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Workday Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee 20,000 Rs
Course Duration 2 Months
Timings Monday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date 7th Feb 2022 AT 11:00AM
Training Modes Classroom [HYDERABAD] / Online
Location Hyderabad

Key Features Of Workday Training

Workday Course Curriculum

1 – Reporting Overview

  • Workday Reporting Overview
  • Finding Reports in Workday
  • Scenario
  • Workday Standard Reports
  • Copying a Standard Report
  • Modifying Report Columns
  • Saving Prompt Filters
  • Hiding Standard Reports
  • Using Report Tags
  • All custom reports

2 – Building Custom Reports

  • Reporting Terminology
  • Importance of the Report Data Source
  • Class Report Fields
  • Determining the Primary Business Object and Data Source
  • Business Object Details Report
  • Data Sources Report
  • Scenario
  • Contextual Reporting
  • Creating a Custom Report
  • Adding Fields from Related Business Objects

3 – Sorting and Filtering

  • Scenario
  • Sorting
  • Scenario
  • Filtering
  • Using Wok tags for Filtering

4 – Prompting

  • Scenario
  • Prompting
  • Where can Prompts come from?
  • scenario
  • Runtime data prompts
  • scenario (on your own)

5 – Totalling, Grouping, and outlining

  • scenario
  • Totalling
  • Grouping
  • Outlining
  • Report Output
  • Summary Reports

6 – Report Security

  • Scenario
  • Workday Security Model
  • Sharing Reports
  • common report access issues
  • who can create, edit, copy and delete a custom report?
  • transferring ownership of a report

7 – Scheduling Reports

  • Scenario
  • Scheduling a Report
  • Scheduled Future Processes
  • Process Monitor

8 – Report Performance

  • Scenarios
  • Use cases
  • Factors that impact performance
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Reporting Security Domains
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Helpful Resources

1 – Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) overview

  • Integration architecture review
  • EIB overview
  • EIB design pattern
  • Security to build and launch integrations
  • Security setup for EIBs

2 – Outbound EIB

  • Report-as-a-Service (RaaS)
  • Create an outbound Enterprise Interface
  • Launching an Integration System
  • Means to launch an EIB
  • Schedule an Integration
  • Dynamic Filenames
  • Notifications

3 – Transformations

  • Custom report transformation
  • Custom transformation
  • XML elements and attributes
  • Report-as-a-Service and custom transformation

4 – Delivery

  • External File Delivery
  • Email as destination

5 – EIB and Workday Web Service

  • Workday Public Webservices
  • Custom transformations and Web Services
  • Importing an XML File using EIB and XSLT

6 – Inbound EIB with templates

  • Loading bulk data into Workday using EIB
  • Spreadsheet Templates
  • Create an inbound integration system
  • View Template module
  • Generate Spreadsheet template
  • Integration IDs
  • Business process guidelines
  • Launching a template-based inbound EIB

7 – Troubleshooting Inbound EIB

  • Business Process Status
  • Integration Error Handling
  • Integration Exception Reports
  • Edit an Integration Attachment

8 – Customizing the Template Model

  • View and Edit Template Model
  • Populating generated templates
  • Customizing template model

9 – Advanced Inbound EIB

  • Generate spreadsheet template with data
  • Inbound EIBs for import web services

1 – Calculated Fields Overview

  • Calculated fields overview
  • Characteristics of calculated fields
  • System-wide vs Report-specific calculated fields
  • Calculated field functions
  • Naming conventions
  • Access to calculated fields
  • Locating existing calculated fields
  • Performance considerations

2 – Working with Dates and Text Strings

  • Global calculated fields
  • Numeric constant
  • Increment or decrement date
  • Date difference
  • Substring text
  • Convert Text to the number
  • Text Length

3 – Evaluating Conditions

  • Constant fields
  • True/False condition
  • Evaluate Expression
  • Calculation Hierarchy
  • Planning your calculated fields
  • Lookup range band
  • Evaluate expression Vs. Lookup range band
  • Performance consideration

