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Oracle SOA Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Srinivas Chinta
Trainer Experience7+ Years
Next Batch Date04-03-2024
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Oracle SOA Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • SOA to a Layman
  • Overview of Oracle SOA
  • Real-Time Examples
  • Advantages of using Oracle SOA
  • Why Oracle SOA is Important
  • Introduction of XML, XSD, Web-Services, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL
  • Web Services Sample Demonstration.
  • Understanding WSDL
  • Overview to Service Component Architecture
  • Building blocks of SCA
  • Overview of Oracle SOA Suite
  • Introduction to Components of Oracle SOA Suite
  • Overview of WebLogic server
  • Overview WebLogic Domains and Server instances
  • Setting up Oracle SOA Environment
  • Overview of WebLogic Console and Enterprise Manager
  • Setting up JDeveloper for deploying Composite Applications
  • Deploying a Composite Application Using EM
  • Creating Partitions for grouping deployments
  • Introduction to Oracle BPEL
  • Overview of the Oracle BPEL Component designer in Oracle SOA Suite
  • Interaction Patterns in Oracle BPEL
  • Developing & Deploying a simple Oracle BPEL Process
  • Administer and Monitor Oracle BPEL processes in EM
  • Scopes & Variables in Oracle BPEL
  • Invocation Constructs in BPEL
  • Working with Parallel Flows
  • Conditional Branching
  • Exception Handling
  • Oracle Extension Activities
  • Invoking external services in Oracle BPEL
  • Overview of Partner Link
  • Orchestrate services through BPEL for a Synchronous Service
  • Orchestrate services through BPEL for an Asynchronous Service
  • Base on WSDL
  • Events and Timeouts
  • Fault and Exception Handling
  • BPEL’s exception Handling, and various activities in it
  • Fault Management Framework
  • MDS Benefits
  • Types of MDS deployment.
  • Configuration in Composites.
  • Overview to Event Delivery Network
  • Consuming Events from EDN
  • Defining Events and using them
  • Introduction to Sensors
  • Use of Sensors
  • Different types of sensors
  • Introduction to the Mediator Component
  • Creating a Mediator Component
  • Adding Routing Rules
  • Create Content Based Routing filters
  • Create XSL Transformations with XSLT Mapper
  • Fault Handling in mediator
  • The architecture of Technology Adapters
  • Pre-built technology Adapters in SOA Suite 11g
  • Configuring Data sources, Connection Pools, JNDI
  • Working with a Database Adapter
  • Working with a JMS Adapter
  • Working with a File Adapter
  • Basics
  • Features of workflow service
  • Users and Groups
  • Hands-on Sample
  • Introduction to Business Rules.
  • Introduction to Decision tables
  • Using Business Rules and Decision tables in BPEL
  • Introduction
  • Hands-on Sample
  • Introduction to Web Service Security
  • Oracle Web Services Manager Policy Framework
  • Introduction to Security Policies
  • Attaching Security Policies at Design-Time in JDeveloper
  • Attaching Security Policies Post-Deployment in Enterprise Manager
  • Discussing Security Propagation between Applications and an SOA Composite

Oracle SOA Training In Hyderabad

Key Points

Oracle SOA Training In Hyderabad


Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software design and architectural pattern based on discrete pieces of application functionality being provided as services to other applications. Service orientation is an approach to application design in which you focus on the needs of your customers rather than on any particular product or technology. Services can be combined with other applications to create large systems that provide a complete set of functionality. 

Oracle SOA makes it easy for computers connected over a network to cooperate. Each computer can run any number of services, and each service is built in a way that allows it to exchange information with any other service in the network without human interaction or code changes. 

Oracle SOA Suite provides all the tools necessary for creating, monitoring, and maintaining a well-organized service-oriented architecture. The six BPEL processes (BPEL prepare, business manager, human assignment, spring, and go between) are building blocks that you use to develop an SOA composite application. With this Oracle SOA Training, you will learn how to build, manage and oversee reconciliation. 

Brolly Academy’s Oracle SOA Online Training is formulated and conferred in a methodical way by business master coaches that make it simple to secure and grow Oracle SOA abilities. We make the most astounding quality HD content with live cases and give finishing direction during and after the preparation is finished, so that you can begin working in this field once your preparation is complete.

This Oracle SOA training certification course is designed by our industry experts at Brolly Academy enables you to gain proficiency in Oracle SOA training. This course will help you learn about the Overview of Oracle SOA, XML, XSD, Web-Services, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, Service Component Architecture, SOA Installation, Oracle BPEL, Fault Handling and Exception, Human Workflow and Worklist, Business Rule and Decision. 

Apart from this you will be allowed to work on real-time projects and assignments in the Oracle SOA training. Our Oracle SOA expert trainers provide students with a solid understanding of the technical and theoretical aspects of the Oracle SOA field. We offer both online and classroom training courses and also self-paced video courses to help our students choose the one that is best for their needs. After completing Brolly Academy’s Oracle SOA training program, you will receive a certificate that recognizes your expertise in Oracle SOA Technologies. 

This Oracle SOA training certificate will be awarded to you upon completing all the training modules of Oracle SOA. This includes a course description that can be shared on LinkedIn or other job search platforms. In addition, we also provide a placement assistance program which  includes an intensive interview preparation workshop. In this workshop you will be guided with Mock interview preparation, Resume making, Q&A sessions and much more. Enroll with us to get the Best Oracle SOA training in Hyderabad.

