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Trainer Experience5+ Years
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Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:1 Month
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Tosca Course - Curriculum

Course Contents

Creation of workspace
Types of licenses
Common workspace creation

Different types of controls Tbox control
Standard modules
Creation of modules
Different ways to identify object in the modules
Properties of modules (cardinality)
Manipulating the properties (wildcards)

  • Creation of Test cases
  • Action modes
  • Static wait and dynamic wait- synchronization
  •  Dynamic expression in Tosca
  • Execution in scratch book
  • Tcp
  • Libraries Re usable Test step blocks
  • Business parameters
  • Recovery scenario and clean-up scenario
  • Folder conditions
  • Step conditions Loop and conditions in Test case
  • File operations and pdf operations
  • Buffer operations (static and dynamic)
  • Table operations (select and constraint)
  • Excel operations
  • Creation of execution list
  • Execution
  • Test mandates
  • Advance concept
  • What is distributed Execution
  • Automation Specialist Level 1
  • Automation Specialist Level 2

Tosca Training in Hyderabad ​

Key Points


Get a personalized 20+ hours of live intuitive training in Tosca and enhance your skills in the software testing process


45+ students trained in Tosca with 15+ traines successfully placed by our Brolly institute as - Tosca automation tester, Tosca automation engineer etc.


Hands-on Tricentis training from experts with 8+ years of professional expertise


Get a chance to test out Manual and Automated test cases as a part of the training program


Learn how to create reusable test scripts using Test case libraries in Tosca


Gain complete understanding and proficiency on Integrated Test Management and API


Gain in-depth knowledge and become expert in Functional and regression testing, Graphical user interface testing, Application programming interface with our expert guidance


Get access to our live training batches scheduled during the weekdays at flexible hours


Affordable Tosca Training in Hyderabad cost with career counseling from industry experts


Get regular updates and Tosca training videos delivered to your inbox (Online batches only)


Get premium access to Tosca training material + Tosca interview question dumps + LMS

What Is a Tosca ?

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TOSCA stands for Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications.

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The tool was developed by TRICENTIS Technology & Consulting GmbH, the Austrian company.

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It is a cloud-based, codeless automation solution that helps you to automate any type of test, whether it’s unit, integration, functional or performance testing.

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In addition to the automation testing functions it also includes integrated test management, Graphical user interface(GUI), Application programming interface(API) and Command line Interface(CLI).

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By using this model-based architecture you can optimize a list coverage and you can manage your test data by offering a fully integrated set of capabilities for the design, generation end provisioning of test data.

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Based on a risk assessment of the application under test’s requirements, Tricentis Tosca uses risk-based test design to suggest the most effective test cases and identify the risk contribution of each test case.

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Tosca is a software testing tool that is used to automate end-to-end testing for software applications and it is created in VB6, C#, and Java.

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Tosca is a 3rd generation model which is working on a concept called model-based architecture.

What is tosca used for?

Tricentis Tosca is a software testing tool that is used to automate end-to-end testing (functional and regression testing) for various software applications.

This automation tool is the most popular tool and best suited to use in large-scale applications.

There are 150+ Application testing supported by TOSCA (Desktop, SAP, Web, Mobile, Web services, etc.)

It provides solutions for testing and quality assurance. It combines various aspects of testing such as test automation, test case design, test data design, etc.

It’s user-friendly features help testers in automotive industries, Financial industries, education institutes, metal and mining enterprises etc.

Using Tosca, we can do test automation without the high maintenance and without much/zero programming knowledge.

You can automate test cases using a unique model-based test automation approach.

It is used to maintain manual and automated test cases in one single repository.

Using Tosca, you can perform your UI and non-GUI function by using a consistent model. Test cases can combine UI controls and non-GUI elements (e.g.-Web services or database table) in the same test case without using separate tools.

Using Tosca you can create codeless, resilient automated testing using a novel approach that separates an application’s technical information from the automation model, allowing you to increase automation rates to 90% more, lower maintenance costs, and increase productivity.

Risk based test optimization: Using a risk-based approach to testing allows you to reduce the amount of tests in your automation suite while reducing risk in your software releases.

It provides business users an easy way to record their day-to-day actions, which can later be transformed into automated test cases; they may avoid manual testing.