4 – Performing Mathematical Calculations

  • Count related instances
  • Sum related instances
  • Arithmetic calculations
  • Convert currency

5 – Retrieving Data from Related Objects

  • Working with related business objects
  • Lookup Related Value
  • Extract Single Instance
  • Extract multi-Instance
  • Performance considerations

6 – Working with Lookups

  • Lookup Hierarchy
  • Lookup Hierarchy Rollup

7 – Change Detection

  • Lookup value as Date
  • Change detection
  • Reporting on Business process events
  • Reporting on Events: PBO Vs RBO
  • Current and Proposed values

1 – Core Connector: Worker

  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Integration System Services
  • Integration Attributes
  • Integration Field Attributes
  • Integration Field Overrides
  • Integration Maps
  • Access to Workday data
  • Launching an Integration System
  • Change detection
  • Transaction Log
  • Integration Audit Files
  • Integration sequence generators
  • Integration business process

2 – Document Transformation

  • The document transformation connector
  • Chaining outbound connectors with document transformation
  • Document transformation integration XSLT formatting
  • Fixed length file scenario
  • Delimited file scenario
  • XML file scenario
  • XML file scenario enhanced
  • ETV and XTT scenario
  • Changing the document transformation system

3 – Inbound core connector

  • Core connector: Organization inbound
  • Document transformation with an inbound connector

1- Getting started with Workday studio

  • Overview
  • What is a workday studio?
  • Workday studio security basics
  • Workday Studio navigation
  • Workday Studio platform

2 – Workday Studio – Collections

  • Integrations, Collections, and the Cloud Repository
  • Developing Integration Collections
  • Export Collections
  • Import Collections
  • Deploying workday studio projects to Workday
  • Source Code for Deployed Integration in Tenant
  • Version control

3 – Configuring Workday Studio Components

  • Workday studio samples
  • Assemblies
  • Workday-in Transport
  • Deploying to Workday
  • Modifying HelloCloud Components

4 – Building an Integration

  • Creating assembly projects

5 – Architecture Overview

  • Message Flow through assemblies

6 – Building an Integration with WWS

  • Use the Web Services Tester. Workday public web service
  • Calling a Workday web service operation from the Assembly

1 – What is HCM?

2 – What is Workday?

3 – Organization, Job Profiles, and Positions

  • Supervisory Organization
  • Viewing personnel data
  • Staffing Models
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Job profiles
  • Creating positions and jobs
  • Setting Hiring Restrictions
  • Job Requisitions

4 – Compensation

  • Defaulting compensation

5 – Hire

  • Create a pre-hire
  • Hire Process
  • Propose Compensation Hire and Beyond
  • Condition Rules and other options

