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Hardware and Networking Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee20,000 Rs
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date18th Sep 2023 AT 11:00AM
Training ModesClassroom [HYDERABAD] / Online

Key Features Of Hardware and Networking Training

Hardware and Networking Course Curriculum

  • Introduction of computer
  • Generation of computer
  • Classification of computer
  • Parts of computer (Units)
  • Chipset
  • Expansion Slot
  • Memory Module
  • Processor Socket
  • Drive Connectors
  • BIOS
  • CMOS
  • Front Panel Connectors
  • Port Connectors
  • Power Connectors
  • File
  • Directory
  • Attribute Commands


Accordion Content
  • Firewall
  • Disk Management
  • Add or Remove Program
  • Method of Device Drivers Configuration
  • Application Software Installation
  • Practice
  • Safe Mode Configuration
  • MS-Config
  • Temp
  • %temp%
  • Prefetch
  • Virtual Memory
  • OS Activation
  • Windows 7 & 8 Features
  • Windows 7 & 8 Updates
  • Recovery (Repair)
  • Updates and Patches
  • Difference B/W Outlook Express & Outlook
  • E-mail Creation
  • Mail Backup
  • Multiple E-mail Account Configuration
  • NewPST Creation
  • Set PWD for the PST
  • Change Sync. Time duration
  • Add Contact & Group
  • Rule Creation
  • Hiren Boot Options
  • Virus and Antivirus
  • Types of Network
  • Diff OS Family
  • Workgroup and Domain Network
  • Types of Topology

Module 2: Types of Media

  • Protocols
  • IP Address
  • Crimping Practice
  • XP with XP – Workgroup NW Configuration
  • User Creation
  • User Level files access permission
  • Practice
  • Remote Assistance
  • Net Meeting
  • Offline File Sharing
  • ADS Configuration
  • DHCP Configuration
  • Client Configuration
  • User Management
  • Files and Folder Sharing
  • Profiles


  • User or Group Configuration
  • Sharing Permission
  • Logon locally
  • Complicity Password
  • Default Profile
  • Roaming Profile
  • NT Backup
  • FTP Server Configuration
  • NT Backup & Restore
  • ADS Configuration
  • DHCP Configuration
  • Client Configuration
  • Changing Default Password Policy
  • Enabling Password Lock out Policy
  • Complicity Policy (Password Length)
  • Changing Allow Logon Locally Policy

About Hardware and Networking Training in Hyderabad

Network hardware is a set of physical or network devices that are essential for interaction and communication between hardware units operational on a computer network. These dedicated components connect to each other and allow the entire system to function effectively. 

Typically, they are used to connect a PC or an organization’s LAN (Local Area Network) to and through a broadband internet connection. They contain RJ-45 ports so that computers and other devices can connect with them using network cables.

Brolly Academy Hyderabad offers a Hardware and Networking course from well-experienced trainers in the industries. In this training sessions our trainees will gain knowledge in – Classification of computers, Classification of computers, Parts of motherboard, Assembling notes, Assembling practical, Bios ssetups, Xp os installation, Disk defragmentation, Workgroup and domain network, Types of topology, etc. 

We at Brolly Academy have a committed placement assistance team who will conduct you in the right direction and help you to land in the Hardware and Networking technology in Hyderabad and away. Brolly Academy will give all our trainees the necessary placement assistance which is followed by the certification and proper Hardware and Networking Training in Hyderabad. 

We stand as the best training center for Hardware and Networking for our tailored syllabus, placement assistance program, Industries best trainers, and many other reasons. We are not only providing online training also classroom training and self-paced training method for this Hardware and Networking training.

Become a Hardware and Networking expert and give your career the necessary boost. Get ready to be part of Brolly Academy’s Hardware and Networking training course. Gain skills and knowledge and be ready to get a high-paying job with the Hardware and Networking Certification program at Brolly Academy.

Modes of Hardware and Networking Training in Hyderabad

In-class Hardware and Networking Training

We provide expert training in the Hardware and Networking. We offer classroom training for Hardware and Networking in Ameerpet and KPHB, Hyderabad with extensive training method in Hardware and Networking by our trainers as well as one-to-one sessions with trainers are on the schedule.

Online Hardware and Networking Training

Our Hardware and Networking online training offers classes taught by expert trainers who are available to answer your questions. You can take our courses at any time that is convenient for you, so it’s easy to fit them into your schedule.

Hardware and Networking Video course

The Hardware and Networking Video Course is a curriculum of live recordings supplemented, assessments, and quizzes with additional resources, presented in an organized way. Completing the course will earn you a digital certification in Hardware and Networking. If you have any questions about the material or how to apply you can clear your doubts during our weekly online sessions.

Why choose our Brolly Academy Institute?

Brolly Academy is a leading Software Training institute in Hyderabad, is known for its method of teaching. In Brolly Academy our Hardware and Networking expert trainers have over 10+ years of experience in the Hardware and Networking Industry and can prepare you to launch your career. Whether you’re a fresher looking for certification or an experienced professional with expertise. 

Our Hardware and Networking Training course provides you with the skills and expertise you need to apply at companies that use this technology. Our Hardware and Networking Course will help you get ready for your mock interviews, resume creation and question-and-answer sessions. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Hardware and Networking Training course in Hyderabad:

Remote Learning

We offer two kinds of Hardware and Networking training online sessions and video classes. Both options let you train on your own schedule, no matter where in the country you might be you can learn Hardware and Networking by enrolling at Brolly Academy.