Develop mobile tests quickly and use them as building blocks for end-to-end test scenarios on iOS and Android devices using native, hybrid, or mobile websites.


Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Tricentis Tosca is a software testing tool that is used to automate end-to-end testing for software applications.

It is a cloud-based automation solution that helps you to automate any type of test, whether it’s unit, integration, functional or performance testing.

It is a web-based software testing tool that enables you to perform automated regression testing.

It is a complete automation solution for all types of tests. If you’re looking for the best Tosca training in Hyderabad, then look no further. 

Brolly Academy offers Tosca training in Hyderabad that is highly effective and proven with expert and experienced trainers. 

Our trainers will teach you Tosca and give you access to the right tools that can greatly accelerate your career. 

We offer Tosca certification training, that is the most comprehensive and most practical certification training available. 

React Training in Hyderabad

It is designed to help you gain the right skills and expertise to manage and execute live projects. 

Some of the topics included in our Tosca course content are – 

  • Fundamentals of Tosca 
  • Test cases and designs 
  • Conditions & Loops 
  • TDM 
  • Methods of object identification 
  • Tosca Architecture and more. 

We also provide a course completion certificate to our trainees, along with classes scheduled both online and offline.

Enroll with Brolly Academy for Tosca training and certification.

Who uses Tosca

Tosca is renowned as an enterprise grade tool because of its extensive use in large-scale industries and applications.

Around the world in 2022, over 448 companies have started using Tricentis Tosca as a test-automation tool.

Other top countries using Tricentis Tosca are Australia and Germany with 31(6.68%) and 31(6.68%) customers respectively.

It helps in driving impeccable results for its customers. Moreover, most testers in a variety of industries prefer using Tosca because of its user-friendly features.

Companies using Tricentis Tosca for test-automation are majorly from the United States with 191 customers. United States – 41.16% Tosca customers.

Who Should Learn Tosca?

Software testing professionals

Automation testing professionals

Web developers

Software programmers

Any graduates who want to pursue their career into S/w Testing Field.

BE / BTech / MCA passed aspirants to make their career in Tosca Automation Testing.

IT-Professionals who want to get career in the Tosca Automation Testing Field.

Professionals from non-IT bkg, and want to establish in IT.

Candidate who would like to restart their career after a gap.

Manual Testers for different & next level of their career.


Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Why choose

Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Certified trainers

Our team of Tosca course trainers has been training students and corporates for over 8 years now. We have certified Tosca trainers who are committed to providing you with the highest quality of training, while keeping the cost down.

Projects & Case Studies

We provide a unique, live Tosca training in Hyderabad that takes you from start to finish of Tosca, a popular project management software. We assign live projects and case studies as a part of our Tosca training in Hyderabad with a specific methodology that focuses on practical enhancement.

Curated course material

We have an industry-oriented Tosca course curriculum that you can learn from with lifetime availability. Our curriculum is designed to help you learn and master the skills needed to run a successful Tosca business.

Placement cell

We have a dedicated placement support team to assist you with job placements and internships. We include multiple mock interview rounds, professional resume preparation and communication building skills as a part of our post-training assistance.

Pragmatic learning

We at Brolly Academy offer concept-based, practical, hands-on training to give our trainees an out-and-out understanding of Tosca with first-hand execution of concepts. We ensure all our students get an equal chance of implementing the concepts taught during the class under the diligent supervision of trainers.

GD’s & Assignments

We conduct group discussions via our live online sessions where the trainees get to deliberate the course topics. You will be able to ask questions, provide feedback and get a personalized learning experience.


Tosca Training in Hyderabad


Shalini I liked the Tosca course training at Brolly Academy. It was absolutely brilliant! The staff were all extremely helpful, friendly and really made it a good learning experience. They answered every question we had, and went above and beyond to help us with any issues we may have had throughout the course.


A friend recommended that I take the class and so far it has been fantastic. I really enjoyed learning Tosca and being in a group with others who are also learning. The class was interesting and informative and my trainer was great.


Very pleased with this Tosca video course. The teacher was knowledgeable and very thorough. The course material was interesting and informative. Highly recommended!


