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Salesforce Vlocity Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Rajesh S
Trainer Experience6+ Years
Next Batch Date20-10-2023
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Salesforce Vlocity Training in Hyderabad course Curriculum

Course contents

Understanding Vlocity domains (CMT)

  • Mappings
  • Extract
  • Turbo Extract
  • Transform
  • Load
  • Formulas
  • Uses
  • Blocks
  • Frequently used Actions
  • Use Cases
  • Integrating with External Systems
  • Set Values
  • Frequently used Actions
  • Done and Navigate Actions
  • Display Actions
  • Inputs
  • Set Errors, Post to object action, Delete Action, PDF Action
  • Reusable OS and Selectable Item
  • Functions
  • Use Cases
  • Groups
  • Cards Overview
  • Building Cards
  • Card States and Flyouts
  • Data Source to Cards and Layouts
  • Vlocity Actions
  • Overview of Product Creation
  • Product Specs and Bundles
  • Understanding Attributes and Attribute Categories
  • Orchestration Plans
  • Order Management
  • Assetization, MACD Orders, Inflight Orders
  • Order Decomposition
  • Orchestrations Items
  • Orchestration scenarios
  • Order Cancellation and Rollback Plan
  • IDX Tool
  • Org to Org Deployment

Salesforce Vlocity training in Hyderabad

Key points


Get trained from industry professionals with 15+ years of experience


200+ students trained and 90+ recruited in the last 4 months by Brolly Academy


Get access to 25+ hours of interactive training with 20+ hours of practical lab sessions


Master the basics concepts such as Multi-Select, Custom Lightning Web Components, Text, Password, and Telephone with our expert guidance


Learn about Type Headers, Formulas, Custom LWC, Object types, Data Sources, Picklists, Adjustments, Price List Entries, and Product Bundles


Get chance to work on real-world projects and industry scenarios to acquire a hands-on understanding of the concepts of Salesforce Vlocity


Live interactive learning for beginners to advanced level from expert instructors with practical examples and lab facility


Individualized Sessions for Doubt Clearing on weekends.


Take advantage of our free 3-day access to our salesforce Vlocity Demo sessions before enrolling


Get lifetime access to self-paced training high-quality videos and salesforce Vlocity online class recordings.


We provide a comprehensive training at reasonable prices that have been designed by industrial salesforce Vlocity experts.

What is Salesforce Vlocity?


On the Salesforce platform, Vlocity (Salesforce Sectors) provides pre-built solutions that meet the demands of specific industries.


It gives customers access to the most advanced industry platform for digital transformation as well as expert guidance and solutions to meet their special requirements.


With Vlocity, Salesforce teams can easily make the small adjustments they need to make without having to start from scratch.

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On top of Salesforce, Vlocity was known for developing industry-specific CRM solutions for the cloud and mobile.

devops training

The Vlocity covers the largest businesses in the world in the fields of health, entertainment, media, insurance, energy, etc.

What is it used for?


About Salesforce Vlocity Training in Hyderabad

Vlocity is the latest technology on the Salesforce platform and it is the leading provider of software and solutions for certain sectors.

It sets itself as a world leader in customer relationship marketing, completely changing the way customers interact with brands.

Velocity also aids in the comprehension of the CMT, healthcare, and insurance sectors. 

On the Salesforce platform, which is the main supplier of business-oriented solutions and software, Salesforce Vlocity is a popular technology. 

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Brolly Academy is one of the best institutes in Hyderabad to learn Salesforce Vlocity training with comprehensive training methods for learners who wish to advance their careers in Salesforce Vlocity. 

The subjects covered in our Salesforce Vlocity training include – 

  • Fundamentals of Vlocity 
  • Naming conversion
  • Understanding of JSON 
  • Integration techniques
  • Data Raptors
  • Omni Scripts
  • The Velocity cards and layouts
  • CMT Vlocity data model 
  • Vlocity Interaction Launcher 
  • Vlocity CPQ, etc. 

Our Salesforce Vlocity training will combine live lectures, workshops, labs, case studies, and practical application of the skills learned during the training.

Our training is suitable for both beginners as well as working professionals who are well interested in learning and mastering the Salesforce Vlocity training from Brolly Academy. 

