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Trainer NameMr. Prasad Kumar
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date18-05-2023
Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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Blockchain Course in Hyderabad Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to blockchain:

  • Introduction to blockchain technology and its significance
  • Distributed network vs Decentralized network
  • Blockchain structure and how it enforces immutability
  • Types of blockchain
  • Possible use cases for blockchain
  • Public-Private keys and Wallets
  • What is consensus mechanism and how is it needed
  • Generations of Blockchain
  • Hashing, Merkle Tree and its significance in blockchain
  • POW consensus mechanism. It’s pros and cons
  • BIP
  • Lightning Network – A Basic Intro
  • Fundamentals of Ethereum
  • Basic Interaction with Ethereum Blockchain
  • EIP – A Basic Intro

Week 2: Ethereum and Smart contracts:

Week 3: Basics Solidity Development:

  • Variables and data types in solidity
  • Conditional statements
  • Defining functions and function modifiers – public, private, view, etc.
  • Significance of the `require` keyword
  • Writing custom modifiers in solidity
  • `memory` and `storage` keywords and their significance
  • Fetting familiar with Remix
  • Tools like Hardhat and Foundry (will be using Hardhat extensible)
  • Writing test cases
  • How to calculate the amount of gas required by smart contracts
  • Optimization of gas
  • What is EIP
  • ERC20, ERC721 and other popular ERC contracts and how to use them
  • Deploy a simple ERC20 contract to local hardhat testnet
  • Write a ERC721 Contract in Remix and deploy to Sepolia Testnet

Week 4: Advanced Solidity Development:

  • Smart contract interface
  • How to interact with other smart contracts deployed on the blockchain network
  • Are smart contracts upgradable?
  • How upgradable smart contracts work?
  • Challenges with writing upgradable smart contracts
  • Interacting with an upgradable smart contract
  • Converting the previous ERC20 contract with an upgradable ERC20 contract.
  • Deploying the Upgradable Smart Contract to Polygon Mumbai Testnet and creating cross-contract interaction.

Week 5: Oracles in blockchain:

  • Why do we need oracles in blockchain
  • Some of the popular blockchain oracles present for Ethereum
  • What key factors are associated with choosing the right oracle for your project
  • Introduction to chainlink oracle and how it works
  • Chainlink Oracle Services:
    1. Verifiable Random Number Generation
    2. Price Feeds
  • Creating your Own Blockchain Oracle with NodeJs and Solidity.
  • Using Chainlink Oracle to create a gambling game.

Week 6: Smart contract security:

Week 7: Layer 2 in Ethereum & Open Problems

  • Optimistic Rollups
  • ZK Rollups
  • Deploying a smart contract on Polygon zkEVM
  • Creating a document comparing any of the two by creating a report (students will form groups of 2):
    1. Aleo
    2. Polygon zkEVM
    3. Scroll zkEVM
    4. zkSync
    5. Mantle

Week 8: Project: Build a NFT Marketplace

Tools Stack



VS Code

Geth (Go Ethereum)





ERC 2.0

ERC 1400


ERC 721/ERC 1155

NFT Collections

Hash Generator


Remix IDE

Vanity Address






Gas Station

Key Features Of Blockchain Course in Hyderabad

What is Blockchain?

What is it used for?

About our Blockchain training Institute in Hyderabad

A blockchain is a decentralized database that is sent across nodes of a network. a blockchain acts as a database, storing information in a digital format. 

The most well-known use of blockchain technology is in the cryptocurrency system.

The Blockchain can be seen as an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions. With its help, it is easy to record any type of financial transaction.

Although most people think of blockchain as the technology behind bitcoin, it has many practical applications. 

Blockchain is a fast-growing digital technology that is already revolutionizing some traditional industries.  

It is used in business and Industry Sectors, Data Management Sectors, Finance Sectors, Integrity Sectors, Government Sectors(for Identity Management, E-voting, Proof of Existence, etc.), Internet of Things Sectors, Health Sectors, Education Sectors, and Privacy and Security Sector as well.   

Brolly Academy is known for its excellent approach to training students by providing practical and technical sessions. 

This Blockchain course in Hyderabad is fully immersive, and instructor-led that helps you master the blockchain ecosystem, with hands-on demonstrations. 

In this course, you will be learning blockchain from scratch in a theoretical and practical way by focusing on concepts such as –

We conduct our blockchain course online and offline to cater to every student’s requirement with convenient class timings and also provide blockchain course with placement assistance.

We have excellent trainers who will train you on how to implement blockchain technology to automate your career deployment process. 