6 – Contingent Workers

  • Contracting contingent workers

7- Staffing changes

  • Staffing movement
  • Managing Filled and unfilled positions and jobs

8 – Termination

  • Termination
  • Job Overlap

9 – Event Management

  • Cancel, Rescind, and Correct Events


About Workday Training in Hyderabad

Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications. With technology similar to SAP and Oracle, the company provides demand-side financial as well as human capital or employee management services. Workday provides Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Payroll software to businesses. It is used by thousands of companies as a leading web-based ERP solution. Workday Training in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy will help you to build your career graph with technology that has established itself as the market leader. Workday is a technology that’s becoming increasingly popular, with many people using it to start and advance their careers in well-known companies. Brolly Academy is an excellent choice for those looking for a thorough and expert-level of Workday training course in Hyderabad. The Workday course in Hyderabad is designed to automatically activate the Human Resources department and make its applications simple, secure, and easy to use cloud computing. Our trainers have experience in implementing real-time solutions on queries related to a variety of topics in Workday technology so that students gain deep subject knowledge and can get jobs in the competitive world. Aspirants can acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge in every module, which will help them solve complex business solutions with ease and in real-time scenarios. We will maximize the return on investment and adoption of workday applications by delivering training that is comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective. Our program covers the basics, plus a number of more advanced topics: from Fields of Implantation to Document Transfer, Time Management Calculated Work Day’s Employee Compensation Management. iLoads and even Transactions are also covered in our workday training. You will receive Workday certification upon completion of the training program and approval by most companies. Attaching the Workday certificate to your professional resume can help you promote dynamic and flexible job opportunities for candidates with the right skills. It is also a way of enhancing your own potential employment opportunities by uplifting career growth. This course is designed for both novice and advanced Workday users. Our training staff has more than nine years of experience in delivering successful courses and coaching students through learning experiences. With three different modes of training that include Workday online training, Workday video course training in Hyderabad, and Workday classroom training in Hyderabad, Brolly academy stands as one of the leading institutes in Hyderabad. At Brolly academy we also prioritize training the students by making them job-ready with our Workday placement assistance training programs. Interview questions, resume preparation, mock tests, mock interviews, referrals and much more can be accessed as a part of our Workday Placement program.

Join Brolly Academy for a demonstration of our Workday Training in Hyderabad, where we will provide an overview of Workday’s evolution and its importance in the market.

Modes of Workday Training

In-class Workday Training

We provide expert training in the Workday platform, which is designed to prepare you for a career as an industry professional and cover all aspects of the framework from basic principles to advanced techniques. We will offer classroom training for Workday in Ameerpet and KPHB, Hyderabad. Extensive training in Workday by our trainers as well as one-to-one sessions with tutors are on the schedule.

Online Workday Training

The Workday course is delivered through e-learning platforms, so you have access to live tutors who can help with issues as they arise. Our Workday online training offers classes taught by expert trainers who are available to answer your questions. You can take our courses at any time that is convenient for you, so it’s easy to fit them into your schedule.

Workday Video course

The Workday Video Course is a curriculum of live recordings supplemented, assessments, and quizzes with additional resources, presented in an organized way. Completing the course will earn you a digital certification in Workday. If you have any questions about the material or how to apply it please ask during our weekly online sessions!

Why choose our Brolly Academy Institute?

Brolly Academy is a leading Software Training institute in Hyderabad, is known for its method of teaching. In Brolly Academy our Workday expert trainers have over 9+ years of experience in the Workday Industry and can prepare you to launch your career. Whether you’re a fresher looking for certification or an experienced professional with expertise. Our Workday Training course provides you with the skills and expertise you need to apply at companies that use this technology. Our Workday Course will help you get ready for your mock interviews, resume creation and question-and-answer sessions. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Workday Training course in Hyderabad

Remote Learning

We offer two kinds of Workday training online courses and video classes. Both options let you train on your own schedule, no matter where in the country you might be

Group Discussion

We also go the extra mile by organizing live group discussions where course tutors and students can share their experiences.

Interview Preparation

Brolly Academy offers expert training in interview preparation that helps students get jobs. Our program includes mock interviews, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and other resources to help our students prepare for their dream careers!

Career Assistance

We will help guide you through your career and offer an opportunity to work with us on our mission of helping people find jobs.

Learn from Best Instructors

Our Instructors are well experienced and have years of real-time exposure using Workday. They make the Workday concepts simple by communicating them in a way that sticks with our students. Our best trainers work passionately to help people understand!

Limited Batches

We only accept a small number of students, so that each one receives the individual attention they deserve.

Workday Certification

A certificate from our training program would be awarded to each student in the program. With this certificate under his or her belt, a graduate has an excellent chance of landing a great job opportunity.

Doubt clearing sessions

We offer personal one-on-one classes in which our trainers can meet with students and answer questions about Workday course training.

Testimonials of Workday Training in Hyderabad


Brolly Academy is one of the best places to learn Workday technology.Trainer guided with all topics involved during Workday training. Brolly academy provides a friendly environment to learn software courses. I was immediately placed after completing Brolly Academy's Workday course in Hyderabad; the academy also provided me with career guidance. Thank you Brolly Academy.


