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Trainer NameMr. Dinesh Reddyvari (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date19-01-2023 (8:00PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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VLSI Course Curriculum

  • volution of VLSI Systems
  • Applications of VLSI Systems
  • Processor Based Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • FPGA Based Systems
  • Digital System Design Using FPGAs
  • Spartan-3 FPGAs
  • Introduction to VHDL language
  • Introduction to Digital Electronics
  • Number systems
  • Code conversions
  • Arithmetic’s
  • Boolean algebra
  • Logic gates
  • Standard representation of logical functions
  • Karnaugh map method
  • MSI circuits
  • Multiplexers/demultiplexers
  • Adders / subtractors
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
  • Encoders/ Decoders
  • Flip-flops
  • Type of Flip flops
  • Conversion of flip flops
  • Application of flip flops
  • Registers
  • Types of shift registers
  • Application of registers
  • Counters
  • Ripple or Asynchronous counters
  • Synchronous counters
  • Clocked sequential circuits
  • Introduction
  • Memory Organization and operation
  • Expanding memory size
  • Expanding memory capacity
  • Different types of memories
  • Introduction
  • Programmable logic array (PLAs)
  • Programmable array logic (PALs)
  • Complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs)
  • Field programmable gate array (FPGA)
  • Computer-Aided Design Tools (CAD)
  • Introduction to VHDL
  • Code structure
  • Library Functions
  • Entity
  • Architecture
  • Configuration Declaration
  • Package Declaration
  • Different Data types
  • Operators
  • Attributes
  • Generic
  • Ident
  • Variables & Signals
  • Behavioral modeling
  • Modeling techniques
  • If statement
  • Case statement
  • Wait statement
  • Loop statement
  • Process statement
  • When statements.
  • Block statement
  • Generate statement
  • Component declaration
  • Component instantiation
  • Modeling a Test Bench
  • Test Bench for Combinational Circuits
  • Test Bench for Sequential Circuits
  • Evolution of CAD
  • Typical Design flow
  • Importance of HDL’s
  • Popularity of Verilog HDL
  • Design methodologies
  • Module concept
  • types of modeling
  • Lexical Conventions
  • Number Specifications
  • Strings
  • Data Types
  • System Task
  • Compiler Directives
  • Different between Task and Function
  • Function
  • Task

Key Points Of Core Java Training in Hyderabad (Online Classes)

What is VLSI?

What is it used for?

Who uses it?

Who should learn this?

About VLSI Training in Hyderabad

Very Large Scale Integration, or VLSI, is a technique for building integrated circuits by packing millions of transistors onto a single chip. 

A wide range of electrical equipment, including computer peripherals, satellites, cell phones, defense aerospace, set-top entertainment boxes, consumer electronics, and many other devices, are using this design, which has developed as the most popular area of electronics. 

The Brolly Academy offers training programs in VLSI technology for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field. 

These programs are created to match the most recent industry demands. Our VLSI technologies course provided training for candidates in a variety of chip design fields.

Our VLSI technology training program is the perfect combination of classroom instruction, practical training, and workplace interactions. 

In the initial training program, the applicants receive this instruction through classroom instruction and practical sessions, and in the subsequent training program, they complete projects are driven by the industry. 

After finishing the training program successfully, the candidate mastered a variety of VLSI Logic and Physical design topics and was prepared for the job. 

The complete VLSI training course is structured so that applicants can grasp the concepts and gain a clear understanding of the design specifications.

Modes of Training For VLSI Training in Hyderabad

  • VLSI training online:

    The online VLSI course program at Brolly Academy offers students a distinctive learning environment that fits their different schedules. The VLSI course will be provided by us through online learning platforms and interactive sessions led by our knowledgeable instructors, making it convenient and interesting for students. All of the abilities that students need to learn in VLSI technology are included in our VLSI online course curriculum.

  • VLSI classroom training

    All lessons are instructed by skilled industry professionals at the Brolly Academy's VLSI training facility at Hyderabad's Ameerpet. The VLSI course framework is covered in all of our classes. We give students the knowledge and abilities required to succeed in the training program through our advanced VLSI course syllabus.

  • VLSI self-paced video course:

    The VLSI course videos from Brolly Academy are a curriculum of live recordings enhanced with extra resources that you will learn in the VLSI course video series. Students can improve their fundamental VLSI skills by taking this course's series of lessons. Please feel free to reach out to us during our weekend sessions if you have any queries about the course content.

Why choose us for VLSI training?

  • Industry Expert Instructors:

    Our advanced VLSI instructors have more than 12 years of professional experience and give high-quality instruction by incorporating industry-oriented approaches and methodologies for a positive learning experience.

  • several tasks and assignments:

    Our students will be tested with class assignments and exams throughout the course to see how well they are learning about the VLSI course.

  • VLSI course with placement assistance:

    The placement support team at Brolly Academy's VLSI course in Hyderabad will assist all of our trainees in finding jobs in the field of VLSI that are a good fit for their skills and will teach them how to negotiate compensation and benefits with hiring managers.

  • 80% practical + 20% theory:

    Our instructors provide practical skills that help our students in their career placements. They accomplish this by giving 20% theory-based teaching and 80% practical training.

