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Trainer NameMr. Dinesh Reddyvari (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date19-01-2023 (8:00PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Android Training in Hyderabad Course Curriculum

  • Overview of Android
  • Java Editions and comparison with Android
  • Android Apps – Design, Vendor, Behavioral Classification
  • Android Architecture
  • Application Frameworks
  • Android Libraries, Run time, Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • System Requirements
  • Java, Eclipse and Android SDK Installation
  • Android SDK and Tools
  • Android Virtual Devices & Device Definitions
  • Android Application Design
  • Using PhotoShop for Graphic Designing
  • Android Application Wireframes (screens)
  • Creating Android Application
  • Creating Configurations
  • Testing the app: AVD, Active Device
  • Android Project Structure and Manifest file
  • Release process and Release build of Android Application
  • Signing the .apk file
  • Preparing the Store Listing page
  • Content Rating
  • Distributing the Application
  • Merchant Registration for Paid Applications
  • About XML – approach to design layouts
  • Views and Layouts
  • View properties
  • Linear Layout vs. Relative Layout vs. Frame Layout vs. Absolute Layout
  • Localization of UI
  • Best practices for targeting various form factors: phone, tablet, TV
  • Best practices when working designing Android UI
  • Creating a Test Project for Android project
  • Working with Test Packages
  • Writing test cases
  • Designing fragments
  • Fragments life cycle
  • Fragment management and integration
  • Creating the Activity
  • XML versus Java UI
  • Selection Widgets, Using fonts
  • Common UI components
  • Handling UI events: a bit about listeners
  • Adapters
  • Complex UI components
  • Menus and Dialogs
  • Tabbed Activities
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Animations
  • Create activity layouts programmatically
  • Testing and optimizing UI
  • What is material ?
  • Material properties and Styling / Animations
  • Material Patterns
  • Overview of Android Resources
  • Creating Resources
  • Using Resources
  • Drawable Resources
  • Animation Resources
  • Broadcast receiver usage patterns: when and why to use them
  • Implementing a broadcast receiver
  • Registering a broadcast receiver via the manifest file and Programmatically
  • Overview of Android services
  • Service lifecycle
  • Declaring a service
  • Registering a service
  • Starting and stopping a service
  • Threads and other concurrency considerations with services
  • Bound versus unbound services
  • Remote versus local services
  • Working with Intents
  • Explicit and implicit intents
  • Using Intents as messaging objects
  • Intents to start components expecting results
  • Storage Model selection criteria
  • Shared preferences
  • Internal Storage – Files
  • External Storage – SD Card
  • Testing the created files, tools
  • Introducing SQLite
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors
  • Inserts, updates, and deletes
  • Content provider types
  • Searching for content
  • Adding, changing, and removing content
  • Native Android Content Providers
  • Accessing Contact Book, Calendar
  • Custom Content Provider classes
  • Publishing content providers
  • Understanding Web Services
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Building Server side components
  • Publishing web services
  • REST based web services
  • Accessing Web Services
  • Integrating Web Services with mobile client
  • Overview of networking
  • Checking the network status and web service status
  • Working with HTTP to access the web services
  • Document Object Model ( DOM )
  • Simple API for XML ( SAX )
  • JavaScript Object Notation ( JSON )
  • Parsing XML and JSON
  • Using Location Manager, Location Provider
  • GPS and Network based tracking
  • Testing the application using KML files
  • Simulation of the locations on the active device
  • Location Listeners and Proximity Alerts
  • API Version 2 of Google Maps
  • User Interface – MapFragments
  • API key generation
  • Registrations in the manifest file
  • Google Map, Camera Positions
  • Adding Markers, Circles, Polylines
  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Telephony background
  • Accessing telephony information
  • Monitoring data activity and connectivity
  • Working with messaging SMS
  • Playing Audio & Video
  • Recording Audio & Video
  • Customizing Camera & Capturing Photos
  • Voice Recognition
  • Text To Speech
  • Controlling local Bluetooth device
  • Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices
  • Managing Bluetooth connections
  • Communicating with Bluetooth
  • Logcat
  • Debugger
  • Traceview
  • HierarchyViewer
  • Monkey Runner
  • UIAutomator

Key Features Of Android Training in Hyderabad


Join our advanced interactive training on Android course online with live instructor-led sessions


300+ students have been trained and certified, with 190+ being placed by Brolly Academy in the last 6 months


Get high quality training on Android from 10+ years of industrial expert trainers


Learn the design and implementation of Android application for mobile devices with our expert guidance


Get trained on how to develop an app from scratch with a basic knowledge of Java


Learn how to set up Android studio from our experts, and work on various activities and create simple user interfaces to make your apps run smoothly


Learn about various tools, concepts, principles and patterns required to develop an Android app, how to use different Layouts and Widgets etc.


Get knowledge on how to build your very own apps using Android SDK


Get expert advice on Interview preparation, mock interviews, and career guidance to frame more job opportunities with our placement support program


Get lifetime access to our Android training learning management system


Get 24/7 free access to self-paced video with one-on-one doubt resolution sessions


Attend a 3-day free Android demo class before enrollment

What is Android ?


