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Embedded Systems Course In Hyderabad

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Trainer Name Mr. Vamsi Raju
Trainer Experience 12+ Years
Next Batch Date 29th April 2024 (10:00 AM Online)
Training Modes Online Training (Instructor-Led)
Course Duration 90 – 120 Days
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Embedded Systems Course In Hyderabad

Course Contents

  • Definition and Characteristics of Embedded Systems
  • Applications and examples
  • Embedded Systems vs. General-Purpose Systems
  • Introduction to microcontrollers
  • Architecture of microcontrollers (e.g., ARM, AVR, PIC)
  • Embedded programming languages (C, Assembly)
  • Embedded development tools and environments
  • Serial communication protocols (RS232, RS485)
  • I2C and SPI communication
  • CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol
  • Ethernet and Wireless communication (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)
  • Overview of C language
  • History and development of C
  • Structure of a C program
  • Basics of compiling and executing C programs
  • Memory allocation functions (malloc, calloc, realloc, free)
  • Dynamic arrays and linked lists
  • Memory management best practices
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Relational and logical operators
  • Bitwise operators
  • Conditional (ternary) operator
  • Operator precedence and associativity
  • Conditional statements (if, else, switch)
  • Looping statements (while, for, do-while)
  • Break and continue statements
  • Nesting and labeled loops
  • Function definition and declaration
  • Function arguments and return values
  • Function prototypes
  • Recursion and recursive functions
  • Scope and lifetime of variables
  • One-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays
  • Strings in C
  • String manipulation functions
  • Character arrays and pointers
  • Introduction to pointers
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • Pointers and arrays
  • Pointers to functions
  • Structure definition and initialization
  • Nested structures
  • Unions and their uses
  • Bit-fields in structures
  • File operations in C (opening, closing, reading, writing)
  • Sequential and random file access
  • Error handling with files
  • Binary and text file handling
  • Memory allocation functions (malloc, calloc, realloc, free)
  • Dynamic arrays and linked lists
  • Memory management best practices
  • Macro definitions
  • File inclusion
  • Conditional compilation
  • #define and #undef directives
  • Enumerations
  • Typedef
  • Command-line arguments
  • C Standard Library functions
  • Error handling and exceptions in C
  • Overview of System Programming
  • Role of System Programming in Software Development
  • Understanding Operating Systems
  • Introduction to C Programming Language for System Programming
  • Process Creation and Termination
  • Process Communication and Synchronization
  • Multithreading and Thread Safety
  • Concurrency Issues and Solutions
  • Memory Hierarchy
  • Virtual Memory Concepts
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation and Deallocation
  • Memory Mapping and Shared Memory
  • Overview of I/O Systems
  • Buffering and Caching
  • Basic I/O System Calls
  • Device Drivers and Interrupt Handling
  • Signals and Signal Handling
  • Process Scheduling
  • Inter Process Communication (IPC)
  • Forking and Executing Processes
  • Understanding the Linux Kernel
  • Kernel architecture
  • Kernel space vs. user space
  • Importance of drivers in the Linux ecosystem
  • Installing and Configuring Linux Kernel Source
  • Obtaining and configuring kernel source code
  • Compiling the Linux kernel
  • Loading and unloading kernel modules
  • Introduction to Kernel Modules
  • Creating a simple character device driver
  • File operations for character devices
  • Dynamic memory allocation in the kernel
  • Memory deallocation and best practices
  • Introduction to interrupts in Linux
  • Writing interrupt service routines (ISRs)
  • Overview of ARM architecture
  • Evolution of ARM processors
  • ARM instruction set overview
  • ARM processor modes
  • Memory organization in ARM systems
  • ARM addressing modes
  • Caches and cache management
  • Memory-mapped I/O
  • Memory protection and exception handling
  • Introduction to ARM peripherals
  • GPIO programming in ARM
  • Timer and counter-programming
  • Interrupts and exception handling
  • Communication interfaces (UART, SPI, I2C)
  • ARM system architecture overview
  • ARM system-on-chip (SoC) design
  • AMBA bus architecture
  • Power management in ARM systems
  • Basics of RTOS
  • Task scheduling and synchronization
  • Real-time constraints and deadlines
  • Unit testing and integration testing
  • Debugging techniques and tools
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Real-world examples of embedded systems applications
  • Hands-on projects to apply learned concepts

