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SQL Course in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Srinivas Chinta
Trainer Experience7+ Years
Next Batch Date04 03 2024 (06:PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor-Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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SQL Course Curriculum

Course Contents

Architecture and Components of SQl Server

  • Basics of RDBMS
  • Introduction to SQL OS
  • SQL Server Memory Management
  • SQL Server Disk IO
  • SQL Server Task Scheduling
  • SQL Server Page Architecture
  • SQL Server Data File Architecture
  • SQL Server Log File Architecture
  • Query Compilation & Execution
  • Installation of SQL Server 2016
  • Post Installation Configurations
  • Upgradation to SQL Server 2016
  • Applying Patches
  • Unattended Installations
  • Trouble shooting Installations
  • SQL 2016 Vs Older versions
  • Designing Databases
  • Handling Space Issues
  • Controlling Database Growth
  • Capacity Planning
  • Shrinking log files
  • Moving files from one Drive to another
  • Database level Configurations
  • SQL 2016 Vs Older versions
  • Designing a Backup Strategy
  • Recovery Models
  • Backup Types
  • Backup Options
  • Managed Backups
  • Backup Encryption
  • Compressed Backups
  • Backups in SQL Azure
  • Backup History
  • Planning for a Restoration
  • Pre Restorations
  • Post Restorations
  • Restore History
  • Restoration Scenarios
  • Phases of Restoration
  • Troubleshooting Backups & Restoration

Automating Administrative Tasks

  • About SQL server Agent
  • Creating Jobs, Alerts and Operators
  • Scheduling the Jobs
  • Working with Job Activity Monitor
  • Resolving Job Failures
  • Configuring Alert system in SQL server Agent
  • Monitoring SQL Server
  • The Goal of Monitoring
  • Choosing the Appropriate Monitoring Tools
  • Monitoring health status
  • Best Practices on Monitoring

 Security Principles & Authentications

  • Pre-Defined Server and Database Roles
  • User-defined server roles& DB Roles
  • User Mapping & Fixing Orphaned Users
  • Controlling Object level Permissions
  • Creating Schemas credentials
  • Implementing contained databases
  • Role permissions for SSIS and SQL Server Agent
  • Implementing Transparent Database Encryption
  • Implementing Change Data Capture
  • Best Practices on security

 Migration Scenarios

  • Migration Procedure & planning
  • Deployments, Launches & Go live
  • Database Refreshes
  • EOL migrations
  • Consolidation
  • Migration between SQL &Other RDBMS
  • Migration of Tables,SP’s & other objects inside the
  • Prerequisites,
  • Configuration,
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Database Mirroring

  • Internals,
  • Prerequisites,
  • Configuration,
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting


  • Internals of Clustering
  • Installation of 2 node cluster
  • Patching a Cluster
  • Adding Disk to the Cluster
  • Adding hardware Resources to Cluster
  • Trouble shooting cluster Issues

Always ON

  • HADR Internals & advantages
  • Setting up HADR
  • Adding a DB to the AG
  • Patching in Always on
  • Adding Replica in AG

SQL Server waits & Queues

  • SQL Server Isolation levels
  • Troubleshooting Blockings
  • Troubleshooting Dead locks
  • Tuning & fixing Queries involved in Blockings & dead


Performance Monitoring tools

  • SQL Server Built in tools
  • SQL Server DMVs
  • Extended Events in SQL Server
  • Monitoring with performance counters

Azure Fundamentals

  • Best Practices for SQL Server on Azure
  • Azure SQL Database Fundamentals
  • Backup & Restore on SQL Azure
  • Monitoring an Azure SQL Database


SQL Course in Hyderabad

Key Points


Experience one of kind learning with our 15+ hours of live SQL coaching sessions


Get trained by city’s finest SQL trainers with proven expertise of over 9+ years in the industry


Develop job-specific knowledge and SQL skills that can be put to immediate use


Build a relational database while using SQL to manipulate data as a part of your first project


70+ students & 4 corporate batches trained in the last 4 months


Get exclusive weekend SQL classes organized particularly for IT employees & corporates.


Learn SQL with live demonstrations & develop your first application with Brolly Academy


Get premium access to Visual Studio Code and other paid SQL tools as a part of our training program


Acquire daily class lectures & recordings delivered to your inbox (online batches only)


Attend a 3-day free SQL demo class with unlimited access to SQL videos upon enrollment


SQL Course in Hyderabad

Structured query language (SQL) is a programming language that was developed in the 1970s to allow programmers to easily manipulate data in relational database management systems (RDBMS).

