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Pega Course in Hyderabad - Training Details

Trainer NameMr. Ganesh P
Trainers Experience8 Years
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday
Next Batch Date20th Aug 2022 @ 11:00AM IST
Training ModesOnline & Classroom (hyderabad)

Key Points Of Pega Course in Hyderabad (Online training)

Pega Online Course Curriculum

  • What is PEGA
  • Why Choose PEGA
  • Introduction to BPM
  • Introduction to PRPC
  • Smart BPM
  • Build for change
  • Application Documents
  • DCO
  • Application express
  • PRPC frameworks
  • PEGA Classes
  • Class Group
  • Enterprise Class Structure
  • Inheritance
  • organization structure in pega BPM
  • Operator ID
  • Access Group
  • Application
  • Ruleset
  • Ruleset version ( Major-Minor-Patch)
  • Locking and creating new Ruleset version
  • Rule availabilities
  • Define PRPC classes
  • Data branch
  • Property Types and Modes – Single and page properties
  • Different flow shapes and purposes
  • Usage
  • Creation
  • Flow Actions
  • SLA – Creation, Usage
  • Validation and Display Properties
  • Harness
  • Sections
  • PEGA Layouts
  • Layouts of Screens
  • Controls
  • Style Branding
  • Navigation and Action Flows
  • Skins and Containers
  • Map Value
  • When Rule
  • Decision Tree and Table
  • Forward Chaining
  • Backward Chaining
  • Index
  • RDE
  • Declare Constraints
  • Declare Expressions
  • Declare Triggers
  • On Changes
  • Workflow
  • Send correspondence
  • Work statusUnits of work
  • Locking
  • Design correspondence
  • Role of Rules DB
  • Exposing column properties
  • Link between rules and DB
  • Basic tables
  • Definition
  • Steps
  • Configuration
  • Parameters
  • Security
  • Common methods
  • SOA
  • HTTP
  • Listeners in pega
  • SOAPConnectors & Services
  • WSDL
  • Connect SQL
  • Access group
  • Rule
  • Ruleset
  • Privilege
  • Rule resolution algorithm
  • Ruleset version
  • Operator ID
  • Access roleRule
  • Resolution
  • Agents
  • Dynamic System Settings
  • Clipboard
  • Alerts
  • Pre-flight
  • PAL
  • DB trace
  • Tracer
  • SMA
  • 10 guardrails
  • Iterative approach
  • Class structure
  • Build for change
  • Design intent driven process
  • Security and object
  • Summarize all the points discussed.
  • Interview Questions
  • Certification Exam
  • Resume Building
  • Preparation Tips

About Pega course in Hyderabad

Pega is one of the most widely used and robust (Business Process Management) BPM tools created and developed using Java concepts. Pega increases the work quality and performs better than Java based applications with an economical pricing and faster efficiency.

 Brolly Academy offers the best Pega training in Hyderabad with an all-inclusive program. The training will scan topics including sample Pega application creation, ruleset management, data modeling, decision rules, chaining, PRPC Database concepts, data transformation and more. 

We use practical in-house projects to train the students, imparting both theory and technical knowledge of the course subjects. The Pega training course will also train you in debugging tools, PEGA guardrails, performance tools, portal delegation, rule delegation, deployment and packaging and integration. 

Brolly academy offers a wide range of courses that are both IT and software course training in Hyderabad with each customized curriculum and course information. A personalized certification will be rewarded to the students that is completely valid and accepted by all the companies.

This Pega certification will only be given on the successful completion of the course. The trainers will carefully access the students and their capabilities to track and keep tabs on the student performance throughout the training period. 

The pega certificate can be included in your CV and resume to upskill your skillset and job opportunities. The pega course offered by us is perfect for both beginners and professionals who wish to expand their skills and certifications.

Real-time projects and case studies will be assigned to the students to implement theoretical teachings that can greatly impact their learning capacity and technical expertise. 

Brolly academy offers pega online training in Hyderabad, pega classroom training in Hyderabad and pega self-paced video course, each with customisations that improve and upgrade the students. We have a dedicated team of Pega trainers with industrial experience in training students and professionals across the city. 

We offer top notch Pega training in Hyderabad with assured placement assistance.