Embedded Systems Course In Hyderabad

Key Points


Learn from our experienced and skilled trainers with 12+ years of industrial experience and gain industry-relevant knowledge about the programming and architecture design of Embedded Systems.


In the last 7 months 400 + students were trained and 260 + placed by Brolly Academy


Learn to Program in Embedded processors to develop digital devices with practical examples to enhance your skill set


Learn and expose about C, C++ and Embedded C, etc. and become an industry-ready candidate with our application-oriented training program


With our practical-based learning approach (80% practical & 20% theory), gain both theoretical and practical knowledge.


Embedded Systems is a good career which offers a high salary. It is a promising career for freshers as well as experienced engineers. Explore top-notch training at Brolly Academy, a leading institute for Embedded courses in Hyderabad


AI won't replace Embedded Systems; rather, they complement each other. For expertise in Embedded Systems, consider Brolly Academy, a leading institute in Hyderabad.


Embedded Software is in high demand, driving innovations in various industries. For quality education and training, explore Brolly Academy, a leading institute for Embedded courses in Hyderabad


Get affordable course fees with the best comprehensive Embedded Systems course syllabus and enhance your knowledge from the basics to an advanced level in processor programming.


Get lifetime access to Embedded Systems Course LMS with Placement assistance & assurance for all candidates


Join our 2 days free Embedded Systems demo class before enrolling


Get Module test, assignment review & plan for improvements after the completion of each topic


Learn at your own pace, by accessing our Self-paced video learning option to become an expert and dynamic system architect with sound programming skills.


We don’t teach like other traditional institute, we teach separately at brolly Academy especially for embedded system course. This is the best Embedded systems course in Hyderabad.


There is a promising future in Embedded Systems, with increasing applications in technology. For a solid start, consider Brolly Academy, a top institute for Embedded courses in Hyderabad


Brolly Academy stands out as a top choice, offering comprehensive courses and hands-on training for a solid foundation in embedded technology.

What is Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems is a micro-controller-based, software-driven control system that is highly reliable and works in real-time.

It has the potential to work as an independent system or as a part of a large system.

Designing Embedded Systems involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining electronics, programming, and engineering.

Embedded Systems are microprocessor or microcontroller based systems that are particularly designed to perform a unique task or one specific task repeatedly over a period of time.

Embedded Systems consist of software and hardware without which it is incomplete, it is a combination of hardware and software.

The hardware part of the Embedded Systems has a set of phases like Schematics Gerbers PCB Hardware Testing

The software in the Embedded Systems is used for features and flexibility whilst the hardware is used for performance and security.

The software part of the Embedded Systems has a set of phases like -Code Development Testing

Characteristics of Embedded Systems


Embedded Systems Course in Hyderabad

An Embedded Systems is a computer system designed to perform a specific task within a larger mechanical or electronic system. 

Such systems are used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial automation, medical devices, and automobiles. 

Typically, an Embedded System contains one or more processors and memory and may include peripheral input/output (I/O) devices such as a keyboard, display, printer, or modem. 

The I/O devices are typically connected to the processor via a bus or communication channel.

The processor executes software programs stored in memory and performs operations specified by the software programs and communicates with the I/O devices over the channel. 

A computer-Embedded Systems has all of the characteristics of a general-purpose computer, but it is designed for specific applications. 

It is used to develop a specific set of features in a more extensive system. For example, the GPS in your car is an embedded system. 