Android is an operating system for mobile computing devices, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


It has been used on smartphones since 2008, but it also powers tablets, e-readers, digital cameras and other devices.

devops training

It’s the world’s most widely adopted OS, and it powers various industries and applications including mobile phones, fitness wearables, smartwatches and automobiles. Android is available exclusively from Google Play

devops training

Android is developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

devops training

It has been used on smartphones since 2008, but it also powers tablets, e-readers, digital cameras and other devices.


It is free to use and modify. It has a large developer community, which means that many apps are available for Android.

What is it used for?

Who needs it?

Who uses Android

Android is used by many businesses and organizations, including:

Who should learn Android?

About Android Training in Hyderabad

Android is the most popular mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and is developed by Google recently. 

Most organizations across multiple domains are building Android Apps both for enterprise and retail products.

It has a user interface based on direct manipulation and it is primarily designed for mobile devices such as – smartphones and tablets, with specialized user interfaces for Android TV, Android cars, and Android wristwatches.

Android is an open-source operating system which means anyone can customize and modify the operating system.

Java programming language is used in Android to write the code and can run multiple apps at the same time. 

Till now, No other software replace the Android platform, it is a powerful mobile operating system in the world till date and no other software replaced this platform.

Brolly Academy is known for its excellent approach to training students by providing practical and technical sessions in Android training in Hyderabad. 

Clinical SAS Training in hyderabad

Our Android course in Hyderabad is fully immersive, and instructor-led that helps our learners to master the Android ecosystem, with hands-on practical demonstrations.

The syllabus of the Android course online consists of every concept that is necessary to clear the Android certification exam and required for job interviews. 

This intensive training helps the students of this course to get in-depth knowledge of intents, activities, messaging APIs, rich user interface creations, Android SDK, and a lot more.

Our Android course syllabus covers the topics – 

  • Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to Android Architecture Overview
  • XML
  • Basic Android User interface
  • Android Views and Widgets
  • Main Building Blocks
  • Overview of Android Resources
  • Data Storage
  • Android Media API etc. 

We conduct both online and offline to cater to every student’s requirement with convenient class timings and also provide Android training in Hyderabad with placement assistance.

Learners will also be given a course completion certificate after the successful completion of the training.

Learn Android from scratch and master the technology to become a professional in the highly demanding field. 

Enroll with us for the Android training institute in Hyderabad with placement assistance from Brolly Academy.

Modes of Android Training Program -

Android Course Online

Our Android Course Online program is conducted via e-learning platforms, so students can learn at their own pace and on the go. Our online courses are comprehensive, providing in-depth coverage of core concepts as well as advanced features of Android architect and its various concepts. This is designed to give students first hand exposure on mastering their knowledge in the applications like Eclipse, Android Studio, DDMS, Drawables, Listeners Screen reader support enabled and more advanced concepts of Android.

Android Classroom Training

We have designed our classroom Android App Development training program to meet the needs of today's student workforce, with courses that revolve around real-world scenarios. As part of our classroom training, we use real-world projects and live scenarios so that students feel confident working independently. Students will be provided with a course guide and study material, as well as access to our online exclusive classes, where they can interact with other students.

Android Video Course

This Android video course is made up of video tutorials giving detailed and step by step proceedings of the Android course syllabus. The Android App Development Video Course offers a hands-on learning experience, allowing you to work with the information through step-by-step videos and exercises. The learning mode is self-paced, so students can move through the material at their own pace. Students can listen to the entire training course at their convenience.

Why Consider Us for Android Training in Hyderabad?

Experienced Trainers

We have certified instructors with more than 10+ years of experience in Android technology. They are well versed in Android technology and know exactly how to guide you get the job done. Whether you’re an experienced professional or you’re just a fresher's, our instructors can help you learn the Advanced Android training concepts from scratch with ease with their expert guidance.

Live Project Assistance

We conduct workshops and assigned our students real-time projects by Industry experts that will help them to gain high-level knowledge in the android technology and its various concepts. We make sure all our students work on live projects and know the day-to-day updates in Android App Development. We test your knowledge and improve your skills by completing daily assignments. This will also help you to enhance your Technical Skill.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We provide you free access to our online learning management system (LMS) upon enrollment. This will include access to our exclusive video recordings, android course content pdf, live training courses, assignments, and case studies of Android training. We expect our students to leave our training with the knowledge and skills required for Android technology and become a skilled professional in the field of Android app development.

Practical Assignments

We provide Advanced Android training online that are conducted via e-learning platforms, and self-paced video courses. You’ll get a chance to master the Android technology from the comfort of your home by enrolling in our remote learning options. You can get access to our online and video learning training modes from anywhere in the world.

Job Placement Assistance

At Brolly academy, we have a dedicated Android placement guidance team that provides post training assistance to our students. We specialize in helping students get the right job and internship through our assistance by fully preparing them for real-time interviews. We are a one-stop solution provider for all your professional career needs, starting from resume preparation to mock interviews, we provide you with everything you need to get ahead in your career.