Our blockchain certificate course is designed to teach you how to work with these tools and techniques to build quality solutions. 

You will also be given a course completion certificate after the successful completion of the training.

Learn block chain from scratch and master the technology to become a professional in the high demanding field. 

Enroll with us for the best blockchain course with placement assistance. 

Blockchain Course in Hyderabad, Online, Video Course

Brolly Academy is a software training institute offering training to students, professionals and corporations based on the latest technologies and industry standards. 

Our training facilities available in both online and offline modes along with self-paced learning option.

  • Blockchain Online Course

    We offer a blockchain course online training option that allows you to learn blockchain through e-learning platforms with live instructional and virtual assistance from our trainers. You will receive an organized and progressive flow of blockchain topics, which are conducted at timings that are flexible enough to accommodate training for beginners or working corporates. This will help you to learn block chain technology from scratch.

  • Blockchain Video Course

    This video course is made up of video tutorials giving detailed and step by step proceedings of the blockchain course syllabus. It is a simple, easy to follow, and fun way to learn so you can learn at your own speed and convenience. You will get a digital course completion certificate which will be provided upon the successful completion of the course.

Why Brolly Academy for Blockchain Course?

  • Expert Instructor

    We have certified instructors with more than 10+ years of experience in the Blockchain technology. They are well versed in blockchain technology and know exactly how to guide you get the job done. Whether you’re an experienced professional or you’re just a fresher’s, our instructors can help you learn block chain from scratch with ease.

  • Certification Guidance

    We offer a professional training course that will give you the knowledge and skills in learning blockchain technology from scratch to become a professional Blockchain Developer. Our Blockchain certification courses are one of the most sought-after certifications in the industry and we will train you for it with our expert guidance. We help you to master the skills you need to ace the blockchain certification exam and get certified.

  • Placement Support

    At Brolly academy, we have a dedicated blockchain placement guidance team that provides post training assistance to the students. We specialize in helping students get the right job and internship through our assistance by fully preparing them for real-time interviews. We are a one-stop shop for all your professional career needs, From resume preparation to mock interviews, we provide you with everything you need to get ahead in your career.

  • Remote Learning

    We provide best blockchain courses online that are conducted via e-learning platforms, and self-paced video courses. You’ll get a chance to master the blockchain technology course from the comfort of your home by enrolling in our remote learning options. You can get access to our training modes from anywhere in the world.

  • Affordable Blockchain Course Fees

    If you’re looking for cost-effective, fast, and quality training to learn blockchain, then look no further. Our blockchain course fees are affordable with placement assistance program for both beginners and advanced users. Our aim is to provide learners with a clear understanding of blockchain concepts and how to apply them to real-world scenarios.

  • Access to Blockchain LMS

    We provide you free access to our online learning management system (LMS) upon enrollment. This will include access to our exclusive video recordings, blockchain course syllabus pdf, live training courses, assignments, and case studies of blockchain training. We expect our students to leave our training with the knowledge and skills required for Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Course in Hyderabad Testimonials


Brolly academy is the best place to learn blockchain technology courses in hyderabad. They are providing excellent training with hands-on practical training this will help you learning blockchain from scratch. It is the best place to learn blockchain course for beginners and professionals as their training is very good with live case studies and demonstrations. Thanks to the entire team.


Brolly academy is a leading blockchain training institute in hyderabad, India. They offer excellent training sessions, with affordable blockchain course fees so anyone can master the technology easily. The concepts are taught so well by trainers with regular classes and doubt clearing sessions. I would definitely recommend the blockchain technology courses in Hyderabad to my friends.


Brolly academy is a top-notch institute for blockchain courses in India. They have the best blockchain course syllabus, and experienced training staff. I joined their blockchain online course and it was a good experience. the classes were interactive and fun with demonstrations of various live case studies that were super interesting. I am glad I chose brolly to learn one of the most advanced technologies in today's world. Their blockchain course with placement assistance program is one of the best. This is the best institute for providing blockchain training in hyderabad.


I was not sure about taking up the course but enrolled for it after a friend of mine recommended brolly academy for blockchain course in hyderabad. trust me, I was very impressed with the classes, the trainer was very clear and made sure all the doubts were clarified. They give proper blockchain course in Hyderabad with advanced concepts involved in it. I am very happy with the training. This is the best institute for blockchain training and placement assistance. Thank you!


Brolly Academy's Blockchain training and placement assistance program in Hyderabad helped me alot. They conducted mock interviews and also helped with the interview process. They also gave me additional tips that helped me alot during my interviews on blockchain development course. I would recommend Brolly Academy's Blockchain training and placement program to anyone who is looking for a career in the IT industry.


