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GCP Training In Hyderabad

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Trainer Name Mr. Nagababu
Trainer Experience 15+ Years
Next Batch Date 29th-04-2024  (6:00 PM Online)
Training Modes: Online Training (Instructor-Led)
Course Duration: 30 Days
Call us at: +91 81868 44555
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GCP Course Curriculum

Course Details

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure
  • Using GCP
  • Lab: Console and Cloud Shell
  • Demo: Projects
  • Lab: Infrastructure Preview
  • Compute Engine
  • Lab: Creating Virtual Machines
  • Compute options (vCPU and Memory)
  • Images
  • Common Compute Engine actions
  • Lab: Working with Virtual Machines
  • Autoscaling, Policies, Configuration
  • Lab: Autoscaling
  • Managed Instance Groups
  • HTTPS load balancing
  • Cross-region and content-based load balancing
  • SSL proxy/TCP proxy load balancing
  • Network load balancing
  • Lab: VM Automation and Load Balancing
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),
  • Projects, Networks
  • Subnetworks
  • IP addresses
  • Routes
  • Firewall rules
  • Subnetworks for resource management instead of physical network topology
  • Lab: Virtual Networking
  • Lab: Bastion Host
  • Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Lab: Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Cloud Router, Cloud Interconnect, External Peering, Cloud DNS
  • Organizations
  • Roles
  • Members
  • Service Accounts
  • Cloud IAM best practices
  • Lab: Cloud IAM
  • Cloud Storage
  • Lab: Cloud Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • Lab: Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore
  • Cloud Bigtable
  • Cloud Resource Manager
  • Quotas
  • Labels
  • Names
  • Billing
  • Demo: Billing Administration
  • Lab: Examining Billing Data with BigQuery
  • Stackdriver
  • Monitoring
  • Lab: Resource Monitoring (Stackdriver)
  • Logging
  • Error Reporting
  • Tracing, Debugging
  • Lab: Error Reporting and Debugging (Stackdriver)
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Images
  • Metadata
  • Scripts
  • Google Cloud API
  • Lab: Google Cloud Platform API Infrastructure Automation
  • Deployment Manager
  • Configuration
  • Cloud Launcher
  • Lab: Deployment Manager

GCP Training in Hyderabad

Key Points


Get advanced 40+ hours of instructor led Google Cloud Platform Training


Learn from 15+ years of experienced trainers and become a certified GCP professional


Master Google Cloud Platform by learning how to design and develop dynamic solutions, with our expert guidance


Get practical hands-on to create a PHP application and deploy this on to google cloud


250+ students trained with 140+ successful placements by Brolly Academy in the last 4 months


For Google Cloud Platform (GCP) training at Brolly Academy, Python is highly recommended as the primary language.


Join our beginner friendly GCP Training with access to premium tools and technologies


Get life-time access to our high quality e-learning video platform curated by industry experts


Get a course completion GCP training certificate that is accredited by the top companies in India


Affordable GCP certification cost with 2 days free access to our demo sessions


Get a comprehensive Google Cloud Platform Training with placement assistance from our team


Brolly Academy's Google Cloud Platform Training is valuable, offering skills in a leading cloud provider for enhanced career opportunities and proficiency in cloud-based solutions.

Google Cloud Platform Training in Hyderabad

What is GCP?


The Google Cloud is a collection of cloud computing services.


Because of its cutting-edge tools and services, Google Cloud stands out among other cloud providers.

devops training

Machine learning and management services that utilize the same cloud infrastructure that Google uses internally for its consumer products, including Google Search, Gmail, Google Photos, and YouTube.

devops training

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of cloud services that provide internal networks, VPN connections, disk storage, etc.

devops training

Google Search was first introduced in 1998. Google has built one of the world's biggest and most powerful IT infrastructures.

Uses of GCP


About GCP Training In Hyderabad (Google Cloud Platform)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end user’s products such as google search and youtube. 

It offers various cloud computing services that are categorized under different domains such as – computing, networking, storage, cloud machine learning, big data, identity and security & more.  

The GCP Training in Hyderabad from Brolly Academy will give you the skills you need to advance your google cloud career and become a certified Professional in GCP. 

Our experts in the field designed this GCP course that meets industry standards. 

This Google Cloud platform course will enable you to design the infrastructure, develop dynamic solutions and a highly-available cloud-based system to meet your company’s requirements.

Some of the topics covered as a part of our GCP course include –

This GCP certification training in Hyderabad from Brolly Academy consists of assignments, exercises, and other tasks that assist you in understanding the basics.

We offer both online and offline GCP training and certification courses for students and professionals along with guaranteed course completion certification, with global accreditation. 

You will also get GCP certification exam prep support and placement assistance support from our team. 

Enroll with Brolly Academy for Google Cloud Platform GCP training in Hyderabad.


Modes of Google Cloud Platform Training (GCP )

Online Training

Video Course

Corporate Training

Why choose

GCP Training In Hyderabad

Experienced Trainers

We have certified experienced google cloud platform trainers with more than 15+ years of experience in GCP. Our trainers will teach you the skills to build, manage and maintain the GCP environment. Our training program is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to learn google cloud platform course from scratch.

Hands-on Experience

We believe in providing quality training that covers solid fundamental knowledge on core concepts of GCP course with a practical approach. Such exposure to the current industry use-cases and scenarios will help our students scale up their skills and perform real-time projects with the best practices.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our GCP course syllabus up to date and offers practical-learning to our students on google clouds different types of services, computing, and migration to google cloud. We assure that our students receive the most industry relevant training in GCP and acquire on job skills to maintain GCP infrastructure.

Practical Assignments

To provide you with the best possible training experience, we offer course content, video recordings, LMS access to all our trainees, during the training period also post training. Learners will have a lifetime access to our google cloud platform training media files. We ensure that they will receive a link to the gcp certification study material, which includes the entire course content to learn the skills needed to get a job as a cloud engineer.