Embedded Systems may be found in various devices, including cell phones, digital cameras, security and surveillance equipment, toys, appliances, game consoles, medical instruments, and automobiles. 

Many Embedded Systems include a micro-controller (μC) or similar type of controller, which provides control and data processing functions for the overall system.

Embedded Systems are one of the current trending courses in the IT industry. 

Brolly Academy is known as the best Embedded Systems training institute in India and offers the Embedded Systems course in Hyderabad with comprehensive training methods. 

Our training program will cover all the essential concepts and topics – 

  • Embedded processor architecture
  • Software optimization
  • Data layouts for embedded processor
  • Data and code compaction
  • Network processor 

Our Embedded Systems course is suitable for both beginners and professionals who are interested in learning and mastering Embedded Systems courses in Hyderabad.

Under the constant supervision of Brolly Academy’s skilled professionals with a customized Embedded Systems course syllabus, students can master the Embedded Systems course with ease. 

Our Hands-on practical training methods in the Embedded Systems course will be followed by our trainers to ensure empirical knowledge is instilled in our students. 

The program will have a combination of live lectures, workshops, labs, case studies, and practical application of the skills learned during the training and is designed to prepare participants to work on their projects with the use of Embedded Systems. 

With Brolly Academy, you get Embedded Systems online course, Embedded Systems video course, and Embedded Systems classroom training that maintains the same level of quality and optimum training methods. 

Our Embedded Systems course with a placement assistance program will help our students to master the technology and get a placement in the domain. 

We provide an Embedded Systems course completion certificate that will be handed over to the students after the successful completion of the course. 

Brolly Academy’s Embedded Systems course is not just a regular training course; it is a career development program with assured success for the students who enroll in our training.

Looking for a chance to get trained in an Embedded Systems course with real-time industry experts from top MNCs?

Enroll Today with Brolly Academy for the course on the best-Embedded Systems coaching center in Hyderabad and make a great career in Embedded Systems.  


Modes of Embedded Systems Course

Class Room Training

Online Training

Corporate Training

Why choose

Embedded Systems Course In Hyderabad

Experienced Trainers

We have the best Embedded Systems trainers in the industry who are dedicated to help you to grow your business by providing you with the best training available. We’re here to guide you, how to use Embedded Systems effectively and how to make it work for your business.

Hands-on Experience

We offer you free access to our online Learning Management System (LMS) upon enrollment. This will include access to our exclusive video recordings, live training courses, assignments and case studies.

Updated Course Curriculum

Advanced Embedded Systems course syllabus - Our course curriculum is updated regularly to ensure you are always learning the updates in Embedded Systems. Our goal is to provide you with a complete understanding of the Embedded Systems and help you to build a solid foundation for your career.

Live Projects

We’re here to show you how to learn practical skills and gain technical knowledge that will enable you to become an expert in the field. We assign students with live Embedded Systems campaigns and assignments under the supervision of our skilled trainers.

Job Placement Assistance

We offer job placement assistance in Embedded Systems for people looking to make a career in Embedded Systems. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you land that perfect job in the Embedded Systems industry


Students Receive Certification Upon Completion of the program. You’ll receive a certification that can be used to apply for jobs, get promotions in your current job, or move up the ladder.

Who uses Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems is present or used in a number of industries including –

Market Trends in Embedded Systems


Many IT domains are migrating to the embedded domain for better career prospects. 


The market size of Embedded Systems was at USD 86.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 116.2 billion by 2025


The future in Embedded Systems is bright with more advancements in technologies that drive effective and agile communications, high storage capabilities, extended connectivity, and more.


The global Embedded Systems market also has a high growth rate with the potential to increase shortly.


A career in Embedded Systems is usually rewarding with high packages and benefits


The demand for skilled Embedded Systems professionals will always be as every electronic machine will use Embedded Systems in it which in turn facilitates job openings.


