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DBT Course in Hyderabad

Batch Details

Trainer Name Mr. Arvind Rahul (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience 15+ Years
Next Batch Date 22nd july 2024 (7AM IST)
Training Modes: Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration: 30 Days
Call us at: +91 81868 44555
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DBT Course Curriculum

The following are the core objectives of this DBT certification training course:

  •  Fundamentals of Data Built Tool
  •  Why do we use DBT?
  •  Configuring DBT locally and in the cloud
  •  Connect DBT to a Database
  •  Creation of SQL transformations
  •  Testing underlying data and SQL transformation
  •  Scheduling transformations
  •  Testing code in a dev environment
  •  Data built tool best practices

The participant should have a basic knowledge of the below areas in order to learn DBT:

  •  GitHub
  •   SQL
  •  Possess knowledge to work in the command line

Following are the professionals who can join this course to advance their skill set:

  •  Data Analysts
  •  Data Scientists
  •  Data Engineering aspirants
  •  Data Analytics Managers
  •  Snowflake Developers
  •  Redshift Developers
  •  ETL developers
  •  Candidates who work with data transformation operations.
  • What is DBT
  • Typical data transformation challenges
  • How does DBT eliminate traditional Data challenges?
  •  Data Built Tool and databases
  •  Version Control
  •  Data loading into the data warehouse
  •  Data repository set up & connect to DBT cloud
  •  Fundamentals of DBT cloud IDE
  •  The process to connect to Repository
  •  The process to connect to your warehouse
  •  Overview of Models and types
  •  The process to build a model
  •  Basics of modularity
  • Ref functions
  •  Data modeling fundamentals
  • Naming conventions
  •  Project reorganization
  •  What is testing?
  •  Need of Testing
  •  Data tests
  •  Schema tests
  • Live test scenarios
  •  Fundamentals of Documentation
  •  Importance of documentation
  •  The process to write doc blocks
  •  Documentation writing
  •  Documentation generation and view
  •  Working with real-time documentation & gaining hands-on experience.
  •  Introduction to Sources
  •  Source Configuration
  •  Selecting from sources
  •  Testing Sources
  •  Documenting Sources
  •  Source Freshness
  •  Working with real-time source scenarios.
  •  What is Deployment
  • The process to schedule a job in the DBT cloud
  •  Reviewing scheduled jobs.

DBT Course in Hyderabad

Key Points


Our course is led by the experienced instructors who have practical expertise in working with DBT and data engineering.


Brolly Academy trained more than 340 students and professionals in the last 4 batches and 200+ of them were successfully placed.


Our DBT course includes real-world use cases and scenarios, allowing learners to apply DBT in practical data transformation scenarios.


We offer flexible learning options such as classroom training, online training and self paced video learning.


Brolly Academy provides post-course support to learners to continiue their learning journey even after completing the course.


After successful completion of the DBT Course in Hyderabad, learners receive a certification from Brolly Academy.


Brolly Academy offers placement assistance to their students to get into their dream jobs.


We offer our training at an affordable price compared to the competitors without compromising the quality of the training.


Utilize our free 3-day demo sessions of DBT before joining the main course.

What is DBT?

DBT, which stands for Data Build Tool, is an open-source tool used for managing data transformation workflows in modern data engineering and analytics projects.


DBT operates around the tenet of "transformations as code," allowing users to define and implement data transformations using SQL code.

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By separating data modelling and transformation logic from the data loading and extraction operations, DBT encourages modular and scalable data transformation workflows.

devops training

It gives users the ability to construct, carry out, and track data transformations in a systematic and repeatable way.

devops training

It works easily with well-known data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and others while supporting a number of SQL dialects.


It has built-in capabilities for handling incremental data loads, defining data tests, and managing dependencies.


DBT Course in Hyderabad

The Brolly Academy’s data management and analytics skills have been revolutionized by DBT (Data Build Tool), enabling the institution to fully utilize its data resources. 

Analytics engineers can easily modify data in their warehouses using the select statement-based DBT (data build tool). These select statements are converted into tables and views by DBT.

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Extraction and loading of data are not performed by DBT, but it excels at converting data that has already been loaded into your warehouse.

