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Power BI Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer Name Mr. Srikanth
Trainer Experience 10+ Years
Next Batch Date 29th-04-2024 (8:15 AM IST)
Training Modes: Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration: 1 Month
Call us at: +91 81868 44555
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Power BI Course Syllabus

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Stages of business intelligence
  • Installing Power BI & Connecting to Data
  • Refreshing Power BI Service Data
  • Interacting with your Dashboards
  • Sharing Dashboards and Reports
  • Building blocks of Power BI
  • Understanding the Power BI Tools
  • Installing Power BI & Connecting to Data
  • Working with the query Editor
  • Working with the data model and creating a visualization
  • Overview of workflow in power bi desktop
  • Introduction to different views of the data model
  • Taking a closer look at the query editor interface
  • Required Poer BI Settings
  • Overview of Ouery Editor
  • About the attached data
  • Connecting Power BI Desktop to the data
  • Understanding Append Queries
  • Pivoting & Unpivoting Columns
  • Creating a new Group for the queries
  • Duplicating & Referencing Queries
  • Entering Data Manually
  • Merging Queries
  • Creating an Index Column
  • Duplicating Column and extracting info
  • Creating Conditional Columns
  • Performing Basic Mathematical Operations
  • Improving Performance and Loading Data into Data Model
  • Query Editor & The Data Model
  • Intro to Relationships and Editing Relationships
  • Concepts are Cardinality
  • Cross Filter Selection & Many to Many Relationship
  • Active Properties
  • Different Between M-Language & DAX
  • DAX, Measures, Calculated Values
  • Categorizing Data
  • Report View Interface
  • Creating Visuals
  • Add Tooltips and Interactions/Markings
  • Data Color
  • Hierarchies & Drill-down
  • Formatting Charts & Sorting
  • Introduction to Slicers
  • Treemaps & Tables
  • Types of Filters
  • Multi-row Cards
  • Combined Visuals & Waterfalls
  • Introduction and Installation
  • Interface Overview
  • Importing data from Desktop to Service
  • Dataset Menu
  • Working on Reports
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Workspace & Gateways
  • Installing Gateways – Personal & On-premise
  • Working Alone or Collaborating with Colleagues
  • Collaborating in App Workspace
  • Sharing the Results
  • Publishing the App
  • Content Packs from Online Services
  • Power Bi Mobile Overview
  • Excluding Dataset from Sharing
  • Introduction
  • JSON Data
  • Importing Data From the Rest of the APIs
  • Setting up a SQL Server
  • Importing Data from SQL Server
  • Overview of PowerApp
  • Basic Power App Concept
  • Canvas Apps, Navigation, Customisation
  • Contents – Galleries, Data Cards, Forms, Triggers, Functions & Formulas, Edit Forms, Text Boxes
  • Introduction to embedded Power BI
  • Create embedded code
  • Manage embedded code
  • Integration of Power BI in SharePoint
  • Introduction of Power BI API
  • Introduction to Power BI Mobile
  • Creating mobile based reports & dashboards
  • Optimizing report for Power BI mobile app
  • Introduction of integrating Power BI & Excel
  • Introduction of Power BI Premium
  • Power BI Premium per user
  • Power BI Premium features
  • Introduction to Data Flow
  • Create Data Flow
  • Introduction to Power BI Deployment Pipelines
  • Introduction of Sensitivity Labels
  • Introduction of Power BI Goals feature
  • Incremental data load in Power BI
  • Understanding Data Refresh
  • Personal Gateway
  • Replacing a Dataset
  • Troubleshooting Refreshing

Power BI Training In Hyderabad

Key Points

What is Microsoft Power BI ?

What is it used for ?

Who needs it?

Who uses it:

Power BI is used by over 100,000 organizations worldwide, including Microsoft and Amazon. Power BI is available as an online service in the cloud or on-premises.

Who should learn this?

Power bi is used by a variety of people, including marketers and data analysts. If you want to use your data in an effective way, this is a skill worth learning.

Power BI Training in Hyderabad


Power BI is a powerful and widely used, cloud-based business intelligence platform developed by Microsoft that helps users create an interactive visualization using business intelligence. It contains a suite of software that helps us to do end-to-end business intelligence activities.