Students Testimonials of Embedded Systems Course


I have done the Embedded systems course in Hyderabad from the Brolly Academy. Here the embedded courses for working professionals is one of the best. The trainers were very professional and taught the course with a practical approach which I really enjoyed. The advanced embedded systems course syllabus was up-to-date and has all the industry requirements and best embedded systems course for beginners.


Brolly Academy is one of the best embedded systems course in Hyderabad with an excellent team of trainers. I attended the online Embedded systems training and thoroughly enjoyed it. Embedded systems course fees in Hyderabad are very affordable and the certificate I got after the course has been very helpful during interviews. Thank you Brolly Academy.

Soha Ali

I joined Brolly Academy to learn an online Embedded systems Course In Hyderabad. Throughout the course, the trainers were very helpful and conducted backup classes when I missed classes. I am very comfortable and gained a lot of knowledge from the embedded course training program. This is the best institute for embedded systems course with placement assistance. I am currently attending interviews, wish me luck.


I always wanted to learn Embedded systems and after spending hours looking for a good training institute in Hyderabad, I decided to join the Brolly Academy’s online Embedded systems course and it was the best decision ever. The trainers were so friendly and supportive right from the beginning till the end of the course, they have always been encouraging. The customized embedded systems course syllabus and flexible learning timings are made my learning process much easier. They provides embedded systems course with placement assistance. Thank you Brolly Academy. Embedded systems course fee is also very affordable.

Sunita Ramya

Myself Sunita Ramya. I have completed my BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I Got to know about Brolly Academy's Embedded systems course through my friends. Where after knowing about the institute I started researching and made my mind to join brolly. I enrolled in to their Embedded systems course in Hyderabad. The placement team members are very friendly natured and this helped me to crack the interview in one short. This institute is the best provider for embedded certification courses. I suggest all the students to join Brolly Academy institute. I am very much thankful to Brolly Academy Team.


I am from Vishakhapatnam. I was very much interested in working with Embedded core companies but I don't know which is the best institute to join. After a long search I got to know about Brolly Academy’s embedded systems full course. The faculties are corporate trainers have a immense knowledge about the Embedded systems course. Placement team supported me from the day one of my joining and given equal opportunity which helped me to get placed in a company in Bangalore. Best embedded training institute in Hyderabad. I thank the entire Brolly Academy team for all the support. Wishing all the best to Brolly Academy. Brolly academy is the best embedded systems coaching centre in Hyderabad.


Embedded Systems Course Certification

Certification courses in Embedded Systems from Brolly Academy offer structured and tailored training to improvise the applied skills by providing all the prerequisite technical training required to master Embedded Systems Course for better job experience and accountability. 

After the compilation of the Embedded Systems course and project assignment, students will be rewarded with the course compilation certificate from Brolly Academy and can apply for jobs in the Embedded Systems. 

  • There are a few institutes in India that offer Embedded Systems certification. 
  • Some of the Institutes that offer certifications are –
  • ARM 
  • Vector 
  • Coursera 
  • Udacity 
  • Embedded School 

Note – There is no official certification for Embedded Systems.

Benefits of Learning Embedded Systems

Objectives of Embedded Systems Course

Embedded Systems Job Opportunities

  • Since Embedded Systems includes both Hardware & Software, the job opportunities lie in both hardware side and software side of the industry. 
  • Some of the job roles or designations in Embedded Systems include – 
    • Embedded Systems Engineer 
    • Embedded Software Developer 
    • Embedded Firmware Engineer 
    • PCB Design Engineer
    • Embedded Test Engineer 
    • Embedded System Architect 
    • Support Engineer 
    • Field Application Engineer 
  • The companies that often hire Embedded Systems professionals are –
    • Qualcomm
    • Intel
    • Dell
    • TCS
    • Tech Mahindra 
    • IBM 
    • Motorola 
    • Samsung 
    • CISCO 
    • HCL and more.


Prerequisites to Learn Embedded Systems Course

Knowledge in computer architecture

The candidate must have knowledge in C-Programming language

The candidate must have knowledge in Embedded Linux

The candidate must have knowledge in Operating Systems.

