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ServiceNow Training In Hyderabad

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Trainer Name Ms. Shravya Kumari
Trainer Experience 8+ Years
Next Batch  29th April 2024 (09:00 AM IST)
Training Modes: Online Training (Instructor-Led)
Course Duration: 2 Months
Call us at: +91 81868 44555
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ServiceNow Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • ServiceNow Account Creation?
  • Introduction to Instance.
  • Basic Configurations in Instance – (UI 15, UI 16)
  • Versions In Snow, ITIL , Paas and Saas Tools Importance
  • How to get Info of Version in Current Instance and Its Latest Information Notes on the latest release.
  • User,Group and Role Creation.
  • Creation of User,Assign to a Group and Adding Roles.
  • Tables (Tables & Columns).
  • Custom Table Creations and Its Importance.
  • Out of Box Features (Incident, Problem, Change)
  • Creation of Form & Designing the Form
  • Building the Different Functionalities on the form.
  • Field and List – OverView and Importance
  • List View and Studying the Other Features on List View
  • Working on Filters with Multiple Examples
  • Incident Form all the Functionalities are explained
  • Creation of Fields & Sections.(Related-Sections)
  • What is use of Visual Task Boards
  • DashBoards and Homepages , Plugins Importance.
  • DotWalking and Using of Dot Walk in Different Scenarios
  • Impersonating the User and Delegation of User Importance.
  • List view Concepts and Dependent Choice Building.
  • Assignment Rules and Assignment LookUp Rules
  • Type of Import Set and its Importance
  • Data Lookup Rules and Creation of it.
  • Data Source – Import Data Methods
  • Transform Map – Import Data into Instance.
  • Import and Export of Files
  • SLA-(All the Three Types).
  • Service Level Agreements and Its Importance.
  • Two Types of SLA (Response , Resolution)
  • Notes on SLA , OLA & Up with Practical Example
  • UpdateSets Creation and Movements.
  • Backout Update and Remote Update set Creation.
  • Remote Instance Creation for UpdateSet
  • UpdateSet Error and their Best Practices
  • Shortcuts in ServiceNow are Explained
  • UI-Actions and Process FlowMatters.
  • WorkFlow Creations and Its Importance.
  • Survey Creation.
  • Events Creation and Its Importance.
  • Notification Creations.
  • InBound Notification
  • OutBound Notifications.
  • Reports Creations
  • . Scheduling the Reports
  • Catalog Item – Introduction
  • Catalog Item – Creation(Variables)
  • Variable Set Creation & Importance.
  • Record Producer.
  • Order Guides.
  • Importance of Dictionary and Reference Qualifier.
  • Notification Buildings (Inbound & OutBound) Information Knowledge Base and Knowledge Articles Importance & Creation. ACL (Access Control List).
  • Implementation of ACL
  • // ** Scripting **//
  • Difference Between Server-Side Scripting and Client Side Scripting. UI-Policies and UI actions , Data Policies.
  • Client Scripts(All 4 types).
  • Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI-Policies.
  • Business Rules(ALL) are their Importance.
  • Script Includes and How to Implement
  • g_scaratchPad and Its Importance.
  • Glide Ajax, Glide Record and Glide User
  • Gsft Methods and Get Reference importance
  • Implementation of WorkFlow and Activities
  • Schedule Jobs & Schedule Reports.
  • Importance of ALL JavaScript – API in ServiceNow Instance
  • OverView of Service Portal & Importance of All API’s.

Every Topic Expected Interview Questions
Tips to Crack the Interviews and the Expected Question are also Provided

ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

Key Points


Get trained by qualified ServiceNow trainers with 8+ years of professional and industrial experience.


Learn how to enhance ServiceNow's default configurations by adding additional functionality with scripts.


300+ students trained and 160+ got placed by Brolly Academy in the last 4 months.


Take advantage of comprehensive placement assistance as part of our training program


Develop your planning and execution skills for user acceptance, unit, integration, and regression testing (UAT).


Use ServiceNow to optimize strategy, identify problems with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), and reduce risks.


Get an opportunity to participate in the mock interviews that our knowledgeable mentors conduct at the end of the ServiceNow training.


Python can be integrated with ServiceNow using ServiceNow's Scripted REST APIs, allowing for seamless interaction and automation within the ServiceNow platform.