We offer a professional training course that will give you the knowledge and skills in learning Android app development technology from scratch to become a professional Android Developer. We help you to master the skills you need to ace the Android certification exam and get certified. By the end of this course students will get a course completion certificate on Android training signed by Brolly Academy which is accredited by top companies world wide.

Learners point of view


I highly recommend this institute for providing Advanced Android training in Hyderabad. They teach how to design an efficient app with UI and UX. Trainers are very helpful and they clarify all the doubts. Appreciate their work towards practical teaching methods.


Hi I’m Sunita student of Brolly Academy, I enrolled in the Android Training online. Right from the orientation till the time I got placed as an android developer I got great support from my trainer and also from the placement assistance team. If you are interested in learning android course online then Brolly Academy is the best place for you.


I was looking forward to learning an android app development course in Hyderabad but didn’t find any good institute which teaches as easy and efficient providing affordable android course fee as Brolly Academy. At last, my search ended when my friend recommended this Android training institute in Hyderabad.


I completed an android app development course this year. Before joining I didn't think of switching industries but just because of the best career opportunity and huge demand in the field of android app development. With the help of Brolly Academy experts and their tailored design course have guided me to the app development industry and help me to become an Android App Developer. Thanks again!


I enjoyed this learning journey of Android course online with Brolly Academy. The study material is easy to understand and I gain practical knowledge through this training program. I strongly recommend this institute for someone who is looking for an affordable Android course in Hyderabad.


I was a novice when I enrolled in this Android course online programming, but with the expert guidance of Brolly Academy, I gained confidence. My goal to develop an application for my business was accomplished. I'm really thankful to the team of Brolly Academy.

Android Training Certification

Android is one of the most South after career options in today’s job market. There is a huge demand for Android developers in the current job market and it is continuously growing. 

This Android certification course provides you with developer-level insights into Android technology and its platforms.

Brolly Academy’s Advanced Android training program is curated by top-notch industry experts and is designed to meet the current market standards. 

Our Android course syllabus will provide you with an overview of the structure and deployment of Android.

towards the end of the training program, We will provide our trainees with an Android course completion certificate that is verily certified with global acceptance. 

You can get this certificate in digital form or as a hard copy based on your requirements. 

Some of the top Android certifications include –

What are they?

Process to clear the certifications

Certification Fee

Android Training in Hyderabad

Benefits of learning Android Course Certification

Objectives of Android Training Program

Prerequisites for Learning Andoraid Training Program

You’ll need to know how to program in Java and C++. If you don’t have that knowledge, it’s worth learning before you start with Android.

You should also be familiar with HTML and CSS. You’ll need to know the basics of these languages before you can start learning Android.

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in Android


The market trend of Android is very clear. According to Statista, Android had a share of more than 85% in the global smartphone market in Q1/2018. It is predicted that by 2023, this percentage will increase to 92%.


The demand for Android developers is increasing day by day. The market trend shows that there will be a shortage of around 2 million ICT professionals in India by 2025.


Mobile app development is one of the most sought-after career options in India. The number of mobile apps users is growing tremendously every day and more developers are needed to meet the increasing demand.


In fact, Android has become one of the most popular operating systems today with millions of users worldwide.


Is android development a good career?

With the rapidly growing Android market, the job opportunities for Android Developers are also increasing with a good salary package in this industry. There is a huge demand for both beginners and experienced Android developers offering many career opportunities. You can work both the way permanently or work as a freelancer in the field of Android development technology.

What is android development course?

Android development is the process using which applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Google states that "Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java and C++ languages," but other languages are also possible.

Is opera gx available for android?

Opera GX has a host of useful features. One is the ability to search for information on the Internet by using your voice or scanning a QR code, as well as typing queries into its bar.

Which class sd card is best for android?

A microSD card for your mobile phone should ideally be class 10 U1. If you plan to shoot high-quality videos, make sure that the video speed of your card is at least 30Mbps. A V30 will support a minimum write speed like this.

Can I do programming on android?

Yes, you can do programming on android.

What is dp android?

One dp is a virtual pixel unit that's roughly the size of one physical pixel on a medium-density screen (160 dpi), but Android translates this value so it matches what each density requires.

How long does it take to learn android?

Master the skills of core Java which leads to android development would take 3 to 4 months. It is estimated to take around 1.5 to 2 years to have a good understanding and to start with android development projects.

Android Training Institute near me?

Brolly Academy has 2 branches - Android Training Institute in Kphb and Android Training Institute in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

What is the Android course duration?

The Android course duration depends on the curriculum and modules. You can contact us for further details related to the Andoraid training program.

How much is the Android course fee?

Brolly Academy offers an affordable Android course fees in Hyderabad for everyone. To know more about the cost feel free to reach out to us by the given contact details on our website.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes, we do provide placement assistance program to help our students land jobs after the completion of their training program. We assist them with mock interviews and resume preparation by providing personal guidance from industry experts as a part of our Android Training in Hyderabad with placement assistance program.

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