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VLSI Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Course Fee 20,000 Rs
Course Duration 2 Months
Timings Monday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date 7th Feb 2022 AT 11:00AM
Training Modes Classroom [HYDERABAD] / Online
Location Hyderabad

Key Points Of Core Java Training in Hyderabad (Online Classes)

VLSI Course Curriculum

  • volution of VLSI Systems
  • Applications of VLSI Systems
  • Processor Based Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • FPGA Based Systems
  • Digital System Design Using FPGAs
  • Spartan-3 FPGAs
  • Introduction to VHDL language
  • Introduction to Digital Electronics
  • Number systems
  • Code conversions
  • Arithmetic’s
  • Boolean algebra
  • Logic gates
  • Standard representation of logical functions
  • Karnaugh map method
  • MSI circuits
  • Multiplexers/demultiplexers
  • Adders / subtractors
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
  • Encoders/ Decoders
  • Flip-flops
  • Type of Flip flops
  • Conversion of flip flops
  • Application of flip flops
  • Registers
  • Types of shift registers
  • Application of registers
  • Counters
  • Ripple or Asynchronous counters
  • Synchronous counters
  • Clocked sequential circuits
  • Introduction
  • Memory Organization and operation
  • Expanding memory size
  • Expanding memory capacity
  • Different types of memories
  • Introduction
  • Programmable logic array (PLAs)
  • Programmable array logic (PALs)
  • Complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs)
  • Field programmable gate array (FPGA)
  • Computer-Aided Design Tools (CAD)
  • Introduction to VHDL
  • Code structure
  • Library Functions
  • Entity
  • Architecture
  • Configuration Declaration
  • Package Declaration
  • Different Data types
  • Operators
  • Attributes
  • Generic
  • Ident
  • Variables & Signals
  • Behavioral modeling
  • Modeling techniques
  • If statement
  • Case statement
  • Wait statement
  • Loop statement
  • Process statement
  • When statements.
  • Block statement
  • Generate statement
  • Component declaration
  • Component instantiation
  • Modeling a Test Bench
  • Test Bench for Combinational Circuits
  • Test Bench for Sequential Circuits
  • Evolution of CAD
  • Typical Design flow
  • Importance of HDL’s
  • Popularity of Verilog HDL
  • Design methodologies
  • Module concept
  • types of modeling
  • Lexical Conventions
  • Number Specifications
  • Strings
  • Data Types
  • System Task
  • Compiler Directives
  • Different between Task and Function
  • Function
  • Task

About VLSI Training in Hyderabad

VLSI abbreviates to very large scale integrations and was founded in the year 1970s and is a process of producing an integrated circuit (IC) by integrating or merging innumerable transistors into a single chip. This belongs to the field of electronics where the microprocessors and memory chips function as VLSI devices. Brolly Academy offers the best VLSI training in Hyderabad with extensive training methods. The VLSI Training we provide is mindfully framed to train students with effective and essential skills.

This VLSI training will give you a complete understanding of VLSI. We work on providing quality VLSI training that will give the students a detailed knowledge about the course, its technicalities and skills. This course will cover topics like CMOS Processing, CMOS basics, SoC design, Digital design etc. Digital brolly is known for offering the best software courses in Hyderabad with an impressive track record of training students in several courses. All our courses including the VLSI course come with a certificate. The certification is equally credible and can be attached to enhance your professional resume. Our VLSI certification course is ideal for both beginners as well as advanced level trainees who aspire to acquire the VLSI skills. Our curriculum is put together in a way that engulfs all the major aspects of the training course. Designing memories, familiarity with the elements of VHDL languages, Verilog synthesis, Test, design and bench by making use of the modeling concepts etc will also be trained for during the course.


VLSI training in Hyderabad provides guaranteed job assistance and training with real-time projects to upskill themselves. We can help you achieve your dream job with our range of courses. Our VLSI training is available in 3 modes including in-class VLSI training, online VLSI training and self-paced video VLSI course in Hyderabad. All our training is conducted by the top software trainers in Hyderabad with clarity and technique. They will thoroughly train you with the implementation of VLSI, its testing modes, designing, application of various systems, logic systems etc. The main purpose of VLSI is to be able to craft compact designs and this training in Hyderabad will take you one step closer to it.

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Modes of Training For VLSI Training in Hyderabad

In Class Training

You can join our VLSI classroom training from our Brolly Academy branch in Ameerpet

Live Instructor led online Sessions

Attend our VLSI online training from any corner of the world with Brolly Academy

Self Paced Recorded VLSI Video Course

You can learn VLSI with our self-paced video courses that are well-put and organized. A complete set of videos along with quiz and assessments will be included in our video course.

Why Choose Us ?

Flexible Timings

Our course timings are flexible and user-friendly to make it easy for students

Complete Hands-On-Training

Practical real-time experience of VLSI  training with hands-on assistance. 

Student diaries

We have trained over 350+ students in VLSI with 150+ successful placements.

Affordable Fees

Brolly Academy does not charge additional or accessory charges or fees for any of the programs from the software training in Hyderabad.

Corporate Expert Trainer

We are led by a team of professional and certified VLSI expert trainers.

Updated Syllabus

Our VLSI training syllabus consists of updated concepts and data of VLSI  to keep our students updated.

Earn a Certificate

Enroll in our VLSI training in Hyderabad and get a certified course completion certificate.

Lifetime Study Material

You can enjoy lifetime access to our study material and LMS.

Testimonials of VLSI Training in Hyderabad


Digital brolly is a good institute to learn VLSI, the concepts were taught very nicely by the trainers and I had a good time learning the course. I would definitely recommend Digital Brolly in Hyderabad to anybody looking to learn a course.


I like how the trainers were very helpful and guided me throughout the VLSI training in Hyderabad. They are always willing to help us at any given point and also conduct tests to analyze our progress. It was definitely a good decision to join Brolly academy


I joined Brolly Academy in Hyderabad to learn VLSI. I would like to thank the entire team for helping me get placed in a good company. They provide placement training that covers all the placement related concepts and that helped me a lot. It gave me the confidence to give a good interview. Thank you!


I always wanted to learn MATLAB and after spending hours looking for a good training institute in Hyderabad, I decided to join the Brolly Academy and it was the best decision ever. The trainers were so friendly and supportive right from the beginning till the end of the course, they have always been encouraging. Thank you Brolly Academy.

Advantages of learning VLSI Training Program

VLSI training in Hyderabad offers structured and tailored training to improvise the applied skills by providing all the prerequisite technical training required to master VLSI course for a better job experience and accountability. 

At the completion of the course you will get experiential knowledge in –

Job Opportunities in Core Java


What if I miss any class?

We will arrange backup classes for you or you can also join the next live session conducted by the same trainer to catch up with the pending work.

Will I get a placement assistant?

Yes, ofcourse. We provide placement assistance to the students enrolled in our batch along with resume preparation, mock interviews etc.

Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Definitely. We offer a free VLSI demo class in Hyderabad at our Brolly Academy. This will help give you a better idea of the course.

Who are the trainers at VLSI training?

The VLSI trainers are professionals with 6+ years of working experience. They use high-end training methods to train the students effectively for a good learning experience.

What if I have more queries?

You can always reach out to our team via the contact details provided on our website. We have a fast responsive team who will revert back at the earliest.

Will I get proper practical training in VLSI?

You will get hands-on real time practical exposure to VLSI during the course of the training program. We use case studies to teach all the core concepts of VLSI for the students to get a revised understanding of the course.

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