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Oracle Apps Finance Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Srinivas Chinta
Trainer Experience7+ Years
Next Batch Date19-03-2024
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
Call us at:+91 81868 44555
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Oracle Apps Finance Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • Identifying the primary business functions that can be performed using each Oracle Financial application
  • Multi-Org Architecture
  • Reporting Currencies
  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Definition
  • E-Business Suite Technology Components
  • Security and Access Control
  • Flexfields
  • Profile Options
  • Concurrent Processing
  • Workflow and Business Events
  • Major Business Functions of Oracle General Ledger
  • Ledger ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) and Related Tables
  • Journal Entry ERD and Related Tables
  • Budget ERD and Related Tables
  • Journal Import Process, Related ERD, and Table Structure
  • Inventory Transaction Activities
  • Major ERD’s and Tables Used in Inventory Transactions
  • Inventory Open Interfaces and Application Program Interfaces
  • Overview of Purchasing Activity From Requisition to Receipt of Goods
  • Major Tables Used in Purchasing and Receiving
  • Open Interfaces and Application Program Interfaces
  • Oracle Payables Major Features
  • Payables Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Open Interfaces
  • iSupplier Portal
  • Asset Setup Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD’s) and Related Tables
  • Addition and Mass Addition ERD’s and Related Tables
  • Depreciation ERD’s and Related Tables
  • Asset Open Interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)
  • Customer Data Management
  • TCA Customer Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD’s) and Related Tables
  • Order Management Transactions and Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)
  • Order Management Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Open Interfaces
  • Customer Invoice Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD’s) and Related Tables
  • Receipt Entity Relationship Diagrams and Related Tables
  • Oracle Receivables Open Interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)
  • Overview of Oracle iReceivables
  • Overview of Open Interfaces
  • Application Open Interfaces
  • Data Conversion Process
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Home Page
  • E-Business Suite HTML Interface
  • E-Business Suite Forms Interface
  • E-Business Suite Concurrent Processing
  • E-Business Suite Technology Stack
  • E-Business Suite Database Components
  • E-Business Suite File System Components
  • Terminology
  • Searching
  • Concurrent Requests
  • Flexfields
  • Profile Options

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Key Points

Oracle Apps Finance Training in Hyderabad


The Oracle Financials applications are a subset of the Oracle Enterprise Suite and are used to capture and analyse your financial data on a global basis. The applications are used to run your business on a day-to-day basis and include finance, accounting, and human resources. This Oracle E-Business Course uses a complete set of business applications to track detailed transaction data and generate useful information by translating the raw material into decision-making tools. Use Oracle Financials applications to help you manage your business to the targets that are announced to investors. Management can better report back and satisfy obligations in key areas surrounding the numbers by taking Oracle Apps Finance Training in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy.

Brolly Academy offers the best Oracle Apps Finance training in Hyderabad with extensive training methods. The Oracle Apps Finance Training we provide is mindfully framed to train students with effective and essential skills. This Oracle Apps Finance training will give you a complete understanding of Oracle Apps Finance. We work on providing quality Oracle Apps Finance training that will give the students a detailed knowledge of the course, its technicalities, and skills. Our expert mentors will guide them through the Oracle Apps Finance program to ensure that they land a high-paying job.

All of our students will receive a certificate of completion of the Oracle Apps Finance course that can be used to enhance their resume. This certificate is provided by Brolly Academy, which is recognised by many corporate companies world-wide.

Our Oracle Apps Finance training is available in three modes: in-class training, online training, and self-paced recorded video training. You will be trained by our top-notch expert trainers in this Oracle Apps Finance training course, as they will teach you how to apply the various applications and their implications.

Brolly Academy also provides a free Oracle Apps Finance placement assistance program to all our trainees who successfully complete the Oracle Apps Finance training course. At no additional cost, our career counsellors will guide them through every step of the job search process, from resume preparation and interview coaching.

Register for the Oracle Apps Finance Training Course at Brolly Academy in Hyderabad for a wide range of job options and learn how to become a skilled professional in Oracle Apps Finance by taking our best Oracle Apps Finance Training in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy.

Modes of Oracle Apps Finance Training


Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why choose

Brolly Academy Institute

We are known as the best Oracle Apps Finance Training Institute in Hyderabad for our exclusive training method. The training program is led by our expert trainers with more than 9 years of Oracle Apps Finance platform experience who will guide you through the training and help you become a professional in this Oracle Apps Finance training program that will make you a work-ready candidate.

 By enrolling in our Oracle Apps Finance course, you will get the best mentorship for mock interview preparation, resume creation and Q&A session for your interview purpose.

Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Oracle Apps Finance course in Hyderabad.

Flexible Timings

We’ve designed our course schedule with its flexible times and user-friendly features to accommodate the needs of students.