 It’s a language used by database administrators, developers, and programmers to interact with databases. 

As the world’s largest database management system (DBMS), SQL has become the standard for storing, querying, and managing data in relational databases. 

It is the most widely used programming language in the world, and it is used to write data-driven applications, such as databases. 

Brolly Academy offers the best SQL training Hyderabad with quality education in SQL courses. 

We offer a complete set of training courses designed to teach SQL skills to beginners and experts alike. 

Our SQL training can help you to develop skills in a range of areas, such as database management, Data entry, and programming. 

You can learn to build databases and work with tables and columns, and you can also learn to write SQL queries. 

If you’re a SQL aspirant looking to get certified, then you’ve come to the right place, Enroll with us today. 

What is SQL?


SQL is known as Structured Query Language and is the core of relational type databases.


SQL is known to be a Declarative Language and has different dialects like T-SQL, PL/SQL, JET SQL.

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Relational database is a database that stores data and provides access to data points that are interrelated.

devops training

It was first named as SEQUEL - Structured English QUEry Language and was developed at IBM by Raymond F.Boyce and Donald D.Chamberlin in the early 1970’s.

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SQL can be used for both relational and multidimensional types of databases.

devops training

It is a powerful language that is very easy to learn and uses simple English commands or words like select, update, insert etc.


The SQL queries are known to be portable and can be executed in different systems with the same format, provided the environment of both the systems is similar.


Some of the features of SQL


SQL facilitates the creation of multiple views, views meaning the creation of virtual tables. A virtual table is a temporary table that protects the integrity of data.

What is it used for SQL?

Who should learn this?


SQL Course in Hyderabad - Online & Offline

We are an IT training institute offering training to students, professionals and corporations.  Our training is based on the latest technologies and industry standards. We offer training facilities in both online and offline modes .

Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why choose

SQL Course In Hyderabad

Experienced Trainers

We have the best SQL trainers, our instructors are the best at what they do, and they have a wealth of experience. They know exactly how to help you get the job done. Whether you’re an experienced developer or you’re just starting out, our instructors can help you learn SQL.

Hands-on Experience

We provide live video lectures from top SQL instructors at our Academy making it more accessible and affordable. Our videos are recorded in real time in our classroom and are available for immediate viewing after the class is over.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our SQL course syllabus is designed as per the industry standards created to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. We have put together a beginner-friendly course that will teach you how to build databases and data models in SQL.

Practical Assignments

We assign live SQL projects to our trainees as a part of our SQL course training, they can get their hands on real-life data sets. We have found that this helps students gain a better understanding of SQL syntax and how to use it in their work.

Job Placement Assistance

We offer job placement assistance to help you kickstart your career as a SQL.


Students Receive Certification Upon Completion of the program. You’ll receive a certification that can be used to apply for jobs, get promotions in your current job, or move up the ladder.


SQL course in Hyderabad Online Testimonials


Very pleased with the service. I wanted to take up sql as a career and knew that I would need to be trained to do so. I received excellent training at an extremely reasonable price and can now begin my career. Highly recommend the Brolly Academy.


Brolly Academy's SQL courses are great, if you want to get better at SQL or learn something completely new. I've learned a lot from these classes and look forward to learning more in the future.


Brolly was quick to respond to all my emails and when I went through the course, I didn't feel rushed at all. Everything was explained clearly, even if it was over my head at some points. There are also tutorials included in the package that make it easier for a newbie to get started. Overall, the course is worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone.


I really wanted to get an online course on SQL for my job as a consultant but was unsure if the cost would be too much. I went with the free trial and I was very satisfied with the instructor. He did an excellent job explaining the material and answering all my questions. I am very happy with the SQL training.


Brolly's team helped me figure it out step-by-step. They made the learning process fun and interactive. The team members are all friendly, knowledgeable and have great communication skills. I recommend this to anyone who is thinking about getting into the database world or wants to brush up on their knowledge.

SQL Certification Training In Hyderabad


What are they?

