, which helped me to grasp the information and make better use of my time. I found the course to be quite enjoyable. The course was incredibly helpful to understanding the material as well as developing my clinical skills.


Very professional and clear instructions to follow. I liked that we had a choice of times for each session and I found the cost very reasonable. I didn't have any problems with the training facilities and services and would recommend Brolly Academy for Clinical SAS training in Hyderabad.


I was very happy with the service provided by the team at Brolly Academy. They have been responsive and professional throughout the whole process and they went above and beyond our expectations in terms of their care for the people who are getting training through them. I will recommend their course to anyone looking for a good Clinical SAS course.


The course is well presented. It provides a good introduction to the basics of SAS. However, for the more advanced users, there are other ways to gain a deeper understanding of SAS than the SAS course. The SAS course is great for those who are already comfortable with SQL and basic statistical analysis.


Overall, the service was well organized and the trainers were very patient. The course content was comprehensive and the trainers were very engaging. They provided a lot of valuable information and I was satisfied with the Clinical SAS training.


I highly recommend taking the courses from Brolly Academy if you are planning on learning more about clinical SAS procedures. Not only do the staff at Brolly Academy have a wealth of knowledge in the field of medical science but they are also very friendly and professional. The course content is easy to follow and understand and I highly recommend Brolly Academy for Clinical SAS.

Clinical SAS Certification

1. Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9 – exam

2.Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9 – Accelerated Version exam

3. SAS Certified Professional: Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9.4

4. SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4

5. SAS 9.4 Base Programming – Performance-Based Exam

What are they?

Process to clear the certifications –

  1. For attempting the SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9,  candidates must have experience in –
  • Clinical trials process.
  • Accessing, managing and transforming clinical trials data.
  • Statistical procedures and macro programming.
  • Reporting clinical trials results.
  • Validating clinical trial data reporting.

2. For attempting the SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9.4,  candidates must have experience in – 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the clinical trials process and data structures.
  • Access, manage and transform clinical trials data.
  • Apply statistical procedures to analyze clinical trials data.
  • Utilize macro programming for clinical trials data.
  • Report clinical trials results.
  • Validate clinical trials data reporting.

3. For attempting the SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4, candidates must have experience in –

  • Use advanced DATA step programming statements to solve complex problems.
  • Write and interpret SAS SQL code.
  • Create and use SAS macros
  • In order to take up the SAS Certified Professional: Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9.4 exam one must have prior experience of at least 6 months as a Clinical SAS programmer and should match the required  prerequisites. 

4. For attempting the SAS 9.4 Base Programming – Performance-Based Exam,  candidates must be able to – 

  • Read and create data files.
  • Create basic detail and summary reports using Base SAS procedures.
  • Manipulate and transform data.
  • Identify and correct syntax and programming logic errors.
  • Exam content guide for Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9.4 can be downloaded from the website.   
  • Exam guide for SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4 
  • You also get additional training tools on the website like free tutorials, webinars, books, sample questions, free practice exams and practice software to prepare for the exam. 

Certification Fee 

Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad

Certification Code

Benefits of Clinical SAS Training in Hyderabad

Skills developed Post Clinical SAS training in Hyderabad


Learn about the latest techniques and technologies in the field of clinical research. Clinical SAS

Brolly academy

Learn how to perform clinical tasks with the software.

devops training

Clinical SAS Architecture

devops training

Creating SAS Libraries & Data states


Hands-on working experience in ODS


Learn about all types of procedures

devops training

Proc Sql

devops training

Identifying CDISC principles


Managing and transpiring Clinical SAS data and more.

Prerequisites of Clinical SAS training in Hyderabad

The candidate must be familiar with SAS

The candidate must have basic knowledge in programming language

The candidate must be familiar with analytics and data processing

The candidate must be familiar with SQL queries

The candidate must understand computer terms like variables, functions etc.

The candidate must have knowledge about the clinical trial process

The candidate must have knowledge about the statistical procedures.

The candidate must understand the concept of data management

The candidate must also have knowledge about Macro-programming and reporting to become Clinical SAS programmers.


Career opportunities in Clinical SAS

Clinical SAS is one of the leading and fastest growing fields in the world. It is a multidisciplinary field that integrates clinical, social, behavioral and statistical sciences to help organizations improve the quality of patient care and the health of individuals and populations. 

As a result, Clinical SAS professionals have a wide variety of career opportunities available in the field. 

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in Clinical SAS


SAS professionals are one of the most in-demand professionals with Clinical SAS being one of the most in demand skills.


The future of Clinical SAS even in the next 10 years seems bright with plenty of scope and opportunities.


As long as there is drug research, vaccines, and medical experiments, there will always be a demand for Clinical SAS professionals in the field of Clinical SAS.


The Clinical SAS course is a detailed and comprehensive training program that gives you a complete in-depth overview of Clinical SAS and its concepts with technical knowledge.
Yes, the programming industry is seeing a steadfast growth in our country and professionals with the right skills get good employment opportunities in the finance and medical fields.
You can get Clinical SAS training in Ameerpet and Clinical SAS training in KPHB at our institute.
The average Clinical SAS programmer salary in Hyderabad is around 4.5 Lakhs per annum based on your skills and experience.
Any graduate or postgraduate belonging to any of the medical fields like Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Nursing, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology can take up the course.
The Clinical SAS training is a 2-month training program.
The Clinical SAS course fee is absolutely affordable and cost-effective at Brolly Academy.
Yes, you can attend a free demo session before enrolling for the training program at our Academy.
We offer placement support and prepare you for the interviews but we do not guarantee a job after our training program.
You can attend our next live batch or we can arrange for backup classes in case of emergencies.

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