Gain practical experience with this cloud computing program to develop, manage, automate, and structure services for systems.


As part of your project work, get knowledgeable and skilled at creating a customized product in ServiceNow.


Learn about the tools and techniques used in web development, such as.NET, and AJAX, and stylesheet languages like CSS.


Identify IT best practices and upgrade current techniques.


Gain knowledge on creating, implementing, and fixing issues with mobile and online apps on a certain platform.


ServiceNow brings together Information technology, security, and risk teams to share data and processes.


Learning ServiceNow is relatively easy with its user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, making it accessible for beginners and IT professionals alike at Brolly Academy.

What is ServiceNow ?

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ServiceNow is a cloud-based software platform that helps companies or organizations manage and automate their IT management processes and business workflows.

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It is a single source of record providing multiple resources for an organizations’ business processes.

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ServiceNow supports all kinds of business processes including HR and recruitment processes, IT management processes, finance processes, sales and marketing processes etc.


It works as both Software as a Service (SaaS) provider as well as a Platform as a service (PaaS) provider.

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ServiceNow was founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy and became a publicly traded company in 2012.

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The company has over 17k employees and is rewarded as one of the best places to work in the USA and UK as of 2022.

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It was mentioned in Fortune Magazine’s world’s most admired companies in 2021.

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JavaScript is the main programming language used in ServiceNow

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ServiceNow was also mentioned by Forbes as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

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ServiceNow offers infrastructure, platform, Applications or workflows to support the business’ IT needs.

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You can connect to ServiceNow or utilize the software via a functional PC and mobile devices.


The ServiceNow infrastructure offers backup, security, compute resources and Service level agreements.

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ServiceNow is perceived as challenging due to its versatile yet complex configuration options and the continuous need for learning and adaptation.


ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

  • ServiceNow is a SAAS/PAAS-based leading software platform on the cloud that supports IT service management (ITSM).
  • It involves enabling systems to define, manage, automate,, and structure services for companies.
  • It also offers application development and automation capabilities that help reduce the time it takes to build custom apps.
  • ServiceNow is available as both on-premise software and a cloud-based service.
  • ServiceNow is being implemented by organizations around the world to create a single structure of record for enterprise IT, reduce operational costs, and improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • It is an excellent platform for developing custom applications that meet the unique needs of each customer and is one of the most popular tools widely used by companies worldwide.
  • Brolly Academy is a prominent name for providing the best ServiceNow training in Hyderabad.
  • Whether you’re looking to become a certified ServiceNow Developer or ServiceNow Administrator, Brolly Academy can help you achieve your goals.
  • We offer a ServiceNow certification training program that is conducted by our ServiceNow-certified expert developer and implementer.
  • Our ServiceNow courseware is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for ServiceNow administrator certification and ServiceNow developer certification.
  • We conduct our training both online and offline and also provide video learning facilities to cater to every student’s requirements with convenient class timings and help them with ServiceNow training and placement assistance.
  • Our certified ServiceNow trainers will teach you how to implement a full ServiceNow deployment process from start to finish, and our placement assistance team will guide you through your interview preparation.
  • You will get a course completion certificate from Brolly Academy on successful completion of the ServiceNow certification course.
  • If you are looking for the Best ServiceNow course with a 100% placement assistance program, then you are on the right track.
  • Join us by enrolling in Brolly Academy’s ServiceNow training in Hyderabad.


ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Why choose

Why choose us for ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad?

ServiceNow Certification

Brolly Academy’s ServiceNow course is designed to prepare its students for the ServiceNow certification exam. This will help them to become a certified ServiceNow professional in the current technology field.

Master the Technology from Remote Location

With Brolly Academy’s remote learning (Online, Self-paced video) facilities one can now learn and become an expert in ServiceNow tool training anywhere around the world.

Learn by Doing Method

Brolly Academy’s immersive, hands-on ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad program combines theoretical learning with practical case studies, exercises, and coding practice that will make you ready for the industry. You will be provided with a practical assignment to practice on every topic in the session end. This will help you to inhance your knowledge in ServiceNow and make you proficient inthe technology.

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are experts in ServiceNow technology and provide the ServiceNow tool training from the Basic to Advanced level. You will have an opportunity to master the key concepts of this ServiceNow technology under their guidance. They will teach you by providing explanation on general terminology on every topic with more senario.