One thing that always comes to my mind when I speak about Brolly Academy Training is the Quality and One stop shop for all technology related things. In my opinion Brolly Academy is the best institute for Workday technology in Hyderabad.


I am delighted to be part of Workday training at Brolly Academy as I shaped my career from Non-IT to IT professional. Got the placement with trainer support and assistance which made my entry into the IT industries simple. I really thank Brolly Academy for the support.


Brolly Academy is a place where I shaped myself into an expert in the Workday technology that I opted for. Session quality with real time scenarios is the best thing that I can say which is unique. Work support delivered with working professionals is of good quality.


Brolly Academy is the best place for Workday training in Hyderabad. Nice faculty & friendly environment to learn. I completed the Workday course in Brolly Academy, and was able to easily understand complex programs after listening to the trainers' simple explanations.


Attended Workday training course in Brolly Academy. The faculty provides in-depth knowledge on the Workday. My teachers here are very knowledgeable and always respond quickly when I have questions. The workday classes gave me the skills and confidence to tackle projects such as earning my certification.

Certification in Workday

This Workday training course is designed for clearing Brolly Academy’s Workday certification. The entire course content is in line with this certification and prepares you to tackle it easily, getting the best jobs at top MNCs. By enrolling in this Workday Training, you will receive access to real-world industry scenarios and projects that are directly tied to your success as an employee. At the end of this Workday Training program, there will be quizzes that test your knowledge of core concepts on Workday. You can take these quizzes to prepare for your Workday certification exams or just to check your understanding the choice is yours! Upon the successful completion of students’ project work, Brolly Academy will award them with a Workday course completion certificate

Workday Certification


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            Advantages of Learning Workday course -

            Employment possibilities in Workday -

            Completion of the Workday course you will learn -

            Prerequisites to Learn Workday


            What are the skills you will learn during this Workday training?

            ● Workday Integrations ● Latest terminologies and business processes involved in Workday Suite ● Calculated Fields ● Create and configure reports ● Create and configure the business process ● Workday Studio ● EIB integrations

            Who can take this Workday training?

            Anyone who is interested to start a career Workday training. ● Business analysts ● Project managers ● HCM Practitioners ● System administrators ● IT professionals ● ERP Consultants who want to explore Workday ● Workday Consultants curious about integrations

            Does Brolly Academy provides practical training sessions in Workday training?

            Yes, our Workday training provides a solid foundation in the software, including both theoretical and practical lessons. Before being challenged with scenarios reflecting real-world challenges (and receiving feedback on his work), students will first learn about each module.

            Will I be getting a free demo before enrolling in Workday Training?

            Brolly Academy offers free, hands-on classes on Workday to help you decide if our training program is right for you.

            Will I get a placement assistance program in the Workday Training Course at Brolly Academy?

            We help you prepare for job interviews and create resumes that we send to employers on your behalf.

            Which institute is best for learning Workday Training in Hyderabad?

            Brolly Academy is the best provider of training in Workday technology. We provide expert trainers who can help you become a skilled professional by learning all aspects of this language including how to apply it to your job.

            Who are the trainers at Brolly Academy for Workday training?

            Brolly Academy is a leading provider of Workday training, consulting, and implementation services. Our experts help individuals and organizations throughout the world master their use of Workday technologies

            What are the benefits of getting certified in Workday certification?

            Certification will improve your career prospects and help you find a job with one of the leading companies in Hyderabad.

            What if I am not satisfied with the Workday training provided by Brolly Academy?

            We provide special training to any student who is not satisfied with the general course we offer.

            Who are the companies that hire Workday professionals?

            The major companies hiring Workday professionals in Hyderabad are IBM, Capgemini, Accenture, UnitedHealth Group, Birlasoft, CSC, Amazon, TCS Oracle, CGI, and many more.

            What is the Average salary of a Workday professional?

            The average annual pay for Workday professionals in Hyderabad ranges between 4.5 LPA to 11 LPA.

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