Job Placement Assistance

We have a dedicated support team for training and development. Our team helps students learn job skills and gain professional polish. We assist them with everything from resume writing to interviewing techniques. we match their skill sets with jobs that make the most sense for their career paths. In addition to resume letter review, interview prep workshops are available for those seeking employment.


We offer comprehensive GCP certification training at our institute along with a well-recognized GCP course completion certificate that will be accepted by companies all over the world including many of today’s top ones. After completing this curriculum, you will receive a Google Cloud certificate officially signed by Brolly Academy, which is widely accepted by companies and can greatly enhance your career prospects in GCP technology. This certificate can be downloaded in both hard copy and digital format.


GCP Training in Hyderabad


I have got trained for the Google cloud platform training in hyderabad from Brolly Academy. My trainer has sound knowledge of gcp course and is pro at solving real-time use cases during the training sessions and explained each topic in detail with examples. This will prepare you for the gcp certification exam. I am glad that I joined this gcp course and I will recommend it to all my friends.


I registered for the gcp course online in hyderabad offered by brolly academy is really the best. The gcp certification fees are very affordable here. They have the best trainers who have excellent knowledge on google cloud platform. They helped me to understand the concepts well and can answer all your gcp certification questions. If you are looking for the best training on gcp training and certification, then brolly academy is the place that you should visit.


I really enjoyed learning google cloud platform course at brolly academy. They have excellent trainers who are really passionate about teaching and they are the best in the industry. They have very good knowledge and they teach us in a very easy way, which makes us understand the concept clearly and prepare for the gcp certification exam. The gcp certification syllabus and labs are great here. I really enjoyed learning with brolly academy.


I took the google cloud platform course from brolly academy. I took up their video course training and I found that it is the best gcp training for beginners like me. The gcp training videos are very clear and concise. They also provide real life examples to help you understand the concepts better. The course is very beginner friendly and you will get a good understanding of how to use the google cloud platform. The instructor is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail. In my opinion this is the best gcp course to learn.


I enrolled for the google cloud online training in Hyderabad at Brolly Academy and it was the best. Their training method in gcp certification for beginners is the best thing. The classes were conducted regularly and the faculty was also well-versed in the subject. I am glad that I enrolled for this gcp course as it helped me a lot in improving my knowledge in the domain. The best part of this course was that it was conducted in a very interactive manner and this helped me to learn the concepts better. I would definitely recommend Brolly Academy as they provide the best gcp training and certification.


Brolly Academy's gcp full course placement assistance program is simply the best. They help you out so much by providing gcp certification dumps and prepare you for the interview. They give you the best advice on how to answer questions and what to expect from the interview. The The staff is so helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend the academy to anyone who is interested in learning for gcp.

GCP Training In Hyderabad


Although GCP is meant to be user-friendly, several Google Cloud Platform certifications can make your work more productive, tell your technical expertise, and boost your career.

What are they?

There are three main tracks available.

  1. Google Cloud foundational-level certifications
  2. Google Cloud associate-level certifications
  3. Google Cloud professional certifications

Google Cloud presently provides 10 certifications as of December 2021:

Google Cloud foundational-level certifications:

  • Digital Leader

Google Cloud associate-level certifications:

  • Cloud Engineer

Google Cloud professional certifications:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud DevOps
  • Collaboration Engineer

Benefits of Google Cloud Platform Training (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform have been able to establish a reliable infrastructure which is growing across the globe. 

Google cloud is expending their global infrastructure with new regions to bring faster and reliable connectivity.

Google cloud location is available in 35 regions, 106 zones, 173 network edge locations, and 200+ country and territories. The gcp certification benefits are – 

Skill developed post GCP Training in Hyderabad

Our Google Cloud Platform Training In Hyderabad course syllabus has specially been designed by our expert instructors to fit the present industry standards. 

GCP skills involve proficiency in utilizing Google’s cloud services and products for developing, deploying, and managing applications and data in a cloud environment, enabling efficient and scalable solutions for businesses.

By enrolling in our GCP course program students will get to learn different concepts in GCP such as – 


GCP prerequisites

Completion of the Google Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine architecture courses will help

Knowledge of command-line tools, and system operations

Basic familiarity with Linux operating systems environments

Basic understanding of any programming language

Job Opporunities in GCP

GCP certification jobs you will get after completing the course, such as 

Who can Learn the GCP

Frequently Answer Questions - Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Google Cloud Platform is a free platform that lets you build, run, and scale web applications—and it’s easy to learn because the same tools used to create websites can be applied in developing apps.
You can use many of the same programming languages, tools, operating systems and databases.

GCP Associate certification is for beginners seeking to gain basic skills such as cloud services deployment.

Yes, the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification is definitely worth it for anyone who wants to work as a cloud architect.
In your role as a network or cloud architect, you’ll be required to implement complex technical solutions and configurations.

Google Cloud is a set of physical assets (such as computers and hard disk drives) and virtual resources (virtual machines, or VMs)—all contained in Google’s data centers around the globe. Each location contains one or more regions.
There are plenty of services available in GCP where some of them require coding while other services does not required coding.
The full form of GCP certification is – Google Cloud Platform Certification.

To know more about the GCP training program, you can either contact us through a phone call, or you can send us an email.
Our customer service team will reach out to you and can provide a detailed explanation, they will resolve your queries about the GCP program.

At Brolly Academy, we provide placement assistance after your GCP  training but we cannot guarantee a job as it depends on your overall performance during the real-time interview.

Yes, of course. You can attend our free demo class before enrolling for our GCP  Training.
You can find the best GCP Training online at Brolly Academy in Hyderabad.

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