Using Power bi users can create attractive reports and control panels that run on their own without the need for external help, also clients can view the insights or visuals on Mobile Phones using a Mobile APP “Power BI Mobile“.

In Power bi suite the main software used for development is Power BI desktop that helps us to prepare, model, visualize their data, explore insights, and share them with others.

Microsoft Power BI can be used to create dashboards and reports and is very easy to use and learn. You can also use it to analyze data, create presentations, maps, charts, and graphs, interactive dashboards, reports and visualizations. 

This course will provide an introduction to Power BI and how it can be used to transform your business. It will also provide an overview of the different features of this software. 

Brolly Academy offers Power BI training in Hyderabad with a detailed course program. Our instructors are well-experienced professionals with a strong background in the field and well equipped to train you in the advanced concepts of Power BI.

Our Power BI course includes topics like – 

  • Introduction to Power BI 
  • Extraction of data
  • Installing and configuring Power BI
  • Visualizing Data in Power BI 
  • Creating Dashboards 
  • Data Exploration and Reporting 
  • Creating Interactive Reports
  • Customizing Reports
  • Understanding Power View and Power Map
  • Aggregating data from multiple data sources etc.

After completing our Power BI certification course, you will receive a certificate certifying your expertise in Microsoft Power BI. The certificate will be sent to you once you complete all the training modules.

We offer both online and in-person training courses, as well as a placement assistance program that includes an intensive interview preparation workshop. 

Enroll with us to get the most comprehensive Power BI training in Hyderabad.

Power BI Course In Hyderabad


Classroom Training

Online Training

Video Course

Why Choose

Brolly Academy For Power BI Training

  • Certified Microsoft Power BI trainers

    Our Microsoft certified Power BI instructors are among the most knowledgeable in their field, and you will benefit from this expertise. They share their expertise about key concepts in technology, and teach both current and emerging skills. They’ve spent years training professionals and students alike.

  • Verified Certification

    After completing this curriculum, you will receive a Microsoft Power BI certificate officially signed by Brolly Academy, which is widely accepted by companies and can greatly enhance your career prospects.

  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

    Our tutors tailor their instruction to each student, helping those who are struggling and encouraging others as they master new skills. We provide our students with the knowledge they need and help them develop skills that will prepare them for a career. Our doubt clearing sessions are conducted by our experts every weekend.

  • Compact Training Batches

    We take in only 10 students in each batch and provide them with a highly personalized and rigorous training program. Our training batches are small and highly focused on providing top notch training facilities to the students.

  • Placement Assistance

    Our counselors help students learn job skills and gain professional polish. We assist them with everything from resume writing to interviewing techniques, and we match their skill sets with jobs that make the most sense for their career paths. In addition to resume and cover letter review, interview prep workshops are available for those seeking employment.

  • Lifetime Accessibility

    A comprehensive lifetime learning management system for Power BI course is designed to help our students learn about the latest Microsoft Power BI concepts and stay current on industry developments. This facility comes with lifetime access and availability. One can watch the LMS as many time they want and learn from it.

  • Online Support Portal

    We provide an online support portal for any assistance our students required during the training delivery or even after the completion of the training period. In this support portal students will benefit from our experts and also get guidance to crack the certification with ease.

Students Reviews of Power BI Course



I joined the brolly academy for Microsoft Power BI course and it was the best experience. I enjoyed the course very much and I learned a lot from it. The instructors were very knowledgeable and very experienced in the Microsoft Power BI field. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get started with Microsoft Power BI.


The Power BI course offered by Brolly academy is so good as they have a great training staff and the course is very well organized. The instructors are very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. They provide individual attention to each student and help them with their queries which is a great thing. The Power bi course fees also very affordable here compared to other training provider.


I enrolled for the Power BI training videos course and found it so helpful and easy. The classroom recordings were so clear and the instructors were very well versed with the subject. They explained each and every concept so well that it was easy to understand even the toughest of topics. The course content is also very detailed and covers everything related to Power BI.


Power BI training online in hyderabad at brolly academy is the best. The classes were taken regularly at convenient timings and the instructors were very patient and helpful. I did not feel like I was learning something new, but it felt more like an update on my existing knowledge base. I would recommend brolly academy for anyone looking to take up Power BI training online in hyderabad.