I found the courses to be very good and practical for all levels. The training was well organized with excellent tutors who were patient with us. I would highly recommend the Tosca training in Hyderabad here at Brolly academy to anyone looking to improve their skills and gain more work experience.

Tosca Course In Hyderabad


If you’re looking to become a professional Tosca, the Tosca Certification is a high-level, professional-level certification that will help you become a certified Tosca professional. 

The Tosca certification is a comprehensive certification course for the entire Tosca software suite. 

We offer Tosca certification training that covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques and will give you the skills you need to succeed as a Tosca user. 

We also give out a Tosca course completion certificate by Brolly Academy.

 The certificate is verified with global accreditation and given to all our trainees upon the completion of the course.  

The academy is built around a holistic approach, which means that you will learn more than just about the subject matter that you are taking. 

Enroll today to take advantage of our training for an extensive Tosca certification training. 

Automation Specialist Level 1
Automation Specialist Level 2 
Automation Engineer Level 1 
Automation Engineer Level 2
Tosca Integration Developer 
Test Design Specialist Level 1 
Test Design Specialist Level 2 
Test Architect 1 Certification

Benefits of Tosca Training

Highly efficient - Tosca helps reduce the cost of testing and the amount of time that it takes to test an application.

Diverse - You can test your application with different scenarios and a variety of inputs. You can also use this tool to find the bugs that are present in your application and fix them.

Compatibility - The software is compatible with most computers and operating systems and works on all platforms.

Ease of use - This software allows you to automate any type of testing and has an easy user interface.

Precision - You can use automation to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Career Prospects - Tosca has a great impact in the market and holds a promising future with plenty of job opportunities.

Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Skills Developed Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Functional testing

Get hands-on CLI GUI implementation

Test management

Knowledge about Tosca Architecture

Expertise in Tosca tools

Expertise in Test designs

API Automation

Regression Testing

Job roles & Designations in Tosca Training

Tosca Quality Engineer

Tosca Automation Lead

Tosca Architect

Tosca Test Analyst

Tosca Approximate Payscale

The pay scale differs and depends on the candidate’s experience, skill set and different certification in Tosca


Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Candidates with prior software testing experience would be an added advantage.

Knowledge of basic Testing & SQL is Advantageous.

Tosca Process to Clear the Certifications

  • Automation Specialist Level 1  

The Automation Specialist Level 1 course is the first step to becoming specialized in automation with Tosca. You will first be required to take the training of Tosca.

  • Automation Specialist Level 2

The Automation Specialist Level 2 course is the second step to becoming specialized in automation with Tosca. This certification will become you a specialist in API testing.

The subsequent courses are then more specialized for different career options within test automation. 

  • Note – According to Tricentis, presently in order to get the certification you have to submit your own test cases along with passing the exam. 
  • To determine if you pass the exam or not your test will be manually verified by a  Tricentis employee.

Tosca Certification Code

  • Automation Specialist Level 1 – (AS1)  
  • Automation Specialist Level 2 – (AS2)
  • Automation Engineer Level 1 – (AE1)
  • Automation Engineer Level 2 – (AE2)
  • Test Design Specialist Level 1 – (TDS1)
  • Test Design Specialist Level 2 – (TDS2)
  • Test Architect 1 Certification – (TAC)

Tosca Training In Hyderabad


Tosca is definitely not easy to learn owing to its many features but with our Tosca training program, you can achieve a decent level of expertise and understanding of the concepts.

People working as software testers, Automation testers, web developers and software programmers can take up this course.

You can start learning  Tosca by learning the fundamentals first and we have expert trainers who can guide you throughout the learning process with a detailed Tosca training program.

The average salary for a Tosca Automation engineer ranges from ₹ 4.6 Lakhs to ₹ 7.2 Lakhs in Hyderabad.
The Tosca course offered by Brolly Academy is a 30 days training program with experienced trainer guidance and practical coaching sessions.
The Tosca training cost offered by us is affordable and can be paid in installments.
Brolly Academy is the best Tosca training institute in Hyderabad with quality training facilities.
We provide Tosca training in Kphb.
You can always attend our next live batch or we can arrange for a backup training session.
Yes, we provide placement support to our trainees but do not guarantee a job.

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