  • Course Content:

    In order to satisfy the requirements of the job market, our VLSI course content has been created by professionals in the field. This course content is based on the most recent updates and industry trends, and it has been built with beginners and professionals in mind to support them in their careers.

  • Personalized training:

    In order to provide each candidate enrolled in our VLSI course program with equal knowledge and opportunity, Brolly Academy offers customized training that is highly personalized.

Testimonials for VLSI training


I have done the VLSI course in Hyderabad from the Brolly Academy. One of the greatest VLSI courses for professionals in the workplace is offered here. I really liked how the course was delivered with a practical approach by the extremely skilled teachers. The advanced VLSI course syllabus met all requirements set by the industry and was the most suitable for beginners.


Brolly Academy is one of the best VLSI course institutes in Hyderabad with an excellent team of trainers. I enrolled in the online course for VLSI and had a great time. The cost of the VLSI course is really reasonable here, and the certificate I received at the end of it has been very useful in interviews. I appreciate Brolly Academy.


I enrolled in Brolly Academy's online VLSI course in Hyderabad. The instructors were very helpful throughout the course, and they provided backup lessons when I was absent. The VLSI course training program has helped me learn a lot, and I feel extremely comfortable. The best institute for a VLSI course with job placement support is this one. Wish me luck! I'm now attending interviews.


It was the best decision I've ever made to enroll in the online VLSI course offered by Brolly Academy after spending hours searching for a reputable training facility in Hyderabad. From the beginning of the course till the very conclusion, the instructors were incredibly welcoming and encouraging. My learning process was greatly aided by the flexible learning schedule and specialized VLSI course syllabus. They offer placement assistance with the course of their VLSI. I appreciate Brolly Academy.


I'm Pramod. I've finished my bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering. Through my friends, I heard about the VLSI course at Brolly Academy. After hearing about the institute, I began my investigation and decided to enroll in Brolly. I signed up for their online VLSI course. I was able to get through the interview because of the placement team's friendly approach. The greatest source for VLSI certification training in this institute. I advise all people to enroll in the Brolly Academy program. I'm grateful to the entire Brolly Academy Team.


I'm from Vishakhapatnam. Working with VLSI core firms was something I was very interested in, but I'm not sure which institute would be ideal for me to join. I discovered Brolly Academy's comprehensive VLSI course after a protracted search. Corporate trainers that teach the course on VLSI are the professors. They are extremely knowledgeable in this field. The placement staff assisted me from the moment I joined and provided me with an equal opportunity, which enabled me to get a job in Bangalore. Hyderabad's top VLSI training facility. I'd want to thank the entire Brolly Academy staff for their assistance. Best wishes go out to Brolly Academy.

VLSI Certification

Providing all the technical training prerequisites needed to master the VLSI course for a better work experience and accountability, Brolly Academy’s certification programs in VLSI offer structured and customized training to improve practical abilities.

Students who successfully complete the VLSI course and project assignment will receive a certificate from Brolly Academy and be eligible to apply for jobs in the industry.

VLSI Certification

Benefits of VLSI

Skills developed Post VLSI training in Hyderabad

Career opportunities in VLSI

At IC design firms, there has been a rising demand over time for qualified VLSI engineers. This is because smart ICs have become increasingly important in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles (EVs), and smartphones. VLSI design, which stands for Very-Large-Scale-Integration, refers to both chip design and production as a whole.

The following is a list of career options in the VLSI industry:

What are the Prerequisites?

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in VLSI


what is VLSI course?

A course called "Very Large Scale Integration" Design, or VLSI Design, is available to help students become academically and practically proficient in developing semiconductor devices and circuits as well as systems with embedded components that take up little space.

Does VLSI require coding?

To begin with basic VLSI design, the industry requires you to be a good programmer. RTL and C-coding can be distinguished from one another. This is where the idea of "time" enters the picture. Either VHDL or Verilog coding are two things you must be familiar with.

what does VLSI mean?

The process of integrating or embedding a huge number of transistors—hundreds of thousands or more—onto a single silicon semiconductor microchip is known as very large-scale integration (VLSI).

what is VLSI physical design?

The process of converting a netlist into a layout is known as a physical design [GDSII]. The floorplan, placement of all logical cells, clock tree synthesis, and routing are the primary physical design phases. Constraints on timing, design, power, and technology must be satisfied during this physical design process.

what is VLSI designing?

Iteration is a key component in VLSI design. A number of issues, including functional design, circuit design, logic design, and physical design, are involved in the design of a VLSI chip. By using simulation, the design is accuracy-checked. If a design error is discovered at any point during the verification process, at least one of the previous design processes must be repeated in order to fix the problem.

is VLSI a good career?

For beginners interested in core employment, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is a good career option and provides job opportunities. VLSI offers a variety of employment positions with exceptional professional growth and income incentives both in India and abroad.

What is the VLSI engineer compensation in India?

The average yearly income for a Vlsi Design Engineer in India is 4.5 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.2 Lakhs to 20.0 Lakhs.

which is easy VLSI or embedded?

Both fields are top-notch in their own way, however, there aren't many VLSI companies and you need to have a thorough understanding of simulation programs like Xilin. VLSI is concerned with converting programming instructions into a structure for an integrated circuit, whereas embedded systems design is concerned with designing code that is implemented on a flexible piece of hardware.

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