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MEAN Stack Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee20,000 Rs
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date7th Sep 2022 AT 11:00AM
Training ModesClassroom [HYDERABAD] / Online

MEAN Stack Course Curriculum

  • Understanding the basics of Javascript, typescript
  • Packaging Concept [NPM Concept]
  • Introduction to MEAN Stack (Basic Overview)
  • Angular Project Creation and understanding its flow.
  • What is a component? How to create it?
  • What is the Directive? Inbuilt types [ ngIf, ngFor]
  • How to share data between components
  • What is a Promise? Its Practical example and how to use it in the Project.
  • What is Observable?
  • How to share data using Behaviour Subject?
  • What is Routing?
  • Form Handling And Validation Part [Reactive Form Validation]
  • How to create and use Custom Directive in Project [Form Handling].
  • API calling Part. How to make an HTTP request to a server [REST API's].
  • Search Pipe example to filter records practical example
  • How to make Angular Project Build.
  • Callbacks
  • Blocking, Non-blocking
  • Event EMitters and Event loops
  • Async And Await
  • Inbuilt Modules
  • JOI library Validation
  • Basics of Expressjs and Mongodb
  • Queries in MongoDB.
  • Creating a server in nodejs
  • Basic CRUD operation API's in Nodejs using mongo and express.
  • using the POSTMAN tool to test the API's created.
  • How to Integrate angular with backend

Key Points Of MEAN Stack Training in Hyderabad

What is MEAN Stack ?

What is it used for?

Who should learn this?

About MEAN Stack Training in Hyderabad

MEAN, which stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, is a relatively new stack. MEAN is a complete JavaScript stack that is mostly used for cloud-ready apps. 

Understanding the potential usage, You can get the most out of MEAN for software development by comprehending, finding instances of when to use it, and learning more about the individual components.

MEAN is an open and friendly stack that makes it the best choice for creating dynamic websites and applications. Rapid prototyping for web-based applications can be done quickly and efficiently using this free and open-source stack.

We offer customizable training options in an instructor-led style for Mean stack online training in Hyderabad to meet changing budgets and learning requirements. Our specialized industry knowledge and training ensure courses that are interesting and efficient. 

We only have a certain number of seats available in order to maintain the high caliber of our courses and give each student our full attention.

Mean stack training in Hyderabad enables you to increase your knowledge of web and application development. Obtaining this certification will provide your career path with such a big boost. 

Most big IT companies, like Samsung, DELL, IBM, Accenture, Adobe, and Microsoft, use this web development for various purposes. Additionally, they are prepared to pay well for a qualified applicant.

Being a skilled mean stack developer can help you succeed in such scenarios. Enroll right now at Brolly Academy in this mean stack course in Hyderabad.

Modes of Training - Mean Stack

  • Mean Stack training online:

    Our online Appian course offers students a flexible method to learn in a friendly environment. We use e-learning platforms to deliver our online training in a virtual classroom, which enables us to reach as many students as possible at an affordable cost.

  • Mean Stack classroom training:

    With live interactive instruction and professional guidance, we offer comprehensive mean stack classroom training in Hyderabad. You receive specialized one-on-one mean stack training in Ameerpet that focuses on giving you hands-on training and practical knowledge of the program. Our training is a simple, step-by-step guide that will get you up and running with mean stack during the course.

  • Mean Stack self-paced video course:

    The mean stack video course is a self-paced course that can be finished whenever and wherever you want. With additional lectures, tasks, discussion forums, and exams, it efficiently and effectively covers the key topics. You can take the course at your own pace and from the convenience of your home. Additionally, a Digital mean stack course completion certificate will be given to you for your participation.

Why choose us for Mean Stack training?

  • highly skilled instructors:

    With 8+ years of professional training experience, some of the top mean stack developers in the field have come out of our training program. Whether you're an expert developer or a total beginner, our mean stack training is made to teach you from beginning to advance.

  • Imperative project allotment:

    Our mean stack training course offers students a fantastic chance to put their knowledge to use in a practical environment. To help with this, we provide each student with a live project to work on during the training period. The goal of this project is to assist you in improving your ability to put the theory you have learned into practice.

  • placement assistance:

    The placement support team at Brolly Academy's mean stack course in Hyderabad will assist all of our trainees in finding jobs in the field of the mean stack that is a good fit for their skills and will teach them how to negotiate compensation and benefits with employers.

  • Mock Interviews:

    We assist our students with job placements and have a staff of knowledgeable career coaches who will collaborate with you to make sure you are fully prepared with the necessary abilities and interview skills for the mean stack positions. Additionally, we assist you in creating resumes that are unique and increase your chances of getting a job.