A course completion certificate will be handed over to the students after the successful completion of the course. 

They will also receive placement support and assistance from our team even after they complete the Salesforce Vlocity course. 

Enroll Today with Brolly Academy for the best Salesforce Vlocity training in Hyderabad and make a lucrative career.  

Salesforce Vlocity Training in Hyderabad Overview

On the Salesforce platform, which is the main supplier of business-oriented solutions and software, Salesforce Vlocity is a popular technology. 

By establishing itself as a world leader in customer relationship marketing, it completely changes the customer experience. 

Gaining more knowledge in the areas of CMT, health, and insurance is also beneficial.

One of the best resources for learning Salesforce Vlocity is Brolly Academy. 

For people who wish to advance their careers in Salesforce Vlocity, they offer fantastic training. 

The subjects covered in the Salesforce Vlocity include the fundamentals of Vlocity, naming conversion, an understanding of JSON, integration techniques, data Raptors, Omni Scripts, the fundamentals of Vlocity cards and layouts, the CMT Vlocity data model, the Vlocity Interaction Launcher, the Vlocity CPQ, and other topics. 

You will learn all there is to know about Salesforce Vlocity in this online course. 

Our live workshops will be accompanied by comprehensive practical training. 

You will receive support and assistance from our instructors until you finish the course. So register right away.



Salesforce Vlocity Training In Hyderabad

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Why choose

Brolly Academy for Salesforce Vlocity

Experienced Trainers

Our instructors use their practical experience to enhance learning. They treat every learner as an individual and offer them individualized training programs. They are constantly available to assist students in resolving technical issues that develop both during and after their course of study.

Practical Assignments

Our Salesforce Vlocity Training program seeks to provide high-quality instruction that prioritizes practical application while covering essential knowledge of key ideas. Students’ abilities will be enhanced and they will be able to complete real-world projects using the best practices due to exposure to use cases and scenarios from the present industry.

Job Placement Assistance

Our Salesforce Vlocity course will provide you with significant knowledge of Salesforce to enable you to complete hands-on Salesforce training. Students will receive real-time training with job placement assistance and they can advance in their profession.


Our Salesforce Vlocity training provides all subjects needed to pass the certification exam for Salesforce Vlocity. Salesforce Vlocity certification practice questions, sample questions for the certification, and the material will be shared by the trainer.


Salesforce Vlocity Training Reviews

Ram Singh

For online courses, Brolly Academy is the best option. Faculty members and the support staff respond to queries quite fast. The instructor is very knowledgeable about the topic and very skilled. Each topic is covered in class with a real-world example. It is also beneficial for people who work. In general, it was a wonderful experience. I appreciate Brolly Academy.


The Salesforce Vlocity certification has demonstrated the professional abilities needed by the sectors. Salesforce Vlocity demonstrated to me my knowledge of Vlocity ideas. I am really happy with the Brolly Academy instructors for receiving high-quality instruction and mastery-related skills.


The best resource for learning salesforce velocity is Brolly Academy. The course curriculum was substantial, and the training sessions are interactive. The support staff was readily available whenever I needed them. Overall, I found the training to be extremely helpful to me.


Hi, It's Manasa here. I want a career with Salesforce. So, one of my friends suggested that to learn at Brolly Academy. I signed up for Brolly Academy. In order to accommodate each person's flexibility, they offered three different training formats. I choose self-paced online learning. I received lifetime access to Workday's e-learning videos. The videos have a good flow. The ideas were made plain and understandable. Even some real-world instances were given to me so I could practice. The support staff answered all of my questions. Thank you, Brolly Academy.


I appreciate Brolly Academy for offering the Salesforce Vlocity training essentials. I was able to quickly understand the concepts of Vlocity with the help of various assignments and practical exercises. I managed to become certified in Salesforce Vlocity quickly by learning the required resources and gaining real-world experience.

Salesforce Vlocity Training


Vlocity certification is the last phase that acts as a visual declaration of your level of comprehension for this specific course and makes it easier to grab new career opportunities.

A variety of certifications, all of which are focused on the industry, are available from Vlocity.

What are they?