Modes of Oracle SOA Training


Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why Choose

Our Brolly Academy Institute For Oracle SOA Training

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Extensive Oracle SOA Curriculum

The Oracle SOA Course is designed by well-trained instructors, and its purpose is to make students “industry ready” so that their new skills will help land them a good salary hike

Post Training Guidance

We at Brolly Academy understand that students face obstacles, but we help them build confidence and attain their goals. We make it a priority to give each student the individual attention he or she needs to succeed.

Placement Program

Brolly Academy offers the best placement assistance program for Oracle SOA training in Hyderabad. Our placement assistance team assists our candidates both during and after their training. This program offers mock interviews, career counseling, and question-and-answer sessions to ensure that our candidates are fully prepared for real interviews.

Get your Certificate

Students who complete our Oracle SOA course in Hyderabad receive a certificate of completion. Our certificates are valued by employers and can be used to apply for jobs in the field.

Inexpensive Course Fees

Brolly Academy does not charge students any additional fees for the software training programs it offers in Hyderabad. All courses are free of extra charges.

Flexible Timings

We’ve designed our course schedule so that students can take classes at any time of day and access class materials online.

Oracle SOA Training in Hyderabad



I recommend Brolly Academy to everyone who wants to learn Oracle SOA course. This is the best place to learn from scratch. The trainers here are very friendly and clear all the doubts we have after the completion of every session. The support team will be available 24*7. Special thanks to Brolly Academy for providing the training with real-time industry experts.


Brolly Academy is the best institute in Hyderabad and the course fee here is moderate. I had very good support from the team. Most recommended place to learn, certified, and get placed in the Oracle SOA field.


Today Oracle SOA is being provided by many institutes. But here in Brolly Academy institute, they were providing the self-placed videos of Oracle SOA training with an affordable course price, and also they do have a doubt clarification section. In this sessions the trainers clarified all the doubts. Brolly Academy’s training members are highly qualified and very friendly towards students. Thank you Brolly Academy for providing such wonderful training in Oracle SOA with an affordable price range.


My colleague referred me to take the training at Brolly Academy in the Oracle SOA training and the training was excellent. Through Brolly Academy after the course completion, I was placed in an MNC with a good package. Thanks to the placement team at Brolly Academy.


I have taken the Oracle SOA training from Brolly Academy. The teaching was simply superb. The trainer explained all the topics of Oracle SOA with real-world examples. The day-to-day tasks provided by the trainer during the class helped me in cracking the interview easily. Thanks to Brolly Academy for providing such expert tutors.

Mujahid Ali

Brolly Academy’s Oracle SOA training justifies the training method and placement assistance service for the money I paid. The training I received at Brolly Academy was very helpful in giving me a thorough understanding of Oracle SOA technology. After completing their Oracle SOA Course, they provided me with valuable assistance in finding a job.

Oracle SOA Training In Hyderabad


This Oracle SOA training course is designed for Brolly Academy’s Oracle SOA Certification. The entire course content is in line with this certification and prepares you to tackle it easily, getting the best jobs at top MNCs. By enrolling in this Oracle SOA Training, you will receive access to real-world industry scenarios and projects that are directly tied to your success as an employee. 

At the end of this Oracle SOA Training program, there will be practical exercises that test your knowledge of core concepts on Oracle SOA. You can take these exams to prepare for your Oracle SOA Certification exams or just to check your understanding the choice is yours. Upon the successful completion of student’s project work, Brolly Academy will reward them with a Oracle SOA Course Completion Certificate which will add more value to your resume.

Oracle SOA Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of Learning Oracle SOA Course -

Job Roles in Oracle SOA

Completion of the Oracle SOA Course you will learn -

Prerequisites to Learn Oracle SOA


Frequently Asked Questions - Oracle SOA Training


Who should take up this Oracle SOA course?

● IT Professionals ● Technical Administrators ● System Integrators, ● SOA Architects ● Security Administrators ● The one who wants to learn Oracle SOA technology

What is the Oracle SOA expert’s Salary as per Market?

The average Oracle SOA expert’s salary is $97,147 PA.

What are the features of SOA?

● Cloud Integration Adapters ● Unified Run time and Design-time Environments ● End-to-end Monitoring etc…

Will I be provided to work with a project during the training?

Our training’s are based on real time Project Oriented, you are also provided to work with it during the training.

What will be the batch size of Oracle SOA class at Brolly Academy?

Because our classes are small, expert instructors give personal attention to each student. We don't exceed more than 10 people in a batch

Will I get proper expert guidance on my Resume Preparation at Brolly Academy for job purposes?

Yes, we can help you make a resume that reflects your experience and interests.

What are the training modes offered by Brolly Academy for this Oracle SOA Course?

At Brolly Academy, we offer various types of Oracle SOA training such as classroom instruction, one-on-one tutoring, self-paced video learning and online courses.

Is Brolly Academy provides free demo sessions before enrolling in Oracle SOA Training?

Yes, Brolly Academy offers a free demo class for anyone who is interested in our Oracle SOA training program.

What if I miss any Oracle SOA training class?

We record each and every class session you undergo through this Oracle SOA training and we will share the class recordings of each session with our students for their better practice on the subjects

Do I need to have coding experience to learn the Oracle SOA course?

Oracle SOA Suite is an extremely vast area to earn about. The amount of knowledge that you can learn from the suite will grow with the amount of time you devote to learning it passionately. Since you have no experience in Java programming, I recommend that you begin by learning Core Java.

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