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Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad

Batch Details

Trainer Name Mr. Ravi Varma (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience 15+ Years
Course Fee Rs. 20,000
Course Duration 2 Months
Next Batch Date 3rd July 2024  (11:00AM IST)
Training Modes Classroom [HYDERABAD] / Online
Location Hyderabad

Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad - Key Features

Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

  • Overview of Google AdWords
  • Account Setup
  • Billing Methods
  • Old Version vs. New version
  • Google Ads Interface Tour
  • Basic Google ads Terminology
  • Recent updates in Google Ads
  • Account structure in Google Ads

Account Limits

  • About Paid advertising
  • Benefits of Paid advertising
  • Business objectives in paid ads
  • Branding Campaign
  • Direct marketing campaign
  • Paid advertising channels
  • Paid Bidding Strategies
  • Premium Ad Networks
  • Types of Campaigns
  • Defining the objective of the campaign
  • Location Targeting
  • Language Settings
  • Google Partners
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Defining the Budget
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Ad delivery and Ad Rotation
  • Overview of Ad Group
  • How to set up Ad Groups?
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Broad Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Negative Match
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Creating a Plan with Estimations
  • Adding Keywords to Ad Groups
  • Types of Ads
  • Expanded Ad Format
  • Responsive Ad Format
  • Call Only Ad
  • Structure of Ad
  • Elements of Effective Ads
  • Writing the Ad Copy
  • Final URL of Ad
  • URL Options
  • Mobile URL Option
  • Best and Worst Ads Examples
  • Google Ads Guidelines
  • Copyrights & Trademark Guidelines
  • About Ads Auction
  • About Ad Rank
  • About Quality Score
  • How to improve Quality Score?
  • Improving Ad Relevance
  • Improving Landing Page Experience
  • Improving the CTR
  • What is Actual CPC?
  • How QS affects the Cost?
  • Types of CPC’s
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Auction Insights Tool
  • Site-links Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • Structured Snippet
  • Call Extension
  • Message Extension
  • Location Extension
  • Affiliate Location Extension
  • Price & Promotion Extension
  • App Extension
  • Automated Extensions
  • What is Conversion?
  • Types of Conversions
  • Website Conversion
  • App Conversion
  • Call Conversion
  • Offline Conversions
  • Implementation Conversion Tracking
  • Practical Case Study
  • Analyzing Conversion Reports
  • ROI Calculation
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Different Levels of Data Analysis
  • Segmenting Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Column Customization
  • Search Terms Report
  • Auction Insights Report
  • Keyword Reports
  • Automated Rules
  • Dimensions Report
  • About Display Ads
  • Objectives of Display Campaign
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Budget Settings
  • Audience Targeting Methods
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Content-based Targeting
  • Automated Targeting
  • Types of Ad Formats
  • Creating Custom Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Gmail Ads
  • Creating a Gmail Ads Campaign
  • Concepts of Re-marketing
  • Build audience list
  • Types of Re-marketing Audience
  • Website audience
  • App Audience
  • Customer List
  • Custom Re-marketing List
  • Create a Re-marketing Campaign
  • Re-marketing Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Common troubleshooting issues
  • Measuring Results of Campaign
  • About video marketing
  • Setting a Video Campaign
  • The objective of Video marketing
  • Instream Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • YouTube Targeting options
  • Bidding Types
  • Type of YouTube Ads
  • Creating a YouTube Ad
  • Remarketing Lists on YouTube
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • About Shopping ads
  • Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Google Merchant Centre
  • Datafeed Setup
  • Types of Datafeed
  • Datafeed Properties
  • Adgroups and Product groups
  • Bidding strategies
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Mobile marketing and its use
  • Types of Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Creating Universal app campaign
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Location & Budget settings
  • Ad Formats
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reports
  • Opportunities Tool
  • Account Access Levels
  • Change History Tool
  • PPC Manager Account
  • Google Ads Editor
  • Google Scripts
  • Business Manager
  • Account Linking

About Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad

Google Ads is an online advertising Platform developed by Google. Google Ads can help you advertise your business on Google, which includes its search engine and display network. The Google Ads interface is easy to use and understand, which makes it great for beginners. It’s also very powerful, allowing you to run highly targeted campaigns that can help you achieve your business goals. Paid advertising is one of the essential strategies that companies use for branding and lead generation. 

This is often called PPC (Pay Per Click) as the advertiser pays the cost of advertising per click. In Google Ads, we have the choice to target the audience as per geography, language, website, time and devices according to the strategy of the advertiser. PPC advertising lets your businesses reach an audience by running campaigns through sponsored ads on the search engines. 

Our training will enable you to design a pay-per-click (PPC), display, shopping, remarketing, dynamic search ads, and mobile marketing campaigns. In this Google AdWords – PPC training, you will learn how to analyze business goals, how to create an account, campaign, and ad group structure; write ads; target search engines (organic) or display networks (“banner” type advertisements); how to optimize the campaign for maximum return on investment (ROI), track conversions and report.

