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Unix Administrator Training In Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Siva Teja (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date18-03-2024 (8:00 PM IST)
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Unix Administrator Training Course Curriculum

Course Contents

  • A brief history of Unix
  • The Unix kernel
  • The UNIX file system
  • Getting started navigating the file system
  • The file system structure
  • Directories and files
  • Path names
  • Navigating the file system
  • Exercise: Logging on to the system
  • Exercise: Navigating the file system
  • Command line syntax
  • Basic file handling commands
  • Directory handling commands
  • Filename wildcard characters
  • Exercise: Manipulating files and directories
  • Input redirection
  • Output redirection
  • Pipes
  • Exercise: Using redirection and pipe facilities
  • Overview of the vi editor
  • Basic functions
  • Switching to input mode
  • Other useful commands
  • Exercises: Using the vi editor
  • Exercise: Using more advanced vi features
  • Replacing text
  • Using the vi editor
  • Using sed for search and replace
  • Searching for text with grep
  • Linking files
  • Exercises: Searching and Replacing Text
  • Overview
  • The bash shell
  • The korn shell
  • Exercises: Recall and Edit Commands
  • Users and user groups
  • File access permissions
  • Changing file attributes
  • Switching users and user groups
  • Linking files
  • Exercise: Setting and access permissions
  • What is a process?
  • Monitoring processes
  • Killing processes
  • Background processes
  • Job Control
  • Grouping commands
  • Exercise: Monitoring and controlling processes
  • The wc (word count) command
  • The find command
  • The cut command
  • The sort command
  • The finger command
  • Exercise: Using file handling commands
  • Customising the .profile or .bash_profile
  • Customising the .kshrc or .bashrc
  • Exercise: Setting up an environmen

Unix Administrator Training In Hyderabad

Key Points


Unix Administrator Training in Hyderabad

UNIX is an operating system that allows users to interact with the computer more effectively. It also provides various program development tools and electronic communications facilities, making it a popular choice among programmers and other tech-savvy people. Among the most popular UNIX variants are Solaris, GNU/Linux, and macOS X. The UNIX operating system was developed in the 1960s and has been under constant development ever since. By operating system, we mean a collection of programs that make your computer work. UNIX is a stable, multi-user system that can be used on servers, desktops, and laptops. It also has a graphical user interface (GUI) that’s similar to Microsoft Windows — making it easy for anyone to use.

Brolly Academy’s Unix Administrator Training in Hyderabad courses are designed with our students’ requirements in mind. Our training courses offer in-depth knowledge and advanced skills for working with the UNIX operating system. Our instructors are Unix Administrator technology experts and have years of experience in their field.

We offer both online and in-person courses, as well as self-learning online video courses, so you can choose the one that works best for your schedule. We also offer a wide range of Unix Administrator certification options. Our courses are designed for people who want to learn, create, and manage components in Unix Administrator. We’ll teach you everything from the basics of the language to advanced concepts, so you can take your skills with you to any project.

The Unix Administrator course completion certificate provided by Brolly Academy will add extra value to your resume. You will also get to learn Unix Administrator courses with live projects and lab facilities.

Programmers, administrators, and support personnel can enroll in to our Unix Administrator training in Hyderabad with the Fundamentals of UNIX, and some system administration experience.

Additionally, we offer placement assistance and training to help you acquire real-world Unix Administrator skills. We also offer a wide range of services, including customized training and dedicated project support.

Attend our free demo class, then sign up for a full course of Unix Administrator Training with Brolly Academy to learn more.


UNIX Administrator Training In Hyderabad

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Online Training

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Why choose

Brolly Academy for Unix Administrator Training in Hyderabad

Brolly Academy is the leading IT training institute in Hyderabad that offers top-notch training in Unix Administrator and other relevant technologies to students in a practical way. The institute is located in Hyderabad, India. It has been an established training center. Brolly Academy provides a platform to students where they can learn Unix Administrator and other relevant technologies at an affordable cost.

 The course curriculum of Unix Administrator is designed by our expert trainers, which helps students gain in-depth knowledge about the subject. The training at Brolly Academy is provided in an interactive manner using real-life examples and scenarios. Our expert trainers have more than 12 years of industry experience in Unix Administrator and related technologies. The reasons why you should consider Brolly Academy for Unix Administrator Training in Hyderabad?

Course Completion Certificate

After you complete the Unix Administrator course at Brolly Academy, we will provide you with a course completion certificate. This certificate is proof of your knowledge and skills in the field of Unix Administration. It’s also a valuable credential that you can add to your resume, which may help you land a job or promotion at your company.

