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UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee20,000 Rs
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date19-09-2023 AT 11:00AM
Training ModesClassroom [HYDERABAD] / Online

Key Features Of UNIX Shell Scripting Training

UNIX Shell Scripting Course Curriculum

  • Learning basics computer applications
  • Unix Course Introductions
  • Pre-requisites
  • Course Summary
  • Unix Commands
  • Processes and Directories
  • Displaying Processes – ps
  • Displaying Directories – ls
  • Getting Help – man
  • Simple Commands used for processing
  • Using Wildcards
  • Creating files – using > symbol
  • Redirection – using >> symbol
  • Redirecting Input – using < symbol
  • Displaying Files – cat, more
  • Piping – using | symbol
  • Word Count
  • Sorting a file
  • Removing duplicates
  • Transliteration

Using Head and Tail command in files

  • Creating directory
  • Moving files to directories
  • Copying files to directories
  • Changing directory
  • Removing files and directories
  • Special Files – . and ..
  • Creating Aliases
  • Using Aliases
  • Displaying selected characters – using cut
  • Displaying selected fields – using delimiters
  • Displaying selected files – using
  • Using paste with delimiters
  • Displaying content of the file using GREP
  • Displaying content of the file using EGREP
  • EGREP Meta-character
  • Back Referencing concepts
  • Zipping a file
  • Unzipping a file
  • Combining a set of files using TAR
  • Extracting TAR file
  • Using TAR with ZIP
  • Searching for a file – using find
  • Finding List of files and directories
  • Finding Last modified files
  • Find with -exec
  • Find with -xargs
  • Using /dev/null
  • Foreground Jobs
  • Background Jobs – &
  • Stopping Jobs – kill
  • Changing Permissions – chmod
  • Shell Programming
  • Basics of Shell
  • Set and Unset a variable
  • Displaying – using echo
  • Using Expr
  • Using Test
  • Getting input – using read
  • Header file of shell script – using Shabang (#!)
  • Sample Shell script program
  • Assigning a command to a variable
  • Storing output to a variable
  • Assigning global value – using Export
  • Passing input in runtime.
  • Using input inside a program
  • Using if statement
  • Using if –else statement
  • Using Nested if statement
  • Using ‘While’ Loop
  • Using ‘Until’ Loop
  • Using ‘For’ Loop
  • Using CASE
  • How to create a function
  • Calling a function in file
  • Calling a function in another file
  • SED
  • Replacing values in a file
  • STTY
  • TOP
  • Sending an email – using MAIL
  • HERE
  • NANO
  • PICO
  • Vi Editor
  • Basics of AWK
  • Displaying values – using awk
  • Using awk in Shell script
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘Crontab’
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘at’
  • Monitoring a file
  • Extracting data from HTMl/XML file
  • How to connect MYSQL to Shell
  • Running SQL queries from Shell Script
  • Generating a report and storing in a file Shopping cart

About UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Hyderabad

Unix is an operating system that supports multiple users and tasks at the same time. The original Unix was developed in 1969 by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, et al., at AT&T’s Bell Labs facility. From the perspective of a power user or programmer, Unix systems are characterized by their modular design and what has come to be known as “the Unix philosophy”. 

The operating system provides a set of simple tools that each perform a limited, well-defined function. The unified filesystem is the main means of communication between these different programs and shell scripting/command language allows users to combine those tools into complex workflows.

Brolly Academy’s Unix Shell Scripting Training program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in core concepts while also helping them develop real-world skills. This exposure to current industry use cases and scenarios will help learners acquire the skills necessary for real-world projects. 

Become job-ready by mastering advanced level techniques and features of Unix Shell Scripting through real-world examples. Our training provides essential knowledge of UNIX architecture, and shell scripting including critical commands such as grep, find; regular expressions; piping & I/O redirection. It allows you to work on two real-time projects that are in line with the Unix Shell Scripting exam. 

Brolly Academy offer UNIX Shell Scripting online and classroom training courses and also self-paced video courses to help our students choose the one that is best for their needs. After completing Brolly Academy’s UNIX Shell Scripting Software training program, students will receive a certificate that recognizes their expertise in UNIX Shell Scripting Software Technologies. 

This UNIX Shell Scripting Software training certificate will be awarded to them upon completing all the training modules of UNIX Shell Scripting Software. We also provide a placement assistance program which  includes an intensive interview preparation workshop. In this workshop you will be guided with Mock interview preparation, Resume making, Q&A sessions and much more. Enroll with us to get the Best UNIX Shell Scripting Software training in Hyderabad.

Modes of UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Hyderabad

UNIX Shell Scripting Classroom Training

At our UNIX Shell Scripting Software classroom sessions, expert tutors provide case studies and project assistance with the latest technology. You'll get a complete training experience when you take our course.

UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training

At Brolly Academy, we offer an online training program for UNIX Shell Scripting that allows students to learn at their own pace. Students can customize the course by learning whatever topics are most relevant from our instructor’s lessons and videos and all within a flexible schedule.

UNIX Shell Scripting Self-paced Video course

Brolly Academy's UNIX Shell Scripting Software Video Course will show you how to write effective shell scripts by walking through practical examples. You can learn the basics of UNIX shell scripting software by reading a book or taking an online course. We think it's worth your time and effort to do so.

Why choose Brolly Academy for UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy is the leading Software training institute in Hyderabad and has been recognized for its effective teaching methods. Our expert trainers have over 12+ year’s experience in UNIX Shell Scripting Software and can prepare you to enter this demandable industry. Whether you’re a fresher looking for certification or an experienced professional with expertise.

