Software Training Institute




ClassRoom Training

We have a wonderful classroom well maintained and equipped with Whiteboard, Projector and a system with internet for ease of learning for our learners. The trainer uses the whiteboard to draw pictures, write statements that explain the concepts to the students. The projector can share the trainer’s system with the class so the trainer can show you real-time examples to explain the industries best-used strategies.

This classroom training provides an opportunity to individuals in learning the course by visiting the Institute classroom daily. All you need to do is join in a batch based on your convenient timings that are available. Classroom training gives you a wonderful experience and helps you to interact with the trainer and the peer group in real time. It also lets you clear your doubts on the go.

The detailed explanation provided by our trainers with live examples will help you to understand the topics and lets you try them by yourself in the labs. Every individual will be given attention to clear the questions they may have.

We have this special policy of not allowing more than 15 – 20 members in a batch so that the trainer can focus on each individual and make sure that everyone attending the classes is making value for himself by understanding each and every statement made by the trainer.

We also have a 10-minute Question and Answers (Q & A) session where each member will be given a chance to raise a question on the topic discussed on that day. The trainer will always be happy to summarise and re-explain or give a glimpse on any of the topic that someone is not very clear about.

Online Training

We understand we aren’t too big yet to be everywhere. We don’t want you to miss out the opportunity to learn digital marketing from our wonderful trainers. So we come up with Online training.

We offer online training for all our digital marketing courses for the ones that can’t attend our classroom training for anyone of the reasons.

Our online training sessions will have the same trainers that take the classroom sessions. All our teaching principles and policies will be same for both online and classroom training classes.

In the online training, you also have the advantage of staying at home and attending the classes. You can save the time traveling and avoid other issues that you had to face in traveling.

Recorded Video Classes

Why should you be restricted to a 1 hr session every day? In this busy world with you being busy with works we understand it’s not easy for everyone to be available for our everyday sessions be it online or offline in that particular hour.

So we launched Recorded Video tutorials with our expert trainers. With these recorded video tutorials you can learn at your own pace. Our videos are of amazing quality and clear explanation. So you need not restrict yourself to 1 hr a day or try to complete it within the batch sessions.

Corporate Training

The world today is going digital, so are the businesses. Its very important for every business to go digital and start marketing in the digital world through Emails, Websites, and Social Media. Luckily Digital Marketing has been much cheaper than the traditional marketing if you could do it right.

With Digital Marketing you can also get Analytics & reports of how successful your campaigns are, which is not so clear or accurate in traditional marketing. So it’s important for every organization to maintain a digital marketing team for their digital marketing campaigns.

It’s not so easy to hire a digital marketing team and get them going for your business goals, so we bring you Corporate training where your existing marketing team that knows what works for your company will be trained on Digital marketing skills so they can work on both marketing styles and bring you quick success.


We will support your team in all the aspects we can. We understand your business goals and will help you figure what types of marketing works well for you and train your staff on those marketing sets creating a custom curriculum for your team and thus help your organization in reaching its business goals quickly and easily.