Brolly Academy is one of the best Google Adwords – PPC training institutes in Hyderabad. We offer the best Google Adwords PPC training in Hyderabad with the most experienced professional tutors. We are aware of industry needs and we are offering Google Adwords PPC training in Hyderabad in a more practical way. 

Brolly Academy offers the Google Adwords – PPC training in 3 different modes which are Google Adwords – PPC Classroom training, Google Adwords – PPC Online Training, and Google Adwords – PPC Self-paced video classes. Our training will be handled in both weekday and weekends programs depending on the student’s requirements. We provide Google Adwords – PPC Job Support for professionals and freshers to help them solve their problems in real-time.

The Google Adwords – PPC certification program is designed at Brolly Academy to help learners become experts in the field and pass their exams on the first attempt. Upon successful completion, you will receive instructions on how to obtain your certificate for Google Adwords – PPC.

Enroll with us to get the best Google Adwords – PPC Training in Hyderabad.

Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad


Google Adwords - PPC Classroom Training

Brolly Academy’s Google Adwords - PPC training gives students real-world experience by applying class materials to workplace scenarios. Our classroom sessions are conducted by providing case studies, and hands-on practice with new technology and materials allowing trainees to apply what they learn in class so that it directly applies to their work environment.

Google Adwords - PPC Online Training

Brolly Academy's Google Adwords - PPC online training program is ideal for people who are new learners or have limited technical knowledge since it can be customized to accommodate individual learning styles. We provide training sessions that show how to apply the concepts using real-world examples.

Google Adwords - PPC Self-paced Video course

Brolly Academy’s Google Adwords - PPC Video Course is composed of instructional videos that teach real-world skills through step-by-step guidance and exercises. This video course is perfect for students who want to learn at their own pace. It's recorded during the live sessions so that students can download the course modules and listen whenever they like rather than during live lectures.

Why Choose Our Brolly Academy Institute for Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad?

Brolly Academy is the leading Software training institute in Hyderabad and has been recognized for its effective teaching methods. Our expert trainers have over 10+ years experience in the field of Google Adwords – PPC and can prepare you to enter this exciting industry. Whether you’re a fresher looking for certification or an experienced professional with expertise. Our Google Adwords – PPC Training course provides you with the skills and expertise you need to apply at companies that use this technology. Our Google Adwords – PPC Course will help you get ready for your mock interviews, resume creation and question-and-answer sessions. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in our Google Adwords – Google Ads Certification Course in Hyderabad.

Backup Classes

We at Brolly Academy provide backup classes for those students who could not attend the missed classes as per their requirement.

Resume Makeing & Mock Interview Assistance

Our placement assistance team guide our students in resume making after the training is completed & conducts multiple mock interviews programs by offering Industry Interview Questions & makes our students ready for the Job Interview.

Get Personalized Attention

Brolly Academy trains all the students in micro batches where we make sure every student gets personalized attention from the trainers and get a better learning experience at our institute.

Assignments and Task

Brolly Academy conducts daily tasks & assignments to each and every student to get involved & get a better understanding of the subjects.

Google Adwords Certification

Google Ads certification adds value to your resume. It increases the chance of getting employed in top MNC companies. You can also add this google Ads certificate in to your resume or Linkedin profile.

Live Campaign Practice

Brolly Academy not just trained the students by providing only theory based learning, but also we help them to launch a live campaign, so that they can gain practical knowledge on Adwords and crack the job or certifications easily.

Placement Assistance

After the completion of the course and certification, Our special team will help the students in the placement assistance program by giving them mock interview, resume preparation, interview Q&A preparation etc. so that they can get the best placement in the field.

Real time practical session

We strongly believe that practical knowledge is necessary to create a strategy. We have designed this PPC course so that you can learn at your own pace, mastering the basics and eventually moving on to more advanced techniques. We will give you access to paid tools, and make you work on Search Advertising Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Remarketing & Reporting.

Testimonials of Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad


I was able to complete the Google Adwords - PPC Training at Brolly Academy with ease, thanks in part to the simple methods that my trainers used when explaining the concepts. My trainer helped me learn all the topics by building step-by-step exercises, which made learning much easier. The training was very helpful, and I got a good understanding of the topics.


Best Google Ads Certification Course in Hyderabad, Excellent training given by the trainer. Brolly Academy is the best platform to grow your career in todays digital world. I got placed in an MNC by completing the Google Adwords - PPC course here. No doubt this is the best Software training institute in Hyderabad. Thanks to Brolly Academy.


Brolly Academy is the perfect Institute for learning Google Adwords - PPC. I highly recommend this institute for the quality and services they offer at such affordable cost. The instructor was really good and quickly responded to all my queries. This training helped me a lot to get my Google Adwords - PPC Certification done. Thank you Brolly Academy.