Post Career Guidance

After completing the Unix Administrator Training course at Brolly Academy, you will be provided with ongoing support and guidance from our team. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist students with any questions related to their courses or interviews.

Placement Assistance

Brolly Academy’s job placement assistance program can help all our candidates to get a career as Unix Administrator. Our dedicated team will guide them through the process of applying for jobs at various companies. They schedule mock interviews, career counseling sessions, and Q&A forums to help our candidates prepare for real-life job interviews.

Interview Q&A

At the Brolly Academy, we will hold group discussions on each topic of our Unix Administrator course—which is based on our extensive experience working with a wide range of companies as well as over ten years in this industry. This will help you get a better job in the industry!

Expert Tutors

At Brolly Academy we have the best professional Unix Administrator trainers. Our expert team breaks complex topics down into simple, easy-to-understand concepts that inspire lifelong learning. They will provide you with ongoing training, support, and guidance as you progress through the program.


Unix Administrator Training in Hyderabad


Excellent and very knowledgeable trainer. The topic he taught us best with good slides which any one can understand easily. One of the best Unix Administrator training in Hyderabad from Brolly Academy with an affordable course fee.


The trainer was quite knowledgeable in terms of explaining concepts with real time scenario and helped a lot to clear our doubts. Very nice classes provided on the Unix Administrator Course with theory and practicality. Thanks to brolly academys Unix Administrator training in Hyderabad.


Excellent training provided by brolly academy in all aspects. The training covered all the required aspects of Unix Administrator in-depth. Thank you Brolly Academy for providing the best service and training on Unix Administrator.


High-quality training with placement assistance by brolly academy in Unix Administrator training. They helped me a lot to go through many interviews and helped me to make my resume. Really liked the interactive training sessions conducted by the trainer. Thanks a lot, Brolly Academy.


Brolly academy's Unix Administrator course is a comprehensive and affordable option for those seeking to advance their IT skills. The syllabus offered by the institute was detailed and easy to understand.


They have provided all the essentials of Unix Administrator training and the complete knowledge required to work with it. The staff were very friendly, and the trainers were very experienced in this field. I have learnt a lot of new things that will help me do my job better.

Certification in Unix Administrator Training


By taking our Unix Administrator Training course in Hyderabad, you will get expert training from our teachers in Unix Administrator. The course certification will enable you to qualify for jobs at leading companies around the world, and this certificate will enhance your resume. Our Unix Administrator certificate will help you get a job with a leading company. To earn this certificate, you must complete our training course in Unix Administrator in Hyderabad.

Unix Administrator Training in Hyderabad

Unix Administrator Training Advantages

Job profiles in Unix Administrator

Objectives of Unix Administrator training -


Prerequisites to Learn Unix Administrator

There are no such prerequisites to learning Unix Administrator, It is advisable if you know

Frequently Asked Questions - UNIX Administrator


Will Brolly Academy offer me a demo class on Unix Administrator before enrolling in the course?

We offer free trial classes before beginning each course. All of our students who are interested in attending the Unix Administrator training can come to a demo session to get an idea of what it will be like.

Will you provide me a course completion certificate after completing the Unix Administrator course at Brolly Academy?

Yes! Upon completing the Unix Administrator training program, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Will I get a support system to contact if I have more doubts regarding Unix Administrator?

If you have any questions during the Unix Administrator course, or if it doesn’t address your concerns, our experts will work with you one-on-one to clear up all misunderstandings.

Do I need to have any prerequisites to learning Unix Administrator course?

You need to have Fundamentals of UNIX, and some system administration experience will be helpful.

Will your job assistance program guarantee me a job in Unix Administrator field?

We guarantee that we will offer you job assistance, including resume preparation and interview coaching.

Who is eligible to learn the Unix Administrator course at your Brolly Academy?

who have an interest in learning Unix Administrator course at our Brolly Academy can learn this course. Professionals like Programmers, administrators, and support Professionals

Do you provide a updated course syllabus for the Unix Administrator training?

Yes, we provide the course syllabus to all students who sign up for our training programs, and our course syllabus is always up-to-date with industry requirements.

Who is my trainer at Brolly Academy for the Unix Administrator course?

Our expert Unix Administrator trainers have over a decade of experience in the field and will guide you throughout your training.

Is UNIX a programming language?

No, UNIX is not a programming language. It is an operating system—the whole OS was written in C and made to run on various platforms.

What are the features of UNIX?

There are various features in Unix Administrator such as High Security, Multi-tasking facility, Multi user capability, Portability, Programming facility, It is Open System.

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