Expert Tutors

Brolly Academy’s trainers have the best experience in Oracle Apps Finance, with 9+ years of real-life work expertise. Our academy ensures that students are trained effectively by these experts so they can acquire all the necessary skills throughout our training program.

Small Groups

At brolly academy, we give each student individual attention by training small groups of 10 students per batch.

Post Training Support

We at Brolly Academy provide a dedicated support team for all of our students, no matter what hurdles they’re facing.

Earn a Certificate

Upon successful completion of our Oracle Apps Finance training course in Hyderabad, students will receive a certificate that employers recognize as evidence of their skill and proficiency with the software training program.

LMS + Study Materials

You will be given lifetime access to our study material and LMS.

Job Support

Our employment placement team will guide you through the process of applying for jobs, preparing for interviews and more.


Oracle Apps Finance Training in Hyderabad


The learning process is very comfortable and easy at Brolly Academy. I have done the Oracle Apps Finance course at Brolly Academy in Hyderabad. My trainers were very friendly and supportive during the training, as was the entire staff. The practical examples provided throughout the training helped me learn better as well.


The Oracle apps finance training classes offered by Brolly Academy are of very good quality, and provide practical application through the materials they offer. Thanks to this experience I have gained a lot more knowledge on Oracle Apps Finance training course.


My experience taking the online class was great, this videos are have all the detailed info about the course and I would recommend Brolly Academy to anyone looking for Oracle Apps Finance training in Hyderabad.


The trainer explained the topics in easy ways with good examples. I especially liked how he gave us lots of chances to practice what we learned during and after the course completed. Thank you for this wonderful training experience on Oracle Apps Finance course, Brolly academy!


The Oracle Apps Finance online training method and placement service provided by brolly academy is great for learners who are new to this field. They provide high-quality training and assistance with placement, which add an extra value to this training process.


I enrolled in the Oracle Apps Finance course at Brolly Academy to learn new skills, but I actually got a job offer from that field. All thanks to Brolly Academy and the placement support team. They offer placement assistance and help with career planning, which is perfect for students or trainees trying to break into their chosen industry. Thank you so much!

Oracle Apps Finance Training In Hyderabad


Oracle Apps Finance Training Certificate Trained by our real-time expert tutors at Brolly Academy in Hyderabad is very effective. The entire course content is developed based on real scenario-based concepts.

 Our certification is recognized by the top companies across the world, and this certification will double the value of your resume. With the help of our certificate, you can apply for a leading job post. This certificate you will get only after successfully completing the training period.

Oracle Apps Finance Certification

Advantages of this Oracle Apps Finance course

Job Roles in Oracle Apps Finance

Objective of Oracle Apps Finance course:


Prerequisites to Learn Oracle Apps Finance

Frequently Asked Questions - Pracle App Finance


What if I have more questions regarding Oracle Apps Finance Training?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about Oracle Apps Finance.

Is Oracle Apps Finance a good career choice?

Learning Oracle Apps Finance will enhance your skills and make you more marketable. The Oracle Apps Finance skill set is in demand by employers looking to hire developers proficient in the application. Mastering Oracle Apps Finance will help you get started with your career in IT. Companies like Oracle, IBM, Wipro, HP, HCL, and many others use the software to run their finances.

How much will it cost me for the Oracle Apps Finance Course?

For more information about the Oracle Apps Finance course fee structure, please visit our website or contact us at the number given.

Will I get a job assistance after the compilation of this Oracle Apps Finance Training?

Yes, at Brolly Academy after completing the course, we will help you to prepare for interviews and create a resume. This service is available to all students who successfully complete our Oracle Apps Finance Training certification program.

Who will be my trainer in the Oracle Apps Finance course?

At Brolly Academy, our Oracle Apps Finance expert trainers will guide you throughout your training they have extensive experience in the industry.

Do you provide training on the latest technology version of Oracle Apps Finance?

Yes, our courses are updated regularly to keep up with changes in technology.

What if I miss any classes on the Oracle Apps Finance Course?

We will reschedule the Oracle Apps Finance classes in Hyderabad at a time that meets your needs, as long as all such possibilities are taken into account.

What will be the batch size of the Oracle Apps Finance Training at Brolly Academy?

At Brolly Academy, we believe that the best way for students to understand complicated and difficult topics is by giving them individual attention from their teachers. Therefore, each Oracle Apps Finance batch is a limited maximum of 10 members.

What is the average salary of an Oracle Apps Finance Developer in India?

The Average Salary of an Oracle Apps Finance Developer in India is ₹4,43,568 per annum.

Can I get access to the course material online?

Yes, you will be able to access our student portal with study materials, videos, and top-MNC interview questions for a lifetime once you enrolled.

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