Our UNIX Shell Scripting Software Training course in Hyderabad from Brolly Academy provides you with the skills and expertise you need to apply at companies that use this UNIX Shell Scripting Software Technology. Our UNIX Shell Scripting Software Training course will help you get ready for your mock interviews, resume creation and question-and-answer sessions. Here are some reasons why you should consider Brolly Academy for enrolling in our UNIX Shell Scripting Software Training in Hyderabad:

Extensive UNIX Shell Scripting Curriculum

Our cutting-edge UNIX Shell Scripting Software Course curriculum is designed by well-trained instructors and develops job-ready skills in students skills that will help land them a good salary hike.

Post Guidance

Brolly Academy helps students build confidence and achieve their goals by giving each individual the attention he or she needs to succeed in his or her field

Placement Program

Brolly Academy offers the best support system for training in UNIX Shell Scripting Software, including placement assistance both before and after a student’s course completion. This ensures that students are prepared to secure jobs at top companies. The program provides mock interviews, career counseling, and Q&A sessions to prepare candidates for real job interviews.

Get UNIX Shell Scripting Certificate

Our UNIX Shell Scripting Software course, offered in Hyderabad, is designed to train students for real-world job opportunities. We provide certificates of completion that show our commitment to fulfilling this mission.

Learn With No Extra Charge

Brolly Academy does not charge students any extra fees for its software training programs. All courses are free of additional charges.

Customizable Class Timings

We’ve designed our course schedule so that students can take classes at any time of day and access class materials online. They also have the option to customize their learning experience by choosing from a range of different class options depending on what works best for them.

Get Trained from Leading Practitioners

At Brolly Academy, we train our students by bringing in leading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work schedule.

Structured guidance

Brolly Academy offers students around-the-clock learning support from expert mentors so that they can overcome conceptual doubts and achieve their goals.

Testimonials of UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Hyderabad


The UNIX Shell Scripting Software course content is well structured at Brolly Academy. I recommend Brolly Academy to everyone who wants to learn the UNIX Shell Scripting Software course in Hyderabad online. This is the best place to learn from scratch.


Brolly Academy’s UNIX Shell Scripting Software training certification is simple, effective and easy to learn and also customizable. The certification helped me grow my career with a salary hike. Brolly Academy is the best institute in Hyderabad and the course fee here is reasonable.


The UNIX Shell Scripting training was excellent. I must appreciate the trainer's capability to answer all the queries I have in UNIX Shell Scripting during the online training session. Thanks to Brolly Academy for such good course content and training.


The trainer has great knowledge about the UNIX Shell Scripting subjects. All the queries were answered appropriately. Through Brolly Academy’s placement assistance support after the course completion, I got placed in an MNC with a good package. Thanks to the placement team and my trainer at Brolly Academy.

Prem Kiran

I have taken the UNIX Shell Scripting Software training from Brolly Academy. The teaching was simply superb. The trainer explained all the topics of UNIX Shell Scripting Software with real-world examples. Also the Interview skill development sessions conducted by the team increased my confidence level. Thanks to Brolly Academy.


Brolly Academy provides both the theoretical and practical aspects of training in the UNIX Shell Scripting Software training course in Hyderabad. The day-to-day tasks provided by the trainer during the class helped me in cracking the interview easily. Their placement program is an excellent addition to the training. Thank you Brolly Academy for providing the Best UNIX Shell Scripting online training in Hyderabad.

Certification in UNIX Shell Scripting Training at Brolly Academy

This UNIX Shell Scripting Software training course is designed for Brolly Academy’s UNIX Shell Scripting Software Certification. The entire course content is in line with this certification and prepares you to tackle it easily, getting the best jobs at top MNCs. At the end of this UNIX Shell Scripting Software Training program, there will be practical exercises that test your knowledge of core concepts on UNIX Shell Scripting Software. Upon the successful completion of a student’s project work, Brolly Academy will reward them with a UNIX Shell Scripting Software Course Completion Certificate which will add more value to your resume.

UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of Learning this UNIX Shell Scripting Training Program

Job Roles in UNIX Shell Scripting

Completion of the UNIX Shell Scripting Course you will learn

Prerequisites to Learn UNIX Shell Scripting


Who should take up this UNIX Shell Scripting course?

● Unix Developers
● Unix Administrators
● Testing Professionals
● Mainframe Professionals
● Data Analysts
● Software Engineers
● Linux/AIX/Solaris system administrators
● Programmers

What do you learn in this UNIX Shell Scripting Training?

● Overview of Unix Shell Scripting
● Bash and Korn-Shell Scripting Fundamentals
● Storing and Accessing Data
● Processing Data
● Modular Programming with Functions
● Creating "Production Quality" Scripts

What are the system requirements to learn?

To use Zoom/Meet, you need good internet connectivity and a computer with the appropriate program.

How can I access the recorded video sessions of UNIX Shell Scripting training at Brolly Academy?

After each session, you can access the recorded videos in our LMS.

What will be the batch size of UNIX Shell Scripting Software class at Brolly Academy?

We limit our workshops to 10 people or fewer, which allows the instructor to provide personalized attention to each participant.

Do you offer a course completion certificate after completing the course at your institute?

You will receive a verifiable certificate of completion once you have completed all sessions and submitted the assessments.

Will I get placement assistance after completion of the course at Brolly Academy?

Yes, we will help you prepare for interviews and build a resume. We also forward your profile to our corporate clients seeking trained resources like yourself.

How is the mock interview process conduct at Brolly Academy?

The Mock Interview Program is a unique opportunity to experience the pressure of an interview. Our expert will connect with you and provide feedback on your skills so that when real interviews come up, you'll be ready.

Can I learn UNIX Shell Scripting course without any prior experience in programming?

Yes! It doesn't require prior programming experience. Knowledge of UNIX Shell Scripting, Python, Perl, and Ruby would be a bonus.

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