  • E-learning facilities

    We provide live workshops, virtual classroom training, self-paced video courses, webinars, and online mean stack training. Our mean stack program will help you to get professional knowledge from the comfort of your home, whether you are an experienced or a beginner.

  • Cost-effective fees:

    We provide inexpensive, convenient, and completely accredited mean stack online training with a flexible learning environment. Get the best mean stack training from certified trainers at a reasonable price, along with job support and further career coaching with real-world practical knowledge.

Testimonials for Mean Stack training


The fact that the Brolly Academy offers a wide range of courses is one of its best features. The academy's instructors are really helpful, educated, and knowledgeable about all the subjects. I attended the Brolly Academy's mean stack course in Hyderabad and it was fantastic. Without a doubt, I'd suggest it to others.


The training team at mean stack provided excellent learning opportunities. They are extremely knowledgeable about mean stack, and the mean stack training course in Hyderabad was well-structured the instructor gave excellent examples and demos to make the concepts easier to learn. I would advise anyone interested in learning mean stack to attend Brolly Academy. The instructors are pleasant and incredibly helpful.


The course material is so excellent that I would suggest using it as a reference for individuals who have already completed the mean stack training course but wish to brush up on a particular subject. The mean stack training course is created so that students may quickly acquire an overview of the subject before delving into the specifics. I'm happy I decided to attend Brolly Academy for my mean stack training in Hyderabad.


I truly appreciated the mean stack Training I received from Brolly Academy in Hyderabad. Pretty nice course material and ongoing assistance from the instructors. The training was professionally organized, and the material was highly pertinent to the field. The training is very informative, and the instructors made sure that every participant felt comfortable during the session. a course you must take if you intend to work in the mean stack industry.


One of the greatest mean stack training centers in Hyderabad is Brolly Academy, which has a top-notch staff of instructors. I participated in the online course for mean stack and had a great time. The cost of the mean stack course is really reasonable here, and the certificate I received at the end of it has been very useful in interviews. I appreciate Brolly Academy.

MEAN Stack Certification

Our knowledgeable training staff will assist you in becoming an expert in this field. You will also receive a Brolly Academy course completion certificate, which is accepted and recognized worldwide.

Depending on your preference, this certificate could be issued as a paper copy or a digital copy. You can advance your career by earning your Mean Stack certification through the Brolly Academy.

MEAN Stack Certification

Benefits of Mean Stack

Skills developed Post Mean Stack training in Hyderabad

Prerequisites of MEAN Stack training course in Hyderabad

Career Opportunities in MEAN Stack

Because of the growing popularity and feature set of Java script, MEAN Stack has had an awesome career in software development. Because front-end development is so critical to the user interface (UI), most software companies place a higher priority on it than on back-end development.

Due to the ease of use, affordability, and compatibility of the Mean software with the AngularJS framework, small and medium-sized businesses seek Mean stack engineers. Additionally, this one-language solution enables enterprises to create apps fast while saving time and money.

Some of the well-known designations in the mean stac

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in Mean Stack


is mean stack full stack?

A MEAN stack is a complete stack development framework; however, it varies from full-stack development in that it only makes use of the JavaScript framework.

what is mean stack development?

A person who is knowledgeable just in a few specific fields is a MEAN stack developer. Development using this specific group of technologies—MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, and NodeJS—is known as MEAN stack development. Developers who use the MEAN stack might be compared to those who create JS-based applications.

Is MEAN stack simple to learn?

Open source software MEAN stack is simple to learn and use. If you know how to use MEAN stack and JavaScript, you may describe yourself as a full-stack web developer.

Is a career in MEAN stack good?

Thus, it gives medium-stack developers the resources they need to enable feature-rich and comprehensive web apps. They can earn a respectable average salary for full-stack developers in India due to their proficiency with Express JS and the other technologies on this list.

Full stack or MEAN stack—which is better?

JavaScript-related projects are better handled by MEAN stack developers, although full-stack developers are more knowledgeable. As a result, hiring both of them is advantageous for organizations. A subset of full-stack is MEAN stack.

In the MEAN stack, what should I learn first?

MongoDB. The initial element of MEAN Stack is MongoDB, a NoSQL database management system where the data is stored as documents containing key-value pairs resembling JSON objects.

Can beginners become a full-stack developers?

It will take time to progress toward being a full-stack developer. Learning various front-end and back-end technologies is just one aspect. Additionally, it involves better understanding those two regions and facilitating open and seamless communication between them. To get there, you must have a lot of patience.

Which is more popular, the MERN or the MEAN stack?

For enterprise-level architecture, MEAN is more often used, whereas MERN is more widely used for smaller applications. Nevertheless, a number of variables, such as the project's complexity and timeline, affect the best tech stack to use in your company.

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