Work on Real-time Projects

We help you learn the ServiceNow technology by providing numerous examples, and we build your portfolio by having you work on real-time projects. We do this by providing practical, hands-on training and mentoring sessions. Students are given projects, case studies and assignments to execute their theoretical and practical skills and knowledge.

ServiceNow Training and Placement

Brolly Academy’s ServiceNow Training and placement assistance team guides its candidates to find a job, negotiate salary and benefits with employers, and guide them through the employment process. Our team conducts multiple mock interviews along with professional resume preparation that will give you an upper hand and a confident skill set in ServiceNow technology.

Basic to Advance Concepts

Our ServiceNow course is designed for both beginners and experienced learners. Whether you are an IT professional who wants to learn more about this technology or a fresher who wants to accelerate your career in this high demand technology. Our expert trainers will trainee and guide you through your learning process and make you an professional in this highly demanding industry.

ServiceNow course fee

Brolly Academy’s ServiceNow course fee is affordable with no extra charges. We offer a complete ServiceNow course with live projects to help students ServiceNow learn in a most effective way. We designed the ServiceNow course to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding along with complete technicalities.


ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

D. Ramcharan

The Brolly Academy's ServiceNow certification training helped me learn the skills necessary to perform new tasks. They have the most highly knowledgeable mentors with the best service now course training method. I gained a lot of technical and theoretical knowledge about SaaS and cloud computing. It was a great learning experience for me at ServiceNow Training In Hyderabad. Thank you Brolly Academy.

Ramdev Chaturvedi

I received excellent training from Brolly Academy in the ServiceNow course that I have enrolled in for. The servicenow course pdf was very well structured. The trainer was really helpful and completed the servicenow course syllabus on time and also provided real world examples, which helped me to remember the concepts in a easy way.

Anil Subramanyam

I learned the skills required for ServiceNow certification by attending the online course at Brolly Academy. Brolly Academy is the best platform to learn new software courses. The servicenow customer care team here is very responsive. The trainers were always available and helped clear my queries and doubts with the utmost patience. The servicenow course was designed from an industrial point of view and I have definitely gained a lot of practical knowledge and experience. I will 100% recommend Servicenow training in Hyderabad to anybody interested in learning the course.

Javed Ali Akhther

Taking the ServiceNow course at Brolly Academy allowed me to update my existing knowledge of ServiceNow and complete a project under their guidance. I am completely impressed by the teaching methods followed by Brolly Academy. The trainer gave us tips and tricks throughout the training session required in the serviceNow tool training technology. The training gave me the confidence to do better in my job interview. Thank you Brolly Academy.

Jeevan Varma

Brolly Academy is the best place to learn ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad. They provide servicenow Course in ameerpet. The trainers were well experienced in the technology, and conducted the sessions with enthusiasm and ensured that participants were well prepared for the upcoming interviews. They provides the best servicenow training and placement assistance. I would like to thank my trainer for his guidance throughout my servicenow learn journey.

Vivek Chopra

I would highly recommend the Brolly Academy ServiceNow training course in Hyderabad to anyone who is looking for to learn the ServiceNow course. The program provided practical training along with expert guidance that will surely benefit anyone in their future projects. Thank you Brolly Academy.

ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad

ServiceNow Training In Hyderabad


Mainline Certifications:

System Administrator 
Implement specialist
  • CS Customer Service 
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Customer Service Management (CIS-CSM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Field System Management (CIS-FSM)
  • HR
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources (CIS-HR)
  • IT
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Application Portfolio Management (CIS-APM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Cloud Provisioning and Governance (CIS-CPG)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery (CIS-Disco)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Event Management (CIS-EM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management (CIS-HAM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management (CIS-ITSM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Project Portfolio Management (CIS-PPM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping (CIS-SM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Provider (CIS-SP)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Software Asset Management (CIS-SAM) 
  • Security 
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance (CIS-RC)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Security Incident Response (CIS-SIR)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Vendor Risk Mangement (CIS-VRM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Vulnerability Response (CIS-VR)
Application Developer
  • Certified Application Developer (CAD)
Application Specialist
  • Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics (CAS-PA) 
  • Suite certifications
  • Suite Certification – CSM Professional
  • Suite Certification – HR Professional 
  • Suite Certification – ITSM Professional 
  • Micro & Core skills Micro-Certifications  
  • Micro Certifications 
  • CS
  • Customer Service Management with Service Management For Implementers
  • Platform Application Development   
  • Application Developer Process Creator
  • Application Developer User Interface Creator
  • Automated Test Framework 
  • Citizen Developer Application Creator
  • Citizen Developer Process Creator
  • Flow Designer Fundamentals 
  • Integration Hub Fundamentals 
  • Predictive Intelligence 
  • Service Portal Fundamentals 
Assessment Simulator Micro-Certifications  
  • Agile and Test Management Implementation
  • Business Continuity Management 
  • CMDB Health 
  • Configure the CMDB
  • DevOps Change Velocity  
  • Performance Analytics 
  • Virtual Agent Implementer
  • Welcome to ServiceNow
Core Skills Micro-Certification Suite Paths


