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Indesign Training in Hyderabad Batch Details


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Indesign Course in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee 20,000 Rs
Course Duration 2 Months
Timings Monday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date 7th Feb 2022 AT 11:00AM
Training Modes Classroom [HYDERABAD] / Online
Location Hyderabad

Key Points Of Indesign Training Course in Hyderabad

Indesign Course Curriculum

  • InDesign in context
  • General preferences
  • Bitmap vs vector, common file formats
  • Interpolation, resolution and quality issues
  • Import percentages (maximum)
  • Viewing/opening documents, browsing
  • Title bar info, new document specifications
  • Colour models
  • Working with InDesign tools and panels
  • The InDesign workspace
  • The document window
  • Using guides
  • Viewing modes
  • Saving your workspace
  • Working with the Control panel
  • Navigating through a document
  • Planning your document
  • Creating a custom-sized document
  • Formatting master pages
  • Using text variables
  • Adding layout pages
  • Placing formatted text
  • Adding images & text to master pages
  • Toolbar, variations
  • Most commonly used palettes
  • Control palette
  • Properties
  • Document navigation
  • Creating a text frame
  • Changing character attributes
  • Changing paragraph attributes
  • Finding and changing text
  • Checking and correcting spelling
  • Using the Glyphs panel
  • Creating Glyph sets
  • Flowing text and threading text between frames
  • Defining and applying paragraph styles
  • Defining and applying character styles
  • Updating and loading styles from another document
  • Organizing styles into groups
  • Creating and applying object styles
  • How InDesign handles graphics?
  • Locating missing images
  • The Links panel and Link badge
  • Creating a graphic frame
  • Adding graphics
  • Repositioning graphics
  • Fitting graphics to frames
  • Placing multiple graphics
  • Wrapping text around graphics
  • Importing layered Photoshop files


  • Creating a table
  • Copying and pasting table content
  • Adding text to tables
  • Converting tables and text
  • Importing a table
  • Editing table options
  • Using cells
  • Merging cells
  • Defining columns and rows
  • Using graphics in cells
  • Applying color to text and frames
  • Creating and saving a new swatch
  • Applying Live Corner Effects
  • Applying strokes to text
  • Creating a tint reduction
  • Working with gradients
  • Using the Eyedropper
  • Updating and editing colors
  • Using and saving spot colors
  • Package inventory
  • Actual vs. effective resolution
  • Preflight checks
  • Packaging your document
  • Package options
  • Creating a PDF
  • Adobe PDF Presets
  • PDF Export Options
  • Separation preview
  • Printing a proof
  • About the new features
  • Content Collector
  • Linked content
  • Liquid Layouts
  • Alternate layouts
  • PDF forms
  • Primary text frame
  • ePub enha

About Indesign Course in Hyderabad

InDesign was designed to work with both Macintosh computers and Windows-based computers. It is available on DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, or via the internet. It is also offered for both commercial and non-commercial users. The current version of InDesign is CS5 and it was released in 2009. The CS5 version contains a feature called InCopy which enables you to edit and manipulate your document from within the application. InDesign is an application that is very popular with graphic designers, journalists, and educators. 

InDesign has been installed on more than 300 million personal computers. The price of InDesign varies depending on the number of features included. Adobe InDesign is a comprehensive desktop publishing software program that can be used to create and manage publications, web pages, books, newsletters, email campaigns, and print media for the desktop, handheld devices, and the Internet. 

Adobe InDesign is a fully featured program that includes all the basic tools and capabilities needed to create a professional publication, as well as the advanced features to handle complex documents such as newspapers, magazines, books, and eBooks. InDesign has been used by companies like CNN, the New York Times, Newsweek, and the Boston Globe. This app can be used to edit images, text, and graphics. 

It can also be used to create PDFs and Flash presentations. You can use InDesign to create websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also use the app to publish your site on a web server. There are lots of features in this app such as text frames, text tools, paragraph tools, text styles, guides, color tools, artboards, layers, and shapes.

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Modes of Training For Indesign Training in Hyderabad

Indesign online training

The Indesign online course training is a live virtual tutor-led training program with a progressive and systematic approach. These classes will be taken via online e-learning platforms with conveniently scheduled timings that cater to both students as well as working professionals.

Classroom training

Our in-class training is a personalized one-on-one Indesign classroom training run by industrial trainers with excellent proficiency and skill. The classes will be held as Indesign training in Ameerpet and Indesign training in Kphb, Hyderabad. We also offer weekend sessions with the trainers to help clear doubts and clarifications.