The blockchain course is designed in such a way as blockchain courses for beginners that it provides all the core concepts and its topics in a detailed way. The instructors are very knowledgeable and were very patient with clearing all my doubts. The batches are small so I got one-on-one time to interact with the instructor and other students in the class. This is the best institute for blockchain technology training in hyderabad.

Blockchain Certification Courses

Blockchain is one of the most South after career options in today’s job market. It is essential to know for anyone interested in cryptocurrency. 

The demand for blockchain technologies is continuously growing. 

This Blockchain certification course provides you with developer-level insights into Blockchain technology and its platforms.

Brolly Academy’s blockchain technology courses in hyderabad is curated by top-notch industry experts and is designed to meet the current market standards. 

Our blockchain full course will provide you with an overview of the structure and mechanism of Blockchain and this will help you to understand how Bitcoin transactions are stored and mined on a Blockchain.

towards the end of the training program, We will provide our trainees with a blockchain course completion certificate that is verily certified with global acceptance. 

You can get this certificate in digital form or as a hard copy based on your personal requirements. 

Some of the top blockchain certifications include –

  • Certified blockchain developer (CBD)
  • Certified blockchain expert (CBE)
  • Certified blockchain architect (CBA)
  • Certified Blockchain Developer: Hyperledger (CBDH)
  • Certified Blockchain Ethereum Developer (CBED)
  • Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP)
  • 101 Blockchains

Note – There is no official certification for Blockchain

Blockchain Training in Hyderabad


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            Benefits Blockchain Course in Hyderabad

            Blockchain is a rewarding career and employers around the globe are looking for blockchain professionals with the right skills.

            large numbers of blockchain developers are being hired in countries like – Australia, France, Germany, and us.

            Objectives of Blockchain Training Program

            The fundamentals of blockchain technology will give you insights into real-world Blockchain applications. 

            upon completion of the blockchain course in Hyderabad, aspirants will be able to develop a strong foundation and skill set that allows them to confidently approach real-world problems with industry-standard solutions. 

            Towards the end of the course you will be able to – 

            Prerequisites of Blockchain training in Hyderabad

            Job Oppurtunities in Blockchain

            There is no such prerequisites to learn this course, however Its good to have.

            The demand for blockchain is continuously growing additionally around 25% of the industry has adopted blockchain technology and is actively developing blockchain-based applications. 

            Blockchain occupations are getting a lot of traction and blockchain professionals earn a lot of money. 

            Here are some of the blockchain jobs with average salaries according to Glassdoor

            Job Titles                                          Salary According to Glassdoor (P.A.)

            Approximate Payscale

            Market Trend in Blockchain

            Who can join Blockchain Course in hyderabad?

            Aspirants who want to make a career in this emerging technology field can learn Blockchain such as – 

            Who should learn this?


            Due to its perceived difficulty, blockchain can seem like a tough technology to learn. But if you have the right skills already, it’s not as complicated as it seems and opens up some exciting new career opportunities.
            Yes. Right now, the most in-demand positions are blockchain developers—but things could change as more companies start to develop and implement applications with this technology.

            Understanding the concepts of blockchain will help you make smarter investments and trades.
            And understanding the technology itself not just as it relates to cryptocurrencies but also to important applications like supply chain management will further aid this process.

            Blockchain technology is growing in use, and it’s essential to understand its core business uses and benefits.
            The Hyperledger courses are designed for both technical and non-technical audiences: making clear the various enterprise applications of blockchain will help learners develop a practical understanding of this powerful new technology.

            The ability to build data structures from scratch is also essential for the blockchain developer.
            You must learn about coding as it will help you write efficient codes for Blockchain but so too is knowledge of programming languages like C++, C-Sharp, and Scala also required.

            Nowadays, Python is also widely used for blockchain development worldwide.
            Python is an easy language to learn as compared with other programming languages, and it’s dynamic in nature making it suitable for beginners interested in learning how to program.
            Blockchain can help AI scale by providing access to large volumes of data within and outside an organization, helping it provide more actionable insights that manage data usage or model sharing. It also creates a trustworthy and transparent “data economy”.
            There are three primary pathways to learning blockchain: Bootcamp, Traditional degrees, and Independent/Self-paced learning options.
            We offer Blockchain training in Kphb.  You can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.
            The Blockchain course duration depends on the curriculum and modules. You can contact us for further details related to the course.
            Brolly Academy offers an affordable Blockchain certification fee in Hyderabad for everyone. To know more about the cost feel free to reach out to us by the given contact details on our website.

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