  • Application Developer Core skills
  • Citizen Developer Core skills 
Executive Micro-Certification
  • Citizen Developer 
  • Accreditations
Financial Service Operations
  • Financial Service operations
Healthcare Services
  • Healthcare Services 

Legal Service Delivery

Telco Service Management
  • Order Management for Telecom, Media, and Tech (OMT)
Workplace Service Delivery
  • Workplace Service Delivery  
  • Expert Program Certifications
  • Certified Technical Architect (CTA)
  • Certified Master Architect (CMA)

Advantages of Learning ServiceNow course

Job Oppurtunities in ServiceNow

Skills Developed Post ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad


ServiceNow Training In Hyderabad

Technical skills

Knowledge in web technologies like HTML, CSS, XML etc

SQL knowledge

Knowledge about API Integration

Complete knowledge of JavaScript

Thorough knowledge of the ServiceNow platform

Prior or comprehensive knowledge about the ITIL processes

ServiceNow Approximate Payscale

The pay scale differs and depends on the candidate’s experience, skill set and different certification in ServiceNow .

Market Trend in ServiceNow


ServiceNow is one of the most popular Software platforms that is being used by the top companies including Tesla.


The revenue of ServiceNow as of Sept 30, 2022 is accounted to be $6.920B with a 25.11% increase as compared to 2021.


ServiceNow is the one of the world’s most valuable companies at 158th position.


There is an increasing demand for ServiceNow professionals with the required skills with an immense scope in the future for those with Certifications.

Who Can Enroll ServiceNow Training

Frequently Asked Questions - ServiceNow Training


  • Yes, a ServiceNow career can be lucrative and promising due to its widespread adoption in IT service management, offering diverse opportunities for specialization and competitive compensation.
  • For anyone who has been working within the ServiceNow system for six months or more, taking the certification exam is well worth it.
    Not only does passing this test validate your skills and knowledge of ServiceNow
  • but it also enables you to apply for higher-level jobs at valuable companies by attracting recruiters from such firms that are now specifically looking for certified employees.
  • ServiceNow is a highly valued tool for today’s businesses. The community of users and developers maintains good documentation, making it easier to learn than any other SaaS product.
    Cloud computing courses are very popular with corporations because they make it easy for employees to gain the in-depth training necessary to use this software effectively

To become proficient in ServiceNow you are required to have knowledge of programming languages primarily JavaScript.

  • ServiceNow is one of the major ITSM tools available in the market. Cloud-hosted IT management platforms are key to the success of today’s leading enterprises.
    There are mainly three certification paths in ServiceNow’s career for customers and partners who work with and use ServiceNow products or services. The Certifications are –
    Certified Systems Administrator (CSA)
    Certified Application Developer(CAD)
    Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS)
  • The ServiceNow business model is based on providing products using SaaS cloud computing software.
    It involves setting up systems to define, manage, automate and structure services for companies.
    ServiceNow users can find the software useful within security, operations, customer service, HR, and other industries.
  • A ServiceNow quality assurance engineer’s salary can be $47,800 to $130,000 depending on the size of the organization, the location, and the experience level. The average salary is $93,000.
  • We offer the ServiceNow training and certification in Hyderabad in a very affordable cost, please contact us to know more about the course fee of our ServiceNow training.

Our ServiceNow training center is located in KPHB, Hyderabad, India.

Yes, you will get ServiceNow training material pdf from Brolly Academy in the training.

The ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad duration at Brolly Academy is 2 months.

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