Self-paced Indesign video course

The Indesign video course is a set of instructional live classroom recordings with a tailored set of course media including videos, assignments, quizzes, and more. The video course is beginner friendly and is designed to be a self-determined learning program with the availability of weekend doubt-clearing sessions.

Why choose us for Indesign Training?

Free career counseling

Our experts are highly skilled and experienced with complete technical knowledge of industry specifics and requirements. They can provide guidance and fulfill your career-related apprehensions with maximal resolution and patience.   

Distance - learning

Our modes include Indesign online and video course training that is instructive and self-explanatory to ease the learning experience of trainees across the globe. Systematic and smooth-running classes will be organized at flexible schedules to maintain a professional and balanced training program

Practical enhancement sessions

Our prime focus at Brolly Academy is to enrich the students with practical and core technical knowledge of the curriculum to forge them with hands-on experiential proficiency.

Post-training assistance

We not only train the students with the given curriculum but also guide them with the job interview processes by providing multiple exclusive frequently asked interview questions, a round of mock interviews, and mock tests with communication-building skills.  

24x7 Support

Our support staff is always available for students with queries related to the training, fee structure, class timings, trainer inquiries, and more. They will guide you and direct you whenever required with a usual quick response.  

Student diaries

We have trained 40 trainees with 10+ successful placements in some of the top companies in Hyderabad with excellent packages.

Get Certified

An Indesign certification will be given to every student enrolled in our training program. This certificate is widely accepted and certified to help you secure amazing job opportunities.

Batch limitations

We only take in limited batches to ensure an easy learning environment is created for our trainees wherein the trainer can pay individual attention to the students with a personalized learning experience.

Testimonials of Indesign Training in Hyderabad


I just wanted to drop a quick note and say "thanks" for all of the trainers help and support over the past months. I've had a great time learning InDesign, and I appreciate everything that you've done for me.


The course was very thorough and informative. Thanks to all the other instructors who were involved in the preparation of the course. The hands-on experience I had at the end of the course was invaluable and helped me to become more familiar with the software.


I especially appreciate the fact that you put together an easy to follow a course and made sure that everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers they needed. I highly recommend Brolly Academy for learning courses.


This has been the most valuable training course I've ever taken, hands-down. The instructor was superb, presenting the information in a very understandable and easy to grasp way, making sure we were all fully equipped with the basic understanding of the software before we jumped into the deep end.


After learning the basics of InDesign, I decided to pursue the career path of a graphic designer. The course provided me with the knowledge that I would need to design professionally and for my career as a graphic designer.


In the class, I learned how to use different tools and programs to design and develop pages and layouts. This helped me to create more professional looking graphics and presentations for clients. It was also helpful in my job searching process. I strongly recommend the Indesign course by Brolly Academy.

Indesign Certification

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be prepared to take both the Indesign certification exam and perform well on it. You will get comprehensive Indesign certification training at our institute along with a well recognized Brolly course completion certificate that will be accepted by companies all over the world including many of today’s top ones. 

This class is taught by an experienced instructor with a reputation for excellence. Brolly Academy offers a course completion certificate, which can be downloaded in both hard copy and digital format. This will prove useful to anyone who wants to begin their careers or gain further knowledge by learning the Indesign course. Certification is valid for a lifetime, and can be included on your resume.

We offer 2 major Indesign certificates that include –

  • Indesign course completion certificate
  • Adobe Certification Preparation
Indesign Certification

Advantages of learning Indesign training in Hyderabad

Skills developed after the Indesign course training

Prerequisites of Indesign training course in Hyderabad

There are no specific perquisites for learning Indesign, anybody who is interested in learning a new course or takes an interest in art can join our INdesign course training in Hyderabad.

Career Opportunities in Indesign


Which is the best Indesign training institute in Hyderabad?

Brolly academy is one of the prominent institutes in Hyderabad known for providing practical knowledge with advanced teaching techniques.

What is the Indesign training fee in Hyderabad?

The cost of Indesign courses in Hyderabad depends on the training different institutes offer. Our institute, Brolly Academy, offers Indesign courses at an affordable price.

What is the average salary after completion of Indesign Training in Hyderabad?

The average salary of a Graphic Designer with Indesign skills ranges from 5 lakhs - 24 lakhs annually.

Where can I find Indesign training near me?

We offer Indesign training in Kphb and Indesign training in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

What if I miss a class?

Students can make up for missed sessions by attending our next live batch or we can also arrange backup classes for you.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes. To help our students land jobs after the completion of their training program, we assist them with mock interviews and resume preparation by providing personal guidance from industry experts as a part of our Indesign placement assistance.

Who are the trainers at Indesign training in Hyderabad?

The trainers at Brolly Academy are specialized in the field and have many years of working experience.

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