The candidate must be aware of controller programming, interface programming, system programming, device driver programming etc.

The candidate must have knowledge in Assembly language for RAM processor for Embedded systems engineer.

The candidate must have knowledge in Chip level cyber security for Embedded systems engineer.

Anybody with understanding of basic electronic components and circuits

Deductive logic analysis

Problem solving abilities

Troubleshooting skills

Project management skills

Good Teamwork and communication skills

Aptitude skills

Who can learn Embedded Systems Course ?

To learn this Embedded Systems course one should have minimum degree in the strems as mentioned below – 

Skills developed post Embedded Systems Course

Advanced C & Data structures

Unix Adv Programming

Linux System Programming

Linux Kernel Programming

Linux Device Drivers

Interfaces:- UART, I2C, SPI.

Wireless:- WiFi


Networking concepts

TCP/IP Socket Programming

OS Porting on ARM

Linux Porting

AI/ML, LTE, 4G & 5G


Beaglebone Boards

Frequently Asked Questions - Embedded Systems Course


Yes, Embedded Systems is a good career which offers a high salary.
It is a promising career for freshers as well as experienced engineers.
It plays a vital role in the development of new technology.
The Scope of the Embedded Systems is better than other fields.
The career opportunities in the Embedded Systems in India are a lot.
Every electronic machine will use an Embedded system.

Embedded Systems help you to solve difficult problems.
The software must be able to run simultaneously with other programs and respond in a timely manner regardless of external events.
They are much smaller than the average system, which allows for a longer power supply and faster functioning.

Yes, Since Embedded Systems deal directly with physical objects rather than abstract code, they can be difficult to program and test.
An Embedded System is made up of computer hardware and software designed for a specific purpose.
The system may function within a larger one, with the possibility of being reprogrammed to do new things.

Embedded systems are made up of hardware and software that work together to perform a specific function.

As more devices and products become connected directly to real-time monitoring, embedded systems will continue becoming more common in the Internet of Things.

An Embedded System is a microcontroller or microprocessor-based device that performs a predefined task.

For instance, the alarm in an automobile is an embedded system: it will sense only when something (like smoke) triggers its sensors.

An Embedded Systems engineer is responsible for designing, developing, producing, and testing the Embedded Systems.
They provide support to other members of a cross-functional team (mechanical, software) in addressing issues that arise during these stages by running tests on the complete system.

Step by step guidance to start an Embedded Systems – To start the Embedded Systems fir you have to learn an Embedded Programming Language. You need to do to start creating applications is to learn an Embedded Programming Language. Choose an Embedded Computer Set Up Your Embedded Device Set Up Your IDE and Tooling Test Your Embedded Project

Most modern Embedded Systems are built using an operating system (OS), so the choice of that OS occurs early in development. Choosing which one to use can be difficult for developers unfamiliar with such systems.

An Embedded Systems is a microcontroller or microprocessor-based device that performs a predefined task. There are 4 types of embedded systems –
Real-time Embedded Systems
Standalone Embedded Systems
Network, or networked, Embedded Systems
Mobile Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems course duration in Brolly Academy is 2 months, however it depends on the students’ learning pace

Brolly Academy provides the Best Embedded Systems course in Hyderabad with Free demo option, advance technology, up-to-date Embedded Systems course syllabus, embedded systems course with placement assistance support, and a lot more.
You can contact us or send us an E-mail to our email id to know further information about the Embedded Systems course. Brolly academy provides embedded software courses online and offline. 

Brolly Academy is the best Embedded Systems coaching center in Hyderabad with placements located in KPHB.
We are provide the Embedded Systems course in 3 different modes – Embedded Systems online course, Embedded Systems classroom training and Embedded Systems self-paced video learning.
You can contact us or send us an E-mail to our email id to know further information about the Embedded Systems course.

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