This is the best place for Google Ads Certification Course in Hyderabad. I searched for the best institute to learn Google Adwords - PPC training online and found Brolly Academy is the best training institute. The training method was one of a kind and considerably easy to get. Brolly Academy provides both the theoretical and practical aspects of training in their Google Adwords - PPC Course. The placement program is an excellent addition to their training.


Good learning environment with live industries case studies at Brolly Academy. Having a technical lab for practice with professional staff. Great training by Brolly Academy, Very good training in Google Adwords - PPC for both beginners and professionals. I had a great experience at this institute. I would recommend it to the people who are interested in learning Google Adwords - PPC courses in Hyderabad.


Brolly Academy is the best institute in Hyderabad to learn Google Adwords - PPC courses with affordable fees. I never thought getting trained from Brolly Academy for Google Adwords - PPC would make a huge change in my career. The Google Ads Certification Course at Brolly Academy gave me the skills and confidence to understand projects. The concepts are taught in an easy-to-understand manner which really helped me.

Certification in Google Ads Certification Course In Hyderabad

This Google Ads Certification Course is designed for clearing Brolly Academy’s Google Adwords – PPC Certification. The entire course content is in line with this certification and prepares you to learn it easily, getting the best jobs at top MNCs. By enrolling in this Google Adwords – PPC Training, you will receive access to real-world industry scenarios and projects that are directly tied to your success as an employee. 

At the end of this Google Adwords – PPC Training program, there will be practical exercises that test your knowledge of core concepts on Google Adwords – PPC. We offer a course completion certificate from Brolly Academy. Along with this, we will guide you and help you crack the Google Ad certification, Google Search Certification, Google Display Certification, and more, which will add more value to your resume.

Google Adwords - PPC Training in Hyderabad

Advantages of Learning Google Ads Certification Course

Employment possibilities in Google Ads Certification Course

Completion of the Google Ads Certification Course you will learn

Prerequisites to Learn Google Ads Certification Course


Does Brolly Academy offer any other courses for Digital Marketing in Hyderabad?

Yes, we also offer Digital Marketing courses and software courses in Hyderabad. You can check the courses provided by us on our website - or contact us at this number +91 81868 44555.

Who should take up this Google Adwords - PPC training course?

● Bloggers.
● Freelancers
● Small and Medium-sized Business Owners.
● College students
● Job Aspirants
● Those who want to crack the AdWords certificate
● Affiliate Marketers
● Freelancers
● Digital Marketers looking for growth
● SEO Bloggers
● Students
● Working Professionals

What technology that you will learn in this course?

● Google ADs
● Google Analytics
● Tag Manager
● Campaign Setup
● Keyword Research
● Strategy Implemantation

How does the cancelation and refound process work at Brolly Academy?

Course cancellation requests must be made within 3 days of the course beginning, at which time your payment will be refunded 100%. After this point, no refunds are available.

What Will I learn from PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the most effective and popular forms of online marketing. Using Google AdWords, we can target any language or location and display your ads at any time.PPC training will definitely help you create, manage and optimize PPC campaigns. It will also help you in increasing traffic to your website and lowering costs all while getting qualified traffic from the search engines. So basically it's gaining visibility through paid methods of advertising.

How long does google take to approve your ads?

Google Ads can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours before you see the initial results of your campaign.

How this course will help me to create an ad campaign?

The course will teach you the basics of keyword research and pay-per-click (PPC) techniques, as well as provide guidance on how to use various tools.

What is the difference between Google AdSense and Google Ads?

Google AdWords and Google AdSense are both services that allow advertisers to create ads for display on the Internet. Google Ads allows business owners to develop online advertisements, particularly text-based ones that appear next to search results produced by its engine. Google AdSense is a program that enables publishers to work with Google to place advertisements on their web pages, earning money for each click.

Why to use google ads?

Using it, you can reach your target audience and generate leads and conversions.

How long would it take to master Google Adwords – PPC?

Becoming familiar with the C/C++ programming languages makes it easier to learn how to code in Google AdWords. You can probably begin writing your own programs within a few weeks. For someone unfamiliar with object-oriented programming languages, it will take 2 to 6 months before they are able to write bigger programs using Google Adwords even if their primary language is not C++.

Will I Be Given Sufficient Practical Training In Google Adwords – PPC?

Our courseware is designed to allow students to learn the ins and outs of Google Adwords-PPC through hands-on experience. This course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics, as well as practical sessions reflecting current challenges and needs in the industry.

Will I be provided with a free demo class before enrolling in Google Adwords - PPC Training at Brolly Academy?

Brolly Academy offers a free trial class on Google Adwords Pay Per Click, for anyone interested in taking our full training program.

What if I miss one or more classes in Google Adwords - PPC?

If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, we will schedule another class with a different group of attendees.

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