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data FundamentalsThis Microsoft SQL certification provides the basic foundation that you would need for building skills for working with data on the cloud. It helps to build on core data concepts as well as an approach to work with relational and non-relational data on the Azure cloud platform.
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification – This SQL certification helps the candidate to demonstrate a good understanding of core SQL concepts for undertaking any database project working with an Oracle Database server. This certification is considered one of the best SQL certifications for beginners as an entry-level candidate. 
  • EDB PostgreSQL 12 Associate CertificationThis is one of the best SQL certifications offered by EnterpriseDB for Postgres. It assesses & certifies candidates on the foundational knowledge for maintaining and managing PostgreSQL servers. 
  • Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator CertificationThis SQL certification is a professional-level course for database administrators and would expect the person to have a basic understanding of MySQL architecture and installation. 
  • Teradata Certification – Associate 2.3 ExamTeradata offers Vantage Track of certifications with different range levels like – Associate, Administrator, Developer, and advanced levels.

The process to clear the certifications 

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data FundamentalsBeginner to Intermediate Level 
    • Duration – 60 mins 
    • No of questions – 40-50 questions 
    • Passing score – 700/1000
  • Some of the learning resources are – 
  • Coursera
    • Microsoft Learning offers free, Instructor-led online courses.
  • Oreilly
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate CertificationBeginner Level 
  • Duration – 120 mins
  • No of questions – 78
  • Passing score –  63%
  • EDB PostgreSQL 12 Associate CertificationAssociate Level 
  • Duration – 60 mins 
  • No of questions – 68
  • Passing score – 70% 
  • Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification – Professional Level 
  • Duration – 120 mins
  • No of questions – 75
  • Passing score – 58% 
  • Teradata Certification – Associate 2.3 Exam
  • Duration – 75 mins
  • Passing score – Pass rates are based on Psychometric analysis. 

Certification Fee 

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals – Rs 3696
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification – $240 
  • EDB PostgreSQL 12 Associate Certification – $200
  • Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification – $245
  • Teradata Certification – Associate 2.3 Exam – $149

Certification Code – 

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals – DP-900
SQL Course in Hyderabad

Benefits of attending SQL Course in Hyderabad

Skills developed at SQL course in Hyderabad


In Depth knowledge of SQL architecture

devops training

Execute user-defined functions

devops training

Manage custom SQL and PHP functions

devops training

SQL Server Management Studio


Practical knowledge in operators and queries


SQL Functions


Advanced SQL concepts

devops training

Manage database concurrency

Career opportunities in SQL

If you’re looking to work in a career that’s constantly growing in demand, then a career in SQL could be just what you’re looking for. Some of the SQL jobs are – 


SQL Course in Hyderabad

The basic prerequisites required for SQL training include the following – 

The candidate must have basic computer skills

The candidate must have basic programming knowledge

The candidate must have basic knowledge in Database concepts

The candidate must be proficient with Microsoft Excel

SQL Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in SQL


The SQL market has witnessed growth from Million USD to Multi Million USD from 2017 to 2022.


The worldwide SQL server transformation market is anticipated to surge at an impressive CAGR of 10.1% from 2022 to 2029.


1185 companies reportedly use Microsoft SQL Server in their tech stacks.


SQL is the most widespread tool for data analysis and has been a very reliable tool for decades.


The Microsoft SQL market share is around 19.1%


There is a lot of future scope for SQL developers as they are very much in demand with high salary packages and profitable career opportunities.

SQL Course In Hyderabad


What is SQL course?

SQL is a Structured Query Language which is a programming language that is used to manage and modify data in a relational database. Brolly Academy offers the ebay SQL course training that covers a complete set of topics and concepts.

Is SQL a good career?

SQL is one of the most in-demand skills and professions with profitable job opportunities and high package salaries.

How many days does it take to learn SQL?

We offer a 2-month extensive SQL training Hyderabad that will make you proficient in the course with practical knowledge.

What is the average SQL Developer salary in Hyderabad?

The average salary of a SQL Developer in Hyderabad is ₹4.2 Lakhs per year

What are the basic SQL skills?

The basic skills a beginner should know include SQL syntax, knowledge in Database servers as well as the commands in SQL.

Who can learn SQL?

Anybody can learn SQL as it is one of the most popular, versatile and easy to learn programming languages with immense scope in the future.

Where can I find the best SQL training near me?

Brolly Academy offers the best SQL training in Ameerpet and SQL training in Kukatpally

Do you provide a demo class?

Yes, we provide a free SQL course tutorial session so you can get a better idea of our training program before enrolling for the course.

What if I miss a class?

You can always attend our next live training batch or we can make backup training session arrangements for you.

Do you offer placement assistance?

Yes, Brolly Academy offers placement assistance but does not guarantee a job after training. We can only prepare you for the interviews but it ultimately comes down to your performance during real-time job interviews

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