To execute data transformation queries, DBT connects to your data warehouse. As a result, to use DBT, a data warehouse that has source data loaded is required. In addition to the data warehouses Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Postgres that DBT natively supports, there are several community-supported adapters for additional warehouses.


Modes of Course - DBT

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Why choose

DBT Course In Hyderabad

Experienced Trainers

Professionals with years of experience in data management and analytics serve as our instructors. They have in-depth knowledge of DBT and practical experience applying for the program in various professional settings. You are going to gain some helpful insights and pointers to fully utilize DBT by listening to our experts.

Hands-on Experience

We are aware that everyone has multiple responsibilities and schedules. Our DBT course provides numerous options for learning. Depending on your choices and availability, you can pick between self-paced learning, instructor-led courses, or classroom instruction.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our DBT training offers a thorough curriculum that goes through every crucial component of the tool. Our course is created to give you a strong foundation and comprehensive understanding of DBT, covering everything from the fundamentals of data integration and transformation to more advanced subjects like modularization and version control. You'll learn the abilities you need to create strong data pipelines and efficiently optimize your data workflows.

Practical Assignments

Industry-relevant projects from our DBT course replicate situations from the real world. These examples have been thoughtfully created to demonstrate how DBT may be used to solve data-related issues that are frequently encountered in organizations. You'll develop your technical expertise while working on these projects, and you'll also get priceless experience that will help you in your career.

Job Placement Assistance

We provide our DBT course participants thorough placement assistance, supporting them in making connections with possible employers and looking at career options in the data management and analytics sector. To increase your chances of landing a fulfilling job in the industry, our committed placement team offers resume evaluations, interview prep, and career coaching.


Students Receive Certification Upon Completion of the program. You’ll receive a certification that can be used to apply for jobs, get promotions in your current job, or move up the ladder.


DBT Course In Hyderabad


The DBT course at Brolly Academy has been a game-changer for me. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach helped me develop a strong foundation in data transformation and analytics using DBT. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided excellent guidance throughout the course. The practical projects allowed me to apply my learning to real-world scenarios. Thanks to the placement assistance provided by Brolly Academy, I secured a rewarding position as a Data Analyst in a reputed organization. I highly recommend the DBT course at Brolly Academy to anyone looking to enhance their data skills.


Enrolling in the DBT course at Brolly Academy was one of the best decisions I made for my career. The course content was extensive and covered all aspects of DBT, including advanced features and best practices. The instructors were experienced professionals who shared valuable insights and practical tips. The hands-on exercises and industry use cases gave me the confidence to apply DBT in my day-to-day work. The placement assistance provided by Brolly Academy was exceptional, and it helped me secure a rewarding role as a Data Engineer in a leading company. I am grateful for the knowledge and support I received during the course.


The DBT course at Brolly Academy exceeded my expectations. The course materials were well-structured and easy to understand. The instructors were patient, approachable, and always ready to help. The practical projects allowed me to gain hands-on experience with DBT, and I was able to showcase my skills during the placement assistance sessions. With the support of Brolly Academy, I secured a position as a Business Intelligence Analyst in a reputed organization. I am grateful for the guidance and opportunities provided by the DBT course at Brolly Academy.


I enrolled in the DBT course at Brolly Academy to enhance my data engineering skills, and it turned out to be an excellent decision. The course curriculum was comprehensive and covered both the fundamentals and advanced concepts of DBT. The practical assignments and real-world projects allowed me to apply DBT in solving complex data challenges. The placement assistance provided by Brolly Academy was top-notch, and I received valuable guidance on resume building and interview preparation. Thanks to the DBT course at Brolly Academy, I am now working as a Data Scientist, where I can leverage DBT for efficient data management and analysis.


I can't thank Brolly Academy enough for their DBT course. The course structure was well-organized, and the instructors were knowledgeable and supportive. I learned the essential concepts of data transformation and gained hands-on experience with DBT through practical exercises and industry-based projects. The placement assistance provided by Brolly Academy played a crucial role in securing my current role as a Data Analyst. The course not only improved my technical skills but also boosted my confidence to tackle complex data problems. I highly recommend the DBT course at Brolly Academy to anyone looking to excel in the field of data analytics.