  • Vlocity-certified Order Management Developer
  • Vlocity-certified Energy &utility Developer
  • Vlocity certified Health Quoting Developer
  • Vlocity certified Insurance Quoting Developer

Certification Fee

  • Vlocity-certified Order Management Developer – $200
  • Vlocity-certified Energy &utility Developer – $200
  • Vlocity certified Health Quoting Developer – $200
  • Vlocity certified Insurance Quoting Developer – $200
Salesforce Vlocity Certification Training in hyderabad
salesforce vlocity Training in Hyderabad

Who can enroll in Salesforce Vlocity Training

If you are one of these or are trying to be one of them, then you can get register for the course training as soon as possible:

Different types of certifications that Salesforce Vlocity provides

Salesforce Vlocity training in hyderabad Benefits

Skills Developed After Completion of Salesforce Vlocity


Learn about the architecture of salesforce and its main features.

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Become knowledgeable on how to use cloud computing services.

devops training

data transformation and transfer between numerous platforms.

devops training

Utilizing Apex and Visual Force to create and configure the applications.


Be able to be comfortable drafting emails and facilitating customer discussions.


You will completely understand the JSON


Recognizing the ideas behind salesforce accounts, salesforce platform application builder, and salesforce CRM data validation.

devops training

You will have a lot of expertise in developing solutions.

devops training

Knowledge of date functions to alter or calculate values from dates in your recipe.

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You will understand the data Integration procedures


Understand the desktop application in order to perform the test procedures.


Salesforce Vlocity Course In Hyderabad

Basic understanding of any coding language

Should know the basic knowledge of marketing strategies

Need good communication skills

Concepts related to Fundamental object-oriented programming

Good understanding of MVC designing


Job roles & Designations in Salesforce Vlocity

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in Salesforce Vlocity


First, Salesforce is spending $1.3 billion to acquire Vlocity.


Vlocity is currently a privately held company that has raised $163 million from investors over four funding rounds.


Analysts predict that for the year ending in January 2020, it was trending at yearly revenues of $160–170 million.


Revenues from subscriptions and support increased 35% to $4.56 billion.


Revenues from business services and other sources increased 26% to $288 million.


Revenues from Sales Cloud increased 17% to $1.23 billion.


Service Cloud’s earnings increased by 26% to $1.22 billion.


Revenues from Marketing & Commerce Cloud increased by 28% to $690 million.


Revenues from the Salesforce Platform and other sources increased by 74% to $1.43 billion.


Revenues for Salesforce increased 29% to $17.1 billion at the end of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions - Salesforce Vlocity


On the Salesforce platform, Vlocity provides pre-built solutions that address the demands of specific industries. These typical needs are taken on by Vlocity and packaged as “cloud” solutions that can be used by different companies.
To study Vlocity, there are no prerequisites. Salesforce Vlocity is a no-code platform, making it easy for anyone to comprehend even if they have no previous knowledge of coding.
On the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Vlocity offers a range of solutions that address the needs of many industries, including the public sector, insurance, healthcare, media, energy, and utilities. These solutions include omnichannel marketing, service, sales, and CPQ options.
Salesforce is a top CRM software that enables remote working for an organization’s sales, marketing, commerce, IT, and service employees. In addition, Salesforce Vlocity is a Salesforce platform-based company that develops software and industry-specific solutions to meet the demands of a certain business.
Before Salesforce came into play, it was impossible to have a career that was genuinely in demand, trusted, secure, appropriately spent, and also impactful. Due to its increasing demand, becoming a Salesforce Vlocity Software Developer these days is a fantastic chance. Being knowledgeable about Vlocity can benefit you in whichever industry you are involved in because it has established its presence in almost all industries.
Salesforce Certification examinations can cost somewhere between $200 to $600. However, most certifications have a price tag of about $200.
The best customer relationship management (CRM) software available today is Salesforce. It has the ability to lower costs while increasing developer resources. Because of this, there is a big need for Salesforce Vlocity developers right now. Organizations are constantly searching for qualified people due to a shortage of talent and rising demand. The worth of Salesforce Vlocity developers is also expected to increase in the future as more businesses overload their operations with the power of Salesforce industries.

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