Group Discussion

We also go the extra mile by organizing live group discussions where course tutors and students can share their experiences and ideas in Hardware and Networking technology.

Interview Preparation Guidance

Brolly Academy offers expert guidance in interview preparation that helps students get jobs. Our program includes mock interviews, FAQs, and other resources to help our students prepare for their dream careers.

Career Assistance

Brolly Academy will guide you through your career and offer an opportunity to work with us on our mission of helping people find jobs

Learn from Best Instructors

Our Instructors are well experienced and have 10+ years of real-time exposure using Hardware and Networking technology. They make the Hardware and Networking concepts simple by communicating them in a way that sticks with our students.

Limited Batches

We only accept a small number of students in each group, so that each students can receive the individual attention they deserve in the training.

Hardware and Networking Certification

A certificate from our training program would be awarded to each student in the program. With our Hardware and Networking certificate you can get an excellent chance of landing a great job opportunity in the industries.

Doubt clearing sessions

We offer each of our students a personal one-on-one doubt clearing class on request in which our trainers can meet with the students and answer the questions about the Hardware and Networking course they have

Testimonials of Hardware and Networking Training in Hyderabad


Brolly Academy is the best institute to learn Hardware and Networking Course. The trainer provided the best practical training through my learning at the institute, got a very comprehensive knowledge in the subjects. Thank you brolly academy.


The Quality of training at Brolly Academy is always excellent. This institute is one stop solution for all technology related things such as IT/Software courses. I completed the Hardware and Networking training here. In my opinion Brolly Academy is the best institute for learning Hardware and Networking technology in Hyderabad.


I am glad to be a part of Hardware and Networking training at Brolly Academy as I changed my career from Non-IT to IT professional. Got the placement with placement support team of Brolly Academy which made my entry into the IT industry simple. Thank you Brolly Academy for the support.


Brolly Academy’s Hardware and Networking training technology that I opted for was really good. The session quality with real time scenarios is the best thing that I can say. The training support delivered with working professionals is one of the best thing here.


Brolly Academy is the best place for Hardware and Networking training in Hyderabad. They have very knowledgeable faculty & friendly environment to learn. I completed the Hardware and Networking course in Brolly Academy, and was able to understand the complex programs easily after listening to the trainers' simple explanations and practical examples.


I attended the Hardware and Networking training course in Brolly Academy. My trainer provides in-depth knowledge on Hardware and Networking course. Very knowledgeable trainer and always respond quickly when I have any questions. The Hardware and Networking classes gave me the skills and confidence to tackle projects and earning my certification.

Certification in Hardware and Networking

Brolly Academy’s Hardware and Networking course certificate is authorized by many global companies. This certification course provided by Brolly Academy throws Online training, classroom training, and self-paced video learning in both theoretical and practical ways for both freshers and professionals which helps the students learn the course in an easy way. After completing our Hardware and Networking certification course students will get the course completion certificate from Brolly Academy which will help to increase the value of their resume and open the opportunity to lead various job posts. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our Hardware and Networking training and practical based course at Brolly Academy.

Hardware and Networking Certification

Advantages of Learning Hardware and Networking course

Employment possibilities in Hardware and Networking

Completion of the Hardware and Networking course you will learn

Prerequisites to Learn Hardware and Networking


Who all can take this Hardware and Networking certification course?

● Software Developers
● Engineering Graduates
● Network Engineers
● Students interested in working as Hardware and Networking Developers.

What is the average salary of a Hardware and Networking expert?

The average salary of a Hardware and Networking expert is around Rs 500000 per year as a Network Engineer. A senior network engineer might expect to - 10 lakhs LPA, A network professional may expect to - Rs. 6 LPA, A junior level employment pay somewhere between Rs.5 to 10 LPA.

Which Hardware tools do Networking Professionals Will Need to have?

● Wire stripper/ wire cutter.
● Cable cutter
● Pump Pliers.
● Side-cutting pliers
● Long-nose pliers
● Skinning Knife.
● Crimper tool

Do I need to know coding to learn Hardware Networking?

No, there is no need to have coding knowledge for learning Hardware and Networking.

Which programming language required for Hardware and Networking?

The scripting language is required for Hardware and Networking. Such as Perl, Python, and Tcl/Tk are required for automation and for accomplish SDN and Cloud Orchestration, you'll need to require Python, Perl, or Ruby.

What Hardware and Networking Professionals do?

In any organization a Hardware and Networking Professionals deal with various hardware components such as computer systems, chips, motherboard, processor, RAM, circuit boards, modems, external hard disks, and printers. They also Handle the networking department or the networking requirements very efficiently and build servicing and resolving issues pertaining to Computer Hardware and Networking.

What are the 5 types of Hardware?

The 5 main hardware components in a computer system are Input, Processing, Storage, Output and Communication devices.

What is a Hardware and Networking Course?

The Hardware and Networking course is designed to provide extensive knowledge and experience in the computer hardware & networking field. Our course curriculum at Brolly Academy includes information for configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting basic tasks of computer Hardware, OS, Networks.

Is Hardware and Networking a good career option?

Hardware and Networking is the fastest-growing field. The demand for skilled professionals is increasing day-by-day in this field

How can I practice the Hardware and Networking course?

The instructor will provide students with an LMS (learning management system), and they can install the necessary software on their own computers by following the instructions provided in the LMS.

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