The DBT course at Brolly Academy has been a game-changer for my career as a Data Engineer. The course content was comprehensive, and the instructors had profound expertise in DBT. I appreciated the hands-on approach, where we worked on real-world projects that gave us practical experience in using DBT for data transformations. The placement assistance provided by Brolly Academy was exceptional, with dedicated support in resume building and interview preparation. Thanks to the skills I acquired through the DBT course, I secured a rewarding position as a Data Engineer, and I am now confident in my ability to build efficient and scalable data pipelines using DBT.

DBT Course In Hyderabad


The DBT (Data Build Tool) Course Certification provided by Brolly Academy is a recognized certification that demonstrates your proficiency in DBT and shows that you are equipped to handle issues with actual data. 

The Brolly Academy DBT Course Certification establishes your credibility in the data management and analytics sector and positions you as a qualified professional in demand by employers. Your employment prospects can be considerably improved by it by confirming your talents and presenting you with intriguing job opportunities.

Advantages of learning DBT Course in Hyderabad

Skills Developed Post-DBT Course in Hyderabad


You will develop a strong understanding of DBT's core concepts, features, and functionalities.

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You will learn how to design and implement effective data transformation workflows.

devops training

You will learn techniques to improve query efficiency, leverage caching mechanisms, and implement incremental processing in DBT.

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You will learn how to effectively use version control with DBT, enabling seamless collaboration with team members.


You will learn how to create test suites, write test cases, and validate data transformations using DBT's built-in testing capabilities.

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Real-world project experience with DBT.


You will learn how to identify and resolve common errors and handle data inconsistencies.

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Data pipeline optimization techniques.

Job Roles & Designations in DBT

Market Trend in DBT


With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20% predicted for the period 2021–2026, the DBT market is expected to expand quickly.


The need for more effective data management procedures and the rising demand for data-driven insights are the main drivers of this expansion.


DBT easily connects with other elements of the data ecosystem, including data lakes, data warehouses, and data orchestration tools.


DBT has become a significant participant in the data transformation industry. As a result of its open-source status, simplicity of use, and powerful features, it has increased its market share significantly.


Organizations in a variety of industries are implementing DBT to optimize their data pipelines, enhance the quality of their data, and facilitate effective data transformations.


DBT Course In Hyderabad

There are no prerequisites to learning DBT at Brolly Academy.

Knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) is helpful.

Although not required, having programming knowledge will be useful.


Career Opportunities on DBT

Data management and analytics profession prospects are abundant because of DBT (Data Build Tool). Professionals with knowledge of DBT are in great demand due to the growing implementation of DBT in organizations. 

Here are some career opportunities in DBT:

Data Engineer
Data Analyst
Data Architect
Business Intelligence Developer
ETL Developer
Data Consultant
Data Operations Manager
Analytics Engineer
Data Science Engineer
Frequently Asked Questions - DBT Course


DBT, short for Data Build Tool, is an open-source command-line tool designed for transforming and managing data in data warehousing environments. Data engineers and analysts are able to implement transformations, uphold data quality, and successfully communicate because to the approach’s organised and modular design.
The DBT Course is appropriate for everyone involved in data transformation and analytics, including data engineers, analysts, scientists, and ETL and BI developers. It offers instruction on best practices for data modeling, data transformations, and data pipeline management for both novices and experts looking to advance their DBT abilities.
Yes, the Brolly Academy’s DBT Course is made to accommodate students with different levels of experience, including novices. Starting with fundamental ideas, the curriculum gradually moves on to more complex subjects.
The DBT Course at Brolly Academy can be offered in different formats, including both self-paced and instructor-led options along with classroom training.
Yes, you will receive a certificate of accomplishment from Brolly Academy once you have successfully completed the DBT Course. Your knowledge of DBT concepts, skill with data transformations, and capacity to effectively apply DBT for data pipeline management are all validated by this certification.
Students at Brolly Academy receive support with job placement. Reviewing resumes, preparing for interviews, and offering advice on job search tactics are all included in this.
Yes, DBT has been built to work with a variety of data tools and technologies. For data visualization and reporting, it can be smoothly connected with programs like Looker, Tableau, and Power BI.
Absolutely! The DBT Course is made to suit students with all backgrounds, including those who have little to no coding expertise. The course offers a step-by-step method for studying DBT, starting with the fundamentals and progressively expanding on them.

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