Enroll with Brolly Academy for the best Pega Training in Hyderabad.

Modes of Training - Pega Course

Classroom Training

We offer Pega training in our learning centers located in Ameerpet and Kphb with well-set infrastructure and highly skilled trainers to conduct the Pega classroom training in Hyderabad.

Pega Online training

Our pega online training in Hyderabad guarantees to give you a virtual in-class experience with quality training and intuitive Pega sessions.

Pega video course training

The self-paced Pega video course is an all-inclusive training that comes with a set of live classroom recordings and assessments to learn at your own convenience.

Why choose us for Pega Training?

Small training batches

We conduct our training with not more than 10 students per batch to pay individual and dedicated attention towards each enrolled candidate, ensuring equal distribution of knowledge and curriculum.

Expert Pega trainers

Brolly Academy is led by a team of highly competent and well-experienced Pega trainers with a minimum of 8+ years of qualified working experience to guide and train the students in the field.

Pega workshop

Students will be given an opportunity to work and assist on real time Pega projects to enhance and improve their practical exposure in the field. 

Student support

We have a committed group who are available to  address the student’s needs and queries regarding the course.

Pega certification

You will be given a certified Pega course certification on the successful completion of the course with lifetime validity and global acceptance.

Free LMS + study materials

As a part of our Pega training in Hyderabad, you will be given access to exclusive LMS and study guides with lifetime availability.

Workable class timings

We comply with our students and schedule our classes at flexible timings that align with working professionals as well as students.

Student track records

We have trained an impressive number of 60+ students with 25+ top Pega placements in Hyderabad within the span of 7 months. 

Reviews from our old students - pega course


The Pega online training form Brolly Academy was very informative and interesting. It helped me understand the concepts well and the trainer used effective teaching methods in Pega systems. Anybody interested in Business project management should definitely take up this Pega training in Hyderabad.


Brolly academy offers the best pega training in Hyderabad with excellent staff and skilled trainers who use real-time projects to help us with the course modules. The curriculum was also very easy to understand and updated with the latest technological changes. I am very happy with the training.


What i loved the most is the practical assistance that the trailers give, they assign us case studies and let us implement the theory taught. The trainer was very patient and understanding and helped me throughout. I had a satisfactory learning experience.

Sai teja
Sai teja

I feel honored to be a part of the Pega training in hyderabad as the course content, modules and concepts were taught so well. They also give you technical exposure to theoretical concepts which improves your knowledge. The placement assistance cell was also really helpful.

Pega Certification

You will be given a certified Pega certification on the successful completion of the Pega training in Hyderabad. The certificate can be downloaded as a hard copy or a digital form depending on your desirability and requirement. The Pega certificate offered by Brolly Academy can be linked to your CV or resume for better enriching work opportunities.

Pega Certification


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            Advantages of learning Pega

            Brolly academy offers one of the best Pega training in Hyderabad with a well-developed and sorted curriculum to enhance the student knowledge with adaptive and effective Pega technical training assistance that will enforce a valuable career for the students and developmental range in the field.

            Skills developed after the Pega course training

            Prerequisites of Pega BPM training course in Hyderabad

            There are not many required skills and set prerequisites for learning Pega, some of the required skills include  –

            Career Opportunities in Pega


            Which is the best Pega training institute in Hyderabad?

            Brolly Academy offers the best technical Pega training in Hyderabad with advanced curriculum and expert trainers.

            What is the Pega training fee in Hyderabad?

            The pega training fee in Hyderabad depends on the type of training institute and the features offered by them. The Pega training cost could vary with every training institute.

            What is the average salary of a Pega developer in Hyderabad?

            The average salary of a pega developer in hyderabad is ₨ 6,65,726 per year.

            Where can I find Pega training near me?

            We offer Pega training in Kphb and Pega training in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

            What if I miss a class?

            If you happen to miss a class, we can always arrange for backup classes or you can even attend the next consecutive training session taken by our trainers.

            Do you provide placement assistance?

            Yes, of course. We offer Pega placement assistance in Hyderabad to help students channelize their skills and knowledge in the right direction.

            Who are the trainers at Pega training in Hyderabad?

            We have highly experienced Pega trainers with professional expertise and knowledge lasting for almost 8 years to conduct and supervise the Pega training in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy.

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