Brolly Academy's Power BI training in Hyderabad with placement assistance program is so useful. They train and prepare you with mock interviews and also help with the interview process. They also gave me additional tips that helped me alot during my interviews. I would recommend Power BI placement training to anyone who is looking for a career in the IT industry.


The Power BI course is designed in such a way that it gives you everything you need to know about the subject and makes sure your understanding is clear before moving on to the next topic. The course is very concise, but it covers everything you need to know. The instructors were very knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions you may have. The batches are small enough that you get plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor and other students in your class.

Power BI Certification Course In Hyderabad


Our Power BI course certification training will help our learners get the most out of Power BI, and the comprehensive training will enable you to solve business problems and improve skills in the field of Microsoft Power BI. 

Our training will help you to master the concepts like Microsoft Power BI Desktop layouts, BI reports, dashboards, Power BI DAX commands, and functions, You will explore how to experiment, fix, prepare, and present data quickly and with ease during this training.

Upon successful completion of the Power BI certification course, Brolly Academy will provide you with an industry-recognized Power BI course completion certificate which has lifelong validity.

  • Power bi certification is a way to demonstrate your mastery of the product. It’s also one of the best ways for you to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.  
  • Microsoft power bi certifications are globally recognised and accepted by employers and hiring managers.
  • The certifications are designed to reflect the skills that employers need. They also provide a way for you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) in Power BI.

What are they?

The two most important Microsoft Power bi certifications are:

  • Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst 
  • Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI 

Process to clear the certifications –

The best way to prepare for these certifications is to study the official Microsoft documentation. The exam itself will cover topics such as data models and relationships, data visualizations with charts and reports, dashboards, and sharing Power BI content with other users.

For the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst exam, you must know how to:

  • Prepare and cleanse data.
  • Create tables, relationships and measures.
  • Map data from sources such as Excel or SQL Server.

Certification Fee –

  • The cost of obtaining certification in Microsoft Power BI courses is Rs. 4800 for a single attempt.

Certification Code – 

  • PL-300
  • DA-100
Power BI Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of learning Power BI Course

Skills developed after the Power BI Course

Prerequisites of Power BI Course in Hyderabad


Career Opportunities in Microsoft Power BI

Approximate Payscale

Market Trend in Power bi

The market trend for Power BI is up and to the right. Microsoft has made a number of recent announcements that will likely push the demand for this skill set even higher. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Power BI


Power bi course is easy to learn?

Yes, Power BI is easy to learn. Our expert trainers designed the power bi course syllabus in very easy to understand, simple and intuitive for new learners. Our course syllabus also provides advanced features for power bi users and master these advanced functions may be hard for new learners without prior experience in power bi but with our continues guiding and support from our trainers one can easily master the program.

Is power bi worth learning?

Currently Power BI is one of the top most business intelligence and data analytics platforms worldwide. If you're ambitious towards becoming a business analyst, you will certainly cross paths with this tool sooner or later. It has a variety of job opportunities and a valuable skill to have for long-term career growth in the market.

Is power bi a good career?

Yes, If you are desiring a career in analytics or business intelligence field, then Microsoft Power BI is one of the best skills in the today's market to add to your resume as Power bi has a variety of job opportunities and a valuable skill to have for long-term career growth in the market.

Is power bi in demand?

Yes, Power BI has emerged as the leader in business analytics among all bi tools. There is a huge demand for Power BI-certified professionals in top MNCs and bigger firms in today's market.

Can I learn power bi on my own?

Yes, with our self-paced Power BI video learning option you can learn and master power bi course, and if you have any doubt regarding the course you can directly ask our expert trainers with our doubt clearing sessions.

What is the cost of power bi certification?

To know the cost of the Power BI course offered by us please contact us or send us an e-mail by the details given in our website. We will share with you the detailed information about the pricing of the course.

What if I missed a class?

For missed sessions you can attend our next live batch or we can also arrange backup classes for you.

Where can I found Power BI training near me?

We offer Power BI training in Kukatpally and Power BI training in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

Will I get placement assistance after completing the Power BI training?

Yes, we provided placement assistance program to all our trainees by assisting them with mock interviews and resume preparation while providing personal guidance from industry experts as a part of our Power BI placement assistance program.

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